It was laundry night and by the flipping of the coin I was elected to do the washing. It's the one job both Dad and I hate doing. Its moments like these I silently wished we had a woman around the house. We just returned from a trip to Amsterdam on business. It was exhausting work but highly worth it in the end. I was down in the basement in our laundry room. It was a hot evening so I was stripped down to my tight fitting red jockstrap.

I'd already started the washer when I noticed Dad' dirty jockstrap lying on the floor. I chuckled looking down at it. Despite the fact we're the only two people living here, Dad still insist on writing his name on the waistband with a washable black marker, as if afraid someone would come along and steal the damn thing from him. He of course only wore the plain white ones. His odd conservative nature in things like this wouldn't allow him to wear any other color.

On the other hand I had a fucking rainbow collection. I even own a pair of black leather jockstrap. I only wear those on special our monthly S&M/Bondage nights when Dad and I like to get creative and nasty. Not that we don't get creatively nasty every night. I proudly admit we're nothing more then a bunch of pussy pigs when it comes to sex. It's just once in a while we like to experiment with the more kinky stuff with Dad usually on the receiving end.

I guess at this point I need to explain myself.

If you haven't figured it out Dad and I are lovers and neither one of us couldn't be more happy about it. I love that old sexy man of mines and I know the feeling is mutual. For as long as I could remember there was this sexual chemistry going on between Dad and me. It's only been in the last year and a half that we finally allowed ourselves to give into those desires with far reaching benefits neither one of us would have ever expected.

More on that later.

It started out in my late teens. At the time Dad was a police detective, and before that, he was a decorated marine. So you could image Dad was blessed with an incredibly rock hard muscular body with an even more masculine personality which he happily passed down onto me. I had always admired the rip beauty and rugged sculptor of his shredded six-foot-two, two hundred and twenty pound frame.

Everything about Dad was gorgeous to look at. His broad, sturdy shoulders tapered down to a solid waist that gave him that desired V-shape back appearance. His biceps were huge and fantastically well cut with thick veins. He had a bloated chiseled chest thick with fur and washboard abs. His long legs were muscled pack and he had the most perfect bubble butt ever attached to a man.

With his rugged handsome youthful face - he always looked to be six or seven years younger then he actually is - sparkling green eyes, sexy receding buzz-cut dirty blond hair, and his always present well groomed five o'clock shadow and mustache, Dad was an absolute stud. He was a brilliant wet dream come remarkably to life. It's not surprising he had so many lovers over the years as I was growing up.

Anyway I couldn't help but admire all that strength and it wasn't long before I was joining Dad in his work-out routine. He was a man determined to keep his physique well fit as humanly possible which was never difficult for him to achieve. He was proud of his body and his looks and I certainly could understand that.

I started working with him solely in order to watch his sweaty, bulging muscles as he went through his weights. Dad always worked out wearing nothing but his jockstrap. It gave me a perfect view of his awesome body in action. But there are benefits to working out.

Thanks to those sessions, my already strong body had quickly transformed into granite perfection. At six-one I had developed a muscular mass clocking in at two hundred and fifteen pounds. I wasn't as large as Dad but I was just as ripped and chiseled as he was. My muscles were pack and streamline with brilliant symmetry, pretty much keeping in line with Dad's overall look. In fact with the exception of my smooth torso and face I was pretty much a younger version of him with my own green eyes and thicker blond dirty hair. Naturally I started working out only in my jocks as well.

It was during these workouts I noticed Dad was enjoying my looks as much as I was enjoying his. We never spoke on it but our workout sessions became more intimate as we stood closer to each other. I could feel his hot, sweaty, hairy roughness rubbing up along side my equally sweaty smooth toughness as we helped each other with the weights and other equipments as the pouches of bloated jocks would erotically rub up against each other or press hard in between the exposed ass cheek of the other person.

A jolt of electricity lit between us and the more we felt it the more we increased the physical connection. The foul sweaty aroma coming off our wet bodies heightened our work-out sessions and made it more sexually charged then ever. It was like an addictive drug neither of us wanted to give up.

But at that moment there was no acknowledgment of the fever building up between us. Instead we pretended we were merely helping each other with the weights, but in truth, we were actually copping fields off each other.

Groping at our arms, chests, rubbing our large callous hands against the other person's sweaty abs and pecs and on a few occasions between our legs and eventually in the pouches of our jockstraps. It was there I discovered that Dad was as hung as a horse. He was a massive nine and a half inches long with the girth the size of a balled up fist. He was cut and had thick veins roped around the entire shaft. The best way to describe Dad's cock was wonderfully chunky.

The shit was constantly hard during our work-outs and I would squeeze and jerk at it whenever I got my hands on it. Dad did the same with my cut, rigid, mammoth ten inches. I could see the faint smile on his face whenever he got his hands on it. I think Dad got off knowing his son was actually bigger and thicker then him. God knows I loved it!

But it never went further. At the time crossing that line was something neither one of us was brave enough to do. So I graduated from high school, got my football scholarship, and was off to college. College life proved to be incredible. Not so much for my athletic skills - which was terrific - nor for my academic skills - which only got me by - but for the social life I had developed. With my extreme hot looks and even hotter body I had become the campus stud.

I had multiple fuck buddies. From my teammates to the bookish nerds who tutored me in my academic studies - the cute ones not the geeks. Hell I even had some of the hot, older professors in my back pocket. My sex drive was insatiable. But no matter how many fuck partners I had, my thoughts always race back to Dad and our erotic work-out sessions. I felt I missed out on the chance at having Dad as lover. There was no question he was more then willing. But dumb fear prevented it. Maybe that's why so many of my lovers were older men. Whatever the case my lust for Dad had only increased during my years in college.

After gaining my degree in health and fitness, I quickly secured a job at an upscale fitness spa in San Francisco as a personal trainer. The clientele primarily were gay men and it wasn't long before my health skills in training was the last thing on my clients' mind.

I charged accordingly. These dudes were seriously rich and if they wanted my dick up their assess I was going to make me serious money off them. With the salary I was making as a trainer - which was pretty sweet in itself - I pulling in close to three grand a week underneath the table.

One of those clients I was fucking turned out to be the owner of one of the hottest gay porn companies in the industry. It was wasn't long before he convinced me to give porn a shot. It turned out to be the best thing to have happened to me both professionally as well as personally.

In short order I had become a porn sensation. In my first year I did four films and in the following year I doubled it. I was a much lust after celebrity with fans all over the world thanks to DVD sales and the Internet. I was packaged as the tough, aggressive top man. In order words I was pretty much playing myself.

I wasn't swimming in money thanks solely to my new career as a gay porn star. I still had to work as a trainer and I kept those clients who paid me for sex and on occasion worked as an escort. Thanks to my new find porn celebrity I was able to charge an even greater sum of money for my services. With that combination of money I was now making a pretty comfortable life for myself. I knew it wouldn't last forever but I was smart enough with my money, and thanks to me having a married investor as a client, I knew how to invest my money wisely in order to make a profit instead of just sitting in the bank.

Overall I was living a lifestyle that was fun, adventurous and never once boring. It's been four years now and at twenty-six I couldn't say I wasn't loving my life. And it was about to get a whole lot better!

Naturally I kept in contact with Dad over the years. He knew I was living a good life but I never told him how I made that living, outside of being a personal trainer. Dad knew I was gay. I came out to him years ago. I mean those work-out sessions we shared made it pretty obvious. Dad certainly never hid his sexuality from me. Growing up and listening to the fucking sounds coming from his bedroom at nights, made it pretty clear, Dad was one serious sex stud. But I wasn't sure how he would take knowing his one and only was a big name porn star.

