It was a cold dark December evening when I arrived at the home of my close freinds just before 5 PM. The couple welcomed me and gave me a hot rum drink. About 5:30 PM, their children and grandchildren arrived as we exchanged greetings and hugs. The last one to greet me was the grandson Asher, a 23-year-old college senior. He embraced me putting his hands around my neck as I put my hands around his back. It was not the normal hug. He pulled me in close and tight unil there was not enough room between our bodies even for a string of thread.  Holy shit, as our crotches met, I felt his cock began to grow until it was rock hard that caused me to become aroused.  Fortunately we were in the entryway. He held on to me for an abnormal amount of time and as I felt his warm breath on my face, he whispered in my ears: "Mick, you look so handsome tonight and you have that Christmas spirit glowing on your face. I've not seen you in several months. You get more good looking ever time I see you. Maybe you and I can go to a movie after dinner while the old folks snuggle up to the fireplace.

As my cock stiffened, I knew Asher was coming on to me for the first time. He was not sure about my sexual preferences. I was a shy 30-year-old bachelor and virgin who had never dated either women or men. I was a PE instructor at the local high school.

Asher was not a hunk but he was cute. He stood five-feet and 11-inches tall, weighed 150 pounds, coal black hair and deep brown eyes, really sexy smile and had a great personality. Unlike me, he was an experienced gay man.

During college, I'd been both a soccer player and on the golf team. I've remained in good shape working out daily. I stand 6-feet, weigh a slim 160 pounds, curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes, rather ribbed body, puckering lips and I have a contagious personality.

Asher sat next to me at dinner and seemed unable to stop flirting. Although he acted like it was an accident and said sorry man, he kept using his leg to rub hard against my leg.

Every since I was around 14 years old, I had known I was gay. Women did not turn me on. But I was so deep into the closet no one had an isdea about my sexual preferences. They just thought I was too shy to ask a woman for a date. I did not have any physical or verbal indications that I was gay. This wonderful family often invited me to dinner to meet one of their lady friends. I also was actually mortified when I thought how I would perform if I ever had a date with a guy. I had become convinced that I would die as an old man never having sex with another person just satisfying myself watching adult gay videos and masturbating to my hearts content.

After dessert and another hot rum, I noticed that Asher had become restless and eager to leave for the movie when he said to his mother: "Mom, I've asked Mick to go to the movies with me tonight. Can we help with the dishes before we take off?"

"Oh no honey. You two go ahead as we have a house full of people to clean up," his mother said.

"Mother, the movie is vey long and I don't want to wake you and father so I'll just spend the night with Mick at his condo if that is OK Mick?"

Sure of course that will be fine," I said.

I volunteered to drive. As we pulled out of the driveway, I was taken back, actually shocked, when Asher moved over close touching me and without asking grabbed my crotch and began to feel me up. I became instantly horny and never more excited as Asher was the first man to ever touch me in a sexual way. He had the most smooth long fingers and he sure knew how to use them. He ran those fingers up and down my now swollen throbbing cock outline that pressed hard against the fiber in my pants. 

My mind began to race as I thought: "Would I actually have sex with Asher tonight? Would he suck my cock? Would he ask me to suck his cock? Could I satisfy him? Would he want to fuck me? I began to sweat profusely and chill bumps ran up my spine. I felt a chill but was so horny. But if I was going to have man sex, I was so glad it was Asher, as we had been friends for years. 

When Asher felt my cock become stone hard, he became encouraged. Holy fuck, he gave me one of his solicitous huge grins and said: "Well Mick buddy, you actually like for me to play with that cock, don't you? Fuck, your cock is now as hard as mine. Can I unzip your pants, locate your hard leaking cock, pull it out and see it hard for the first time and stroke it while you drive?"

At that point I'd became so horny and lusting after Asher, any hestitation I might have had melted away. With a nervous cracking voice, I said: "Yes, I guess so Asher, I'm really turned on. You're so hot and mischief. You must know that I've never had sex with anyone. You will be patient with me and show me what I should do?"

"OMG Mick, yea, I'll help you have a great time and the best orgasm of your life so far. Just relax. You'll love gay sex. How exciting it is for me to be your first gay lover."

He unzipped my pants, pulled out my stone hard dick and began to stroke my now leaking cock. His hand on my cock felt so much better than my own hand when I masturbated. As I glanced down to watch him jerk me off, I almost ran off the road. Fuck, this was not turning out to be a safe drive to the movie theater.

We arrived at the theater in one piece, took a wool blanket out of my car, bought our tickets, got some popcorn and drinks, and Asher insisted that we sat in the last row of the theater as it would be very private. The theater was only about one-third full as it was Christmas Eve. The film was Broke Straight Mountain as I noticed that most of the theater goers were hot guy couples.

When the lights went down, Asher immediately placed his hand under the blanket that was spread over both our laps, brought his hand over to my crotch and fuck he began to unzip my pants. He pulled my hard cock out of my shorts and I felt his hand full of salvia that he used to wet my cock shaft as he began to stroke my aching tool. The feel of his wet spit covered hand wetting my cock and running up and down that hard shaft of mine caused me to moan and let out very loud sounds  of pure pleasure. I was in heat and shit I did not care who heard me, I had to make loud sounds as I was so horny. I ignored the action on the big screen. We had just begun our own XXX rated show. I noticed several hot couples looked back at us with huge grins and gave us thumbs up. Before long there were many couples kissing and groping each other. The theater appeared to be turning into horny couples satisfying their raging lust for each other. I was sure that Asher and I had contributed to their horny conditions.

