Brian Deck and I were the only two left in the locker room. I was sitting on the bench in my jockstrap, untying my shoes. He was standing a couple of feet away in his jockstrap while I tried to keep my eyes where they wouldn't get me in trouble. I was pretty good at it; I'd had plenty of practice not looking, or pretending not to, and so far had managed to keep my secret safe. But, fuck, Brian was causing me real problems lately. I could barely keep my eyes off his round, tight butt when he was walking down the hallway, and fuck, that was in his jeans. In the locker room, when I saw it bare, I drooled. I think I liked his butt as much as I did the rest of him. I got weak in the knees when he walked around naked or busting out of his jockstrap, but I wanted to do things to his butt that would make his eyes roll back in his head. I wanted to take picture of his perfect, muscle ass, frame in the leg straps and waistband of his jockstrap and frame it hang it on my wall.

'Hey, grab me a towel out of my locker, will you?' he said.

My locker was two down from his, I was the closest to his. I leaned forward and got a rolled up towel from the bottom of his locker. I sat back down and handed it up to him. But he didn't take it.

'Here,' I said, holding it out to him.

He put his hand around the rolled up towel, but when I removed my hand, the towel dropped to the floor. I thought he dropped it on purpose. What the hell was he doing, I wondered. I reached down to pick it up and when I raised up again, he was standing right next to me, so close I could smell the heady, manly aroma of his sweaty jockstrap. Suddenly, I was beginning to get the picture, or I hoped I was. Maybe, just maybe, he had figured me out and it was finally going to happen. My heart thudding in my chest, I offered him the towel again but still he didn't take it. Instead, he smoothed his hand down over the bulging pouch of his jock.

Shit! Okay what as he doing? Coming on to me? I couldn't believe it, but what else could it mean? And, I wondered, how long had he known? He shifted his weight, causing the pouch of his jock to bounce heavily, then took the towel and turned back to his locker. I lost heart, but with a quiet sigh of relief. What if he had wanted to start something.....right there in the locker room? Maybe it was nothing; a fluke of my imagination. Wishful thinking. But then he glanced around and saw me looking at him. I glanced away, too quickly, giving myself away.

'You want some of this, don't you,' he said with a sly grin, smoothing his hand down over the front of his jock again. He shifted his weight again, causing the pouch to jar and the right side of his butt to flex. He had no fuckin' idea what a simple move like that did tome. Shit, I could just watch him breathe.

'Yeah,' I scoffed, laughing. He could take it either away; yeah, I wanted it, or yeah, right, in your dreams. Much to my horror and delight, he took me serious.

'I could tell,' he said. 'I've been able to tell for a long time.' He wasn't taking my scoffing seriously. He was serious.

'Oh, yeah? How?' I asked, rather cockily.

'The way you pretend not to look,' he said with a lop-sided smile.

He waited for me to say something but I couldn't come up with anything and I did just what he'd said; pretended not to look.

'Hey, its okay. Its just you and me, its okay to look all you want,' he said. 'Hell, have a feel if you want to,' he added as he groped himself again. 'Go ahead.'
I laughed again, shaking my head, trying to shake it off that he had maybe seen through me. But I was confident, hiding behind my scoffing sneer that he would realize he was barking up the wrong tree. Why I was in denial, I couldn't imagine. I had prayed and dreamed and day-dreamed and hoped and prayed some for this moment in my life....when I could actually come into close, intimate bodily contact with this incredible stud. Suddenly, that moment was at hand and I was pussying out.

He didn't pursue it. He turned back to his locker, half turning away from me. Now I had his gorgeous butt staring me in the face again. He was rummaging around in his locker for something, and I thought he might be stalling. I didn't mind. I could look at the guy all day. But my head was spinning, my thoughts spinning out of control. If he had seen through me, why deny it? Wasn't this what I had longed for, dreamed about, to get my hands on the big stud? How stupid would it be to walk away from it if he had seen it and was willing and offering himself to me?

'Sorry, I guess I was barking up the wrong tree,' he said, without looking around.