One weekend I made an unexpected visit home to Dad's about a year and a half ago. When I entered the house and yelled out to him, I didn't get any response. All I could hear was muffled loud noises coming from the direction of Dad's den located down the hall. I followed it and when I opened the closed door I was in for a major shock.

On the extra large television screen I could see myself in my latest video. I was fucking one my favorite co-stars, an Asian who was about five-seven and possessed a taut, lean swimmer physique. As I mentioned I'm known for being a savage fucker on screen and Tuan is known for being a nasty, greedy bottom who loves it brutal. We were a perfect match.

It was a dungeon/bondage scene. I had Tuan strapped in a sling. His arms and ankles were bound and I was standing in between his stretched legs banging the holy hell outta him with my fat dick. He was howling like a banshee as I thrust and thrashed him about with my jackhammer rammed hard up inside him. The television volume was up full blast so the noise of my big nuts slapping hard against the outer walls of his chute as I fucked him could be heard loudly throughout the den.

Our bodies was soaked in sweat and the glistening perspiration highlighted the rigid curves of my contracted, bulging muscles. I was wearing leather chaps, a full leather head mask, black leather gloves and boots. Tuan was completely naked except for the leather strap around his neck.

Occasionally I would pull and yank on it, choking him a little. I was spitting, slapping and punching on his exposed torso, humiliating him with vulgar insults as I pounded hard in his sumptuous tiny ass. I was the angry, hot master and he was my personal property who I was punishing for disrespecting me. As I piston-whipped my fiery hog into him, like a mac truck slamming into a wall, his chunky seven-inches was shooting cum all over his smooth, tight stomach as he screamed and cried for more. The scene was a scorcher if I say so myself.

But the shock was discovering Dad watching it and there was no denying he was enjoying it. He was down on his knees naked, facing away from me, his hairy thighs spread wide.

He was leaning over, supporting his weight with one stretch out arm in front of him. The other hand was stuffing a huge, black leather dildo up his asshole. He was sawing his ass with it like a madman watching me hotly tearing Tuan to pieces.

I couldn't believe this shit.

I had just caught my sexy forty-six year old father self-fucking himself while watching his own offspring fucking and tormenting some dude on the television screen. And by the tightness of his sweaty muscles, Pops been going at it for sometime.

Dad was snorting like a nasty pig as he hungrily watch me punch fuck Tuan to a state of delirium. The years had been pretty damn good to Dad's body. If anything age had only increased his chiseled perfection. His shoulder and back had become much broader and had developed into even greater definition. He had easily added four to six pounds of solid muscles to his frame and there wasn't an ounce of fat to be found on him. It made him look even more marvelously proportion in his muscular brilliance.

I was simply overwhelmed by the magnificence of his body. Usually when muscled men age their bodies began to sag thanks to father time. It can't be helped. Gravity can be an unforgiving bitch no matter how much you work against it. They may still maintain a healthy fit but the overall appearance gives no doubt they've seen better days.

Dad was the direct opposite. Time had stopped for him and suddenly he seemed ageless. It wasn't just his bulging muscles that impressed me. It was the incredible sharpness and symmetry he managed to maintained. There was no blemish or defect to be find on his ripped body. Everything about his physique was as profoundly shredded as it was ten to twenty years earlier. Just larger and more sculptured. He was a modern day Zeus.

His extremely tight skin wrapped around his frame showcasing every marble crave of his solid flesh to it's utmost perfection. Dad had apparently discovered the fountain of youth and was drinking from it, not in cups, but in barrels. He was a dream Muscle Daddy come to life!

I watched silently as his continuously impaled himself with that exaggeratedly large dildo. I watched his solid bubble ass widened with each thrust downward as he yelled at the screen 'telling' me to fuck my bitch harder and faster. He was so fucking into it!

He eventually straddled himself on his haunches. The movement made it possible for him to stuff the entire length of the dildo inside his crack. He was screaming in ecstasy as he threw back his head on his burly shoulders with his eyes tightly shut. His hands was in front of him, and by the play of his shoulders, it was clear he was whacking himself off.

The whole image was too fucking overwhelming for me!

Without even thinking, I bum rushed Dad, slamming his heated, hairy torso on the carpet floor in front of the TV. 'What the fuck?!!?' Dad shouted roughly, startled by the surprise attack. 'Who the hell...'

Before he could finish, I bit hard into his right earlobe before whispering hotly, 'Don't worry Pops it's just your favorite porn star.'

I unzipped my jeans, whipped the well-lubed dildo outta Dad's ass and inserted my throbbing ten inches deep inside his moist, gapping hole. For the next half hour I fucked Dad right there on the carpet floor of his den with the same intensity in which I was mounting Tuan on screen.

After the initial shock at being attacked, Dad quickly recovered and willingly gave his muscled ass to me as I choked-pounded the hell out of it! Of all the dozens upon dozens of lovers I've had, I've never fucked one so well, as the one I was currently banging on the carpet floor. It was the best shit ever! The floodgates had finally opened up and things between Dad and I was never the same. It was only better.

Throughout that weekend visit Dad and I did nothing but fuck each other brains out. I was like a greedy kid in a candy store. I simply couldn't get enough of the old man. And I wasn't the less bit gentle with him. I was as aggressive a lover with him as I was with any man in my bed. The fact that I was finally living out my fantasy at fucking my own father only made my savagery that much more intense. I had nearly ten years of pin up hunger stored up inside me and wild horses would not have been able to stop me at finally releasing that rage.

Dad was equally hungry in his sexual rage as he begged and pleaded with me to fuck him over and over. Hearing those rough words coming from our own father was indescribably exciting as I gave him everything I had and then some. His powerful strength and stamina was intoxicating. He was as animalistic as his horny offspring. Dad's eager throat and ass remained wide and open for me as I dumped an endless amount of hot, sticky cum in the deepest parts of his incredibly energetic muscular body.

Watching your own macho father down on his hands and knees as you bitch fuck his mouth, forcing him to deep throat you over and over, before blasting a large amount of spunk all over his face, and then ordering him lick the waste clear from your fiery cock and balls, is a sight every son should witness! He was a nasty power bottom if there ever was one. Our bodies were soaked in sweat, cum and other foul fluids and even then he couldn't get enough of me fucking him.

In between our fucking we would rest our exhausted bodies in his bed. We stank like pigs with the offensive odor smearing in our nostrils. The smell was fantastic. And the taste was equally incredible as the only shower we used that weekend were our tongues. We used them taking turns licking and sucking the filthy sweat off our bodies, slurping the funky, soiled fluids off our mutually heated bodies like dogs. I especially loved rimming his juicy asshole and armpits with him sucking down hard on my nuts.

When we wasn't cleaning each other up, or fucking one another, we laughed and drank beer, kicking ourselves for waiting so long at becoming lovers. I discovered that Dad had my entire porn collection either on DVD or had downloaded on his laptop. He had every scene I appeared me memorized in his head and naturally we played out several of those scenes.

All that time I worried how Dad would accept the fact I was starring in gay porn turned out to be fruitless as he and I reenacted my porn scenes. I couldn't help but took note at the brilliance of Dad's performance. The man had clearly studied my scenes well and was an incredible submissive bitch. In between those reenactments he endlessly questioned me about my career in porn and I was more then happy to answer any question he had. His interest intrigued me and I couldn't help but think he would make a great performer himself. But I let that thought pass for the moment.

