As an active 29-year-old gay man, I'd been visiting this particular gay bar for several years and especially on the weekends. The bar was always filled with gorgeous hot gay studs drinking, making out on the dance floor, sucking cock in the rooms with glory holes and picking up hot dudes for a night of sex by at their apartments. As an active 29-year-old horny gay dude, I'd enjoyed hot sex with some really gorgeous men over the years that I'd met at this bar.

But on this particular Friday night about six months ago, I experienced the roughest, hottest and best sex of my young life. I arrived after a long day on the job as a steel worker on the construction of a 15-story commercial building. I'd rushed home, showered and downed a pizza before arriving at around 7 PM. I was especially horny as I'd not had any man sex for three weeks.

When I arrived the bar was packed with very horny and hot gay guys. Man the room smelt of wild hormones running wild. I was in luck. Guys weer dancing, fondling their buddies crotch, unzipping their dance partner's zipper and running their hands inside and coming and going from the rooms with glory holes. Wow, some of the guys came from the rooms with big cum rings on their pants. It was very hot and sexy. I instantly sprouted a rock hard cock showing through my very tight jeans.

I went up to the bar, took a stool and ordered a Miller light beer as I talked with Jack, the big rough bar tender. He and I had fucked several times over the past four years. Jack had a sexy rough face, several tattoos, huge arms, chest and legs. He had a monstrous sized 11-inch cock that had found its way into my ass many times. He was a super fuck.

After drinking for about 30-minutes and groped by several hot guys who came up to the bar, I was needing to piss and of course get my nuts off before the night was over. As a bottom bitch, I needed a hot man's cock up my ass canal. There were lots of guys to choose from at some point. But my immediate need was to piss after drinking all those beers. However there was such a long line to the bathroom, I just slipped out the back door to the ally and began relieving myself.

When finished and beyond horny, I began to jack off. I'd masturbate and then get laid later. Soon my 8-inch cock was as rigid as a flagpole and I began to jack harder and harder. But in my lust, I'd failed to see two rough bad and huge dudes enter the ally from the bar.

When they caught me jacking off, they rushed over and threw me up against the side of the brick wall at the back of the bar. I could see that they were two huge sons of a bitch. One of the guys was a tall African-American cowboy type standing around 6-feet and 3-inches and looked to weigh about 220 pounds. He was one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen---Mr. America type. He had a strong face and several tattoos on his arms. His buddy was a tall red head pro wrestler looking guy standing around 6-feet and maybe 5-inches. He weighed around 230 pounds. Man, these were a man's men. This was turning to be my lucky night.

Although I had an impressive 8-inch cock, I was not match for these hunks and their tools. I stood 5-feet and 11-inches, weighed a hard 195 pounds, muscled body as a steel worker, blond hair and blue eyes. 

Without saying anything, they took off my shirt, lowered my pants and briefs and pinned my back up against the side of the building. They then lowered their pants and briefs revealing horse sized rock hard cocks. The dudes began rubbing my face and licking my nipples. Soon they were taking turns plunging their hot and wet tongues deep into my throat. I had never been so turned on as they again took turns plunging their crotches into my crotch and humping me as we all oozed pre-cum on my pubic hair. My erect cock was bouncing up and down ready to spew my seed if they did not stop. My entire body began to shiver and goose bumps ran up my spine. I'd never been more aroused and desiring a man's cock inside me. Yea, two big cocks to serve me. 

I could not believe what came out of my mouth next: "Oh shit, oh fuck, you bad dudes are so hot. Use me, fuck me and give me those e horse cocks. How big are those dicks? Yea, I'm yours to suck and fuck."

The red head responded: "Yea, we know you are a bitch and a cum whore.  Jack told us how good of a lay you are. He said you had the best man pussy around here and that it was well used. I'll give you my 10-inch cock and my buddy will fuck you with his big black 11-inch cock. You will walk funny for a week. Jack had us follow you to the ally. He said you would go wild as a willing fuck buddy. We've been waiting for weeks to fuck that ass just like Jack had done. Tell us how bad you want our cocks."

"Yea, man, I'm a bitch, a fucking whore and a cum slut. Take me right here in the ally. I want both of you to fuck me until I cannot walk. Give me those big man hoods. Let me have all your man seed, fuck me raw. Jack knows how much I love cock up my ass."

