This story was inspired by Dan, a reader who asked for more. Knowing someone was reading what I was writing made me write more than ever before. Thank you Dan.

The two boys followed the path gingerly but with focus. They had to get to the other side of the lake before sunset so they could find a place to camp before it got too dark. The moon would be out a little after sunset but it would be pretty dark in the canyon until then.

Cody and Mike set of on this journey one day ago and still had at least one more ahead of them before reaching their final destination. They'd set out to walk 25 miles through this picturesque California canyon to the ocean. It started in the mountains and slowly made it's way to the sea.

The two had talked about doing this trip for a long time, and now they were finally making it the time. Mike was 3 years older than Cody who exuded an innocence that made him seem young for his age. Cody always eager to please Mike, like a big brother, and Mike was always looking out for Cody just like a big brother.

Cody is 6 ft., 190 lbs., smooth tan skin, short dark hair and a tattoo on his abdomen that reads 'Till Death.' Cody is a skater, raised in Santa Monica, CA and Mike is a photographer also raised in Santa Monica. They met one day at the skate park when Mike was 21 and Cody had just turned 18. Cody was trying to find someone to buy beer for him so he could celebrate 'like a man' with some cold beer and his friends. Mike was taking pictures of the crew as they skated the pool.

The boys ranged from 18 to 21 and they were all strikingly handsome. Not one of them was flawed in any way. They had style, muscles, good looks and came from money.

Mike was documenting them for a school photo project when him and Cody became immediate friends. Cody was skating the pool and came flying over the coping with all 4 wheels in the air when Mike snapped the greatest pic Cody had ever seen. His hair was blown back revealing his chiseled good looks, his left hand barely held on the to board and his smooth muscular legs glistened in the sun. This photograph was so good it was used on the cover of Skater Mag and it made Cody a star and since then he was never very far from Mike, nor Mike from him.

Neither boy had a steady girlfriend. Mike was always shooting pictures and Cody was either skating or with Mike. The girls all liked both of them but they were just too busy to give them much attention. They weren't virgins by any means, they just hooked up with chicks a parties and moved on. They always joked with each other that if they were going to date anyone it would be each other.

Here they were 10 years later walking through a dangerous canyon miles from civilization with 60 lb. backpacks burdening their shoulders and sweat running from their brows.

'Hey Mike, I need a bath, can we stop at the next clearing so I can get wash this sweat off me, the salt is getting in my eyes.' Cody said as he flicked his long hair to the side of his beatific visage.

'Sure, my feet are killing me and I need to soak them in some cool water before I fall down.' Mike responded.

When they got to the clearing the sun was still gleaming down on them in full spectrum. The water was warm and clean enough to drink. They had power bars, granola and nuts to munch on before they setup camp and made dinner.

Cody saw the sandy beach on the side of the river and ran down the bank shedding his pack, shoes, shirt and shorts as he ran to the water's edge. As he dove into the river Mike could see his muscular white buttocks clenched in anticipation of the cold water, Cody's balls and manhood hung low. Mike had never really thought about Cody like this but as he saw the beautiful boy displayed in all of his glory he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to touch a man.

Yeah, he'd messed around when he was really young, but he didn't know what he was doing and it was just pre-pubescent fun. It didn't really count as far as he was concerned.

He was straight, but curious and Cody was so beautiful he could make anyone curious about their sexuality once he smiled at you and put his beautiful green eyes to yours.

Cody was so perfectly beautiful physically and when you added those green bedroom eyes, the muscles, the big feet, the supersize penis package and that great smile you were looking at an Adonis.

Mike had never thought like this before and was surprised about these thoughts rushing through his head. He wasn't quite sure what to think or do about them.

Suddenly Cody screamed from within the water startling Mike from his daydream. Mike jumped up and ran to the water's edge and without hesitation removed his shorts and jumped in to see what was wrong with Cody.

'Mike, my foot is stuck in the rocks, I need your help, I cut my finger when I tried to move one of the rocks and I don't want to cut my feet.' Cried Cody.

Mike swam out to where Cody was neck deep in the water. The water was moving swiftly and the level seemed to be rising as the sun was slowly setting down.

'What happened?' asked Mike.

'I don't know, I was bouncing up and down on the sandy bottom when suddenly my foot got wedged in the rocks. I should have paid more attention but I was having too much fun. I've never swam naked and it felt good. I'm sorry Mike, I was just having fun.' Cody said with sincerity.

