I walked into first period. There they were. Four of ten hottest guys in school. Reid, Franklin, Cody, and Josh. I was getting a stiffy just seeing them. 

Let's start with the basics. My name is Brian. I am 17 and a junior in high school. The other guys are also juniors. 

I'm not very popular but I have tons of friends. I am 5'6 and 134 lbs.  I am bisexual but have always felt a little more of an attraction to men then to women. 

So back to first period. It's biology and the class is boring but the view is great. All those guys are within view and they are hot. 

Reid is about two inches taller than me and has a pretty boy face and smile. I melt every time I see him. 

Franklin is Korean or Indian I'm not sure. He's a little hairy and really cute in a nerdy way. 

Cody is tall, lean, and cute. He has a big cock though. I know because one day he got a hard on and I saw it. 

Josh is so hot. He's that bad boy type but is completely smart. He is always cute. He's short and lean which makes him even hotter. 

~~~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~

So there had been word going around that Franklin is having a party. I decided I would talk to him and get invited. 

At lunch I found his table and found him. He was eating alone so I decided this would be a good time to ask him. 

"Hey Franklin!" I said. 

"Hey-Brian, right?" he said. 

"Yeah! So I heard you were having a party this Friday."

"Oh yeah it's gonna be awesome! Tons of food and drinks and I have bedrooms blocked off just in case some people want to have sex."

"Cool! Are your like parents going out of town or something?"

"Yeah they'll be gone till next Wednesday."

"Awesome. I was wondering if I could come to your party?"

"I don't know. I don't really even know you."

"Oh come on! I will give you anything you want!"


"Yes anything!"

"Okay I will let you come--but You have to be at my beckoning call all night."

"Okay! That is fine! So I guess I will see you Friday!"

"See ya then!"

I couldn't believe it was that easy. And all I had to do was whatever he wanted me to do. 


I had just gotten home from school. The buzz of Franklins party was all over school. I couldn't wait. 

I took a shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, and put on my nicest outfit that would be easy to remove. 

When I got to Franklins house people were practically having sex on the front porch. 

I found a few of my friends inside and talked to them awhile. When I got a text from Franklin saying "Get me a beer stat!" I had to hurry and find beer and Franklin. 

I walked into the kitchen and found a cooler of beer. There was a group of guys and amongst them was Joshua Richardson and Cody Osbourne. Two very sexy guys. I grabbed two beers and went to find Franklin. I walked all over downstairs but only to not find Franklin. I decided to walk upstairs and look. 

I looked in all the open bedrooms and came up empty. So I listened from the outside of each of the closed doors to see if I could here him. 

The first door I heard two girls talking. The second was quiet. He had to be in the third. I listened to the door and heard a guy moaning and it sounded just like Franklin. 

I knocked on the door and heard a man say


"Um is Franklin in there?" I asked. 

"Yeah! Is that Brian?" 

"Um yeah I got your beer."

"Okay come on in." he said. 

I opened the door slowly scared to know what I would find on the other side. The door was making a creaking sound. When the door opened all the way I found a great surprise. 

On the other side was Franklin indeed but he was naked and was on his back with Reid Couches dick up his ass. 

"Hey thanks Brian. Just set it on the dresser there." Franklin said. 

"Alright big guy take five while I talk to Brian." Franklin said to Reid. 

"Yeah no prob. Can I get you anything else?" I asked. 

"Um no I'm good. Reid what about you?"

Reid replied by whispering into Franklins ear. 

"Ried wants you to stay and have sex with us. He thinks your cute."

I thought about it even though I knew the answer. I looked around and exclaimed a big yes. 

Franklin looked at Reid and Reid looked at me. Franklin went back to the bed where Reid started fucking him again. 

I stood there for a moment. I felt like I needed someone else to have sex with. So we could have an orgy. 

"I'll be right back!" I said. 

I ran down the steps to find some guys. I went immediately to the kitchen and grabbed Cody and Joshua. 

"What are you doing?!" they both asked. 

I didn't answer. 

When we got upstairs and they saw what was going on and it was all self explanatory. 

"You want us...to have sex... with you!" Josh exclaimed. 

"Yes!" I said. 

Without a word Cody was already naked and kissing my neck. I took off my shirt and threw it at Franklin and Reid who hadn't really taken time from being fucked to notice us. 

"Hey good looking guys. Good enough to go around." 

