This is my first story. Hope you guys like it. This is a true story but all the names have been changed for privacy.

"Hey my parents are getting some award for work and theyre at a hotel in new york for the weekend, Ashley is staying at my aunts too, im here, wanna come over for the weekend?" I read that text to my self getting so excited that I would finally spend 2 nights let alone one at Jacks house. Even though his house was small, in a small quiet neighborhood i was just so happy to be with him. He was the hottest guy i knew. Not overly tall but not too short, light tan swimmers body.

When i got there he was in a hoodie and sweat pants laying on the couch watching an episode of Friends. "Hey come on in sit wherever" he said. I used to come to his house all the time. So i knew where everything was."did you bring a bathing suit?" He asked.

"No why would i?"

"We got a hot tub last year. No sweat you can borrow some of mine follow me" he got up and started walking to his room, i followed right behind him, he opened up a drawer pulled out two swim shorts. Took off all of his clothes and just stared at me. "Are you gonna change?"

"Oh ya" i had a semi hard on and i didnt want him to see so i jist turned around. He didnt say anything til we got in.

"These are way too tight, you mind if i take em off? Jack knew i was gay, and was totally ok, but i didnt think he was THIS okay with it.

"Sure,ill take mine off too"

We threw our shorts out on the deck. It was really dark out the only light was coming from in the house. "

"We can turn the light on in the hottub if you want."

"Nah dude i dont care" truthfully i didnt want to see my dick and how hard it was.

The automatic light turned off in the house so i really couldnt see anything anymore. I heard the water sash a little and i felt something on my knee. I looked down to see it was Jacks. "Ive always wanted to do this" he whispered. He slowly moved his hand up my thigh and grabbed my shaft and started playig with it.

He grabbed my face and kissed me Jacks phone started to ring. For some reason he put it on speaker "hey whats up sean?" He asked

"Yo i heard youre alone Im on my way"


I got bummed thinking our fun was over. He hopped out and didnt say a word. When he got back in he didnt have time to say anything because the doorbell rang.

"What the fuck are you doing get the hell in here dumbass" he yelled. I was gonna put my shorts back on but Jack didnt so it didnt matter. He cam through the door butt naked.

"Oh..." He stopped when he saw me."you said you were alone"

He just stood there.

"This is Dylan, hes cool!" He winked at sean.

"Well why the hell didnt you say that before?"

He said as he was gretting in. Jack and Sean started making out right in front of me they got ontop of each other grinding on each otherwithout saying anything they went inside and i kind of figured what they were doing from the moans and groans. Thats fucking great im by myself. Until Sean came out and yelled "are you fucking coming"

I bolted into the house excited, i saw jack layin on the couch i didnt even think, i jumped onto him and started making out with him. He grabbed my ass tight and kissed me harder. I just then felt something pushing against my tight asshole, sean! I let it happen! Jack slid up his dick to my face and ordered me to start sucking. I sucked him off, he came in my mouth! 10 spurts of warm cum sliding down my throat, "OH SHIT IM CUMMING!" I yelled sean pulled out

"Mee too!" He turned me over and stroked his dick until he came all over my chest and face right at that moment i came too! I dont think ive ever came that much ever. We all fell asleep on each other. The next morning we woke up and started all over again.




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