It was a late Friday afternoon when I went to the bathroom to take a leak and discovered a leaking toilet. I called my brother Dirk at work and told him about the problem.

"Coy, I can't get off from work for 6 hours. I'll call my friend Shirley who is the office manager at the local plumbing company. She'll send one of the men out to take care of the leak. Just use the the other bathroom until he gets there. You'll be fine," said my brother.

He always took care of me as his baby brother when I had such a problem. I replied: "Thanks Dirk. I don't know what I would do if I did not have you."

In about an hour, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door just in a pair of tennis shorts, there stood a hunk of a man with his toolbox in his hand. I guessed him to be about 6' feet and 2-inches tall; weighed around 200 to 210 muscled pounds; looked to be in his late 40's; big boned frame; arms and biceps lined with hard muscles that were revealed by his sleeveless top and his arm were at least twice as big as mine; dark features that I guessed to be from a Latino ancestry; thick sensuous red lips; sexy scruff two-day old beard; and his pants fit smug, sexy and inviting around his bubble ass and crotch; and it looked like he had a policeman's night stick in his crotch. I felt an instant stirring in my loins. I often fantasized about getting fucked by an older hot man, but I'd had no such luck. But I 'd had lots of young fresh meat, especially my teammates on the high school wrestling team.

I was a horny 18-year-old, almost 19, active gay teen who lived for cock in my mouth and ass. I guess I was a slut. Oh shit, I noticed he had a wedding band on his finger. Oh well, he could at least fix the toilet and I could go out that evening with some of my fellow wrestlers and get laid by one or more of the studs. My teammates called me the team slut but my so-called straight teammates sure liked me sucking their cocks, they sucking my cock and they loved fucking my man pussy. Who were the real sluts here?

Well back to the story about the handsome plumber. He said: "Hi my name is Rafael and you are?"

"Hi, my name is Coy."

I showed him where the bathroom was and the problem. I made sure to stay with him just in case a conversation arose about sex. As he began working on the toilet, we chatted about my school and the wrestling team. He, his wife and three sons had come to some of our wrestling meets. He noted that I was a very good wrestler at the 147 weight category.

Finally, the conversation turned to sex when he said: "Well Coy, you are a very fit athlete. I bet you have lots of hot girls after you especially these high school cheerleaders. I hear they love hot muscled wrestlers according to what my three sons tell me. With your blond hair, deep blue eyes, swimmers body, and successful wrestling record, I bet they crawl all over you. You also look well endowed, if you do not mind an old man saying so."

Rafael had to have noticed the big tent in my almost see through tennis shorts. I was almost at full erection.

I decided to take a chance and respond: "Well Rafael (I now knew he was a hot Latino) I must be honest and tell you I'm gay and my teammates call me a slut and whore faggot. They like what I have to offer them. I admit we have some steamy fucking sex."

I noticed an instant rise in his pants. Had I turned him on? This married man with three sons was he getting horny for me? Was he bi-sexual?

I was then with a total erection. I felt pre-cum wetting the front of my shorts. I could not hide my hard on nor did I want to.

Rafael took the bate when he said: "Oh shit Coy, I had no idea you were gay. I guess your reputation as a gay man is mostly confined to the campus. May I speak very confidentially to you?"

"Sure Rafael, I love secrets and I will not share your secret with anyone. What is it?"

"As a young man and especially while in the Marines, I had lots of female pussy. The female loves men in uniform. But one night a group of us Marines were out bar hoping and got very drunk. I went into the bathroom to piss and caught one of my buddies giving head to one of our other Marines. They seemed to be having the most erotic time I have ever seen. Even more fun than the nightly sex my wife and I have. By the way, she is a great fuck.

I have never forgot about that hot scene of the Marine giving his buddy a blowjob. Every since that night I have wondered and been curious what a man's cock and semen smell like and taste. I hear that a man knows how to give great head even better than a woman because he knows what it feels like to get his cock sucked. I also hear that a man's ass is much tighter on a cock than a loose female pussy. Is that true? You are experienced and could tell me if I am correct."

