We arrive in San Diego around 4 PM on Thursday and meet my parents and Conrad, my 17-year-old brother, at the yacht. We have a long chat, go to dinner at the "Charisma Cucina Italiana Restaurant" and return to the yacht for an evening of fun and games with my family.

Late in the evening, Conrad pulls me aside and says: "Toby, I really like your new boyfriend. I hope you ask him to marry you. He would be a neat brother-in-law. Mom and dad told me that like him also."

"Oh, Conrad, you make me so happy. Thank you, bro."

On Friday morning, Asher and I take my parents and brother to the airport for their flight to Paris, France for a two-week vacation. We return to the yacht to be all alone for the weekend.

We change into bathing suits and lie on a double occupancy reclining lawn chair on the top deck of the yacht. After sun bathing for 30 minutes, I look over at Asher and become horny as hell. In his gymnast hard tanned body and gorgeous chiseled face, I am once again struck by the beauty in those eyes. As my 9" cock is filling with blood, I move my leg over and onto his growing crotch. Soon we both are rock hard with our cocks pushing our trunks up like a flag waving in the wind.

We grab each other by the back of the neck, stare deeply into each others'eyes and part our lips as I plunge my tongue deep into the back of Asher's throat. We engage in a long series of deep kisses as we produce gobs of salvia that runs down our chins and onto our bodies.

I am so aroused that I jump on top of my lover and begin to grind my crotch into Asher's big package as we continue to kiss. Soon we develop wet spots on the front of our trunks. The heat from the sun as well as the growing sweat all over our bodies is producing manly aromas that begin to drive us crazy for each others' body.

Asher begins to rub my back and slowly moves his hand down and under my swimming trunks. He uses his wet fingers to massage my ass crack and soon he is plunging one of his fingers into the entrance to my pulsating asshole. I moan and move my ass up and down as I make contact with his wet finer that is trying to fuck me. WOW!! We are in ecstasy.

"OMG, Asher, please fuck my ass with your finger. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, open my ass for your big wood. Lets rim each other, suck cock and fuck. I want you so bad. We have waited so long for this moment. I have to have you."

Asher pulls my trunks down. I get up and pull his trunks off. We are now butt naked with the sun beaming down on our slick bodies. Asher's tanned body and my blond Swedish frame are streaming with perspiration. The manly odors are adding to our lust for each other. We get into a 69 position on the chair and start licking our partner's pink asshole. Asher has a smooth shaven tanned rosebud and I have a shaven white ass. The sweaty, somewhat musty and perfumed soap drenched manly asses are heavenly. We rim as we pant with pleasure for at least 10 minutes. Our first rimming of each other could not be more sexy.

I pause and say: "Asher let me suck your incredible 8" cock. I have dreamed for weeks of getting that tool down my throat."

"OMG, Toby, please suck my aching cock. Give me a steamy hot blowjob. I want your hot mouth on my cock."

I put Asher on his back on the lowered lawn chair, get between his spread legs, and come down on his twisting and bouncing cock. I start by kissing his cock head. I open his piss slit with my tongue and swirl my tongue around his cock head. Then I move up and down underneath his cock shaft as I lubricate his tool with my growing supply of spit. Next I slowly insert his cock inch by inch down my throat until his pubic hair at the base of his cock is rubbing against my nose. I speed up my sucking of his cock as I come almost all the way off before going all the way back down to the base of his growing cock. The wet surface of his cock is making a loud slurping sound that can be heard several feet away.

"OMG, WOW, Toby, you are a damn great fucking sloppy cocksucker. Oh, it feels so good. Suck me some more."

I am so turned on that I suck like crazy for the longest time until Asher says: " Oh, Baby, please stop before I come. I want my turn sucking your huge 9" python."

I change places with Asher. He spreads my legs far apart and moves in for his first cock sucking of a man. He fills his hand with spit and has me add my spit to the gob of wet spit. He begins soaking my entire boner with the spit as he jacks me off. When my cock is totally greased, he surprises me by taking my whole cock down his throat with one gulp. He waste no time as he gives me an unbelievable blowjob as he goes off and back down my hard shaft with great speed. His head is bobbing up and down as I grab the back of his neck. He tightens his lips hard down on my cock head and squeezes for dear life.

I am about to bust a nut. "Oh, FUCK, OH SHIT, Asher, if you don't stop, I am going to flood your throat with my jizz."

He stops and we kiss again for the longest time, as we taste the sent from my cock.

"Toby, darling, lets fuck. I have been wild with desire for us to fuck since I first saw you at the UCLA cafeteria. Although this will be the first time for both of us to fuck, I hope we can be versatile. I want to fuck you and have you fuck me."