'Yeah, I guess you were,' I said, cursing myself for being such a coward. My chest was tight from the air that I couldn't move in or out of my lungs and I felt like I was actually leaning off balance, toward him. Shit, I was! My hand was tingling to touch him and I was barely aware that my left arm was moving.

Suddenly, awash with courage, I leaned way over and brushed my hand over the side of his butt. It couldn't be construed as an accident. He tightened his butt muscles 'Goddd!' but he didn't look around. Maybe he thought it was a fly, or a muscle twitch or something. I nearly lost my courage but just then he shifted his weight, causing one gorgeous cheek to fall and the other to lift and they both flexed hard and I suddenly found my courage again. Boldly, bravely, I spread my hand over his hard butt. It couldn't be mistaken as a fly or a muscle twitch. There was a hand on his butt and he responded. He flexed it a couple of times in my hand, without looking around. I squeezed and he flexed hard as a rock.

'You like that, huh?' he said hoarsely, still not looking around at me.

'It's like a rock,' I said hoarsely.

'Well, look and feel all you want, but don't even think about doing anything else to it, like fucking it,' he warned now with a glance over his shoulder.

'Nobody would be stupid enough to try that with you,' I said.

'Dam straight they wouldn't. But I wanted to clear that up; you're the first guy who's ever touched my ass like that,' he said.

'Thanks,' I said.

'Thanks for what?'
'For letting me. And letting me be the first,' I said.

'You're the first one who's every tried it. That took guts,' he said.

'More than you know,' I said.

'I like that....your guts,' he said.

'Actually, I, uh....I was thinking....about something other than fucking it,' I said hoarsely.

That got his attention. He glanced around at me with a bewildered scowl. I leaned further over and stretched out on the bench on my back with my head hung over the end of the bench.

'Back up,' I said.

With his head turned clear around, still looking confused, he stepped back. I reached up with my hands on his hips and guided him to stand over me, urging him to straddle my head. He stepped back more and set his feet wide apart and I found myself looking up at the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. I leaned up, head and shoulders off the bench, and lapped my tongue along the crack of his butt.

'What're you going to do, eat it?' he asked over his shoulder

'Yeah, I skipped lunch; sit down,' I replied without hesitation. Somehow, I wasn't surprised to hear my answer come out so loud and clear, maybe because it was true, I had skipped lunch, and I had prayed so long for this moment. But he didn't give me his ass. Instead, he backed up to straddle my head then clamped his hands around the back of my head.

'I thought you'd want the front,' he said as he smashed my face into the pouch of his jockstrap.

Maybe he thought I as joking about eating his ass and just assumed that I wanted to suck his cock. I didn't mind. I would take the front; the back could wait. Hell, I would've settled with just being allowed to touch his muscles if that's all he would let me do.

He was rough, rubbing my face hard into his jock pouch and I could feel his heavy cock coming alive. I was heady from the musky aroma of his fresh sweat and unwashed jockstrap and I struggled to get my face into his crotch where I could lick the salty stuff from between his legs. He finally caught on.

'Is that what you want?' he said, guiding my face to the right side of his jockstrap and smashing it into the apex of his thighs.

'Yess, I wanta taste your sweat,' I managed to tell him in a muffled voice.

'Fuck, yeah, have at it. Lick my crotch, faggot. Lap up my salty sweat; fuck I won't have to take a shower if you wanta give me a tongue bath instead.'

Oh, Goddd, wouldn't I love that! To drag my tongue over every inch of his magnificent body. I went nuts licking his crotch and he liked it too. He gave me a few minutes on that side then carried my head to the other side of his jockstrap to clean off the other side. Ohhh, I was in heaven! It was finally happening! I was having sex with my idol! He shoved me away then brought my head up and smashed it against his jock again but I managed to spout out what else I wanted before he muffled me.

'Give me your ass! I want to lick the sweat out of your ass!' I gasped frantically. I looked up to see him staring down at me, barely able to see around the bulk of his jock. It was a blankly surprised look.