Towards the end of my visit Dad turned the tables on me. I've always been a top - both in life and in front of the camera - but Dad is a versatile man. When he made his intention clear, I fought against it at first, but Dad was a determined man and he was first and foremost my father. Before I knew it my wrists were tied to the headboard of the bed and my powerful thighs were resting on Dad's sturdy shoulders. He had my ass well lubed as he penetrated his massive nine and a half inches deep inside me. The pain at first was scorching as I screamed and yelled for Dad to take it out. He simply ignored me and told me to relax and just let it happen.

Apparently the son could still learn a thing or two from the father, as the stinging pain subsided as an avalanche of feelings more stimulating and intoxicating then I could have ever possibly imagine crashed through me. I was no longer screaming and yelling for him to stop. I was now howling and shouting for him to never stop!

Dad was bursting my cherry and was doing a magnificent, fucking job.

'Does it feel good?' Dad growled with a low voice as he thrust his mammoth cock inside my virginal ass to the hilt.

'Ah shiitt...holy fucking hell...take it!!' My own father had me screaming like a slutty bitch.

He began to fuck me with zest as his cock glided back and forth inside my cavity faster and faster. He had removed my legs from his shoulders and had them wrapped around his muscled waist. His powerful torso was plastered upon minds. Our lips were connected and Dad was kissing me feverishly. The force of his cock was so deeply impaled inside me my muffled whales of pleasure woofed down his throat.

Never backing an inch Dad pounded my butt with fierce energy and I quickly felt a shattering orgasm coming over me under the incessant pressure of his mighty weapon. I had never came so quick and so hard in my entire life. But that didn't slow Pops down. If anything it only revved the old man up. He kept on pounding my muscled butt and in no time I was rock hard again.

'That's my boy! Now we'll start fucking for real.' Dad had removed his lips from minds and was looking down at me with fiery, salacious eyes. 'I'm gonna fuck ya until your pretty green eyes roll in your sockets and ya begging me to stop!'

His heavy breathing and vigorous thrusts had me trembling. Like a well-oiled fucking machine he shoved his robust rod back and forth inside me taking care that each forceful fuck stroke had a maximum effect on me as we approached the climax we were both hungering for.

The powerful strength in which he took me had the springs on the bed bouncing hard. The headboard bang incessantly against the back wall. My stretched bound hands left me totally helpless. My old man was ripping himself deep inside me as he sucked and chow down my exposed, sweaty neck like a vampire in heat, as rivers of raunchy sweat rolled off our stinking bodies. His huge biceps were wrapped around me crushing my torso as his pelvis motion slammed his bloated cock in my guts.

'Ahhh shiitt...unng...fuck...Da-a-dddyy...urrghh...fuucckkk!!'

'Yeah that's it, slut! Scream like a bitch for your old man!'

I did indeed screamed, shouted and murmured; my entire body vibrated with each thunderous bang he gave me. My eyes truly did roll in the back of my sockets as another orgasm exploded within me milking and wetting our heated torsos as Dad roared and grunted a mountain of cum deep in the confines of my well-used, aching asshole.

Dad grinned confidently down at my flush and wasted face. My entire spent body was convulsing. I stared up at him with blurry eyes. I was completely wasted and my limps were weak. Never in my life had I been thoroughly dominated sexually, and despite my outward exhaustion, my insides never felt more alive.

'Now that's the way a father properly fucks his son!'

Since that time I've made frequent visits home in order for Dad and I to have sex but the commute was kicking into my bank account. Dad had put in his twenty-five years and I convinced him to retire from the police force, sale the old house, and move in with me in my home in San Francisco. That decision turned out to be more interesting then either one of us would have expected.

Dad and I had become lovers in every sense of the word and we never bothered to hide it among my circle of friends. At first they didn't believe us. That is until I enthusiastically fucked Dad in front of their excited faces. When they witness the raging thrill Dad was having at being on the tail end of my cock as I fucked him within the inch of his life, my friends couldn't get enough at watching.

Not only did they thought it was hot as shit, on a lark, they suggested I introduce Dad to the owner of the porn company I was currently an exclusive. I immediately thought back to those thoughts of how great Dad would be in porn and readily agreed. One look at Dad's chiseled moviestar looks and incredibly hard masculine body, the owner quickly offered Dad an exclusive contract and much to my surprise joy Dad happily accepted.

That was the thing I was most fascinated by. Once Dad and I became lovers, something inside him just burst. As I mentioned, Dad had always been a popular stud. With his extreme handsome looks and killer physique, he never had a problem collecting lovers.

But he always been on the rather conservative side or the very least was a private person when it came to his sex life. In all the years he was on the police force, none of his fellow officers knew he was gay. He was never ashamed at being gay, he just kept it private. But sense he and I hooked up, he seemed to have developed a new zest for life. He wanted to experience everything sexual and apparently that included gay porn. Perhaps it was his own version of a mid-life crisis, I don't know, but what I do know I was enjoying watching his happiness and was damn thrilled to be apart of it.

Since moving Dad to San Francisco I've never seen him so sexually animated. I may have been his main lover, but I certainly wasn't his only one. He fucked half my friends and then some. He would visit sex clubs and bathhouses and fucked or be fucked by half the guys in the joint. Pops had become a crazed sex maniac.

He had a real fetish for being gangfucked and only young studs like myself would do. He simply wasn't interested in men in his own age group for sex partners. And in a town filled with young bucks always willing to prove their prowess, Dad was a sexy, hot warhorse that seemed to have been dropped from heaven for their own personal pleasure. I'm telling ya my Dad was transforming himself into one serious slut right before my eyes and the shit was awesome to watch. In fact I was secretly making sure of it!

Unbeknownst to Dad I've been secretly pimping him out to some of my gym clients for some serious cash. I was gleefully whoring my own father out for profit and was loving the fact I was keeping it from him. Not only that I had made arrangements for them to videotape those sessions with Dad in order for me to watch them privately without him knowing. Often it would be a one-on-one session but there was plenty of times in which a client would had paid for Dad to be a treat for a private party the client was throwing in which Dad was gangbanged by several of his friends or business associates. Watching those raw videos as countless of men sexually used my father, fucking him savagery on camera, was indescribable in it's sexiness. Watching those tapes I knew Dad would make an incredible porn star.

Once the decision was made that Dad would join me in my chosen profession I was determined to do whatever it takes to encourage it! Not that Dad needed it. The man couldn't wait to get in front of the camera, despite the fact he has already been in front of the camera for months now without knowing it.

Initially our connection was kept under hat. We may have been in the same movie but we never appeared in the same scene on camera. But it quickly became an open secret not only within the industry but also among the fans. Like I said, Dad and I never hid our relationship, and when out promoting the studio, like at the annual Folsom Street Fair, fans not only noticed the strong resemblance between us, they could also see the sexual chemistry racing through us. Fans wanted to see us in action. They were soon flooding the studio's website with posts and emails demanding a scene between father and son.

They got their wish.

Our first scene together was a threesome. We played father and son cowboy bandits. We had kidnap the son of a rich rancher and was holding him captive, demanding a ransom for his safe return.

Our co-star was only twenty years old and this was his first film. The dude was eager for the scene. Apparently he was a fan of minds, and when he learned not only his first scene would be with me but that my own father would be fucking him as well, he was beside himself with anticipation. One look at him, Dad and I was pretty revved up as well.

