On a Friday at 3:00 PM the receptionist escorted me into Dr. Green's office who was seated in a large chair next to the sofa where his patients lay during the session. My cravings for man cock immediately resurfaced the instance I laid eyes on the gorgeous doctor. Holy shit he was so sexy with that flowing well-kept curly blond hair down to the top of his shoulders, sky blue piercing eyes, as he rose to greet me I guessed him to be around 6-feet, a hard fat free body, weighed no more than 170 pounds and from my research, I knew he was 38-years-of-age. He was wearing  a pair of black dress pants, blue shirt, red tie and a pair of fashionable black drees shoes.  He looked as if he had just had set for the cover of a man's magazine. He was beautiful. WOW, he had a big bulge in those pants--some sexy package inside.

The minute our hands met for a handshake, I got instant shivers up and down my body from the feel of his soft skin and the look in his eyes melted me. My 8.5 inch cock was out of control as I felt my dick growing. My craving for his manhood and all that cum in those balls became over bearing.

As a 19-year-old college athlete on our soccer team along with raging hormones at my age caused every desire I possessed to once again be triggered. All I could think about at that moment was getting into that handsome Doc's fucking  pants for yet another dude's cock and baby batter. I needed to get control as there was no chance the doctor would violate the doctor-patient code. Plus such a mature and experienced 38-year-old man would never be interested in a young 19-year-old twink. But I did notice he was not wearing a wedding ring.

He introduced himself and I responded: "Hello Dr. Green, my name is Tyler and thank you for seeing me."

"Well Tyler, please lie down on the sofa, relax and tell me what is your issue."

I did as I was instructed . I spread out on my back on the soft sofa and began my story. "Well  Dr, Green, you can see that I'm a young college jock playing soccer. My buddies tell me that I'm very attractive with light brown hair, dark brown eyes, weigh a hard 150 athletic pounds, stand 5-feet and 8-inches, have a slim soccer's body, and I guess I should tell you that I have a big 8.5 inch cock as it is part of the reason I'm here.   I'm totally gay, horny 7/24  constantly craving and looking for a guy to suck his cock and eat his semen. I love a man's semen. I can never get enough of man cock or cum. Due to my good looks and good body, I have no trouble finding hot campus jocks to get it on with that are either gay or straight.

Here is part of my problem as I have a difficult time concentrating on my studies as well as carrying out my role on plays during team practice or during games seeing all those hot bubble asses, big crotches under those hot uniforms and in the shower I become almost crazy for more cock seeing those naked bodies----I have had  several of my teammates cocks and cum. I've had lots of cock and cum but never enough. I guess I'm a sex manic. I need your help." 

"Well Tyler  you have come to the right place. I deal with many hot sexy dudes like you ever day as to their sexuality. Let me ask a few questions. How many times do you masturbate a day? How may cocks do you suck and eat their cum per week? Are these dudes college guys close to your age?"

"Doc I masturbate at least four times a day. On most weeks I get at least six dude's cocks in my mouth and eat their cum. The guys are between 18 and 21 so far and are almost always college dudes who have equally raging hormone with big loads of jizz for me."

"Well Tyler it is normal for young guys your age to be horny and experience raging hormones that crave sex whether they are straight or gay. But I would say you are on the upper sexual scale of both desire and action. I have several suggestions for you . First, don't be hard on yourself, sex is very beautiful and a great release. Lets try this. Get up and take off all your clothes and get butt naked. Let me see your body and do an exam. Now that you're naked I will take off all my clothes to make you more comfortable. Let me check out that nice big cock of yours. Gee it is so big, hard and erect right now and I see a little precum on the head of that shinny piss slit. You seem turned on to me. Wow, it is the most awesome cock I haave seen. Let me jerk it to see how that dick throbs and acts to stimulation. Also let me exam those big balls, wow they are hot right now and seem full of cum juice. Maybe it would help if I check out that bubble ass and run a finger up that nice hairless pink ass to see how puckering it is right now."

Tyler thinks to himself while being having a hot exam--- oh my god look at Dr. Green, his huge cock is stiff as a board. Is he going to let me suck his cock and taste his cum. Will this be my first time to suck an older man's cock. Man I'm so excited.

"OH DOC, you have me so horny. I could come right now while you play with my ass. OH Doc, you have such a big cock. How big is it?"

"Well Tyler it is a little over 9-inches and yes I intend to show you how a mature very experienced man teaches a young dude like you can expand his sexual needs. Just relax and I want you to know my sexual cravings are as out of control as yours. I've rimmed ass and fucked lots of dudes your age and some of them are jocks from your campus who have come to see me. I might have fucked soem jocks who you have sucked."



"Young Tyler this is going to be your day to experience more than just sucking a dude's cock and eating his cum. I'm going to teach you how a real man takes care of a hot twink and makes him his bitch for the day. You will be a new guy in man sex today. OK bitch get down and suck my 9-inch hard cock just the way you have sucked so many other dicks. OK bitch give me a good blowjob."