'You are one weird dude,' he said. 'But okay, if you want some more sweat, my ass is dripping with it.' With that he took a step forward so his gorgeous butt was right over my face.

'Sit down,' I told him again. He bent his legs and lowered his butt to my face. I reached up and pulled the hard buns apart so my face was buried between them, his beautiful asshole set squarely over my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and dragged it along the hairy crevice, flicking his hole as I went over it.

'Aawwwhhh!' he moaned, surprised. 'Fuck!'

I lapped my tongue over the inner slopes, licking off the scent and taste of his manly sweat, savoring the saltiness and the musk. Then I pulled him apart even more so his asshole was stretched apart and drove my tongue up through his hole.

'AAAwwwhhhh, fuck, man, what're you doing back there!?' he cried as he began twisting his butt around, like he was doing a lap dance on my face.

The more excited he got, the more excited I got and the harder I tongued his ass, the wilder he got. I mean, he was riding my face, practically fucking himself with my tongue. I've got a long, strong tongue, and I was able to get a couple of inches of it up inside him. Godd, he tasted great, and the soft inner muscles of his ass felt wonderful squeezing around my tongue. Finally, I managed to hold him still and just sit on my face so I could really work on him. He settled down onto my face and pulled his butt apart himself. I drove my tongue up inside him like a snake. The soft, velvety lining palpitated and quivered around my tongue, and his asshole squeezed it playfully. I could hear him panting and groaning and I could tell by the motions that he was jacking himself off.

'Aww, mannn, you're gonna make me come!' he gasped.

I went at him all the harder. As much as I wanted his cock in my mouth when he shot off, it would be great to make him loose his load just by tonguing his ass. It would be something that I knew nobody else, no girl had ever done for him; probably something he had never even imagined. I shoved my tongue in as deep as I could and held it there, flicking it around and letting his asshole squeeze around it. Suddenly his asshole relaxed, then tightened, then relaxed again and sort of fluttered, and I knew he was coming. The thick muscle tightened hard and began to quiver and I thought I actually heard the stuff gushing out of his cock. I did hear it hit the lockers with dull, metallic splats, then a louder splatter on the floor. Shit, I wondered, how much was he letting fly? He just kept coming. His butt began to tremble and his legs started shaking and he had to shove himself straight before he collapsed.

'Geezussss!' he gasped as he stumbled to lean against his locker. 'Goddam, I never had anything like that before! I don't think I ever shot off that much before either. Fuck, I hit the lockers!' He steadied himself, gasping for breath.

'Yeah, I heard it hit,' I said as I stroked my stiff cock.

'Dam, that was wild! Shit, look at that!' he said, motioning to the thick semen clinging to two of the lockers. 'Gotta be over six feet away!' 

'I've been wanting to show you that for a long time,' I said.

'Fuck, I wish you'd said something,' he said, nearly out of breath.

'Yeah, right, I can just imagine your reaction if somebody walked up to you and said, Hey, I wanta eat your ass.'

He laughed and walked over and picked up his towel that I had handed him earlier.

'You gonna jack that off?' he asked, nodding to my raging hardon.

'I gotta do something,' I said.

'Go ahead, I already made a mess,' he said.

'I'll clean it up, along with my own,' I said.

'Okay, I'm gonna hit the shower.' 

I was disappointed that he wasn't going to stay and watch me. I turned my head to watch his gorgeous, tight butt churning as he walked back to the shower, jacking my cock hard. Shit, what was I doing? I couldn't waste a perfectly good jack off with all that warm, fresh come all over the locker and on the floor. I raised up and turned around on the bench.

'Geezusss!' I swore in disbelief, at the huge streaks of semen clinging to the lockers, so thick that it struggled to run down. I couldn't believe all that had come out of one guy's balls at one time. It looked like enough for an entire come, but there was more on the floor. Long ropes that had slid across the smooth concrete. I stood and went over to the locker, my eyes fixed on the stuff. I knelt down and began licking the stuff off the cool metal. 'Ohh, Gawwdddd!' I whimpered with sheer excitement as I got my first taste of my stud-idol. I lapped it up and swirled it around in my mouth, sucking the globules through my teeth. I was shaking with excitement as I turned and bent over to lap the stuff up off the floor, all the while jacking myself so hard my hand was smacking against my pubes and my balls. I was oblivious to everything except the aura of lapping up the warm, fresh semen from my hero. I was having a feast, pounding my cock unmercifully, approaching my own climax, when I was startled with, 'What the fuck!'