At five-six, with a scrumptious svelte physique which included the sweetest, taut little ass ever, he had innocence written all over him. Smooth with sparkling blond hair and huge, expressive baby blue eyes, the dude was the essence of American Pie. He was as cute as a button with 'FUCK ME' written all over him. He was a snatch just waiting to be devoured. Just looking at him had me and Dad popping wood!

Between me and Dad's overt, towering masculinity he didn't have a chance, which was the entire point of the set-up. We were the wolves to his lamb; the torturers who was about to corrupt innocence supposedly against his will. Talk about perfect casting. He was so tiny, so unbelievably cute with that deer-caught-in-the-headlight expression that seemed permanently plastered on his face, that even before the shot started, Dad and I took a our little co-star off to the side in order to have some fun with him.

Pre-fucking before a shoot is frown upon but Dad and I couldn't help ourselves. By the time the director and crew was ready for us, Dad and I had already fucked our co-star three or four times. But that didn't prove a problem. We had stamina and potency to burn. Even after sampling him, or maybe because of it, the both of us was harder then ever.

The set-up was pretty simple: we were to force ourselves on him with him begging and pleading for us to stop. Naturally we didn't and eventually all his pleading would turn from asking to us stop to begging us for more.

In the scene we strapped him to a bed and went after him like evil gangbusters straight out of hell. Dad and I was getting off on each other as we went about fucking the tar outta him. With his tiny frame, it was easy for both of us to thrash, maneuver and throw him about anyway we wanted. The director had secretly told us to go as wild on him as humanly possible. It was a direction Dad and I was more then happy to follow. We were erotically merciless with him and you could tell the crew was loving it.

The dude was nothing but a 'helpless victim' in our rough hands. Dad and I took turns choking his throat with our cocks before ramming it up his ass. We had him heaving, sweating and panting. We were overwhelming the shit out of him and he was playing the 'helplessness' to perfection as the scene went on and on. Dad and I was unstoppable.

An unspoken contest developed between us to see who could fuck this boy the hardest, fastest and most extreme. We were hammering into him like a bunch of wild apes. Our little co-star was delirious and drenching in sweat and cum. His cries and moans were bouncing off the walls. It was music to our ears. We were both verbally and physically dominating him, spitting in his face, slapping him about, forcing him to eat our sweaty asses before forcing him to drink down another mountain of cum while the other was shooting an equally large amount jizz up his stretch out pussy.

Even after the director yelled 'that's a wrap,' Dad and I continued going after him. We simple couldn't get enough. We fucked him endlessly for hours. Our adrenaline was on pure automatic. The dude's smallness, innocence and complete submissiveness had become an aphrodisiac for us. We used our giant size and brute strength to manhandled him to our hearts' content. He was completely defenseless against us and it was that sensation that was driving me and Pops crazy.

By the time we were finish with him he was nothing more then a heap of flesh on the floor. Cum was pulsating out his well-used mouth and ass like water rushing over a waterfall. He was exhausted, hyperventilating and mumbling words that couldn't be completely understood. His eyes were dilated and rolling inconsolably in the back of his head as he panted hard trying desperately to catch whatever breath he could.

Seeing what we done to him, we stood over him, proud in our mutual accomplishment. We had fucked our little co-star into pure weaken delirium and like any fuck champion we were collectively enjoying watching our conquest bash in the afterglow. His svelte limps were so weak Dad and I literally had to carry his sweat drenched body off the set.

When the finish product was release it was one of most downloaded scenes on the porn's website.

In the two months after the shooting we had him living with us. He just recently moved to San Francisco from some small in South Dakota and was currently living in some cheap motel until he got his footing. Dad and I decided he would be better off sharing our bed until he could get his own place to live. He didn't want to bother us, but when it was explained to him that he didn't have a choice, he quickly understood his role as cum bucket.

In the time in which he stayed with us, Dad and I indulged ourselves in all things kinky with him. We were living out the scenario of our shoot in real life. We had him tied and bound to our bed power fucking him daily in all types of salacious ways. The little bitch was just that good. He was one hundred percent helpless in our arms and all three of us couldn't get enough of it. We were daring, adventurous and bold with him. Our creativity was limitless and unending.

We experimented on him like mad scientists. Our bedroom had been transformed into a laboratory of sexual torture with him as the willing prisoner/guinea pig. We were like a bunch of dogs tearing at his heaving, tied-up flesh. I don't know how he endured it but he was loving every moment of it.

If we weren't dumping our cum in his juicy ass or shoving it hard down his gagging throat, we were using a variety of humongous dildos, huge anal beads and vibrators among other things at keeping him stimulated while opening his ass up for our salacious pleasure. And when we wasn't fucking him we had him tied-up in the closet naked with a big butt plug stuffed up his ass and a ball gag jammed in his mouth.

When we feed him we had him eating from a dog bowl on the floor with his hands bounded with leather behind his back. When it was time for him to drink, he drunk the barrels of cum from heated cocks.

In those sixty days he was nothing but a dumping ground for our fluids. We had made him into our sex slave. His will was completely taken away from him as he used him for our own personal amusement. He had become nothing more then a pussy for us to rough up and enjoy. By the time we finally allowed him to leave our house we had transformed that innocent looking pup into a screaming, nasty insatiable whore. Thanks to our training he would become one of the most freakiest and in demand bottoms in the business.

The success of that scene we had with the kid led to our first duo scene. It was wildly anticipated not just for the father/son combo but also it would be my first flop-flip scene. Fans have been dying to see me take up the ass for years. Now not only will they finally get their wish, but they'll be seeing my own father doing it.

The set-up was pretty standard. Just a bedroom setting. But the raw sexual chemistry between me and Dad was palatable. This was the first time we were essentially having sex solely together in public - by way of a camera - and that awareness seemed to have release an heated inhibition that left things unrestrained between us.

What started out slow and romantic in front of the camera, quickly turned passionate and intense. We became two King Cobra snakes wrapped in bar wire fucking for dominance over the other. When I launched into Dad I used all my adrenaline strength to pound the holy shit out of him. I was fucking him like a bitch. Dad heavily demanded and ordered me to take him more aggressively. He growled, snarled and roared like proud sexual lion lusting like mad at being dominated. He was soaked in sweat, the hairs on his torso glistened, as he continuously yelled out for more.

By the time Dad flipped me over mounting me doggie style, the funk from our sweat was rushing off our steaming bodies like water from a muddy swamp, filled the room. Our rage was volcanic. It was raw, boisterous and animalistic. He had gripped tightly on my shoulders with his large hands and was ramming into me with masculine power. He had me screeching like a slut as the camera did an extreme tight close-up of my screwed up, euphoric face as I screamed and panted, 'Yeah Daddy...fuck me Daddy...fuck me...holy shiitt...fuck me!' He used his mammoth nine and a half inches like a drill digging for oil inside my chute. He was thrashing me easily all over the bed. He was showing my fans exactly where I learned my aggressiveness and then some!

When he finally release his load deep inside my scorching bowels, he had me seeing stars before my eyes. By then he had me in missionary-style, kissing my lips passionately, his fat cock deeply embedded inside me shooting jizz after jizz. The force was so powerful I was expecting his spunk to come shooting out of my gagging mouth into his own!

When the film was release on video it quickly became the biggest seller of that year. At the GAYVN awards Dad and I won for Best Duo, shared Best Threesome with our little co-star, and Dad won the prize for Best Newcomer of the Year. In a short order Dad had become a major star in porn and my celebrity had only increased. We've made four films since. Each one a major blockbuster for the studio. The trip to Amsterdam was a location shoot for our fifth film.