Asher was a pro at stroking my cock, as it was obvious that he had done this act many times before. As I came very near the edge, I asked him to stop but he simply ignored me. He was going to have me come right here in public. He even sped up his jacking my hard tool and he said: "Baby, sex in public is so awesome--enjoy it. I'm hard as  a rock like you. Shoot that big sticky load in the palm of my hand and then I want you to take care of my aching cock."

That did it as I felt my nuts tighten; my cock grew another half inch; and I experienced the ultimate pleasure of a wild orgasm. I coud not control myself as I beagn to yell: "Oh my god, Asher, here I come. Stroke my cock harder." With that loud broadcast of my orgasm, the fucking auditorium exploded into wild applause and I heard some of the guys shout, hey buddy how was that orgasm? I had emptied a huge load of my seed in Asher's palm. He removed his hand and shit, he licked all that cum out of his palm and swallowed ever bite of it.

I noticed that Asher was horny as hell after eating my salty cum and he was not about to stop without getting serviced himself. In heat with a loud voice, he said: "Fuck Mick that was some tasty semen of yours. I've been wanting to try your cum for a very long time. Fuck, you shot a monstrous load in my hand. I've never seen a guy with that big of a load before. If you shot that much semen into a woman's pussy, she would have had at least triplets."

Our horny condition and lust had been so overwhelming that not only had all the movie goers discovered what we had done but now knew who we were. It just struck me like a bolt of lightning, Holy Fuck, Holy shit, our animal lust and primordial urges had thrown me head first out of the closet. Now the entire town and Asher's family would now know that I was a fucking fag. But I did not care any more after this awesome sex. WOW, what a great feeling, I had fallen completely for man sex.

Then the unbelievable happened as Asher took the blanket and threw it on the theater isle; he stood up, pulled me up; began stripping me of all my clothes including my cum covered briefs until I was butt naked and he had me get down on the blanket on my back. Holy shit, here I was butt naked in front of all these stranger. Then Asher began to take all of his clothes off and throw them on the seats until he was in his birthday suit. Oh my god, his man meat was was as stiff as a flag pole and fuck I could not believe how big that cock was. Shit I discovered that he had a 9-inch cock with a huge shaft. I was going to get fucked by the huge cock in front of all these strangers.

But before I could panic, I was calmed when every gay couple in the theater got out in the aisle and fuck threw off all their clothes and one of the partners got down on the floor on their back and lifted their legs up on their chest and motioned for their partner to get down and drive that hard cock up their ass. I had never seen so many asses puckering begging for a cock. The guys ranged from redheads, blondes, brown haired dudes and coal black hair dudes as well as weighing from what was about 140 pounds to 200. These cocks also were from about 6-inches to maybe 9-inches. Before Asher came down on me, I counted a fucking 50 couples getting ready to fuck.

Although I knew this orgy type sex was not planned, the guys made their moves toward their fuck buddies ass as if it were a rehearsal fro a XXX play or movie.

There were three straight couples in the theater. They got up in disgust and headed for the exit. I heard them call us fags and immoral whores. They were going to demand a refund of their ticket money.

Then the hot action began, Asher, my buddy, got down between my spread legs and he began to kiss, lick and suck on my puckering virgin asshole. He drove me wild as I felt his tongue and lips suck my soft warm outer sphincter as I began to beg: "Oh Fuck, eat my ass. Holy shit you are good."

Asher rimmed my ass, as I bucked my ass up to meet his lips and tongue. My cock began to come alive again and stiffen as my ass was getting washed with Asher's hot tongue.

This appeared to be the signal for all the other sluts. Although I could not see them as Asher's body blocked my view, I heard them began to moan, breath rapidly and yell. I heard those big cocks pop those red cherries. The pounding of all those male pussies with big cocks had me lusting for Asher's huge tool. I did not have to wait long when Asher used his hard legs and hips to direct his flag pole to the entrance to my pussy. I felt him spit gobs of his salvia on my ass as lube. I felt a severe pain in my ass when his large cock head stretched my ass allowing his manhood to pop my cherry and soon his cock was all the way inside me. He began to slowly move his cock almost all the way out and then back deep into my ass. He hit my prostate with that hige wood that made me wild with lust.

The feel of the first man meat in my ass sent me into orbit as I beagn to quiver, spasm, waves of pleasure ran through my body, goose bumps went up my spine, chills covered me and as Asher began to be rough with his cock drilling my ass, I felt electric charges inside my ass, as well as his cock titillating ever inch of my man pussy. After some ten minutes of getting my ass drilled by that awesome cock, I felt Asher's cock head swell, pulsate, his body became rigid and I knew he was ready as he moaned and cried out: "Here I come you bitch." I felt spurt after spurt of his semen hit deep in my ass.

This must have set off all the other dudes as one after another of the hot guys said: "I'm coming. Now take my load you bitch, you slut, you whore.

The feel of all that cum loose and swimming around inside my ass and all that dirty talk from the guys caused me to shoot a huge load all over Asher's chest, face and mouth. He used his fingers to pull his cum out of my ass and fed me the salty ropey seed. I than licked my cum off his chest and face and fed it to him. The other guys were busy collecting up all that cum and feeding their fuck buddies all that protein.

The theater was a huge mess and the smell of of gallons of cum and sweaty bodies were awesome. We all put on out rather cum stained clothes and left as we gave each other high fives for such a performance. This had to be some type of record for public sex by so may hot guys.

As we got into the car still smelling of cum, Asher planted hot kisses on my lips and said: "Well baby, that was just the start of the evening. Just wait to we get to your condo. You're in for a hot night of fucking."

As chills ran up my body, I could hardly wait to see what Asher had in mind. Man fuck, gay sex is great.

The final chapter--Part 2 to follow soon


Naughty Eric


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