Fuck I looked down and Rafael had sprouted a huge tent in his pants while continuing to work on the toilet. I too was now steel hard and it showed. I thought maybe this was my chance to realize my desire to get fucked by an older man. And Rafael could have his first experience with gay sex.

In a few minutes, I made a bold move. I got down and grabbed Rafael's crotch. Oh hell, he was rock hard and I discovered a big wet ring in front of his pants. I put my hand up to my nose and yes it smelt like cum. I began to unzip his pants as he did not resist but rather let out a sexy moan. Soon he took his hand and began to rub my shorts and feel my huge cock. Yea, it was going to happen---my first fuck with an older man. Yea fuck yea I was crazy with lust.

Then Rafael said: "Oh fuck Coy, I'm so excited and horny. Man, you are rock hard too. Am I about to experience my first horny man's cock and ass? Gee, what am I doing? You're such a hot stud but I'm a married man. I can't stop now. I'm so in heat to try gay sex with such a hot young athlete. Lets fuck."

As I pulled Rafael's huge cock out of his pants and began jerking him off, I said: "Rafael, let me tell you how may times I've wanted to be fucked by an older man. Lets suck cock and you fuck my ass like it is your wife's pussy. Lets get out of these clothes before I bust a nut holding your big throbbing cock. No one is home and we will be safe."

Luckily he had just finished fixing the leaking toilet. He put away all his tools except the one that really counted. We rushed to my bedroom and got out of our clothes. Fucking shit, he had a humongous cock with a large mushroom head and a very veined shaft. It was the darkest cock and the biggest balls I'd ever seen in my short time as a gay slut. His ass was so round. Both his pubic hair and chest featured black hair with his cock sticking out of the nested pubic hair. He was such a hot stud.

I was no shrinking flower when it came to big cocks. My cock was thick and when full of blood was an 8-inch tool.

"Rafael, how big is that snake of yours?"

"Coy, I hear it is not normal. It is a record 12-incher and a shaft the size of a large beer can. No woman has ever taken it all up her pussy or down he throat. I've always wanted to find someone who could take it all. Do you want to try with all your experience on those hot athlete type studs to take it all?

"Hell yea, I love the challenge. Let me suck that cock then you suck my cock before you drive that snake deep into my ass. This may be your lucky day."

I had Rafael put his back up against the wall, spread his legs far apart, I got down on my knees, grabbed the big base of his cock shaft and put my lips firmly stretched around his cock head as I began to suck hard. I sucked out his pre-cum and swallowed the sweet seed.

Then I took the big challenge when I began to slide his killer cock inch by inch deep into my throat. I slid my tongue down his thick dark shaft as I managed to take more and more of the snake deep into my throat. OH FUCK, soon I had swallowed his entire horse like cock into my throat. I felt the tip of his cock deep in my throat past my tonsils. I had conquered this monstrous tool that no woman had ever done. WOW, a great victory that Rafael loved as he moaned and grunted.

As his pubic hair pressed up against my nose, his huge balls slapped up against my chin. He smelt and tasted so good. Now Rafael went wild with lust and action. He use his big hips,legs and feet to drill his cock deep into my mouth. I would come partially off his cock and back down on his cock. The wall shook from the hard blowjob as he humped driving his cock deep into my mouth. He began to scream like a wild and primitive animal from his first gay sex. The big cock in my mouth and all that patch of pubic hair up my nose had me hardly able to breath. But wow, this was such a hot blowjob.

I sucked that cock and ate what seemed like an unusual amount of pre-cum for at least five minutes. He fucked my mouth like the stud he was. Man, he enjoyed his first blowjob by a man.

Finally, he spoke: "Fucking slut, yea suck my cock. Yea, a man knows how to suck another man's cock. No woman could do this great. Oh holy shit, I can't stop. I'm going to come. Here it is, swallow my cum. Yea, hell, it feels so great shooting that seed in your mouth. Shit, I've never felt any orgasm that good before."