'OK, let me dive down and see if I can see how to get you out of this mess.' Mike said before diving down to inspect the situation more closely.

The water was clear, there were a few small fish, an occasional trout and a sandy bottom up to a point where it turned to rocks. The rocks were sharp as if they had recently fallen from a landslide. Had they been there longer they would have been worn smooth but these rocks were jagged and new.

Mike looked around and as he looked up he saw Cody's manliness swaying in the water with the current, flaccid yet long, he wondered if Cody shaved cause he didn't have much pubic hair, just a bit at the top of his shaft. Mike kept his eye on Cody's manliness as he slowly floated to the top.

'I need to go get my gloves so I don't cut my hands, these rocks look sharp. Hold on, I'll be right back.' Mike swam to the bank.

As Mike pulled himself out of the water Cody couldn't help but notice his friends muscled back, round firm buttocks and a piece of manhood that looked as big as his.

Cody couldn't believe what he was thinking as he was standing there, trapped in the middle of a river staring at his friend getting a semi.

Mike turned around, sticking the gloves in his teeth and dove back in the water swimming towards Cody to free him from his predicament.

Lucky for Mike the gloves he'd packed were leather driving gloves, skin tight with fingers to protect him from the rocks. It's a good thing they weren't the fingerless type he used when riding his bicycle.

Mike pulled the gloves from his mouth and pulled them over his long fingers. As Cody watched this he started to get another semi and he was afraid it was going to turn into a full raging hard on. Watching Mike pull those gloves over his fingers sent shivers down his spine right to his dick. He'd never felt like this and was surprised by the feelings. He tried to act like nothing was happening and hoped Mike would be too busy moving the rocks to notice his erection.

Mike dove down to move the rocks from around Cody's foot and did notice the very large erection Cody was sporting. He dove down and tried to grab one of the rocks but the current pulled him away. He realized the river was speeding up and he'd better hurry. So he went back to the surface to tell Cody what he needed.

'Cody, the water is starting to move too fast and I'm being swept away before I can get my hands on the rock so I'm gonna need you to hold onto my legs and feet as I go down, then hold onto me as I dislodge the rock. OK?' Mike panted.

'Ok Mike, whatever you say. Cody was starting to get nervous as the water sped up and was getting noticeably deeper.'

Mike dove down upstream from Cody so the current would push his body into Cody's to keep him from being swept downstream. When Mike's body touched Cody's it sent an electrical current through both of the boys bodies. Cody could feel his himself getting excited again as he held onto Mike's thick calves. Mikes size 12 feet were now sticking in Cody's face and Cody was becoming even more excited as he looked at the long toes and the hair growing on each of them. Mike's toes were so long they looked like fingers. On his left toe he actually had a toe ring. Mike had seen it before but hadn't paid any attention to it. Now it was different, he was completely turned on by Mikes feet. Their naked bodies continued to rub against each other as Mike did his best to dislodge the rock trapping Cody's foot. Cody thought of what this must look like if someone were watching. It looked like they were about to 69. Just the thought made Cody's dick stiffen with excitement as he held on to Mike's ankles.

Meanwhile Mike couldn't seem to get his hands on the rock or maybe he could if he tried just a little bit harder. He was enjoying this physical interaction with his friend a lot more than he could've ever imagined. Not that he'd really even thought about it, he put all of his sexual energy into his photographs and most of his photographs were chicks except for the ones of Cody and his friends skating. Since he hadn't ever been in love he didn't think much about sex, he had it and besides jerking off a couple times a day and the occasional girl at a party he didn't give it all that much energy. Certainly not as much as most of his friends. Sex was all around him and people made eyes at him but he just hadn't ever really had his buttons pushed like they were now as his strong wet body writhed against Cody's in the water occasionally touching Cody's semi-erect manhood. Mike's hands were grabbing at the rock as Cody held tightly to Mikes legs.

This was almost turning into an orgy that neither one even realized was about to happen. Just as the rock dislodged Cody's foot came free just as the current swept them both downriver entangled with each others legs around their heads and penis' touching each other's body. Quickly they broke free, each grabbing a rock to stop the journey down-river. They both sat on their respective rocks, cocks shriveling from the cold, nipples hard, feet waterlogged and white, toenails bright pink, each with a real big smile on his face.

'Wow, Mike that was getting hairy there for a minute I didn't think you were going to be able to get that rock off my foot.' Cody looks down at his foot and sees the scratches and a big bruise.