I looked up and there was Brian back from the shower already. 'Geezuss, you're eating it!?' 

And Kevin Grant, the quarterback! When had he come in? I hadn't heard a sound, probably because of the blood pounding so hard in my temples.

'What the fuck is going on!' Kevin said, gaping at me in total shock as I looked up at him from where I knelt on all floors on the floor

'I just came back to get my shampoo,' Brian said in all innocence.

'I just came back to get my books,' said Kevin. 'What the hell is that? Looks like come. Smells like come. Shit, whose is it?' he asked, looking at Brian.

'I didn't know he was going to eat it,' Brian said, shrugging his shoulders.

'It's yours?' Kevin asked, still confused.

'Yeah, hell, if I'd know he wanted it, I could've shot it straight into his mouth,' Brian said.

Kevin was dumbfounded but catching on. 'Fuck, man, he's giving you head and you didn't tell me?' 

'It was the first time,' Brian said, without explaining that I hadn't really sucked his cock.

'That right?' Kevin asked as he walked toward me.

I had raised up from all fours and rested back on my haunches, leaning back against the lockers that I had just cleaned off. My fist was still around my cock, but I wasn't jacking off now. I was thinking I wanted to save it. I stayed down on my haunches because I thought it was a good place to be, considering the look on Kevin's face and seeing his hand on his crotch, and he was coming toward me.

'That right?' he said again.

'Yes,' I said.

'Is it gonna be the last time?' he asked, looking over at Brian then back at me.

'Shit, I hope not,' Brian said.

'It doesn't have to be,' I said.

'You were gonna tell me, right?' he asked Brian. 'I mean, you were gonna let me in on it.'

'Yeah. Hell, yeah, but like I said this was the first time. He just came on to me,' Brian said.

Kevin was laying his books on the bench. 'You oughta lock the door, stupid, before you start giving blow jobs,' he said to me as he began unbuckling his belt. 'Go bolt the door, Deck, I'm gonna get me some of this,' he told Brian.

I knelt there watching the handsome quarterback's big, capable hands unbuttoning his jeans, then shoving them down, his shorts along with them. His cock swung out in a rubbery arch, every bit as big as Brian's, thick and meaty and delectable.

'You won't have to lick my come up off the floor, I'll shoot it right in your mouth,' he said. He stepped in front of me and held his cock across the palm of his hand. It pulsated and extended out farther across his palm. I leaned in and sucked it into my mouth.

'Uummnnnnnn!' I moaned as I got my first taste of quarterback cock, or any cock for that matter. Yeah, I was a cherry, and suddenly I had two of the hunkiest athletes in three counties at my disposal. I wanted it to be Brian's cock to be the first to grace my tongue but I wasn't complaining. I thought it would be, and it was in my dreams, but his ass got in the way. I thought, too, that Brian would be the only one; I never dreamed of anything so wonderful as Kevin walking in on me.

He put his hands around my head and started fucking my face. His cock pounded against my throat brutally and I knew he would force me to take him all the way. He was that kind of guy. I frightened me to be impaled on the big cock but I knew I would take him. I had no choice. He was raping my mouth; he would soon be fucking my throat. I clung to his hard, round butt muscles and heard my drool drop to the floor and Kevin's soft moans coming from somewhere behind those rock-hard abs rippling in front of my face.

Brian came back from locking the door and stood watching us. 'Hey, let him eat your ass before you finish,' he said.


'He can get his tongue about that far up your ass,' he said, holding his fingers about two inches apart.

'You're shittin' me!' 

'No, that's how he got me off. I never shot such a heavy load in my life. Hell, he never even got around to sucking my cock.' 

