The hum of the machines wasn't what Martice wanted to hear right now but it was a sign that he was getting something done around here. He had walked into the Print & Document Service Department of Max Office Superstore to find mounds of work waiting for him, you'd think by now he was use to it, but like all the other things you'd think he would be use to by now he wasn't. Six months ago he had meet the guy he was sure was the one, while it was a rocky start in the end or at least up till now things where still good. Yea Dre still had his bad habits, but Martice knew he was faithful even with all the flirting...

HotLanta: Tryst

'PDS phone call line 1' Kristi's voice said over the headset. Martice walked away from the Xerox machine and sat at the desk top publishing. He was counting the minutes until it was time to leave for the day, but they just weren't passing fast enough.

'PDS Martice how I can help you?' the blur of statement and question caused the caller to let out a slight laugh.

'Yo Tice, its Toni.'

'What's up Toni, I need some work done?' Martice asked. Toni owned a small but hoppin Hip Hop club where in the ATL, he also worked with a lot of small music acts getting their sound together, in a lot of ways he was a young Puffy, and Martice did all his design work. From flyers to even CD covers, Toni came to Martice for all the design work for anything he did. Dre had attempted to convince Martice to stop working for the company making them fifty plus dollars an hour and to start working for himself, hell at half that he would more then double his bring home, but it was something about the nine to five that he needed. Dre was use to being his own boss; it was just where he came from. Martice had never had the safety of money to fall back on so working for someone else just seem to make sense.

'Yea I just need to make sure you where going to be there before I stopped in I need some Hot ass work done.' Toni said with that little hint of something. Martice wasn't every sure how to take Toni, he seemed to always have a undertone in everything he said but he never made it clear, which meant he might be on the DL, but Martice wasn't going to push the matter. He was happy with his boy Dre, and while the idea of fuckin this thug out promoter type was the kinda thing Dre would approve of, Martice settle with the idea of just leaving that alone.

'Well stop in and I will make sure that I hook that up for you kat.' Martice replied smiling to himself. It had been month since they had started living together, and here he was what the idea of a tryst on his mind. As he hung up the phone he just shook his head.

'I always said that I was gonna make it now it's plain for everyone to see but this game I'm in don't take no prisoners just casualties I know that everything is gonna change even the friends I knew before may go but this dream is the life I've been searching for started believing that I was the greatest my life was never gonna be the same 'cos with the money came a different status that's when things changed now I'm too concerned with all the things I own blinded by all the pretty girls I see I'm beginning to loose my integrity.

-Craig Davis 'Rise & Fall'

As Dre sat reviewing the numbers for the downtown store he understood more and more why he was interviewing people for its new manager. He also could not help but see that he needed to get someone in there right away. That was where it had all started, the first Dre's House and now out of the eight locations it was having the hardest time. Dre made a hell of a living as the owner of Hotlanta's hottest urban clothing stores. He mind wondered as Craig Davis played in the background


'Dre!' Her voice disrupting the peace as her five foot five body simply walked into the office not waiting for an answer. 'We need to talk about that girl you got down here with me.' He smiled as she sat down across from him. Akua was a women after Dre's heart she was straight up and honest. With her loosely warn neck tie she had a style which no one could miss, which was half the reason he hired her.

'What's wrong?' He asked half kidding and joking knowing he was about to be told a story about what dumb thing the new girl had done.

'She just dumb, she doesn't listen and she got issues with her man that I am sick of hearing about.' She paused as Dre laughed 'Speaking of men how is your boy?' And as he allowed his eyes to fell back on hers he could see the real reason for her mid day visit.

'My boy is fine and at work busting his ass to cover school.' His tone was low. 'He makes me a proud papa.' He said as she stood.

'Good remember that as the next hot ass walks in here.' She said as she started out the door. 'You three o'clock is here.' She said opening the door. As Rasheed Harris walked into Dre was shocked. The resume he read had lead him to think this guy was going to be a boring book worm, but before him stood a Red Bone god. The hazel glow of his eyes gave away his mixed racial history, even in a shirt and tie his 'thug' charm was easy to see, and he was the kind of kat who was DL enough that the girls still chased but the boys could see the truth Dre could smell it in the air. As the door closed and he sat Dre simply looked across the table at him every now and again glancing down to the resume he recalled his name, Rasheed yea this was going to be the best interview he had ever had.

