Chase Shares the Story with You the Readers:

Stefan and I graduated from the same high school with over 5,000 students a year ago. We met for the first time two months ago after being hired as delivery guys for the largest local building supply company. We work 8 hour days Tuesday through Saturday. While delivering building supplies, we have had lots of time to chat that has developed a tight friendship as we have shared many secrets.

We discovered we had lots in common. We were both "C" students in high school with no interest in going to college. We both are country boys who love to fish, hunt big animals, camping and have had no experience with women sexually. In fact, we were both horny gay guys that were virgins at the time we went to the movies together on that Saturday evening. Our sexual experiences were limited to daily masturbation with raging hormones and libidos.

Our physical features are very different. I'm Scottish; stand 5-feet and 11-inches; red hair and hazel eyes; weigh 165 pounds; red fuzz on my chest, stomach, crotch and legs. I played first base on our high school baseball team. I've got a big round 7-inch cut cock with low hanging balls.

Stefan on the other hand is of Scandinavian ancestry; stands 6-feet and 2-inches; weighs a muscled hard 190 pounds; blonde hair and dark blue ocean like eyes; very light complexion and almost a hairless body except for his underarms and crotch that features blonde fuzz; and has a gorgeous face and smile. He lettered on our high school rugby team that has produced the most sexy hard muscled legs and thighs. I had learned that he has a very big 8'5-inch cock with a huge cock shaft.

Since our high school had two separate campuses, we had never met until two months ago when we went to work for this company. Although we had shared many secrets prior to the movie last Saturday night, we'd never revealed that we were gay although we had dropped some hints. I have known that I was gay since puberty and I had lusted after Stefan ever since we had met. I was so excited when Stefan invited me to go to the xxx adult movie on that Saturday. I often masturbated fantasying that we were giving each other head and that he fucked my ass. I knew that I wanted to be a bottom and become his bitch.

We got our popcorn and drinks and settled into my van to began watching the xxx movie. WOW, the first scene was a three-way with two guys and one woman who looked like she was never satisfied as an obvious lady of the night. At one point, the over sexed woman suggested that one of the guys suck the other guy's monstrous sized cock. As the stud took the other guy's huge cock all the way down his throat to the cock's base and began to suck like a wild animal, Stefan and I became rock hard with big tents in our summer cut off shorts. Then my dream came true when Stefan removed his tennis shoes and reached his sock covered foot over on the driver's side (we were in my van and I was on the driver's side) and he began to use his sexy foot to rub up and down my right leg all the way up to my thigh. Holy shit, my cock began to stiffen even more as I knew Stefan was coming on to me. Yea, he two must be gay. It was not long before I began to drip sticky pre-cum inside my briefs. Man I was on fire with lust and the wet feel of that pre-cum.

Stefan glared into my eyes and showed the sexiest shitty grin. Fuck, he began to slowly unzip his summer cut offs and hell he took out his now rock hard monstrous dick and said: " Chase, buddy, I'm hornier than a female dog in heat. That movie scene of that hot guy sucking his buddies' cock has me crazy to get a blow job. Can you help me out?"

In a rage of pure lust and feeling shivers all over my body, I unzipped my cut offs and pulled out my shinny steel hard cock dripping pre-cum and said: "Hey buddy, lets jerk off each other. Here take my cock in your hand and give me your big cock to jerk."

Fortunately I had tented black windows in my van so the other movie goers could probably not see what was happening and if we were careful not to moan and grunt to loud, we would not get caught. But the idea of getting caught had me even hornier. Public sex was so exciting.

When I took hold of the most sexy and beautiful cock on the planet and the first cock I'd ever touched except my own, I became delirious with the strongest sex drive of my young life.

Stefan took my cock in his sweaty hand and we both were shivering with our testosterone levels now off the chart. The feel of his hard cock in my sweaty hand and his hand tight around my cock had me seeing stars. My very first man sex was off to a great lustful feel. Soon we both were perspiring profusely as sweat began to run down our faces as well as our bodies. Our tank tops were soon soaked with big wet spots under our arms. The smell of another man was so awesome. We were then beyond caring what anyone else thought. We had to have each other right then.

As we began to lube each other's cock with our saliva until our cocks were soaked with the spit and the oozing pre-cum, we began to move our slick hands rapidly up and down the thick veiny engorged dicks. Soon we were moaning as our breathing became rapid. The sexual pleasure was heightened by Stefan taking his sexy foot and sliding it across my hot foot while he continued to jerk my cock. I'd by then taken off my shoes.

I managed to utter through all the pleasure: "Stefan, Baby, OH BABY, Oh Fuck yea, your foot feels so fucking hot running across my foot and up and down my leg. Your hand feels so great masturbating my hard dick. Shit yea, I now feel your foot rubbing hard on my cock. Yea Baby, I'm about to bust a nut. Man you have me so horny."

"Chase, you are so fucking hot and man this first gay sex has my hormones raging with lust for you. Jerk my cock faster. Yea, that is it. Oh Baby, I need yuo to suck my cock and I want to fuck that hot bubble ass of yours."

Once lust had become our master, I removed Stefan's hand from my cock and his foot off my foot. I moved over and came down on his huge throbbing tool with my lips and began to kiss his very steamy fresh meat. I slid my hot tongue up and down the under side of his big cock shaft. Stefan began to thrust his hips forward to meet my eager mouth on his cock. Then for the first time in my life, I slowly swallowed my first cock by taking his stiff rod inch by inch until I was deep throating that missile. I started sucking his dick to taste my first pre-cum from a guy. I'd tasted my own cum several times after an orgasm but his pre-cum tasted different than my own.