In the film I was the head of a large, illegal syndicate that practice human trafficking. We sold hot older men as sex slaves. In the film, Dad of course, played my father. When he learned that I was selling off his friends, he tried to stop me. Naturally I caught on before the feds could be informed and in revenge I decided to sell him off.

Before selling him I decided to punished him in a torturous gangbang. I and four other ripped and hung men took turns fucking him savagely. We had him blindfolded and strapped to a harness as we used our bloated cocks, whipped him with riding crops, used foot long dildos, melting wax, and vibrators on Dad in an endless line of creative torture and humiliation. He was forced to rim our sweaty assess and choked down globs of spunk.

The scene ended with a spontaneous double fuck that was unscripted nor staged.

Dad was out of the harness and I had myself stretched out on the floor with Dad on top of me. His eyes were still blindfolded and his heaving torso was laid out on mines. My arms were wrapped him in an iron grip and his hands were still tied and bound around his back. He was completely at my mercy as my hard dick was deeply impaled inside him and I beating the shit out of him. He was bouncing off me like a rag doll moaning and howling like a greedy bitch.

The heat and moistness of Dad's butt had my cock on fire. I felt the cum of the other four guys dipping along the shaft of my cock as I pushed deeper and deeper inside my old man's hot pussy. I could feel myself ready to blow. I tried to hold back so I could fuck Dad a little longer. The excitement over filming this gang fuck, sharing Dad with the other guys, was too fucking incredible for me to give it up too soon.

That's when I felt another cock trying it's best to push into Dad's already stuffed hole. I looked up and it was Reggie.

'Let me get some of that shit,' he growled in a deep determined voice.

Reggie was a colossus. His dark ebony skin was wrapped around a body standing over six-five with shredded, mammoth muscles clocking in at an amazing two hundred and thirty-four pounds. We've done several films together and we made a great team. Like myself, he had a well-earned reputation in the industry at being an intense power top. Pretty often in our scenes we would gang up on a smaller guy and double fuck him with his mammoth uncut nine and half inch dick. Next to my equally thick ten inches, we made a lethal combination. It was one of Reggie's greatest fetish. The other being his thrill at fucking white dudes.

But there was no plan for a double-penetration in this film shoot but Reg had other ideas. Ideas that was quickly turning me the fuck on! He as squatted over Dad he used one of his large hands pressing it firmly against Dad's back. The pressure he was giving him had Dad even more pinned in my arms. With his other hand Reg was aiming his iron cock straight into Dad's hole.

'Ahhh...fuucckk...w-w-ait,' Dad started to yell but I quickly covered his mouth with my own, kissing him savagely. I wasn't about to pass this shit for anything. I knew once Reg and I got started on him Dad was going to love it. Still holding him tightly in my embrace I reached my hands down grabbing at his buttcheeks spreading them further apart in order to help Reg at stuffing himself deeper inside my old man. I widened my bent legs keeping the sole of my feet planted firmly on the floor to give me greater leverage as I continued sawing my cock firmer up Dad's tight ass.

The director and cameramen had to do some quick maneuvering to angle the camera and lights in the right spots in order to get the maximum effect.

I felt Reg's thick boner pressing against my balls. I felt him pushing his cockhead against Dad's chute. After a minute or two, he managed to squeeze his cock inside against the bottom of my shaft. Dad screamed out, his yell vibrating down my throat. I could feel his tied-up body reacting to the invasion as he tried fruitlessly to escape from my grip. I couldn't help but get off on his struggle as I gripped and kissed him harder.

Even though I was on the verge of cumming, this expected turn of events, only made me harder. Inch by long inch, Reg squeezed his cock long side my own and deeper and deeper inside Dad. When his cock began rubbing against mine, my balls nearly exploded. Reg's cock along with my own giant tool felt we were going to rip Dad apart. Despite being royally fucked several times during the shoot, Dad's juicy, wet hole was still fantastically tight. The intense pressure we were giving him as we stretched his chute sent jolts of electricity through the three of us.

Dad finally managed to rip his lips from me as he whaled loudly and hard. I ripped off his mask. I just had to see his face. The muscles on his sweaty face was contracted and tight. The veins in his neck was pulsating. His tongue was hanging out of his gaping mouth; his hot breath was all over my face. His eye socket were bulged out and his pupils of his eyes were dilated and rolled back. The noises coming from him wasn't screams of pain but screams of ecstasy as the walls of his sphincter began squeezing feverishly around the two giant cocks buried deep within him.

'Liking this shit, Dad,' I growled up in his face, beating myself harder inside him as Reg matched the onslaught.

'Urrghh...s-sh-shiittt!! Fuck it...DO IT!!!!'

'Sounds like your bitch daddy needs it bad,' Reg smirked roughly as he slammed his body on top of Dad's board and sweaty back. Reg and I gripped Dad in an iron embrace as I wrapped my biceps around Reggie's back as his arms did the same with mines. Our bulging muscles held onto Dad in a death grip as began sawing ourselves into him with fierce velocity as we hungrily chewed and sucked on Dad's exposed thick neck as he continuously squealed and yelled for more.

We used our powerful pelvises taking turns hammering ourselves inside him. Our banging was producing sounds out of Dad's throat I didn't think was humanly possible to hear. The more we went after him the louder he begged for him. I could feel his hard, leaking cock rubbing against my tight abs. The friction was increasing my intensity as I shot my pelvis high, nailing my cock even deeper inside his flaming hole.

The entire room was charged as the funky smell of sex was all around us. It was seeping into our nostrils energizing and revving Reggie and I even more as we continued bum rushing Dad. Dad was falling into pure delirium as he began hyperventilating with yells and screams pleading for more. He was bouncing and banging between us, his bounded up muscles tight. His ass suction was unstoppable. The intensity had both Reggie and I seeing stars as we continued plowing his increasingly hungry shithole. The weight of Dad and Reggie on top me was driving me wild.

The other three players in the film was hovered over us whacking their stiffed cocks. The moment was unplanned but they quickly got into the scene as chanted and screamed at Reggie and me to fuck Dad harder and longer. Their tight muscles were glistening in sweat as it showered down on us, mixing into the hot perspiration that was gluing Dad, Reggie and I tightly together. The director and camera people was having a field day capturing all of it on film.

'Aw shit,' I gasped loudly, 'I'm gonna cum!'

'Right with ya,' Reggie grunted back. 'I can't help it. You bitch dad got the juiciest pussy I've had in a long time.

Dad was whimpering like a puppy. I started kissing him and Reggie managed to lean his face over enough and soon all three of us was lip-locking feverishly as saliva poured outta our hungry mouths. All three of us were grunting like wild pigs. The instant I felt Reg's hot cum stream against my bloated cock I exploded.

'Here it comes, bitch,' Reggie growled in Dad's mouth. 'Your kid and I are shooting in your nasty pussy.'

'Ah God...ahhh fuucckk,' Dad whaled out. His body trembled between us as he sprayed his large load all over my abs.

We were so exhausted that Reg and I didn't have the energy to move. For a long time, our cocks throbbed together inside Dad. Our cum continued to ooze out inside his wet, hot oven. Eventually, they started to soften, and gently and slowly, we pulled our spent cocks out of him.

