Another one of my favorite all time experience.

I had moved to the big city for a summer internship when I was 21. I had started having sex with guys the year before and I was kind of going a bit crazy experimenting. I am a tall, slim, smooth, cute with short dark brown hair and a bottom. I had found out that there is a gay cruising area at the park nearby from my apartment and it picked my interest. During the summer,  I started going there in my evenings to get some sucking action. It was a hit or miss but I enjoyed the walk and had nothing to lose. 

T was a hot summer night, I went out wearing shorts, tank top , sneakers and a cap and brought a bottle of water.At first I didn't see anyone and it appeared quiet. I walked deeper in the paths  and saw a man standing in an area blocked of by a fallen tree. He was looking at me too as I got closer he was rubbing his crotch. I was curious so I got closer, he pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it slowly while looking at me. "Hey kid, are you looking to suck a big dick tonight:' he asked me. His cock looked bigger by now and I started to feel very horny for it. I sad yes, got closer to him and started stroking his cock slowly. It was very thick, uncut and probably over 8"."you like big dicks do you?' Fuck ya' I whispered and got on my knees, turned my cap backwards and stared at it before I started sucking it. It was unusual that guys would talk there but he did and I didn't mind it. 

My mouth was wide open as I took about 3/4 of it in until the head hit the back of my throat, and began sucking back and forth. 'Good job, you know how to suck a big cock, you must be hungry cocksucker'. He was assertive but friendly for an anonymous park encounter. He held the back of my head while I went up and down on his hard thick shaft, now shiny with precum. It was so thick I was not able to take it too deep down my throat but loved the taste of it and how it felt in my hand.   I was getting quite turned on by the whole thing. After a little more of sucking he said "I want to fuck your pretty boy ass, you want it don't you? I had been thinking of getting fucked by it when I started sucking so I was more than up for it. I was getting into getting fucked by thick cocks more and more so I said quietly 'Fuck yeah' I said, kind of bluffing over my fear of not being able to take it good and hard the way I like it. I got up, turned around and pulled my jeans cutoffs to my ankles. He came behind me, he had a sex kit, he played with my ass and lubed it up and stretched it softly. I was bent over a fallen tree with one leg up exposing my hole, antipating a lot of pain. He soon put the head of his now rock hard cock against my hole and started pushing it in slowly but steadily.  It was intense at first but my ass soon relaxed and he picked up the pace to a steady pounding the more I opened up. His cock has gotten even bigger and wider and filled and stretched me to the max. He got to a hard fuck as I was feeling his hips bumping against my ass,  

His big hands holding my hips tight. I could the head hitting deep inside as the thick base stretched to the max when he was all the way in. It got to a point where it was just effortlessly sliding in and out, giving me a long solid pounding for quite a while.  He  said he was about to cum and wanted to feed me his big load "I know you are hungry for it', he pulled out to face me to shoot his load all over my face and inside my mouth as I took it to have him finish and kept on sucking to squeeze the last drops of what seemed to be a powerful orgasm. "Very nice boy, you are a sexy fuck" he said in a more subdued tone than before. "I think you still have more work to do here" he said looking at two guys stroking their cocks a few feet away that had been watching us. 

 I was still down catching my breath from swallowing that big cum blast, my ass open and dripping lube when they got closer I grabbed their hard cocks and stroked them slowly. They had nice cocks too, 7-8", one cut, one very thick and the other average. I looked up at them, they were tall, good build guys, wearing caps and probably late 30'-early 40s. I was still horny from what just happened and got into sucking after I took a sip of water.  I was loving to suck them at the same time, stroking, sucking and stuffing together in my mouth. They were more low key than the man who fucked, pushing my face on their cocks. I was not sure if they wanted to do more like fuck me. It looked they just wanted to get sucked off. I picked up the pace to bring them closer to shooting their loads. it wasn't too long that one guy started to moan and held my face in front of him until he shot across my face, in my mouth and chest. I was so turned on I barely caught my breath when the other blasted another big load on my face and mouth. I savoured their cummy cocks together briefly before they zipped up and walked away. 

The first guy was still watching and said 'good boy, see you around'. I put my shorts back on, took off my tank top to wipe all the on my face neck and headed home. I was so excited about that scene, I couldn't stop thinking about it. When I got home, I found a piece of paper in my pocket that said 9X7 and a number. Now I knew how big it was! I played with my soft ass while I jerked off in the shower. I waited only 3-4 days before messaging him. We started to meet regularly. The sex was amazing and we met at his place or the park. He totally broke me in and I couldn't get enough.!

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