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My name is Ryan. I'm in middle school. I'm 5'10, 140lbs., blue eyes, brown hair. This year our class is going to NYC for a field trip. We'll be there for 4 days and 3 nights. Our school does not allow for sexes to mix. So I go with my friends Jason, John and Bryant.

Jason is 5'4, 120lbs., brown eyes come over hair. Really cut Asian. Rectangle glasses make him look so good. Really funny with his sarcasm. Occasionally rude in his own way. For an Asian it's pretty big, 7'.

John is 5'9, 130lbs, really sexy tan, with big bold blue eyes and a darker brown hair cut. He's very shy but is really nice. But… he's crazy in the bedroom. He loves doggy-style. I've had dreams about doing him. We've exchanged head before. His dick? 8' erect.

Bryant, the biggest dick of all,9'. Mine is still 7', but his is so long and rock-hard. He has really nice black hair that extends over his face. He was the most confident which got him girls. He gets all the girls at school. His ass looks tasty. He's sent me nude snapchats thinking i was a girl. I finally convinced him to try gay anal for the first time. Excited as ever he agreed.

"Are you excited?," I sent in our group chat. "Make sure to bring all your stuff…" " Don't worry, we won't forget," Jason replied. " " My mom left for work so I'm going to pick up the stuff from the con. store," John replied. I'm downloading the stuff," Bryant replied. I think we are all set. I hope we don't forget anything.

The first day we explored the city. We went to see the Statue of Liberty, went into the Empire State Building, and explored Chinatown. We had dinner at a steakhouse downtown. Then at 8:00 we went back to the hotel. That's when the fun began...

When we got back to the hotel, we got settled, took showers etc." Did everyone being their things?" I asked. "I got the Karma Sutra." " I got the dildos and vibrators," Jason replied. " I got 50 condoms," James replied. " I got the torrented movies," said Bryant.

I then remembered I brought my laptop. Let's broadcast this I thought. " twinks having sex" that was a good title for this weeks show. I turned it on and live streamed. John didn't want to do it. " I don't like people watching me!" I replied," no one is watching YOU, but rather watching US fucking, they don't care who you are as long as your ass is good, your mouth is good, and your dick is hard." He reluctantly ageed. Good let's start.

"Hey Jason, do you want a blowjob?" "Are you fucking retarded?" he replied. I then began to give Jason a blowjob while Bryant fucked me missionary while John was making out with Jason.

I was finally losing my virginity; and to my friends no less. And just to top it off on camera with my shy friend. He really went for it. This was the first time he didn't feel scared of the watchers. He just fucked me like there was no tomorrow.

"Awwwwww yes," I yelled. Bryant then went to put a dirty movie on. The 4 guys on the screen were doing double penetration so we decided to do it too. I was fucked by Jason and Bryant while giving oral to John.

I then put a vibrator in Jason, and Bryant and dildoed John. I felt as my ass was being fucked by long 7' and 9' dicks. Then they came right in my ass and continued harder and harder. Then me and Jason switched. Jason was about 5'4. This gave me enough room to make out with Bryant who was receiving a blowjob for the first time. Bryant then switched with Jason. I was in Bryant. Bryant was someone who was really nice but was straight. I convinced him to let me fuck him. It was so good. We eventually came all over Bryant who then gave us Thai massages. The lube? Our man juices. We all slept naked together. We pushed the two beds together. All night I was spooning John. His asshole was so good, and he tasted good too. For a vigin, Jason fucked like he was expreienced. And Bryant did us like all the other girls. Long and hard

We decided that we would play truth or dare the next night..


Greg Baker

[email protected]


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