When Reg and I finally got off Dad, one the three other players quickly grabbed Dad's head and shoved his hefty eight inches into Dad's mouth. As he ferociously choked Dad's throat the other two began jerking their rigid cocks, blasting jizz all over Dad's face as the other guy pumped his load deep in Dad's mouth. The camera had a tight close-up on Dad and the shit was incredible as Dad slurped and licked the guys' cocks clear. He was in hog heaven.

I was thinking on that scene as I grabbed Dad's funky jock off the laundry floor and mashed it against my face. I can never get enough of his unclean smell. That raw, reeking odor of pure filthy sweat that belongs only to Dad drives me wild like no other odor. No matter how many times I've inhale it, it's like the first time.

It only took about thirty seconds of inhaling Dad's sizzling man scent to make me rock hard. The pouch was still damp from a full day's working out in the home gym. Dad had worked up such a sweat with this one he had to stop and change into a new pair by mid-afternoon, it was itching so badly against his crotch. The jock was stretched out of shape from Dad's huge cock and heavy balls. His ball scent was heaven. I snorted in a few long breaths through the damp webbed pouch.

It took me all of ten seconds to suck out all of that sweet-ass scent. I felt my cock rise and stiffen. I looked down to see my cock making a huge balloon tent in my own jockstrap. I had a raging boner going on and it felt damn good. I grabbed my donkey from inside my strap pulling it out and began fisting it at a leisurely pace.

I shut my eyes remembering the fucking we engaged in earlier that day after returning from Amsterdam. We were working out in the gym in our jockstraps, when Dad innocently bent over to pick up a twenty-five pound weight.

The sight of his firm, exposed, hairy round ass...fuck!! I couldn't help myself. Sure I had fucked him beautifully in that gangbang scene, but that was two days ago! I pushed Dad face down on the work-out bench and rode his juicy ass like no body's business. That shit was real good. I knew our fans must've loved it. With the exception of the bathroom, Dad and I had every room in the house hooked up to a webcab. For the last three months our fans from all over the cyber world had constant access to our private fucking at home. The raw footage was bringing in loads of money from our personal website.

Soon my harsh grunts were bouncing off the walls in the laundry room remembering the details of that fine afternoon fuck. I was lusting so hard about fucking Dad that I didn't even notice him walking in.

'Sniffing my jock again, huh?' he sneered.

When I opened my eyes, Dad was standing in front of me. A shock of emerald eyes swept across my face as he stared at me with intensity. A wild smile creased his rugged, lantern-jawed face. He was wearing a soak-drenched, gritty wife-beater that clung to his muscular torso like second skin and his low-riding jeans. Damn if he ain't a walking bullstud come to life! He was dripping in sweat and that familiar filthy smelling odor coming off of him could wake up the dead. It was at that moment I completely understood what cannibalism was all about. All I wanted to do was to eat that Dad alive. My testosterone was building up like a firestorm.

'Got some more clothes that needs washin',' he said smiling at me as I continued holding his dirty jock from earlier today against my nostrils inhaling his scent while squeezing and jerking at my cock that only got bigger and harder.

I watched as Dad literally peeled himself out of his raunchy clothing until he was standing before me in only his boots and the jockstrap he changed into this afternoon. They were as funky as the one glued to my face. His cock and balls made a huge, tempting bulge between his thighs. He reached a hand inside and began softly stroking himself. It wasn't long before he was as brick hard as me.

'Are you enjoying what you are smellin', boy,' Dad asked licking his long tongue across his bottom lip. The saliva mixed with the sweat dripping down and off his chin. His eyes roamed down to my crotch. He sucked in air when he witnessed a few droplets of pre-cum leaking out my pee slit. 'Yeah, I can see that you're liking it.'

He laughed as he slipped off his jock and dropped it along with his discarded jeans and t-shirt into the washer. Dad's cock soared into the air. It boing-oinged, like an arrow hitting a bull's-eye. My greedy lips trembled when I saw cum drops seeping from his pee-slit. I've seen it leak plenty of times but it still got me off!

'You got yourself a horny father standing before ya,' Dad sneered, challenging me, 'what the fuck are you gonna do about it, boy?'

I grabbed Dad pushing him hard against the wall as I slam-dunked my tongue into his mouth. Dad reciprocated with equal passion. Our tongues battled while I caressed his solid torso and hairy chest. He moaned and grunted with macho pleasure as my hands slowly glided down over his amazing washboard abs and then back up again to land on his hard chest. I took one juicy eraser-thick nipple between my fingers and fine-tuned it.

'Awww, yeah,' Dad whimpered. His voice was blatantly thick with lust. He responded by slamming his raunchy crotch against my sweaty jock-covered groin.

'I wanna fuck...I wanna fuck,' he kept saying to me as Dad fiercely humped his cock against mine.

Dad stuck his warm tongue inside my ear. I moaned and squirmed with pleasure. My hands automatically flew to his round, taut butt. I began caressing his plumb, golden globes. When I slid one of my fingers into his ass crack, Dad sighed deeply in my ear, 'Can never get enough of you playing with my ass boy!' He bent his head down and bit into my neck, his teeth gently pulling at the sensitive flesh under my ear. Soon his lips traveled down to my muscular chest. Lightly, he flicked my nipples with the tip of his rough tongue while he reached his hands inside my jockstrap caressing my ballooning cock.

'Been thinking about that fucking you gave me in the gym room boy,' he whispered hotly. 'My ass is itching for some more...lots more.'

Dad stroked my shaft once more and returned to the head, cupping it with his fingers. He sighed deeply while he made corkscrew motions against the tip. I threw my head back and gasped. I could feel the pre-cum seeping from my cock.

I began shaking with lust. I looked up at webcam in the laundry room. The red button was flashing and I couldn't help wondering how many visitors from across the cyber world was currently watching. Whatever the number, the added voyeurism only increased the searing hunger building up inside me.

When Dad began sucking on my nipples, I thought I was about to shoot my wad. Hot, raw lust surged through me. My head was spinning. I swear I'm pure puddle in this man's hands. I don't know how he does it, but he has such a control over me, and I'm as addicted to it as I would be to cocaine.

Grabbing his face, I plunged my tongue into Dad's hot mouth again. I grabbed his thick cock and fisted it with lust-mad fury.

'Awww...fuck,' Dad grunted. I jacked off my horny father until his cock was hot like a fiery poker. His eyes were clenched. His hairy chest heaved as hot breaths blasted between his sensuous lips. Dad opened his eyes and looked at me with a pleading urgency. 'Suck me off,' he hissed. 'Suck my fucking cock!'

I was on the floor munching down on him in a heartbeat. I took his thick nine and a half inches right to the root. The minute Dad felt my lips wrap around his meat, he roared, 'SHIT! THAT MOUTH OF YOURS WAS MADE TO SUCK COCK!!' He humped forward and began pumping hard into my mouth. 'Aww...yeah boy! Eat it real good!' Dad fastened his powerful hands around my head as he shoved his huge cock completely down my grasping throat. Hot tears welled in my eyes as I gagged and choked on his hot, pounding rod. I could barely breathe as he forced fed me his mighty meat.

He fucked-face me for I don't know for how long as hot sweat began to stream from my forehead into my eyes. Dad was bellowing and growling in complete utter ecstasy as he rotated his hips grinding his cock deeper and harder inside my eager mouth. I wanted this stud of mine to blast his hot fuckin' load down my throat something fierce. I could never get enough of drinking down the seed that made me. But Dad turned out to have other ideas.

'C'mon,' he said, wrenching his cock from between my greedy lips. 'Let me get some of that ass!'