"Oh, Asher, yes, lets fuck each other. Asher, please fuck me first. Lets do it bareback as we pledge to be loyal to each other with no other sex partners."

Asher lies down on his back on the chair, as his cock stands straight up. We lube my ass and his throbbing cock with a bottle of lube. I get on top facing him and slowly slide my ass down on his huge cock. Oh, it hurts the first time but I want his cock in my ass so bad that I keep lowering my ass.

I begin moving up and down on his cock while Asher thrusts his tight hips and bulging thighs up to drive his cock all the way up my ass. The slick cock drives deep into my fucking chute.

"How does my cock feel baby? How do you like my cock?"

"Oh, it is awesome!! Fuck my ass, baby. Give me all you have got. I love my first cock up my ass."

He plunges in and out of my ass for at least 10 minutes. Then we change positions. We put a large beach towel on the floor of the deck and I get on my back. Asher lifts my legs up and places them on his broad shoulders. He fingers my ass again and adds more lube. He drives all the way in with one thrust. My ass widens to receive the gorgeous cock. He pounds me hard and fast for several minutes. I can feel his slick cock touch my ass walls and rub against my prostate. I am ecstatic with pleasure.

"Asher, oh fuck, I love your hard cock in me. FUCK ME, give me all your blood filled wood."

We fuck for another 10 minutes. Asher pulls out as his cock head swells so that he does not come. It is now my turn to fuck Asher's beautiful tan and pink ass. Oh, how I have wanted to fuck him for weeks.

I have Asher lie down on the beach towel on his stomach, spread his legs far apart, and push his ass up to allow me to lube his ass. I finger the lube into his chute as he moans with pleasure. I play with his tan balls and even suck them to make him more horny and eager for my giant cock.

"Oh, Toby, do not tease me any more. I want your cock now. Please fuck me."

I try to enter but my huge cock only goes in about three inches before Asher's ass closes and he tells me it hurts so bad. I pull out and lube him some more and use my finger to open him more. I slowly enter again and his ass opens more as I actually go in inch by inch until I am all the way into his inner ass. My blond pubic hair is teasing his ass cheeks driving him mad. I speed up and Asher lifts his ass and hard legs to meet my thrusts. His ass has become adjusted to taking my cock. I fuck him until I am about to come. I pull out, as I want to fuck him from another position.

I have Asher go over to the rail and bend over facing the water. I spread his legs far apart and use my bulging hard thighs and legs to drive deep into his ass. I speed up and Asher lifts his ass and hard legs to meet my thrusts. The hot exotic feeling is beyond description as my leaking cock and his ass walls get into a great rhythm. I fuck him harder and harder as we both are moaning and panting for air. I soon feel my cock head swell and my piss slit open. The veins in my cock pulsate as I shoot load after load of cum into my sweethearts' virgin ass.

I pull out and get on my knees and suck my cum out of his ass. I kiss him and we share my seed.

It is now Asher's turn to get off. He puts me down on the towel and has me get on all fours. He gets behind me and parts my ass with his cock. He begins to wildly thrust in and out from the doggie style position. He grabs my thighs and hips as he pulls them toward him for more leverage to fuck me hard.

As he is about to go over the edge, he pulls out and has me lie down on my back. He straddles my chest and begins to jack-off. Soon he is squirting burst after burst on my face and into my mouth. WOW, he has a monstrous size load. I love the taste. We kiss and share the cum meal.

We shower and go out for dinner. On Saturday we go to an afternoon San Diego Chargers football game. We finish the day touring the city.

We go back to the yacht and have sex three more times that evening. We actually are able to come three times that evening including in the ass once in the mouth twice. We are young hot suds with run away hormones and lusting after each other.

I have my parents cater served us brunch on Sunday morning. At the end of the meal, I get on my knees and say: "Asher, darling, I am head and heals in love with you. Will you marry me and be my lifetime partner?"

"Oh, dear Toby, I have wanted to hear those words all weekend. OH, yes, I will be your partner for life. I love you with all my heart."

Still shaking, I pull out two engagement rings and put on our fingers.

We agree that we will get married next August (2013)in Seattle.

I get a hold of my parents and brother in Paris and tell them the good news. They are thrilled and agree that they will sponsor a huge weeding for us.

How will Asher's family react?

We drive back to LA and UCLA on Sunday afternoon so happy.

POST SCRIPT: After the June, 2013 U S Supreme Court decision, we agree to move the weeding to my home town of San Diego and live happy ever after.


Naughty Eric


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