'So why don't we skip to the part where I fuck you over my desk.' Dre said walking towards him, around the desk. The look on Rasheed's face was shock at least at first. As he raised his hand to his mouth his elbow resting his knee he couldn't believe he had been clocked. Dre reached down and touching the pink lips of Rashid's mouth with his finger, Rasheed took it in slowly letting it slip past the outside rim and into his warm mouth. Rasheed tongue lightly flicked across Dres finger causing his shaft to slowly become hard. As he watched Rasheed closed his eye a smile creped across his face. As his latest moment of weakness rolled his tongue all over the finger now slowly working its way in and out of the warm wet mouth that soon enough other things would work their way in and out of that mouth, Dre's other hand undid his belt allowing the black jean shorts to fall to the ground. Never removing the finger from Ra' mouth Dre used his other hand to slowly stroked Rasheeds face until it found its way to the back of his head. Rahseed never opened his eyes as he slowly lower the gray boxer briefs which fit perfectly around Dre's cut ass. Never allowing cold air to hit Dres manhood Rasheed took it into his mouth as the finger slipped free allowing both of Dres hands to slip free to the sides of Ra's head. Dre began to grind his hips in and out every so often, the wet sound of his manhood being serviced driving his wild, feeling his bush touched by Rasheeds lips, he looked only to the ceiling. This wasn't about like or love like with his boy, this was about his own primal need to have anyone he wanted when he wanted. As he felt the lips of a person he had only known for moments was doing everything in his power to please him, no this wasn't about like or love this was pure and simple a power trip his power over others and as his with a single trust he put all of himself into Rasheed his seed exploded into his mouth filling it. Without question Rasheed simply allowed it to flow down his passage into him. 'You're hired.

As Martice sat across from Toni working on the design for the latest special at Club 24/7 he couldn't help but laugh to himself, TRADE Thursdays, which according to Toni meet trade numbers, but in the circles Martice traveled in the word had so many more meanings. 'So you should stop by and check it out.' Toni said leaning back in the chair with a slight sigh. He always seemed so busy it seemed but he also always seems to hang out here to oversee all his design work. As he leaned back and slide his hand across his small part of his 'happy trail' showing after he raised his arm Martice couldn't help but notice, these where the little thing that always made him question. Like the time he was here with another kat talking about how he gets head from all kinds of bitches since he opened the club and all, and some of the messages he gets left, to them it was all a joke, but to Martice is caused his mind to wonder into places it should, but in the end he reminded himself that he had the man he wanted, and that was enough for him. Toni however just smiled to himself as if he had seen Martice looking and wanting. As he laughed Martice smiled too, maybe this kat just got off on being wanted.

'Maybe I will do that.' Martice replied as he turned his chair to go to the Printer and get the flyer. As he bent over to pick it up he noticed that Toni was checking him out, for just a moment Martice felt like his boy, here in this moment he was the object someone was lusting after, damn it felt good. As he sat back down he handed the fly to Toni who had just stopped licking his lips, 'So what do you think?'

'I like what I see,' he said looking back to him 'everything I see playboy.' Toni said leaning back.

'Really?' Martice asked with a cocky smile on his face. He glanced towards the door see where the others where, and with none of them in sight he suddenly changes the dynamic of this moment. 'So what are you trying to get into T?'

'You,' He began leaning in with a smile 'if you let me playboy.'

[PreachTree Plaza Hotel]

As the bell hop exited the room the figure within it simply stood looking out of the window. At 6'3 his thin lean build was so graceful and smooth as it moved anyone who saw him could see he was a dancer. Ja'don stood looking out over Atlanta, from this hotel room he remembered how he once loved this city, and he couldn't forget how much he loved him. They had such history, such passion; after all it was in this room that their first time together happened. As the cool air washed over him he remembered;

Andres touch was soft and caring as he rubbed my shoulders. The lotion was cold causing me to jump softly and his reaction was perfect. Feeling my reaction he softly blew on my neck and then began to kiss softly down toward the center of my back. His hands reached around finishing undoing my shirt. It had taken me hours to pick it out and now it fell to the floor. I had hoped this would be the last date we would go on before taking this step, before making love. I mean we had been dating for two months now which is gay time meant two years and only tonight had he finally gotten the hint that I wanted to go farther, or if he had gotten it before he had ignored it. The knock at the door woke him from his dream. 'Come in.' he said. As the door opened Errol was so happy to see his baby brother, he paused a smile forming as he looked at him. Ja'don had allowed his hair to grow out and the curls where such a change for the kid who hated his hair growing up. The urban look was even funnier.

