During my freshman year in college, I took law enforcement classes from then 34-year-old Professor Travis. He was about six-feet tall, weighed around 165 pounds, rock solid muscled hard body, pumped quads and calves, dusty blonde hair, light blue eyes, bulging biceps, sexy chiseled jaw, an almost hypnotic smile and from his always very tight pants one could notice a giant sausage even thou it was not fully erect.

I spent almost ever second in the class lusting after his body. Most nights I went home, jacked off and shot my load fantasying how hot it would be to get into the professor's pants. But I was too shy and cautious to ever make a move on this sexy mature man. Plus it was against college policy for a professor and one of his students to have sex.

In all modesty, I was and am a very attractive man. I stand 5-feet and 9-inches, weigh a slim 155 pounds, laced muscles from a daily workouts, built somewhat like a swimmer, soft brown eyes and hair, melon sized biceps, hard flat abs and strong calves. I do have a big package (9" cut cock) between my legs. Several gay men have come on to me but I've declined those advances because I'm both shy and very importantly I only wanted the professor and remained a virgin hoping for my day with the professor.

At age 24, I became a police officer in our city where I grew up, where I went to college and where Professor Travis lives and teaches.

After being on the police force for two years and then older at age 26, I'd gained some confidence about my sexuality. I developed a plan to seduce the now 42-year-old Professor Travis.

A few months ago, I was on patrol when I spotted the Professor's car a few blocks from his condo. Here was my chance to implement my risky plan. I turned on my patrol car's flashing lights and pulled the Professor over. I approached the car and said: "Sir, could I see your driver's licenses?"

"Yes Officer, did I do something wrong? Hell, it is you Randy. Am I about to get a ticket from one of my former students or is it something else? Look man, wow, you have a huge tent in that hot policeman's pants. Look at that donkey sized cock that is about to rip a hole in those pants. You have a hard on, don't you?"

"Oh Hell, Professor, you have found me out at last. I've been lusting after you for over 8 years or since I was a freshman in your class. I admit I've been planning for years for this moment. My shift is just ending. Could I come over to your place?"

"Well Randy, I figured out you were gay the first day you were in my class and noticed how you starred at my crotch constantly. You were not very good at hiding your lust for me. You made me so horny with that lustful starring and yes you are such a hot dude. I get hard as hell ever time I think of you. I could not move on you because i was your professor. But now that you are no longer my student but a big police officer, yea come with me to my condo. By the way, just look what you have done. You have semen stains on those police pants. Will you be able to clean those?

"Oh shit, you are right, look at those cum stains. I bet the cleaner will have a big problem getting rid of those. What am I going to do?"

We drove over to the Professor's place and parked the cars in his driveway, went into the condo, down the hall and into his master bedroom.

"Professor Travis, you are under arrest. Strip naked so I can give you a full body search so I can see if you've got any dangerous weapons on you. It looks like you have a huge pistol in your pants. Let me read you your constitutional rights."

"Thanks Officer, but I Know my rights and I was the one that taught you those rights. Yea, I do have a big 8.9" tool. what are you going to do about it? Do you have a search warrant for my house?"

"Listen bitch, get those clothes off now."

"OK OK Officer, here I'm now naked and are you satisfied?"

"Oh my god, Professor Travis, your body is far more beautiful than I'd imagined. Look at that monstrous thick rock hard cock and the smooth hairless body. I'm about to shot my wad just looking at this Greek god. Sir, get on the bed on your back. Here, I'm going to use my two pairs of handcuffs to fasten your wrists and hands to the headboard posts so I can do a full search of your sizzling hot body. There, I have you secured. I can now safely take off my gun belt and gun. But I still need to finish that full body search."

"Office Randy trust me, I'm unarmed. Be careful not to violate my constitutional rights."

As Professor Travis began to violently thrust his legs, feet and butt up and down, I noticed that he was in some wild animal heat and yea his cock had grown to its full 8.5 inches and was oozing that shinny white pre-cum. Man I had him totally turned on and he was now my bitch.

"Professor, I'm afraid you are still carrying a deadly weapon. Your huge cock looks like it is loaded with a full cartridge of white bullets. I'm going to have to use my lips and wet mouth to empty that gun of all those bullets; otherwise, you might at any moment let that big cock spray those bullets all over my police uniform."