Tyler grabbed the base of my throbbing dick, sucked hard on my huge mushroom head, ran his tongue up and down and around my cock head, ran his his tongue around that cock head and over coem with heat and lust, he spent the next at least five minutes using  his hot tongue to go up and down  my blood filled throbbing thirsty cock shaft. Then he kissed and licked my cum filled balls finally  taking those nuts in his mouth and sucking wildly trying  to milk me dry.

"OH FUCK YEA, oh shit you little whore, yea that is it, , suck Daddy's big meat.. Oh my god, you're beyond great as a cock sucker, come all the way down on Daddy's big horn. Shit, stop, I'm about to come."

I'd never been this horny based on the most amazing blowjob of my life. This little slut new how to service a man cock. I pulled Tyler up and gave him a tight embrace and drove my warm wet tongue deep in his young throat as we began a wild sloppy French kiss session while our erect pulsating cocks rubbed against each other drenching our pubic covered crotches. We moaned and grunted loudly with sexual pleasure. Our tongues battled for position as salvia ran down our chins. The heat from our jumping cocks felt as if someone had put a hot poker in our crotches. Soon the feel of warm wet flesh  on flesh caused me to crave man sex in the same way Tyler had just shared with me. It was then I knew  to hell with the professional code between counselor and this hot twink client. I had to have more of Tyler.

I had butt naked Tyler get down on the carpet on his back, spread those sexy legs and feet wide exposing his tight hairless pink virgin ass to me. His ass was the most beautiful man pussy I had ever seen despite the many young man pussies that had hosted my giant cock in the past. At that point I could not have stopped my eager cock to fuck this cute ass even if I had wanted to stop. It was no longer an option  despite the risk I was taking of loosing my career as a practicing psychiatrist. My cock  and I agreed  we had to have this young virgin ass.

This young dude had just made me realize and understand his constant cravings for cock that I then equally felt. More cock and more ass now.

"OH DR. GREEN, I've only had numerous cock sucking times with young college dudes between 18 and 21 years of age. I have only sucked cock and ate cum. You want me to do more. Yea, I trust you as such a professional dude that knows about sexual things.  As a more mature man, I will let you fuck me. Go ahead and drive that big 9-incher in me but be gentle at first. I'm now your bitch for the taking."

OH hell that was it. I took a bottle of lube, oiled that young virgin ass and lubed my rock hard cock and pointed my erect cock at that young puckering ass. I lowered my crotch  and bouncing steel hard dick  for its anticipated journey down that ass channel that had never seen or accepted a cock in that juicy man pussy. Once again my chance to breed a virgin ass. OH FUCK YEA.

As my cock parted those ass lips, I felt his soft ass lips give away. I could not control my urges and the feel of the warm ass tissue as I used my hips to drive my entire 9-inches deep in Tyler ass with one powerful thrust. His tight ass gripped my hard cock causing me to began fucking the hell out of that awesome man cunt. 

Tyler began to cry from the pain  and begged: "OH DADDY your cock is so BIG, it hurts so much. I can't take the pain. Please pull out and let me suck your cock and you can come in my mouth."

As much as I wanted to agree and respect his call, I could not do so due to the best feeling I had ever had fucking a man pussy. But I slowed my thrusts and would pull about a third way out before slowly driving that massive dick deep again.

It was not long before I heard the sweetest words of my life when Tyler spoke: "OH DOC, oh Daddy, the pain is gone. Oh my god,  your cock now feels so good in me . Don't stop. Fuck your new little bitch. Man, your cock feels so good running across my prostate and all around my ass walls. OH Daddy my own cock has never been this hard and so aching as you fuck my ass. OH Daddy fcuk me until I shoot my load. I love your big cock fucking my virgin ass. Fuck me harder. This is the best sex ever."

Those words and the feel of of his ass muscles beginning to put my cock in a tight hold had me insane with lust and desire to come. After several more minutes of this wild fuck, Tyler yelled: "Oh my god, I'm going to come."

Within seconds, Tyler erupted with one hell of a series of white thick cum blasts up his sexy body and onto his face. The sight of all that cum and the smell caused my balls to tighten and I got the feel all guys get as they began to orgasm. I unloaded with what had to be the biggest load of cum I had ever dumped as I filled Tyler's ass to the brim. When finally spent, I pulled my softening  cock out and took my cum covered cock up to Tyler and let him suck it clean letting him enjoy yet another man's semen. I then went down and sucked more of my cum out of his ass and fed it to him. He was a true cum slut.

"OH DADDY, I feel all that warm cum soaking my ass. Dr. Green this is the best sex I have ever had. Thanks for teaching this young twink what an older mature guy can do for a young dude. This is our secret I promise. Can we continue to see each other and you fuck me. I will give up all other dudes and only will be your bitch. Please say yes, Sir."

"Tyler, I'll have to think about my decision. You must know I'm not a one man fucking dude."

Naughty Eric

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