Franklin said. 

By now Cody had started sucking on my cock. He had undone my pants and was sucking it forcefully. Josh was a little more adamant because he had never had gay sex before. 

I grabbed his hand and pulled him over towards me. I reached for his shirt and ripped it off of his six pack and pecs. He looked at me and immediately undid his pants and had dropped everything to the floor. He was standing naked for all to see. 

His cock had to be at least 9 inches long. I gave him a peck on the mouth then he started kissing me back. His lips were so soft yet moist. His tongue was warm but loving. He was the perfect package. 

Cody got up and started kissing Josh's pecs. Josh and I started having a three way kiss with Cody.  Cody was good too. 

I felt a hand on my butt. I knew it wasn't Cody or Josh because I could see all their hands. I looked over at Ried and Franklin but They were no where in sight. 

I broke the kiss and turned around. Standing behind me naked was Reid. His 8 inch dick flopping in the wind. He looked at me and gave me a big kiss. I kissed him back. 

He bent down and started to suck my dick. His mouth was warm but his tongue had magic powers. It made my cock feel like it was in heaven. 

I made Reid get up so I could keep kissing him. I made out with his neck and chest then started downward. I kept going south until I hit his cock. His big juicy cock. 

That's when I heard it. A noise coming from behind me. It wasn't moaning or gasping but creaking. I flipped around to the door where Andrew Morris was standing in shock. He is truly the hottest guy there is. 

"Hey... Andrew. Whats up?" Reid asked. 

"What are you doing...having sex...with...guys. That looks weird." he said. 

"Oh come on and try it!" Franklin said. 

He ran to Franklin and started sucking Franklins dick. I went over to Andrew and pulled off his shirt revealing his slim body but huge arm muscles. 

I played with his chest. He could barely fit his mouth around Franklin's wide dick. I slowly unbuttoned Andrews pants and unzipped the zipper. 

Lying underneath was the biggest dick I have ever seen. It was at least 9 1/2 inches and wide as all get out. 

I kissed it then started sucking it. I couldn't deep throat it but I tried. 

I reached over and found Reid. I grabbed his dick and pulled him over to my ass. He knew what I meant. 

He licked his finger and stuck it in me. 1 finger felt great but two felt awesome. 3 felt even better. Then I noticed something. He took his finger out but it was being replaced by something bigger than that of a finger. It was his dick. 

He fucked me hard over and over again. It felt fantastic. But I couldn't wait for Andrew. 

There was a knock at the door. We didn't stop. 

"Yeah!" Andrew yelled. 

"Um its Anthony; Anthony Mount. I need to talk to Andrew outside." he said. 

Andrew went to the door and poked his head out. 

"What's up?" he asked. 

"Um we were downstairs and we were wondering where you went. So I seem to have found you. So what are you doing in there?" he asked. 

"Uh nothing why?"

"We were just wondering is all. Seriously what's going on in there?"

Anthony pushed the door open and found us all still going at it. 

"What's going on in here?" he asked again. 

"Nothing were just having fun." Andrew said. 

"Well then. Go have fun."

Andrew came back over and continued sucking Franklins dick. I had turned around and was making out with Reid. 

Reid started pumping faster and faster. He then stopped and I felt his warm cum all inside me. He pulled out and licked his cum from my asshole. 

Andrew was done with Franklin and came over to me. He took one look at my begging ass and stuck his dick all the way in. 

Reid started kissing Andrew and then went behind him. I saw Andrew bend over and Reid push his hips forward. 

I heard Andrew moan, which was pretty sexy. Reid grunting was even more sexy. 

Josh crawled over in front of me and offered his ass. I sat up and noticed his hole was wet with cum. He had already been fucked. So I just went on in. My dick went all the way in and he groaned so loud I swear the party went silent. 

We had a fuck train going and Cody and Franklin were doing there own thing but all of a sudden continuos groans came from everyone. 

One by one they all started cumming.  Everyone came and it was sexy but we were done. I was sad though but I knew people would be looking for us. 

We all got dressed kissed one another good night and went our separate ways. I'll never forget the next day. The way we all looked at each other and how we all grabbed each other playfully. 

Tomorrow is Reids birthday and he only invited a few people. Andrew Morris, Josh Richardson, and me. His parents are out of town on a business trip and we are about to have the time of our lives. 



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