Stefan became so excited about getting his first blowjob that he pushed my face off his cock so he could pull his cut off shorts and briefs down and off. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face back down on his naked body and crotch.

I then resumed licking up and down both sides of that blood filled cock and sucking on that piss slit drawing out more of his cum juices. After having Stefan in total bliss, I again began to take his pride and joy deep into my throat. He went wild bucking his hips up and down to aid me in swallowing his entire cock. I swallowed that remarkable potential baby maker organ over and over. And Yea, fuck, the smell of his crotch and even his feet had me so in pure lust to take his seed deep in my throat. I wanted him to release that load in my mouth.

Soon Stefan begged me: "OH BABY, Ohhhhhhh, YEEEEEAAAAAA, OH FUCKKKKKKKK, OH SHIT, please devour my cock, Mmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Fuck Yea, Fuck Yea, OH FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK, I'm going to come. Yea fuck here it comes."

At that moment, I felt a huge blast of hot thick ropey sticky semen fill the back of my throat. The first shot was followed by at least five more bursts of warm cum as I swallowed as much as I could but the huge load so filled my mouth that at least half of the seed ran out of my mouth, down my chin and onto Stefan's still rock hard cock.

When Stefan's cock became soft, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I grabbed the back of his head and thrust my tongue into his mouth as I serviced him with a gob of his own man seed. Then I went down on his cock and licked and sucked it clean of the reaming cum.

At that point my stiff cock was aching, twitching, throbbing and the veins in my cock shaft were bulging from all that blood that had rushed into my cock. Stefan saw my plight and as a super friend said: "Chase Baby, you need to get your nuts off. Man your cock looks as if it is about to explode. I want to try my first blowjob and repay you for that awesome blowjob you gave me. That was the best orgasm of my life. Man it felt so great. And yea, I want you to come in my mouth so I can taste and compare our seed."

We got in the back seat of my van where there was more room. Stefan took charge, pulled off my cut offs and briefs until I was stark naked. He had me lie down my naked body across the seat on my back. He pulled my sweaty legs far apart; he got between my legs and came down on my stone hard cock. He clamped his lips tight around my throbbing cock head and began to suck a growing supply of pre-cum into his wet hot mouth. He took one of his hands and began to fondle my red-hot balls.

He started his first blowjob on a man by following what I had done to his huge manhood. He used his lips and tongue to suck hard on my fresh meat. His incredible sucking abilities and all the sex we had already had caused me to not last more than a couple of minutes. I felt my cock head swell in his throat, my balls moved up hard against his chin and soon I blasted my largest load ever deep in his throat. He had made the climax even stronger as he used a finger up my ass as I began to come. I heard Stefan gag from the massive load. I always had a huge load when I masturbated but this was turning out to be my biggest load ever. Man, I'd never felt anything more arousing and pleasurable than this blowjob and orgasm.

Then I got the best surprise as I felt Stefan's cock become hard again. Shit, this young stud was ready to go again---the wonders of youth and their libidos. Without allowing me to move, he got down and began giving me the most awesome rimming. I felt his tongue driving into my ass entrance over and over. I could hear his sloppy sucking and I felt his tongue washing my ass with his tongue. I began to thrust my hips up to meet his tongue. I craved his cock inside me. I was becoming his bitch. I wanted him to fuck the hell out of my now puckering ass.

Soon I begged: "OH FUCK BABY, fuck my ass. Give me that huge cock. Drill my ass and come inside me. I want to be your bitch."

That set Stefan in motion. I felt his big cock began to part my ass ring and with one big thrust he drove his entire 8.5 inches all the way into my ass. He began to fuck me faster and faster. It hurt but at the same time it felt so wonderful to feel my first cock in my ass. I thrust up to meet his cock inside me. He fucked me wildly for at least five minutes when I felt his cock throb and the cock head swell, his breath became rapid and he gave one more hard thrust as I felt his wet seed began to fill my ass. The feel of his cock and the wet semen had me seeing stars. Man I'd never had such an awesome feel. My cock actually became semi-hard again. Finally Stefan pulled out his cum covered cock and thrust it down my throat as I enjoyed the remaining cum from my now fuck buddy. I was in love with Stefan.

We got dressed as the movie was ending. As I began to drive out of the parking lot, several cars blew their horns at us and some gave us the thumbs up. Shit, I guess we had become loud during the sex giving away our hot fucking scene. It was obvious that we had put on our own x rated movie for some of the movie goers. Hell, we had given them a bonus scene for the same admission price.

As Stefan grabbed my hot thigh, he said: "Baby, this was the best night of my life. I'm even more excited that we got caught and some of the movie goers enjoyed our show. I feel like one of those famous porno stars. I bet we turned on some of the guys that were here together. Did you see how many young studs were here tonight without a woman. I bet some of them are as fucking gay as us. Do you think some of these hot dudes will go home and fuck the hell out of their partner. Man I I'm horny just thinking about them fucking back at their apartment. Did you see all those cars with two dudes and no gals? Man I'm horny just thinking of what we may have started


"Me too Stefan. Won't to go over to my apartment and spend the night?"

"Shit yea, what do you have in mind Chase?"

"Well lets go and just see what happens. Man you seem to be constantly hard and never without a big supply of man semen."


Naughty Eric


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