'So did your manager pick this out?' Errol ask as he stood back looking. Ja'don laughed as he flicked his brother's dreads. Errol was his big brother and he know him better then anyone, and he knows this was all an image.

'No my stylist.' He laughed 'Besides the boys love it when I walk trough the court yard, still a head turner.' He went on as they sat on the couch. 'So how is my favorite brother?'

'Your only brother, nigga.' Errol replied slipping out of the leather jacket. 'I am good, my place is good, life is..' he pauses looking into the eyes of his brother. 'good.' He says softly. 'Ja'don please tell me you aren't here because of him!' his expression said it all. Errol know when he got the call, 'Fuck Ja'don.' Errol said standing up. 'You back because of him.'

'E calm down, look I am here because my family is here, Dre isn't apart of that anymore I am done.'

'Ja'don he is happy at last he is with someone who finally seems to be enough, don't go fuckin with his head now, let it go little brother, let what every you have told yourself you could have with Andre go, if you really love him you will.' Errol stood looking down at his brother.

'Give me a few E, I need some alone time.' Ja'don said, his tone some what defeated. Errol just picked up his cot and walked out the door. Ja'don was telling the truth he missed his family, but as he remembered that night three years ago;

As Dre kisses began to cause me to get more and more excited each one causing my penis to become more and more erect. As we stood kissing deeply our hand rushing all over the other bodies exploring each other for the first time. I mean before now I had rushed to this point with one guy or another but this one had be taken everything so slowly that even in the short time we had known each other I know it was love. As he kissed down my chest, he began slowly licking each of my nipples then slightly biting them. Ecstasy rushed trough my spine so I arched forward and he just smiled. Slowly he began to take me into his mouth his tongue flickering over my cock's head. Soon I couldn't help but grasp his head and begin to arch my body back and forth each stroke going deeper and deeper into his mouth. Soon Dre forced my body against the wall and took me as deep into his mouth as he could swallow causing the rear of his mouth to constrict around my rock hard unit and next thing I know I explode in his mouth. I almost didn't notice as my lovers' finger creeps past the soft rosy bud of my ass because I looked down as my lover swallowed.

Someone had once told me the difference between like and love was spit and swallow. The pleasure, both mental and physical was too much as I released a moan signaling pure pleasure into the soft air of the night, but Dre didn't accept this as enough as a second finger found its way inside of me and my moans becoming loader and more passionate, I had never made sounds like this before. Then he turned me around, pleasure and even the word ecstasy couldn't explain how I felt as my lovers tongue entered my hole and sent pulses of pleasure trough my body like shockwaves. As I felt the body of my lover beginning to rise until we where body-to-body, aware of every inch of the other we slowly kiss our way to the bed, my lover sitting then lifting me into the air onto him. As I lowered myself, taking Andre's iron rod into me, I push him down and began to ride him steady. He put his hands on my hips and I began to roll my hips taking all of his cock and balls deep inside. Leaning forward I kisses him passionately, biting his lip until he was overcome with passion rolling me over and began to drive himself deeper and deeper inside of me like an animal. My head was hanging from the bed as Dre wraps his hands around my hips gripping and pushing harder and faster. Each trust while solid yet loving and the pulses of energy shared between the two of us where explosive. As he begins to moan and I was lost in perfection, I was lost in our love. He explodes within me, after what seem to have been hours. Ja'don sat looking at the bed and all he could do was remember.