'You wanta eat my ass?' Kevin asked me, holding my head still.

I nodded, unable to speak with my mouth full of his cock.

'Next time maybe,' he said as he continued to thrust his cock in my mouth. 'This is too good to stop. And I wanta see you eat my load. I wanta watch it shoot in your mouth, then see you swallow it.' He jerked my head back off his cock. 'That okay with you? You want me to shoot off in your mouth so you don't have to lap it up off the floor?' 

'Yess!' I replied anxiously. 'Yess, anything you guys want. I'll do anything you want.' 

'Man, we've got a good thing going here,' Kevin said to Brian. Then he looked back down at me. 'Anything? Does that include getting fucked? Can you take a cock up your ass?' 

'I never have, this is the first time I ever did anything, period, but I will. You can fuck me. You can both fuck me. Anything you want, just don't tell anybody. I'll be your slave, just please don't tell anybody. If this ever got back to my dad.'

Kevin laughed. 'Fuck, we're not gonna tell anybody and ruin a good thing, especially not your dad. You belong to us, fucker. You're our slave.' He looked at Brian. 'Shit, man, this is better than pussy.' 

'I wouldn't know,' Brian said, stroking his now-hard cock.

'Well, step up to the plate with that big bat, dude and see if you can hit a home run,' Kevin said.

Brian stepped up, waving his cock in my face. Fuck, he got hard again fast. Kevin pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned my head to take Brian. I let my mouth go slack and Brian filled it with cock. Big, fat, beautiful, wonderful cock.

'Awww, Shit!' Brian swore as he got his first taste of head. 'Goddddd! You're right, this is better than pussy. I wonder how his ass would feel squeezing around my cock.' 

'Save it,' Kevin said. 'My folks are going to be out of town this weekend. You pick him up and bring him over, we'll have all fuckin' night to find out how everything feels.' He put his hand on top of my head and shoved me back so I could talk. Brian's cock pulled out of my mouth with a loud suctioning noise. 'Are you free this weekend?' he asked me.

'Yes, sir,' I said.

'Good. Brian will pick you up so you'll be at my place right after noon Saturday.' 

'Yes, sir.' 

'Hey, if we fuck you, we're not gonna pull dirty cocks out of you ass are we?' Brian asked.

'I'll take care of it,' I said.

'You better, because my cock's gonna come out of your ass and straight into your mouth,' Kevin warned. He laughed, then. 'Fuck, man, how come you never played sports, anyway? You're built, you're athletic, and your dad is the coach for chrissakes.' 

'I just never liked team sports,' I said, thinking it an odd question for the circumstances.

'This is fuckin' weird,' he said, shaking his head. 'Your dad is our coach and now you're our sex slave.' 

'Couldn't ask for a better combination, could you?' I said.

'Fuck, no, but if your dad every found out......' 

'Who's gonna tell him?' I said.

'Sure as hell not us. We're not stupid enough to ruin a good thing,' Brian said.

I looked over at Brian standing at his open locker. He had a small brown bottle in his hand that I recognized as poppers. I didn't know he used the stuff, or any of the team, but he uncapped it and took a deep hit and Kevin had his hand out for the bottle. Brian walked over and gave it to him; administered it himself, holding the bottle up to his nose and closing off one nostril. When he was done he took another hard hit himself then gave Kevin another one.

'Ohh, fuck, yeah....riding high,' Kevin moaned, laying his head back.

'How high you riding?' Brian asked.

'Sailing, man,' Kevin said.

'Yeah, me too,' Brian said, his voice sounding funny now. He took still another hit and handed the bottle to me. Kevin took it and administered a couple of hits then took another one himself. I felt my head go wild, thinking I was seeing things when I saw Brian's hand brush over Kevin's butt.

'Don't be fucking around back there unless you're serious,' Kevin told him.

'How serious you want me to be?' Brian asked.

'Do me what he did to me what a tongue feels like in my ass,' Kevin said.