Hell, his missile gave me a mother load of thick sticky white cum. It was so much that I managed to only swallow about half of the goo as the rest ran out the sides of my mouth and down on our bodies. The smell and taste were awesome. I sniffed out the studs man odors and kept sucking his big cock until I had milked him dry.

It was now Rafael's turn to suck my cock. We agreed he would suck me and hopefully let me ejaculate in his mouth for his first taste of another man's seed.

I got on my back on the bed that was actually very low to the floor. I put a big teddy bear under my ass, spread my legs far apart exposing my cock and balls to his waiting mouth and tongue. He nervously got down on his knees and slowly moved his mouth up against my throbbing cock. He took the tip of my cock in his mouth and began to suck.

"Rafael open your mouth wider and take my cock down your throat. Don't be afraid of my cock, it won't bite you although it might spit at you."

He closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide. I put my hand on the back of his head and shoved his mouth down on my rock hard cock. He caught on quickly and soon he had my entire cock deep in his throat. He began to rapidly suck my cock as he produced gobs of spit. I felt his tongue swirling around my cock shaft. As a young horny guy, I could not last long. Rafael felt my pulsating cock grow larger but I refused to let him off my cock as I held his head and shoved his mouth all the way down on my cock. Then I felt my seed leave my balls, rush up my cock shaft and erupt out of my piss slit deep into his throat. He had no choice but to swallow as he gagged. I had fed him my full load of sticky white cum.

When I let him off my cock, he gave me a big shitty grin and said: "Man, your slick cock felt so silky smooth and thanks for the cum. It really was ok. In fact, it tasted great."

I embraced him and gave him really hot French kisses so we could share the juices.

We took time out to have drink and some fruit. Soon we were horny and hard again. I needed his cock up my ass so bad.

"Well, Rafael, are you ready to fuck your first man pussy? Lets get that cock up my ass. Man, it is so big. How much can I take?"

I got a bottle of lube and filled my ass and soaked his huge cock hoping to take it all up my ass. I got on the bed on my back. put a pillow under my ass, spread my leg wide and invited Rafael to get between my legs with his cock. He lifted my legs and feet up on his broad shoulders and began rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack making me so horny for his hot cock.

He soon began to drive his huge cock inside my waiting ass. He went deeper and deeper into my guts and colon. I pushed my ass muscles down making it easier for his missile. Soon he was hell all the way inside me. The first time his entire cock had been swallowed by a ass. This so turned Rafael on that he began to grunt and fuck me harder and harder. I felt like a jack hammer was fucking the hell out of me. His lust was so over taking him that he had no mercy for my poor ass. He went wild using his big hips to fuck the hell out of me. Man it was great.

I soon used my ass muscles to squeeze and clamp down hard on his blood filled cock that drove him over the edge. This set his nuts into over drive as he released a volcanic load of semen deep in my ass. He had a big supply of creme once he began shooting that big cock load.

When he was spent, he pulled out his dripping cum covered cock and started acting like a teenager. He stuck his finger up my ass, collected some of the semen and licked his fingers dry. Then he pushed his cum covered cock deep into my mouth and ordered me to clean him dry. He was now consumed with lust for gay sex.

We kissed and dressed and as he left he said: "Man was this ever great sex. I just fulfilled a long time dream ever since I saw my Marine buddies sucking cock dreaming of gay sex. By the way, don't pay me today. I need to come back Monday and check to see if I stopped that toilet leak."

After he left, I began feeling guilty. I'd never been fucked by a married man before. Maybe I would not be home Monday. I knew I'd be home. I dreamed all weekend about this older man's cock and the fuck. He was all man.

Maybe Rafael would share that big cock with some of my horny wrestling teammates and their big cocks. I bet they would enjoy a big daddy's cock. I knew Rafael was hooked on young tender man pussy. I was dreaming of a sex orgy with my new fuck daddy and my teammates.


Naughty Eric


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