One night I was having trouble sleeping due to the fact that I was extremely horny. I had decided to just watch some porn and jack off when I received a message on Grindr. I opened it and it read, “Hey what’s up man? Are you looking?”. I was a bit skeptical about this user because his picture looked too good to be true and because the message came in at 1 am.

“Is that really you in the picture?” I asked.

“of course, why wouldn’t it be?” he replied.

“Idk…just asking. You look fucken hot haha”

“Thanks ;) we live really close to each other, Want to come over?”

The picture showed a 24-year-old guy standing in his bathroom shirtless, showing his amazingly well built muscular body. Having really nice muscular pecs, huge arms, a well-defined v-muscle, light skin with light brown hair. I was getting even more horny from just looking at his picture and the thought of him wanting to meet up.

*Message received*

“Are you coming or nah?” he asked.

“where do you live?”

He sent his location from an app feature and it shocked me when I saw that we were practically neighbors. He lived in the apartment building next to mine.

“yeah I will be over there in a bit”

I got ready as quick as I could, not being able to believe I was doing this. Sneaking out at this time to go see someone I just met. I did not even ask for pictures. I figured I can come back if he was a cat fish.

“Sweet!” he replied. “**** that’s the pin to main entrance, my door number is ***. My door will be open, just walk in. I am going to shower really quick.”

“Alright, I am on my way”

Next thing you know I was in front of his door. I was nervous at this point. Wanting to turn back but then looked at his picture again and thought “Dang I really hope it is actually him”. I slowly opened the door and nervously walked in. I heard the shower and walked towards it, leading me in his bathroom. I got excited when I saw that his bathroom looked just like the bathroom in the picture.

I stepped right in and turned to the shower. There I saw the most perfect body outline I had ever seen. I stood paralyzed staring at a 5’11” muscular god. Stood still looking at this thick legs with a round bubble butt just moving around. When he turned to the side I noticed his huge thick cock, it must have been 8.5 inches with a big sac of balls. I was so horny at this point.

I did not tell him I was there and got scared when he turned off the water. I thought he would get mad for just walking in, even though he told me to.

“oh shit! You scared me haha” he said, as he opened the shower door and started to step out.

 “haha sorry”

“Well since you are here already I just need to dry up. I don’t need clothes haha”

He dried up and we heading to his room.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

“nah” I replied.

 I couldn’t help but look down at his cock. He noticed I looked down at it and grabbed it. He started swinging it and just slapping it around. He walked towards me and stated to slap it against me. I looked up at him and put my hand near his cock, slowly grabbing it. Oh my god! That is a feeling I will never forget. His cock was so long and thick and when I grabbed it, it felt soft and I simply loved how it felt on my hand. It made me hands look small. I looked at him and he let out an attractive smile.

“It’s all yours” he said.

I began stroking his cock and sucking on his nipples and he began to moan. His moan just turned me on even more. I couldn’t believe I had this guy right in front of me. Most of all, I couldn’t believe how he was letting play around with him.

I continued to suck on his nipples and playing with his pecs while stroking his cock. His moan was light but I loved hearing it. I began to slowly work my way down to his huge cock. I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly started sucking down his shaft.

“ohhh fuck! Your mouth feels so good”

I started to feel his dick getting really hard in my mouth. After a while of sucking up and down his shaft he began to fuck my face. Later he asked if he can fuck me. Of course I said yes. I really wanted his dick inside me.

I laid on back on his bed and he slowly began to craw over me.

“Don’t worry, I will go in slow.”

He picked up my legs and I began to feel the tip of his cock touch my hole. It was already feeling fucken good.

“Let me know how you feel alright” he said.

“Fuck it feels so good already” I replied.

Slowly he began pushing his cock inside me. Every push let out a small moan out of me.

“Ahh fuck yeah! Your ass feels so tight!” he moaned.

He began lifting me up more and began increasing his pushing. In no time started fucking my ass.

“Ahh fuck!!!”

Loud moans were coming out of him. I couldn’t help but stare at his face expressions, showing the pleasure. His cock was fiercely going in and out of me and his moans only increased.

“Fuck boy! Your ass feels so good. Ahhh!”

“Yeah? You cock feels so good, It’s so thick”

“You like it?” he asked. As he began to pound my ass.

“Fuck yeah! Keep fucking me hard”

“Yeah boy? Want my dick deeper in your ass?”

*Began to fuck me even harder*

I could see all his upper body muscles flexing and he grabbed me and fucked me so hard. The feeling was amazingly good. His pounding was so vigorous I would go unconscious at times.

“Fuckkk yeah!!!” He moaned loudly.

We fucked for almost an hour.

“Ahhh I am going to cum!” he cried out.

He pulled out and shot the biggest load I’ve seen all over my chest and stomach. I moaned as I began to cum as well and right after that he shot another big load.

“Fuck you cum a lot” I said with a smile.

“I know haha. Like it?”

“It’s fucken hot”

We headed to the shower and continued the fun. In there I had the chance of touching his body and I will never forget how good everything felt.

At the end of everything I headed home. He thanked me for coming over and gave me his number.

“We are practically neighbors; we should do this often” he said.

“For sure. I will text you”

“Alright cool, I will be waiting for the next time I get to make love to your tight ass” he said with a wink.



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