I am a 22 year old Londoner and usually work in the City. One day I had to attend a meeting at a hotel in Brighton and the meeting was followed by a champagne reception and meal. Afterwards I really didn't fancy the drive back to London and I didn't need to be in work the following day so I booked myself into the hotel for the night and spent the evening in the bar.

At about 11 o'clock I left the bar and went back to my room, as I ran for the closing lift, a hot young guy and his gorgeous girlfriend held the door for me. They had, had a few to drink and were all over each other. The sight of his ripped tanned body under his tight white t-shirt and her plump tits rubbing against him really began to turn me on - just imagining what they would do to one another when they got to their room was making my heart race. As the lift stopped at my floor the couple followed me out and much to my delight, they swiped their key card and entered the room next to mine - result!

I went into my room, stripped down and jumped into the shower. As I washed my blonde hair and used the suds to massage my tall, lean, athletic body, I heard a commotion from the room next door - so quickly rinsed off and jumped out of the shower. I noticed an air vent in the corner of the bathroom with a light shining from it - this was the reason I could hear them so clearly, and boy was I glad of it! They were fucking each other senseless on the other side of the wall and they were both screaming in ecstasy - I didn't know a guy could be so vocal, but my god did it give me a raging boner. All of my nine inches were full to bursting with blood and my balls were swelling and ready to squirt a massive load.

They fucked and fucked for a good couple of hours and when I thought they were done, they came back for another round and I heard every moan, groan and orgasm. My cock was so long, hard and juicy that I had to relieve myself and thought the occasion called for something more than just a normal jerk. I am lucky to have a flexible, athletic body and a massive cock - so for me self-sucking is a breeze and, I think, better than any other guy or girl sucking me off.

I laid on the bed with the bed-head on the other side of the wall thumping and thumping and put my feet behind my head. With my hand pushing against my lower back, I guided my cock into my mouth with my free hand and began to suck it. I immediately felt the salty precum coat my tongue and trickle down my throat. I love it when this happens because it really wets my appetite for the load that's on the way. I pushed harder on my lower back and stretched my jaw, then deepthroated my long, hard meat - it slid with such ease down my throat and I felt every last throbbing, pulsating vein vibrate against my tongue and lips. I started moving my head back and forth, smothering my concrete cock with saliva and making it glide in and out even easier, then, with one hard thrust, I slammed my cock further down my throat than ever before so my nose was buried in my swollen balls and my chin was buried in my moist pubes that were wet with spit and sweat.

With that, I heard the couple next door reach a climax, she just screamed in sheer delight and I heard him clearly shout 'take my creamy load you fucking whore! Take it up your fucking arse!' then at the top of his voice the horny stud let out a yell of 'Ah ah ah... oh oh oh yeah! Take it... take it you filthy bitch.' Everything went quiet and I was so intensely turned on by his amazingly vocal orgasm, I just had to finish myself off. I thrust my cock in and out of my throat and within seconds I felt a wave of electricity shoot through my thighs and a massive explosion of hot, sticky, creamy, salty cum hit the back of mouth. As I got to the fifth squirt I yanked my cock out of my mouth and shot the remaining three eruptions all over my face. I played with the cum in my mouth for a while and then swallowed every last salty drop of it. It tasted so good that I had to scoop up the rest from my face and savour it for as long as possible.

I lay there naked on my bed and fell asleep still fully erect - the self suck was so good, my cock obviously wanted more! I dreamed that the guy next door would sneak in during the night and fuck my arse - but no such luck, maybe next time!


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