I almost laughed. If they hadn't been such close teammates, Brian would've probably decked him for even suggesting such a thing. But his hand was still on Kevin's ass, squeezing his tight muscles, brushing my hands out of the way like a jealous lover. I grabbed back, got a good hold and pulled Kevin's butt apart for him.

'Fuckin' great ass,' Brian mumbled as he straddle the bench and sat down behind Kevin.

Godd, he's gonna do it! No, I couldn't believe it. He was just teasing. No way was he going to bury his face in the quarterback's butt. But his hands brushed mine aside again and he was pulling his butt apart himself.

'Fuck, man, an ass like this, you should've been a tight end, instead of the quarterback,' Brian said.

'I am a tight end,' Kevin said over his shoulder. 'Get your tongue in there and see how tight my end is.' 

'Ohh, mannn!' Brian let out a whimpering moan as he suddenly buried his face between the taut buns.

'Ohh, Fuck!' Kevin cried as he pulled my head forward and impaled me on his cock.

I choked and groaned and tried to move my head back but he had me in a vise-like grip like my head was a football and he wasn't letting go. I managed to gain control of my breathing and fight down the gag reflex as he fucked my throat. I could hear Brian whimpering and groaning behind him.

'Shit, man! How long is your tongue!' Kevin screeched as he bore back against Brian's face. 'Ohh, fuck, yeah, get it in there....deeper.....Oh, yeah....fuck me with your tongue. Hey, dude,' he said to me, 'you're gonna get it in about a minute. I'm gonna white-wash your tonsils. I'm gonna pull out of your throat just when I'm ready to shoot and I want you to open your mouth real wide so I can watch it shoot in your mouth. Let's try not to loose any of it.' 

I nodded frantically that I'd heard and I understood. I didn't want it to end. I wanted this excellent dream to go on but I was at the mercy of the big quarterback and his hot cock plunging in my throat so I decided to make the best of it. The very best. I started jacking off, trying to work up my own climax with Kevin's. It would be wonderful if I could come at the very moment he was emptying his balls in my mouth. I was aware for the first time that Brian was jacking off, too. I could see his muscular arm bulging and flexing with his steady movement. I reached between Kevin's legs, groping for Brian's cock. He took my hand and guided it to his cock. It was wet with precome. I started jacking him off and he fucked my fist.

The multiple, triple climax was the most exciting, exquisite event that ever happened to me and I have never experienced anything quite like it since. Kevin went off first. He pulled his cock out of my throat and I opened my mouth wide to give him a target for his load. He held the head of his cock up close to my mouth; close enough that I was able to lick it while he jacked it. I was jacking myself off at the same time and jacking Brian with my other hand while he tongued Kevin's ass. Suddenly Kevin's cock exploded. I mean, it literally exploded. The stuff shot out so hard and in such volume that if it hadn't released, I'm sure the head of his cock would've burst apart. His semen fairly splattered against the back of my throat, triggering my swallowing reflex, but it was a dry swallow. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his come. I wanted him to flood my tongue with it so I could wallow in the wonderful taste of him before I swallowed it. Seconds after Kevin started shooting in my mouth, I felt Brian's cock bolt hard in my fist as he shot off. I pumped his cock harder but he wrenched my hand off of his cock and held it down so he could shoot in my hand. Within seconds, I had a handful of his warm, thick semen. Meanwhile, my other hand was busy on my own cock.

I couldn't determine how long it lasted, but it seemed like a small eternity that we were engulfed in the flames of our combined lust and pleasure. I was almost choking from the intense pleasure that washed over me and I could hear Brian and Kevin both having a hard time getting their breath. But it finally ended and there we were, with me on my haunches with my mouth full of quarterback come and my hand full running back come and Kevin's legs trembling and Brian rearing back from Kevin's butt, probably wondering what the hell he had done because I knew it was the poppers that made him do it. I was horrified, then, to see that I had shot all over Kevin's leg. Oh, Godd, he was going to be so pissed!

Finally, Kevin heaved a big sigh, still steadying himself with one hand on the top of my head.