"Well Officer, I lied to you. Yea, my gun is fully loaded with those magic bullets of white creme and has not been shot for several days and cleared of those bullets. I give up. Take those bullets out. Do you want to suck them out?"

I then took my police baton and began to rub it all over the professor's body as he became wild with animal lust for me. I made him suck on it, I teased his ass crack with it and ran it across his pulsating cock. He began begging me to suck and fuck him. He began to moan with pure carnal lust. He obviously wanted me to devour him. And I certainly was ready to do so since I'd waited for 8 years for this moment.

Because my uniform had so turned on the Professor, I kept it on as I began to make love to him. I got on the bed, placed my legs on each side of his shoulders, sat down on his chest, slowly unzipped my policeman's uniform pant's fly, pulled out my now swollen throbbing 9-inch cock, placed my pre-cum covered cock head against his sexy wet lips and gradually used my cock to part his pink lips as I drove my tool all the way to the back of his hot throat. Professor Travis began to suck my cock with intense pressure with his lips and tongue.

I became so horny that I lifted my butt off his chest, got on my knees on each side of his body and used that position to fuck the hell out of his watering mouth and huge gobs of saliva that wet my cock. As I power drilled his mouth, Professor Travis began to gag from the force of my driving hard cock so deep into his throat. As I continued to pile drive my cock deep in his mouth, Travis used his hands to push my briefs and pants deep into my ass crack. Hell, my eight year lust for the Professor had been well worth the wait. Getting my first blowjob on my cock was so awesome.

I face fucked Travis for the longest time. I'd never felt such intense feelings in my cock. WOW, it was terrific. This intense feeling was so powerful that I had no ability to pull my cock out as I felt my semen gathering in my nuts for a fast trip up my cock shaft. The erotic sense of an oncoming orgasm had never been this intense before---it was a feeling of pure animal urges. I had to blast my load right at that moment.

My warm cum came rushing out of my piss slit as a gusher. The Professor swallowed as much of the huge load as he could manage with the remaining jism flowing out of his sensuous mouth, down onto his thick red lips and down on his chin and chest, The smell was so intoxicating.

When I was finally spent, I pulled my still semi-hard cock out of his mouth, licked my warm salty cum off his chest and chin, spit part of it into his mouth, kissed him to share the cum and finally had him suck my cock clean of the cum residue.

Then I put my wet lips firmly stretched around his fresh meat and began a blowjob of this hot mature man's cock. I sucked him fast and hard as he grunted and groaned in pleasure. He gave me his sticky salty pre-cum that added to my wild sucking of his manhood. I felt like some wild beast that had found his prey and it was a big cock as a trophy.

The wild way that I sucked his cock caused him not last long before he exploded with a torrent of his seed to the back of my throat with a stream of sticky cum. It was so much that at least half of it ran out of my mouth and poured all over my police uniform. Now I was really in a fix. this might be the end of my police career. Oh well, this was so fantastic.

"Oh Hell, Officer Randy, this was a hell of great sex. I'm now hungry. How about you? Although we've had our protein, I sure could use a pizza. Shall we ordered one?"

I took off the handcuffs, we went to the living room, ordered a pizza and decided in our still horny condition to watch a XXX Gay flick waiting for the pizza. Professor Travis was still naked and I remained in my cum stain uniform as we sat close together on the sofa and began to get hard again watching the hot gay flick. Man the sex odors were so wonderful.

When the doorbell rang, I went to the door because Professor Travis was totally naked. As I opened the door, I had forgotten that my cock was still out of my fly and now hard again. Also there were lots of cum stains on my uniform. The very handsome 19-year-old ginger headed pizza boy's mouth flew open from the scene and he began to stutter. "Ahhhhh, Sir, Ahhhhh, Sir, here is your pizza!! It will be Ahhhh, Ahhhh $20.00."

I saw his face was then blood red or flushed and he was somewhat in shock as well as speechless. He also spotted Professor Travis on the sofa completely naked sprouting a huge hard on. The XXX gay flick had just reached a point when two guys began to shoot a massive load of cum.

I tried to ease the tension and said: "Oh shit, I'm sorry young man. I forgot that my cock was out of my pants. Do you mind coming in and let me get the money for the pizza and your tip. Yea, we are two hot fags going at it. So sorry if we offended you."

