Over the past few months I've been talking to this guy online He said His name was Jaden and he was 2 years younger than me. He sent me a lot of pics and I sent him some too. Eventually he wanted to meet me. When he started bugging me about that I kind of got concerned. you know like what if he was sending me fake pictures what if he's a woman with a dick what if he's a psycho murderer? He told me he lived near a nice hotel and that was where we should meet up. Here was our conversation over text.

Wednesday Night:

Jaden: ***************** thats the address of the hotel near my house. On Saturday night you can drive down there I'll be waiting in room for you.

Me: Are you sure we should do this?

Jaden: Yes I really like you and I want to actually hang out with you.

Me: ok ok

Friday Night:

Me: Im set for tomorrow night, you got a room yet? What number? and what time do u want me to meet you?

Jaden: yes 203 and meet me around 8 my parents are going away for the weekend so its cool.

Me: perfect I'll see you tomorrow!

Saturday night:

Me: are you in the room?

Jaden: yes im ready for u

I went up to the the 2nd floor looking for 203... 200 201 202 finally 203 I knocked on the door

"Jaden its Ace" I said very close to the door.

Jaden opened the door and I just looked at him for a few seconds. He was exactly what his pictures looked like. Kinda tall for his age skinny, short blonde hair blue eyes smooth skin. damn. "get the hell in here" he said walking back into the room. He was wearing loose shorts and a grey tank top undershirt. He got on his bed and gestured for me to sit next to him. He was watching some show I've never seen before.

"want some food?" he asked pulling out the room service menu.

"tell ya what" i said "You pick something out and I'll order it from the restaurant downstairs and bring it up to you."

he smiled at me "sounds good" he picked what he wanted and I went down, ordered waited and brought the food back up to the room. I was gone a good 30 minutes. He gave me a key to the room so i could get back in by myself. I put the key in the slot and opened the door...

"they didn't have coke it was pepsi" i said walking in. I put all the stuff on the table turned around to see an empty bed. He was in the shower. I knocked on the door "get in here" he said i walked in and started to quietly take off my clothes. i opened the shower curtain from the back and walked in i was truly amazed at his toned body, it looked so much better in person than in the pictures. I pressed my not so hard dick against his ass and wrapped my hands around his waist. he turned his head and then his whole body so our dicks were rubbing on each other, i was getting harder and harder... he grabbed my face and started kissing me. passionately our tongues flopping in each others mouths. he stopped to turn the water off. we dried off and ate our food which took us about an hour. He put the show he was watching back on. I kinda thought it was cool after a while of it being on. He finally turned it to Pay-per-view he had ordered. It was amateur gay porn. Very young gay boys. I instantly got hard. I took my pants off and started Jerking off.

" what the hell do you think you're doing?" he said "get the hell in my bed and take everyothing off you have me you don't need your damn hand.." i did what he told me, i took off my shirt and pants and slipped into his bed and layed next to him. we spooned for a while I had to get things started. I reached over and grabbed his dick which was so hard it was throbbing, I turned him on his back and got on top of him just griding on his sexy body. our dicks rubbing around each other. I started to kiss his neck i loved the way he quietly moaned when I went harder I slowly moved down on him to his nipples and then his belly button...

what happens next? you'll have to wait to see!




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