I quickly stood and turned around grabbing the dryer for support. My position was in perfect alignment to the camera. Our audience wasn't going to miss anything. As I did so, Dad reached out in front of me and stuffed my swollen cock back into the punch of my jockstrap. Any desire for me at jacking myself off while being fucked was clearly going to be denied for me. Instead I reached around and pulled my cheeks apart.

'Fuckin' A!' Dad howled as he stuck a wet finger up my asshole.

My hole was pretty tight so my ass muscles instantly sucked hard around his probing finger.

'Fuck boy! No matter how often or how hard I fuck this juicy hole it always still nice and tight. Like that!'

I pushed my ass back and spread my cheeks as wide as I could get them. A cool blast of air rushed against my hole. I knew it was wide enough to drive a semi through...which was exactly what was about to happen.

'Aww looks so good!' Dad gasped. He knelt down and stuck his face in my hole. Dad has a serious fetish when it comes to eating ass. He has an extraordinary gift in how he use that long, thick tongue when penetrating it into the confines of a man's wet anus. I swear it felt as if he was shoving a red hot steel rod up there. The first time he did it to me I was so fucking aroused I shot a wad of cum so powerful without ever once touching myself!

Dad grunted like a pig, mashing his blunt nose into my hole, running his tongue all over my crack. He really chow down on my butt, licking and rimming it real good and hard with globs of spit. He was like an animal as he dug the tip of his tongue deeper inside my crack as his lips made loud smacking sounds that filled the laundry room as he hungrily devoured my sweaty shithole. My legs began trembling as blood pumped faster to my cock. The tight confines of the jockstrap made my throbbing, hard cock arch with pain, which only excited and thrilled me even more as a river of saliva from Dad's mouth began dipping down my thighs.

No one knows how to lube ass better then Pops.

After making sure I was properly coated and ready for him, Dad stood up from behind and mounted me.

'I'm gonna ride ya, boy! Your Daddy is gonna plow your fuckin' hole the way you always love it!!'

With a hefty grunt, Dad grabbed my strong hips for support. I hissed like a snake when he shoved his thick self inside me. The feeling was indescribable. No matter how often this man has fucked me the sensation was always the same: hot, sultry paradise. The beautiful mixture of agony and ecstasy was a magic that I lived for. I pushed back so Dad's cock could slide all the way up my hole. Soon the little searing streams of pain became waves of unadulterated macho pleasure. I soon started riding his cock up my ass like a bucking bronco.

'Unngh...unngh...unngh...yeah, that's it...that's the way,' he grunted. 'Fuck my cock boy. Keep on moving your ass like that. Your Daddy loves it!'

Dad slammed his bull-whanger to the root. I threw my head back and howled like an animal, bucking wildly, almost tossing him off. But Dad was too firmly impaled inside of me and he held on for dear life. He thrust his powerful torso against my broad back and began feasting on my exposed, sweaty neck. His muscled forearms were wrapped around me tight and his hands were squeezing and jerking my jock-clad cock. He was punching into me with such force the dryer was banging loudly against the wall. His powerful onslaught had my body trembling and had me whaling at the top of my lungs. I knew our audience were probably whacking their cocks off. Dad is still the only on-screen partner I bottom for. Seeing me getting it up the ass, hard and rough, had become a massive turn on for my fans.

'Oooo...urrggh fuuckk Dad...yeeaahh!! That's it...fuucckk...aahhh...shhiiitttt!!'

'Yaaahoooooooo! Hot me some hot fuckin' ass here boy! Fuck...yeeaahh...I'm gonna ride this shit real good!'

I clamped my ass-ring around the root of Dad's bloated cock using my expert ass muscles to milk his rod. He gasped with pleasure. 'You're making me cum, boy. I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna fuckin' shoot up your ass!'

After a few more squeezes Dad was ready to blast off. 'Unnngh, unngh, unnnnggghhh! YO! YO!! YO!!! AWWW...URRGGHH...FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!'

Dad yanked out his cock from my hole and squirted his hot load all over my sweaty back. The spunk felt like hot lava scorching my skin. I gasped and howled as the cum continued to pump out, drenching my back with his hot spurting jizz, dribbling down my neck and over my side. In a flash, I leaped off the dryer, jumped at Dad.

'Ahhhhhhh, yeah!' Dad shouted as he hit the floor. 'Attack me!' I went right down on his cock, jamming it between my lips as I pinched his nipples hard with my fingers. Dad was a horny motherfucker tonight! No question about it! My old man was in slut mode. The hunger in his flaming eyes told me he wanted to be treated like a common whore: the nastier the better. Shit I love it when Dad gets into one of these moods. It gives me free reins to do whatever the hell I wanted and then some!

But then again this was Dad's natural attitude when it comes to sex. He had become a natural born exhibitionist. When it comes to getting that sexual high, Dad was willing to engage into anything, in order to achieve that natural adrenaline he seems to live for. Nothing was too kinky for him. Hell his fan base had become even larger then my own.

I continued sucking down hard on him. Dad had plenty of spunk. He was flowing hard. I knew he'd be ready to blast another hot load. I dug into his sensitive nipples, pulling the flesh out and letting them snap against his hard chest. Dad was thrashing and screaming. 'Do it harder...harder!!!...ahhh, shit...I fuckin' love it!!!' My cock was straining against my jockstrap. It was solid and as hard as steel. I knew if I didn't get to some serious ass fucking soon it was going to explode like an atomic bomb! But first I needed to taste some of that juicy ass before humping it long and hard.

I lifted Dad's strong legs over his head and attacked his hairy bunghole. I shoved my tongue all the way up his sweaty chute.

Dad began hyperventilating, 'Yooooooooooo! Wooooowwww! Yooooooooo...FUCK!! Eat me...Ahhh YEAH...EAT MEEE!!!

Dad squirmed. He grunted hard. I gave his beautiful asshole a good, sound rimming as he panted and purred like an alley cat in heat.

I felt him gasping for breath. 'Ahh c'mon boy...c'mon-c'mon!! Fuck me...shove that big donkey of yours up my ass and fuck the shit out of ME!!!'

I stuck my face all the way in Dad's ass. I felt as if my head would disappear into his hot, sweaty butt as I continued eating his juicy ass. Dad thrashed around, his spit-drooling mouth opened wide as his head whipped back and forth.

'C'mon son, fuck me with that big stud rod of yours,' he screamed. 'Fucking split your dad in half!'

I ripped off my jockstrap and pulled Dad towards me, grabbing his calves to prop them up on my shoulders. Thanks to the mingling of our musky sweat and the glob of saliva, Dad was extremely well lubed as he glared at me with lusty eyes, licking his lips, anticipating a hot, wild fuck.

'Fuckin' A!!' I screamed lustfully as I shoved all of my ten, thick inches up his humping, tight butt. His hot ass was so wonderfully tight I had to struggle a little to get my cock up his hole. But it only lasted for a brief moment as I leaned over him and bit right into one of his nipples.


Dad bellowed, his hands digging into my back as his hot asshole suddenly snapped wide open so that the full length of my cock hurtled up his sweet ass.

It felt so good to be inside my father. His hole was tight, steamy and slick. I felt his ass muscles suck around my cock gently massaging the shaft. I held my cock firmly for a few minutes up his hole just savoring the thrill before I started pumping him hard.

'Yeah...yeah...yeah,' he whimpered, getting into the fuck. I plowed harder, lifting his butt and slamming my groin against that sweet muscle hidden inside him. Dad was snarling, gashing his teeth, whipping his head from side to side.