The young man came in and shit I noticed that he was developing a big tent in his pizza pants. It was growing and trying to escape. In fact, his pants were moving from his big cock throbbing. Hell, what if he wanted to join us. Yea, this hot pizza twink would add so much steamy heat to our growing lust. I decided to make a move.

"Young man, I'm Officer Randy and this is my new fuck buddy Professor Travis. It is obvious we are having hot man sex. I can see that you are really turned on. Would you like to join us for some fun?'

Then I noticed a look of shock on both Professor Travis face and the pizza boy. What was going on?

Then Professor Travis nervously said: Hi Derec. How are you? I hope you will keep this secret."

Even more of a surprise to me was when the pizza boy said: "Hi Professor Travis, how are you?"

I asked: "what in the hell is going on?"

The pizza boy said: "I'm majoring in law enforcement and I was in Professor Travis' classes last year as a freshman. I guess I can now admit that I've had a crush on the hot Professor Travis from the first day in his classes."

"Cone on, no way Derec. You shit me," I said.

"No Randy, he was in my classes last year and he had that same look of lust for me last year just as you did 8 years ago."

"Shit, Shit, you could not knock me over with a feature," I responded.

Then Derec said to me: "Officer Sir, I'm a virgin but have wanted so bad to have sex with the Professor and you are also so hot. I know I'm gay. This must be the most lucky delivery I've ever made. You too have me horny as hell and I'm about to come in my pants just looking at your hot bodies and those incredible cocks. Yea, I ant to have sex with both of you."

We three ate the pizza and then went back to the bedroom with aching leaking cocks.

I took off my cum stained police uniform while Derec removed his pizza uniform. WOW, Derec had a very light skinned hot body covered in freckles and at least an 8-inch smooth cock. While Derec stood, spread his legs far apart to give us a better entrance to his ass and cock, Travis knelt down behind Derec and I got down in front. I grabbed the base of his leaking cock, put my lips firmly stretched around his fresh young meat, sucked the head and began to take the big wood to the back of my throat. Soon I was deep throating his manhood.

At the same time, Professor Travis began to lick and suck his white hairless ass. As I gave him a hot blowjob, Travis was wild rimming his virgin ass. Derec began to thrust back and forth to meet my mouth and Travis sucking his ass. We devoured his ass and cock until we were near coming. The smell and taste of this young stud's ass and cock were awesome. His pre-cum was very sweet.

After a long rimming of that ass and sucking Derec's cock, we had Travis get up on the bed on his back, put a pillow under his cute butt, put his legs up on his chest, I lubed his ass and my ass, and we got ready for a fuck fest. I slowly inserted my now raging cock into Travis very pulsating and open ass as Derec plunged his cock all the way into my man pussy. We got into an intense rhythm as I fucked my first man's ass and received my first cock up my ass. The feel of my virgin cock in a man's pussy while at the same time taking a huge cock inside me produced such powerful tingling all over my body. We fucked and moaned for the longest time. Professor Travis and I were stuffed with huge cocks deep into our asses while Derec used his cock to explore his first man's ass. This was pure pleasure for all of us.

After the longest time, I felt Derec pull his cock out of my ass and dump a huge load of his sticky cum on my ass crack. Then he plunged his cock back into my ass as he pushed his cum deep inside me as he greased my inners. The feel of the wet cum up my man pussy caused my cock to swell even more as I dumped a huge load in the Professor's ass.

When we were finished, Derec begged Professor Travis to fuck him. "Professor, I want to experience the first cock up my ass and have you dump your seed inside me."

Professor Travis still very much in heat grabbed the twink, lubed his ass, threw him on his stomach on the bed, and drove his aching steel hard cock all the way in that cute young virgin ass with one thrust. As Travis pounded the twink's ass, Derec cried out: "Oh my god, fuck me. Yea, it feels so great. I love that cock in my ass. Fuck me, fuck me harder, yea that is it. Come in me."

Travis said to me: "WOW, this is such a tight ass. My cock can barely move. What a terrific feeling on my cock. Randy after you recover, you've got to put that cock of yours in this soft man pussy."

After about five minutes of pounding that young virgin ass, Travis unloaded a huge cum pool deep into this little pizza boys ass. When Travis was spent, he pulled out and we took turns sucking each other's cock.

I gave the pizza boy the $20.00 for the pizza and a $15.00 tip. We exchanged phone numbers for another fuck fest the upcoming weekend.


Naughty Eric


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