As I'm a manager of a hotel I'm always on call to fix or solve any issues in the hotel. So here we go, I have a fetish with leggings and latex, and I was in my room one night with a 11 inch black dildo pleasuring my self when I got a call from reception saying that room 67 has complained of a broken tap and it was urgent so I quickly put on my jeans, with no belt. So I rushed to the room and in there was a big black hunk and he showed me to the bathroom and as I was fixing the tap my jeans went to my ankles and they had a zip crotch and it was down. I heard the hunk say 'that's a nice ass you got there' I said thank you then looked at him in shock I said well its yours if you want it. he said yes, so I went over to him and knelt in front of him and unzipped his jeans and stroked his huge black (9 inch) cock. It grew in my hand and I took it in my mouth and deep throat ed any way this was only because I had practice on my 11 inch dildo. He said 'I didn't think you could do that straight away' I aid well you underestimated me then didn't you. So I had enough of sucking and put my face on the floor and my ass up and he pushed his thick black cock in my ass and I screamed because of the force he did it at. He pummelled me for about 30mins and he was about to cum so after I picked myself up off the floor I accepted his load in my mouth and it was a LOAD! I had to get some rest as I had to be up for 5 in the morning and I could barley walk back to my room I stopped every so often to just ease the pain.




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