Dre walked into the loft dropping his bag just in the door. 'Martice!' he called out but the hollow sound of their home said he was all alone. He glanced over to the phone and noticed the message light. 'Yo Dre, I am going to meet with a design customer, I will be home late, love.' Dre raised an eyebrow, that wasn't the normal for Martice, but whatever, after the day he had he wasn't going to fight it. He laughed to himself, Well the interview had gone well at least and what Martice didn't know would keep their happy home happy. He paused before dropping down onto the couch, man if you had told him he would be off the market a year ago he would have laughed, he was after all the guy everyone watched in the club and now it had been months since he had gone out.


He turned looking to the phone, it had to be Martice saying he was on his way home, it was nearly ten. 'Hello.'

'Hello Pa.' the voice melted Dre, for a moment he was in a different place, he was in a world that was shattered years ago in a single moment in a single night...

Dre was dripping wet as he walked trough the hallway. He know he should at least attempt to not leave foot prints across the hard wood floors of the loft, but he liked the feel of air against his skin, plus it made him just a little hard. As he rounded the corner into the room there laid Ja'don, seeming to be asleep. Dre had finished his shower even after Ja'don had attempted to interrupt it with a blowjob, which he had left unfinished. Dre normally would have been all about it but they had been fighting all day and he need a little time before making up. Ja'don wanted to leave to chase his dream and Dre wanted to keep things just like they where, but he was past it, they would make up now and talk more in the morning.

As he slowly sat on the end of the bed he watched as Ja'don rolled fully onto his stomach, yea he was sure he was sleep now. Dre leaned over him kissing down his back until he reached the crake of his ass. Extending his tongue he licked down the crack until he reached the tightness of his 'inner flower,' Ja'don began to stir with a slight moan released from his lips. Dre simply gripped Ja'don's hips and began to flick his tongue back and forth across the outer petals of the flower.

Ja'don began to try to pull away as he awoke but with each attempt to pull away Dre would trust his tongue deeper into Ja'don's flower seeking the sweat nectar. Ja'don began to moan loader and loader. Dre loved the sound Ja'don made when he was inside of him like this. Sex with Ja'don was different then when he was with the tricks he picked up. Ja'don was his lover and he wanted to please him. As Ja'don rolled onto his back and Dre began to just play with his dick, licking and flicking his tongue at it as he sucked just below the sack, Ja'don gripped the back of Dre's head as he locked his legs behind his head.

Ja'don was into it as Dre lifted slightly and began to suck on him as if he was a hungry animal. Gnawing and sucking he causes Ja'don to experience pleasure better then he has before. Reaching around he takes Ja'don into his mouth, Ja'don moans louder. In and out of Dre's mouth, his dick slides as his eyes roll into the back of his head. Dre loved to hear the sounds Ja'don made as he pleased him time after time. Each time trying to forget how he had wronged him last.

As he placed Ja'don back on the bed he reached for the rubbers, which lay on the dresser. Ja'don's feet still on his shoulders Dre slowly entered Ja'don while holding his wrist, Ja'don was totally submissive at this point as Dre began to go in and out slow at first but his speed picking up. His trust became more and more aggressive as Ja'don moaned loader and loader. Andre just keep grinding himself deeper and deeper into Ja'don. Dre seemed loss in his own world as his lover stopped to make sounds he could under stand and began to just moan from the joy. Letting Ja'don's legs fall to his hips before they locked behind him again he pulled Ja'don up and began to bounce him up and down.

Ja'don himself began to grind with his lover until he felt an explosion in his groin. Dre simply turned and sat back on the bed and leaned back. Ja'don was lost in the heat of passion as he began to roll him back taking his man's iron balls deep inside him and still trying to get more. As he bounced up and down rolling his hips round and round Dre gripped the bed and began to moan. Ja'don was shocked when Dre gripped him rolled so he was on the bed and began to fuck him. This wasn't love anymore--this was just raw sex. As Dre drove his manhood deeper and deeper in to Ja'don; Ja'don could only dig his nails into Dre's back, with each trust a pulse of pleasure rushed trough his body until one final trust and Dre held himself there and Ja'don released sounds from his mouth that could only be called primal..

'Dre?' the voice said snapping him back. 'It me papi, it's Ja'don, I am home.' Ja'don said. Errol had been right he had come back for Dre. Errol had said Dre was happy and now he would test that. Now he would see for himself just how happy Dre was. 'I need to see you.'

