It was a friday afternoon, and I was just off work. I sat in front of my computer and considered. Tonight was the night. I had put an ad in a website that specialized in setting up sex parties. I wanted to understand true subjugation by men, to be completely dominated and used, objectified and given no choice in the matter. I needed to be brought down to the lowest level for me to understand my humanity, for me to feel the entire sensualness of the experience. I had advertised from a couple of weeks before, and had some responses which included pictures. I wasn't all that particular about whether these guys were good looking or not, that didn't really matter to me, though of course there were some limits.

The ad had generated twenty responses, fifteen of which I had replied to. The rest weren't all that appealing. I knew one of them very peripherally, which was something of a comfort, since I knew him by reputation to be a decent guy. I wanted to abandon myself to this experience, and his reputation for decency was the only measure of protection I could afford.

I had set it up at a hotel room just outside of town, near the airport. Somehow the nearly constant thundering of jets taking off and landing added another layer of drama to this. I prepared for the evening ahead carefully, and checked into the hotel an hour early to make sure there were adequate supplies of condoms and all that would be needed.

I took off all my clothes when I got in the room, and sat on the bed playing with my hard cock, and waiting. My heart was racing as the hour approached, and the first knock at the door made me leap with a start. It was a couple of guys who were hanging around downstairs together for a bit in hotel bar, so they were primed for action. One of them was older, a guy in his forties (I was in my late twenties at this time), and his friend was about my age. The older guy had a mustache, and came across like a real mean top. He gave my shoulders a shove, and pushed me to my knees as his buddy answered another knock at the door.

Another guy, and two more shortly after that. I was pretty much lost in the experience by this point though, as I was on my knees taking one cock after another in my mouth. Hands pushed my head in various directions, and the room became quite warm with body heat. I guess there were about seven guys there by that point. One of them reached down and put his hand in my armpit, raising me up off the floor, and putting me on the bed. My ass was exposed, and here I was seconds away from what I had been anticipating throughout the long process of putting all of this together.

There were a couple of guys on the bed in front of me, kneeling there with their cocks in my face, and hands caressed my face and flanks. My brain was attuned to all this, but especially to the hands which were now touching my ass. There was no talking amongst these men, only the sounds of heavy breathing. I felt fingers in my ass, and then the cold kiss of lubricant, and the initial penetration of the fingers, now deep in my ass. I groaned. No matter what I did at this point there would be no escape from this. I must submit to whatever was going to happen until it was over. This was the abandonment of care.

Now I felt a cock press up against my ass. My hips pressed slightly back, and I heard a couple of the guys standing beside me say some words about fucking me. The cock pressed harder against me, and then started to slide inside me. I moaned again, and the guys in front of me changed position. The cock up my ass felt good, but tight. I was resisting slightly, but this would be overcome directly. I concentrated on the penis in front of me, taking it all the way down my throat, and feeling the warm tension of its owner's hands on my neck as I did so. Another hard cock pressing against the cheek of my ass, and hands spreading my ass and legs ever wider.

The resistance was over now, and stroking my own rigid cock now and then I felt the warm glow that only deep and unrelenting sodomy can provide start and rise within me. I was in a posture of abject humiliation, actively demonstrating to all these men what a lowly faggot I am, as I thought to myself. I need to do this, I need to feel this. There was a divine and ethereal justice in all of this, the sensation, the sounds the force with which the lesson I had begged was provided.

The cock slid out of my ass, and another one took its place. This was a different size, and the guy fucked me differently as well, preferring to grab my ass and spread it with both hands as he penetrated me. I heard the snap as the rubber came off the cock which had just been inside me, and then felt the regular motion as that guy jerked off on me, droplets of lubricant landing on my back and his knuckles brushing against me as he did so.

The guy whose cock I had been sucking on moved, and took his place behind me, waiting to fuck my ass. It was at this point that the complete measure of humiliation I had courted hit me fully. I had been fucked about three times, and here there were more people arriving in the midst of this frenzied ass fucking. There was no way I was allowed to come up for air, and I didn't touch my cock for more than a second at a time to prevent myself from coming. There was a long line of precum drooling from the head of my cock onto the sheets.

I heard the moan and felt the warm rain of come across my back as the first guy came. He was followed by another, and another after that. I was now sucking another guy's cock, this one rock hard and driven relentlessly to the back of my throat. I was being fucked hard now, a strong guy hammering at my ass. I needed this, this was the evidence I required of my own dedication to being degraded and humiliated, to kneel here before this gang of men who would prove to me how much lower than them I was, that I would allow them to do this to me.

More loads of cum shot on my back, and more cocks up my ass. I began to sweat, and channels of come ran cold down my sides. A hand reached across this, smearing it together, and then rubbed across my face. I moaned again, and more thoughts of this most convincing proof of my degradation spurred my mind on ever further. Always remember this moment, I thought to myself, always.

The party went on for a while after that, and then started to peter out altogether. I have no idea how many times I was actually fucked, or how many guys were there, but a few hours after it had started I lay there on the bed, drenched in come, with only one guy left in the room, laying beside me with three fingers up my throbbing ass, his heart beating strong against my chest. I jerked myself off and came thunderously, adding my own load to those on and around me. I felt purified by what I had done, as though a weight of great proportions had been lifted from me. The guy on the bed next to me kept his fingers up my ass, and sighed deeply. His own cock, having already come a couple of times, lay soft against my ass. I knew I had done what was right, what I needed more than anything to do.

I sighed myself, yawned deeply, and then closed my eyes. The debate as to whether or not to shower off took up no more than a couple of seconds before flickering out and falling off altogether as I fell into a deep sleep, taking the greatest comfort from both the fingers which remained up my ass, but the fact that when I woke up I would more than likely get fucked up the ass again.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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