I had to start a new work project quite far from home and so I went to the the place the day before and checked in into my hotel.

Starting my job the next day I wanted to have my head shaved bald again after about three months of hair growth on head and face. I'm quite experienced in shaving my head with a straight razor but I had never done it the way a head is shaved in India. I always get a hard-on when I watch that kind of shaving a head bald in videos on Youtube. They always start with wetting the hair and then shaving the wet hair off with a straight razor

I had a look at the bathroom in my hotel room and it was perfect for my plan, it had a big and comfortable bath where I could sit in and do my business watching myself in a mirror losing my hair and some of my sperm as well.

But first I started installing my laptop on the desk in my room. I switched to Youtube and went to the guy I had subscribed to with his Indian headshave videos. Before I started to watch the first video I took all my cloths off and sat naked in front of the screen.

As I started the first video my penis got hard and I took it in my hands and masturbated watching that guy getting his long dark wet hair shaved off from his head. That took about five minutes and when the guy in the video was done I was done as well and collected my sperm with both hands and rubbed it into my hair for the last time. I worked the sticky fluid all through my hair and slicked it back with my hands watching the next guy getting his head shaved bald.

After that the time had come to do a real job on me. I filled the bath with water and installed my video camera in the right position to take a video from shaving my head and having fun with myself.

Sitting in the bath then I took the hand shower and rinsed the sperm out of my hair and then I shampooed my hair and beard for a last time with lots of shampoo. My penis got thick and hard again and with all the shampoo on my head I laid back and masturbated again but I stopped before the next orgasm was about to come. I rinsed my hair clean and went through my wet hair in all directions with my fingers.

I opened the straight razor and put the blade on top of my head guiding it carefully backwards towards my neck. I felt my wet hair falling on my back and continued shaving all hair off from the back of my head. After a while all my wet hair covered my back and I laid back in the bath and put my head backwards under water.

Then I kneeled down in the bath and put my head forward under water and with my hands I felt the shaved back of my head and realised that it was all clean and well done. I came up again and my saw my long hair falling down in front of my eyes. I took the straight razor again and shaved the back of my head again but this time against the grain starting at my neck and going up to the top.

I dived under again and coming up I went through my remaining wet har with my hands and had a curtain of long wet hair in front of my eyes. Now I continued shaving my head from the top towards my forehead and I saw my wet hair falling down in front of me into the water. Soon the top of my head was shaved as well and now only the tricky parts around my ears were left to be shaved.

This took a little longer but it also worked well and now I saw my shaved head and the full beard I still had in the mirror. I rinsed my shaved head with the hand shower and had one more go with the straight razor this time shaving my whole head against the grain to make it perfectly smooth.

Now all my hair was swimming on the surface of the water and I dived under again and got up out of the water. My whole body was now covered with the hair I had shaved off from my head. Now I was standing in the bath covered with my hair and masturbating again. I turned the shower on and rinsed my head and body continuing masturbating until all hair had gone from my head and body.

I turned the camera off and emptied the bath and all my hair went down the toilet where my beard also should go the next morning. I wanted to spend the night with a shaved head and a long beard and went to bed. Touching my shaved head with my hands my penis got erected again and this time I masturbated until I got my orgasm and the sperm shooting out found its last rest on my shaved head and I fell asleep with my penis in my hands.

The next morning I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror and took the clipper to shave my beard off. I shaved it down to a three day beard and then I put shaving cream on my head and shaved it again with a normal razor. I had the razor in one hand and my penis in the other and shaving and masturbating was done simultaneously until my head was clean shaved and my sperm shot into the sink.

Then I went down for breakfast and an hour later I was at my new working place. The people there did obviously like my look as much as I did and walking back to my hotel after work I masturbated again a little putting my hand into one pocket of my trousers. Arriving at my hotel room I watched the next Indian headshave video being naked, head shaved and masturbating. The climax came when I watched my own video where I shampooed my hair and then shaved my head completely bald and with another orgasm I fell to bed.



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