'What the....what the fuck is that?' he said, looking down at the mess on his leg. 'Fucker! You shot your load all over my leg. You're gonna have to clean that off,' he told me.

I was nodding anxiously, my mouth still full of his come that I didn't want to swallow just yet. But he was adamant and I quickly gulped it down and let him push my head down to lick my own come off his hairy calf. Meanwhile, I still cradled Brian's heavy load in my hand.

'Geezuss, that's that?' Kevin asked, when he saw my hand.

'Its Brian's load,' I said meekly as I lapped my tongue up his calf.

He reached down and brought my hand up to inspect it.

'Fuck, man, you really emptied the tanks,' he said over his shoulder.

'Yeah it was pretty heavy,' Brian said quietly.

'Fuck, you got off that much just from eating my ass?' 

'Yeah, I don't know why I did that. I never did it before,' Brian said, looking away sheepishly.

'Because you're an ass licker, obviously,' Kevin said.

'Naw, man, I never did it before, and I wouldn't have done it now except for the poppers,' Brian said.

'Nobody forced you to use the poppers,' Kevin said.

'I know,' said Brian.

Kevin still had a grip on my wrist. 'Come here,' he said, tugging me closer to Brian. Closer, so I was leaning over the end of the bench. Then he put his hand on the back of Brian's head and pushed him closer to me. Then he took my hand and smeared Brian's come all over my face and Brian's face, laughing.

'Now what I want you to do is lick it off each other's faces,' he said.

'Naw, man, I ain't doing that,' Brian said.

'Why not? It's your come,' Kevin said as he pushed Brian's face closer to mine.

I did as he said. I didn't mind doing it. I liked the taste of Brian's semen and licking it off his face was erotic as hell; it was like kissing the handsome stud. He closed his eyes and held his head up and a little to the side as if he were avoiding my tongue too close to his mouth. I was gathering it, holding it in my mouth to savor it before I swallowed it.

'You gotta lick off of his face, too,' Kevin told him.

'That's okay, don't make him do it,' I said.

Kevin laughed. 'Are you kidding? Look at those muscles, the size of those arms, I couldn't make him do anything. He wants to. Don't you, dude? Don't you? Just like I didn't make you eat my ass, but you did it because you wanted to, and that's the reason you took the poppers, to give you the guts to do it.'

He kept taunting him till suddenly Brian grabbed my head and pulled it to him and began licking his semen off my face like a hungry puppy.

'Yeah, that's the way,' Kevin said, laughing. 'A couple of come-hungry, ass-licking puppies.' 

Brian kept lapping his come off my face. Then he clasped his hands around my face and pulled me into a shocking, hard kiss! I was stunned. He forced his tongue in my mouth and that's when I discovered that he'd been gathering his semen too. He forced the stuff into my mouth to mix with what I'd licked off of his face, then sucked it back into his mouth. I pushed it with my tongue and we exchanged come and spit for a long, intensely passionate moment.

'Geezusss! What am I seeing?' Kevin said, sounding as shocked as I was.

Brian broke the kiss. He backed Kevin up against the lockers and grabbed him by the head and pulled him in to kiss him.

'Aaauummmphhhhhh!' Kevin cried out but it was muffled by Brian's mouth covering his.

I sat back on my haunches and watched in awe as the big running back forced the kiss on his teammate, knowing that he was forcing his come into Kevin's mouth. Kevin's eyes were wide with fearful shock but he couldn't get away. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. More erotic when Kevin suddenly stopped struggling and gradually melted into the big running back's muscular arms, and then he was kissing him back!

'Oh, fuck,' I gasped in surprise. I couldn't believe my ears when I head Kevin's squealing moans. I couldn't believe my eyes when he wrapped one leg around Brian's hip. I wanted in on it. I moved toward them on my haunches and knelt beside them. I nuzzled my face between them and found their big cocks, hard again, vying for position against each other's abs till they discovered my face. Then they twisted their hips toward me so I could take their cocks in my mouth. I was in heaven. And it was going to be heaven for the rest of our senior year.



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