'Ah yeah...ahhh yeeah...right there-right there...that's it...feel so good boy...soooo fuucckkkiinng goooood!'

I was fucking Dad so goddamn hard his body was literally vibrating and sliding across the floor. Our wild, passionate, lusty yells bounced off the walls.

'Fuck me raw, boy...fuck Dad's ass! FUCK IT GOOD! Uhhh yeeah...uhhh fuucckk! That's it son...keep it coming!! KEEP IT COMING!!!'

It was so fuckin' hot watching that big masculine man of mine bounce around like a rag-doll with my cock wedged deep up his ass. My own father was pleading and begging me to fuck him harder. The reality of it was electrifying. His eyes were shut and his teeth were clenched. There was a radiated, lustful glow shining from that face. He was loving every minute of it and I was determined as hell to give him as much pleasure as humanly possible. I had completely forgotten about the damn webcam!

His fist clamped around his pre-cum drooling cock. Our bodies were a wild blur. His moans soon became screams of ecstasy. Hearing Dad moan like a big pussy made it all the more worthwhile. He opened his beautiful green eyes and looked right at me. 'Shoot your spunk, boy. Shoot it now. 'Cause I'm gonna cum...gonna fuckin' cum!' I felt my balls ready to erupt. 'Ready for my load, fucker?' I screamed down at him. 'Yeah, Dad! Get ready for some hot spunk up your tight ass?' I yelled.

'Fuck yeah, son!!' he panted. 'Give it up...SHOOT THAT LOAD!!! UNNGH, UNNNGGHH...ARRGGH...AWW-AHHH...FUUUCCCKK - INNNNAAAAA!!!'

With a hot shudder, we both came at the same time. I could feel my hot wax shooting up inside Dad in a continuous stream. Dad's gorgeous ripped body went into convulsions, his hot fuck-juice blasting from his thick, mighty cock, drenching our abs. I pulled out my cock and drenched Dad's face and chest with more of my hot cum before reaching over and shoving my rod down his throat. I forced him to drink the rest of it before pulling it back out.

I collapsed my body hard on him and began feverishly licking and kissing my semen off his face and lips as Dad responded in kind wrapping his limps tightly around me refusing to let go.

'Aw fuck, boy,' Dad panted. 'Aww-fuck!'

'Damn! Shit! If we keep going on like this...we are going to end up killing each other!'

'Mmmm...what a nice way to die.'

We laughed hard despite our exhausted, well-spent bodies as we struggled hard to regain our proper breathing. We stayed put nibbling and eating at our lips until we gain enough strength to get off the floor.

On wobbly legs I started towards the stairs. That was until Dad grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall. He wrapped his arms around my torso and began kissing me passionately while grinding our groins against one another. Damn if my father didn't have the stamina of a man half his age. The man had regained his second wind fast. Whatever magic he possessed it certainly is additive. It wasn't long before I was as bone hard as him.

'Boy,' Dad hissed in between smoldering kisses. 'This isn't our pointed night, but why don't we journey upstairs to our bedroom and pull out that black, leather jockstrap of yours.'

I was enjoying where this was leading. 'You want me to play with ya, huh Dad?' I asked as I shoved my tongue deeper down his hot throat.

'Not this time,' he replied slurping up saliva from my mouth before pulling back to look at me with his hunger-dominated eyes.

'Tonight I'm wearing those jockstraps and you're the one is gonna be tied up. Besides it's high time for you to be punish for selling me out to your gym clients.'

I couldn't believe it. How the hell did he learn about me selling him off to those guys at gym? But at the moment I was too overwhelmed by the looks in Dad's eyes. He had a devilish, determined gleam in his fiery eyes that sent a shockwave up and down my spine making my body vibrate as he began pulling me up the stairs towards our bedroom.

'Yeah boy!' Dad proclaimed. 'You didn't think I knew about that? Selling me off like a cheap slut. If you're gonna sell my ass out for money and then videotape it, you should make damn sure those tapes are well hidden,' he grunted as he continued pushing me up the stairs.

'I hope you enjoyed making all that money,' Dad smirked, 'because now it's payback time!'

By the time we reached the bedroom I was stone hard. I couldn't wait to see what form of punishment he had in store for me. It was more then I expected.

Waiting in the bedroom was Reggie. He was standing next to the bed stark naked. His baseball bat size cock was glistening with lube. His powerful muscles were bulging. His appearance was in complete attack mode.

'What the fuck...' I inquisitively asked. But before I could finish the question Dad and Reg bum rushed me, tied my hands behind my back, blindfolded my face and threw me roughly on the bed. Just before my eyes were covered I couldn't help but stare up at the four webcams located at each corner of the ceiling aiming straight towards the bed. The red lights were flashing big time.

Next thing I knew I was being stretched out on top of Dad's powerful, furry torso. His arms enfolded around me, squeezing me tightly in his embrace. In a flash he had impaled his hefty cock in my moist, cum-dripping chute and began fucking me good and hard. The sudden attack had me whaling as I tightened the rings of my shithole hungrily around him.

Dad grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face down towards his. His hot breath was breathing all over me as he kept up his firm fucking up my ass

'We're gonna re-enact that gangbang scene,' He woofed in my face as I felt Reg crawling up behind me on the bed. I could his giant, muscled weight on top of me as his wet thick cock began pushing up against my backdoor, squeezing up along side Dad's cock. They were stuffing me up good.

'Yeah,' Reg growled in my ear. 'I've been wanting to get my hands on your ass for a long time. When your Dad called up and suggested this, I couldn't get over here fast enough. We're gonna fuck you white pussy real good!'

The pain was intense but fuck if I wasn't loving it. They both began humping me. Gently at first. But even with that softly the pain was overwhelming. I was stretched out beyond reason. I felt as if I was being ripped in half.

'Ahhh shiiittt....urrgh...fuucckking shiiittttt!!' I was whaling and screaming like a bitch.

'Calm it down, boy,' Dad growled. 'Relax that pussy of yours. Breathe it out, nice and easy.' I did as Dad instructed and it wasn't long before the pain disappeared and a searing feeling of rapture took over as both of their massive cocks began rubbing and massaging hotly against my flaming prostate. The feeling was shitting ass incredible. I started moaning deliriously as they increased their banging. They soon had me shouting and begging for me as the walls of my sphincter squeezed down hard on their cocks.

I felt Dad's laughing breath. 'That's it boy. Take it like a bitch. We gonna use those riding crops and stuff ya with a dildo. I already have the wax melting and it's boiling hot! For the next couple of days we're gonna take turns fuckin' ya up the ass and dumping a couple of loads down your throat. I missed having a little bitch slave around here for my amusement and those cameras are going to capture every beautiful moment!'

Dad began choking my mouth with his long, steely tongue as he and Reg went all gangbuster on me. Their mammoth tools was piston-whipping me as my body convulsed and vibrated between them. Dad's words instantly had me thinking on our little co-star and all of the wonderfully depraved things we did to him in the months we had him staying with us.

Images of me eating from a dog bowl, drinking barrels of cum, being tied and locked up in a closet and basically being used as a cum bucket as my free will was completely taken away from me, had started dancing in my head. The thought of it had me shooting an enormous load all over Dad's sweaty, contracted furry abs as he and Reg continued going after me with wild vigor and intensity.

Yeah! Our cyber audience is gonna be having a thrill ride for the next couple of days!




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