[Outside of Club 24/7]

Martice sat in his car he could hear the music from here. Go home, his mind told him, but there was something that was calling to him in there, which he was right but it was someone other then his boyfriend. As he got out closing the door he couldn't help but be swept away with it all, while he would never cheat on Dre he liked the idea that he was the focus for once rather then his boyfriend. He was after all a dime as far as masculine guys went. Walking into the door after handing the Doorman the VIP card Toni had given him he remember all the things he had given up when he and Dre moved in together. As he closed his eyes allowing the sent and the sounds of trap music filled the room, slowly he began to move towards the dance floor with a little bit of a thug bounce in his step. Just as he hit the floor he felt the eyes of the room turn to him and it didn't take him long to see that he had been right, the room was full of trade, and they where watching him. As his body became lost in the music of T.I. he forgot all about Toni. At least until the voice disrupted him 'What's up playboy?' Martice turned to find Toni standing there his shirt off and a drink in his hand. 'Try this.' He said handing it to Martice. Martice know that Toni know he wasn't old enough for this, but he wasn't going to wait the few months left to take advantage of this moment.

'Thank You.' Martice said taking the drink and sipping it. Man it was strong, but smooth. 'What is that?'

'Doesn't have a name yet I had the bartender make it for you.' Toni said stepping closer, clearly into Martice's space. As the sent of his Kenneth Cole hit Martice he like it, hell he like most thing about this guy and that as he finished the drink was going to be the problem. As they danced and Martice drank things just got hotter. With a kiss here and there all playful and before long Martice was loss in a spell. He wasn't like it had been with Dre, there wasn't the game, Toni wasn't trying to be hard or anything, he was just going with the flow. Martices head was spinning and before long he was in a different place, dancing with Toni and another cat he never even remembered coming up. A kiss here and there one with Toni one with the new cat, something didn't feel right but it wasn't the lust in the air. The second guy who had to be about 6'2' and 210lbs, he had long dreads and was wearing blue jean shorts and a wife beater, as his large arms simply turned Martice, he glanced at the brand on his arm, Omega Psi Phi a Q Dog, Toni leaned in behind him. 'Don't worry cat he is my frat brother.' Toni said as Martice still loss felt his hand slip into his pants; he began to stroke him lightly as the second one kissed him. Martice was physically in heaven but his mind was else where, so else where that as they walked towards to VIP room he was just along for the ride.

As the door closed Martice sat on the couch kissing Toni much like he kissed Dre, but Toni wasn't returning those kisses. His hand where sliding off Matrices pants as he lifted him so that he was straddling him, Martice felt Toni 10 inch hard dick as he sat on it and began to kiss him more and more passionately. They where alone in the room outside of the other guy who soon made clear he was joining them as Martice's head was turned away from Toni's kiss and a 11inch thick black shaft was forced into his mouth. As he began to suck it didn't seem to be enough for the guy, who with his hand on the back of Martices head forced himself deeper and deeper. Wendell got off on this, here he was forcing his young cat to suck his manhood, yea Toni was right this would be hot as hell. As he forced it deeper and deeper he was shocked as this cat took more and more suck and slurping away the sound of wet dick being serviced was all he could hear. He looked down at his boy who was lubing his dick up right now and in a sec this Kat was going to 'spoil' this kat as they had come to call it, one hole plugged with Wendell's 11 inch shaft and the other Toni's 10 inch thick dick pounding away until the both busted nuts, dicking this kat hard as hell and raw as fuck which in the end was what these fag ass nigga got off on, thug lovin the way thugs did it. As Toni lifted Martice lowering him onto his 10 inch thick dick, yea this was what he had wanted from the first moment he has seen this kat. Martice seem to flinch as if hurting from Toni's entry, but Toni didn't care quickly sliding his manhood balls deep into this kid and still pulling him down as if to get even deeper, then slowing lifting him slightly and beginning to fuck upward into his guts. This was how he liked to lay pipe in a nigga, ruff and hard bustin bitch ass niggas guts. Meanwhile Wendell just keeps fucking his mouth the sound for slurping and sucking missed with a the new moan of pain or pleasure. Toni was shocked at how good this kats ass was, tight enough to make it worth having to lift him and just begin to fuck the dog shit out of him, he began to just gun his ass as he heard the base line of LL's 'Rub My Back' start in the main room. Damn this was hot as he watched this kid just suck his boy's dick somewhat clueless to what was really going on, this was what they did, they found kats and twisted their heads till they would do whatever regardless. As Wendell normally pulled out signaling he was about to nut but not this time Wendell moaned as he unloaded load after load into Martices mouth choking him forcing him to swallow most of it then covering his face with the last of his hot milky seed. As Wendell walked away Toni just lifted Martice up and rolled him so he was laying on the couch still putting all his meat up in this fagots back.