These two 40-year-old bad guys were not interested in any foreplay nor was I. They were ready to fuck me on the spot. The big dark haired stud took his huge hands, put them on my shoulders, turned my face into the wall, used his feet to spread my legs far apart and he slammed my body hard up against the wall leaving my exposed ass ready for his big black cock. He placed my arms above my head, held them there, used his hard hips to push his giant cock to the entrance to my ass. I felt like he was ripping holes in my ass walls as he plunged his monstrous dick all the way into my guts. The huge cock felt like a batting ram splitting me apart. The rough fuck had no lube to make the moving of his cock in and out easier. I had to just bear the pain.

In the meantime, his red headed buddy was using his tongue to lick up and down the side of my face. The two dudes smelt like two boxers who had gone 15 rounds. The smell was so intoxicating. We all three were sweating like dogs in heat.

Soon the pain went away and was replaced by the most sensuous experience as I felt the big black cock sliding in and out of my ass while his whole sweaty body was soaking me from head to toe. I was delirious with pleasure for this bear of a man to fuck me all night. He must have fucked me for some 15 minutes before I begged: "Oh shit, oh holy fuck, give me that horse cock. Do not stop. Tear my ass up and make me beg for more. Make room for your buddies cock. I want you both."

The dirty talk caused the redhead to reach under my crotch and began the roughest jacking off of my dick I'd ever experienced. I could not believe how erotic it was having my ass fucked by that big black cock as it drove in and out with such force while his buddy was giving me such a rough jacking off of my cock. He knew what it meant to have a terrific masturbation by another guy. Would I survive the night? What a way to go.

All at once, I thought I felt that huge cock swell even more in my ass. The big cock shaft began to feel like it was contracting. Not long after that feeling, the giant of a man gave one more hard fast thrust of his hard cock deep inside me. Oh hell, his cock blasted what seemed like a gallon of semen deep in my ass. How long had it been since he had dumped his huge load of cum? As he pulled out, a gushing of warm cum came pouring out of my ass and down my legs. The smell was awesome.

The big redhead took his buddies place keeping my body up tight against the wall. He followed his buddies' lead as he drove his throbbing cock all the way into my guts. It seemed that his big cock went in much easier because my ass had already been ripped opened by his buddies huge and monstrous tool.

As he began to violently fuck me, three hot young college frat men came out of the bar to enjoy the show. They had overheard my screams and pleas to be fucked harder. Soon they had unzipped their pants, took thir rock hard beautiful college frat cocks out and began jacking off while watching the big guy fuck me without any mercy. They became even more turned on when I began begging: "Oh, you hot fucking redhead, fuck me harder, give me that cock, make me pay. Damn it, I said fuck me hard. Yea, that is it, you fucker."

I heard one of the cute frat boys say as I recognized his voice from a few nights ago when he and I had sucked each other's dick in the restroom. He had very sweet cum---on of the best cum tastes I'd ever had. He said to his buddies: "Look at that fucking whore begging for more. He must have as asshole the size of a barn door to beg for that giant cock. Hell, I'd expire if attacked by such a huge rod. Yea, he has very fine tasting cum as I sucked his cock the other night. Man, he also is a great cock sucker."

Then one of his frat brothers said while jacking off: "And look at his buddies big black cock. It is still hard man after shooting his load up that whore's ass. Man, I'm horny as a bitch in heat."

The frat guys dirty talk so excited my fuck buddy that he went wild pounding my ass until he exploded with a huge hot load down my ass chute. It was a huge load. Again a river of cum spilled down my thighs. The cum aroma was so turning on all the guys.

Then a big surprise took place. One could call it a bonus. The two bad dudes placed my exhausted body on a nearby bench on my back and the black dude said to the frat boys: "Why don't you hot guys get your rocks ff by ejaculating on this whore's face that we just fucked?"

The one frat guy that I had sucked cock with several weeks before replied: "Yea, a great idea. The whore already knows how my semen taste when he sucked my dick and he loved it. By the way, he has good tasting cum also."

The three hot frat boys rushed over to the bench got on each side of my face and began wildly jacking off their cute young hard cocks. Soon all three guys released gobs of goo all over my face. Then one by one they thrust those beautiful young cocks down my throat as I milked then dry. I was covered in their cum. 

Then the cute frat guy that I had shared blowjobs with in the restroom a few weeks ago got down and took my cock down his throat. He sucked me as he had before. Man, he was a great cocksucker. Before long, I erupted with a huge load down his throat. The second time he had eaten my seed. We kissed and enjoyed the sweet hot lips.

I put on my clothes as did the other guys and went inside the bar for a beer. We still smelt of cum as the guys in the bar gave us a rousing cheers for sex well done. Severla guys asked me if they could fuck me the next weekend. I gladly agreed.


Naughty Eric


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