'Sippin somethin on the rocks I got a shorty that makes the bed hop I got plans to spoil you even though you sayin stop I'ma drop that phantom on you baby watch Roberto Cavali and the Denali, am I hot? Malibu Beaches and hydrofoil yachts Baddest Mercedes, Lorenzos, and silver fox I keep it flowin see we goin to the top I'ma get you everything, give a damn how much you tell me stop You want it hotter then we take it 'cross seas Party jumpin is bumpin, tokin somethin in Belize .. I know you want it sucka free Know you wantin to shine, even though you fightin me .. Take it easy player Talkin greasy player, know you can feel me player Uhh.. you put it down tight Yeah you not havin what you want don't even sound right' LL Cool J –Rub My Back

Toni began to drive himself deeper and deeper into Martice, who could only put up so much of a fight and that seem to just turn him on more and more as he listened to the slapping of his nuts against this kats ass over and over again. Toni got off on the power of forcing kats to do what he wanted. Wendell just got off on dogging them and stealing their cash. So Toni shoved his dick deeper and deeper into this kid it got better and better, they had done this so much it seem to get easier and easier, a hunt here and there and these niggas where flocking to them, after a few special drinks to make sure they where in the right mind set, they could do with them as they pleased, and then the next day all they remember was how they had gotten fucked harder then they had ever been fucked. As he keep driving himself deeper and deeper he lost himself in the moment and became a monster and Martice tried to push him off and he just keep going, giving him what he know he wanted. It was so tight and rough the kid was loving it and as Wendell picked up his wallet T just keep going as the sound coming out of Martice seem to drive him crazy. Pocketing the twenties from his wallet Wendell looked trough a few more pics stopping on the one he know. As he looked over watching his boy trying to kill this kid he looked back to the picture, maybe they where family, he smiled to himself as he walked over leaning over to Toni and whispered to him. 'That all you got this kat ain't even feeling you.' And with that Toni seem to become something even worse then before. He just keep forcing himself all the way into Martice until he exploded sending his seed up into Martice. After pulling out he stood up, still dripping cum as he walked to his head and slide his dick right into Martices mouth.

'Clean my shit off kat.' He said with force as he leaned over putting it all the way into Martices mouth.

[PreachTree Plaza Hotel]

Dre sat just looking at Ja'don. How could this be, how could he be back here after so much had happen. On his way in Errol has tried to stop him but he had so many questions, and now even after hours of talking he didn't understand still how Ja'don had just left him that morning. Andre had been sleep and when he woke up Ja'don was gone, he had walked out on him leaving all his stuff to follow a dream. A dream that meant hiding who he was from the world. Ja'don was a gifted rapper, he had flow that people couldn't begin to understand, but there was no way he was going to build a career if kats know he was taking it up the ass every night from his boy, so he choose his career over Andre, and that had shattered Dre's world. After that he had never believed in love, well at least not till recently and even then only slightly. As Dre glanced over at the window and began to see the first rays of the sun he could only put his head in his hands. 'Dre I said I love you.' Ja'don said again. 'Doesn't that mean anything to you.'


Dre pulled out his cell the number wasn't one he know but he was sure it was Martice, how was he going to explain all this, 'Yea baby I spent the night with my ex but nothing happened, I am sorry I didn't come home.' he said to himself. 'Hello.' The voice wasn't Martices and as she introduced herself he was confused, and then with one line everything changes. 'We have Martice Walker here and he listed you as his next of kin, we need you to come to Grady Medical you brother has been badly hurt.' Dre's eyes filled with fear, what was going on, here he was with Ja'don saying he loved him and Martice was lying in a hospital hurt.

To be continued...



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