'No problem buddy, you know I always have your back.' Mike says smiling. 'We'd better get our clothes on and find a place to setup camp. We're both wet and I don't know about you but I'm pretty hungry and could use a shot of Southern Comfort to warm my insides.'

'Yeah, me too.' Chimed Cody. 'Hey Mike, thanks for saving my life. I really owe you big time. You need something just ask, OK?'

'Ok, Cody, if I need something you're the first person I'm gonna ask.' Replied Mike with a smile.

These two young men were slowly being drawn to each other like magnets to metal.

As they were dressing Cody looked at Mike and said 'I thought I was the only one with a dick the size of my foot.' I've know you all these years and never seen you naked, isn't that weird? Sorry, but after what we just went through I feel like I could share anything with you. Damn, I just about had sex with you in the river in front of God and everyone.'

'Oh really, everyone huh?' Mike smiled as he said it.

'You know, it's just an expression.' I feel like I'm high from the adrenaline rush, I hope I can sleep tonight.' Cody said sexily with a smirk. He didn't know what was coming over him, he was feeling sexy and unlike his normal self. He wanted Mike to want him, not that he would know what to do but he craved some kind of intimacy with Mike. That's when it came to him. 'Hey Mike, maybe I can give you a back rub for what you did for me. I'm sure you're sore after carrying that pack, I know I am but you're the one that deserves the massage after coming to my rescue.' Cody felt like a little kid vying for the approval of the bigger kid.

'You know that sounds exactly like what I need, a good back rub. I hope your good, I always have to get my mom to use her elbow cause my muscles are so tight.' Said Mike.

'Don't worry Mike, I got skills. My hands are registered deadly weapons like Bruce Lee.' Cody said as he laughed and adjusted his backpack.

'Ok, are you ready buddy?'

'Yes Mike, I'm ready.'

The two young men continued to follow the path down river towards a rocky area that looked like it would provide good cover for the night, the sun was beginning to fall behind the mountain and you could just feel the temperature begin to change.

About 40 minutes later Mike pointed to the face of a rock cliff and said 'Cody, you see that big rock over there, that's where we're going to setup camp. Keep your eyes out for firewood, let's go over there and make a clearing before I go back to the river and catch us a couple of trout for dinner.'

Cody walked into the clearing. 'Home sweet home, boy this feels great, thanks Mike, I really needed this. It's so quiet, the air so fresh and of course I got my good buddy Mike here with me who saved my life. It feels good to get out of that crazy city and get back to nature. I felt so good naked in that water today. I'd never been skinny dipping before, it was kinda sexy. It would be cool to do with some hot chicks but they probably couldn't make the hike up here and it wouldn't be the same in a swimming pool.' Cody raised his head to the sky and started spinning around in circles like a little kid, making himself dizzy on purpose. 'I feel like a little kid, free in body and spirit, I don't think I came that close to death, but somehow I feel so alive. Maybe it was.... ouch, that hurt. I feel so good I forgot about my foot' Cody quit spinning and speaking, then reached down to his foot as Mike ran towards him to catch him, or whatever.

Mike decided to change the subject, he felt as if Cody was a little out of his element and saying things that he hadn't thought about. It was pretty scary for him and he was out of his element with a big adrenaline rush. It would make anybody say things they weren't thinking about. Mike didn't want to think about his own feeling yet alone, Cody's. He needed to go catch dinner and get Cody working on the fire.

'Ok Cody, be careful, we still have a long way to the beach. I don't want that ankle swelling up on you and slowing you down, I don't want you in pain.'

'Thanks Mike, I'm just feelin' good even with my injuries. Nothin' a Band-Aid and some time won't cure. Let me get the fire goin' while you go catch that diner you promised me.'

Mike removed his retractable fishing rod from his backpack and headed back towards the water to hook some grub.

Mike cast his line, working the line doing his best to act like a fly fisherman when he could barely even be called a fisherman. But hey, at least he tried.

His mind began to wander to Cody; what was happening? One minute he's asking his good friend to go on an excursion with him and the next he's having strange feelings and thoughts about this friend. He shuddered and tingled at just the thought of Cody, but it wasn't sexual, it was strange and new.

He really just wanted to touch him, for some strange reason he wanted to touch his feet. Hell, he just saved the boy's foot; the least he could do is touch it. That's it, he'll offer to clean and bandage it for Cody, giving him the opportunity to feel it in his hands and on his thighs. Oh, what was this about Cody's foot on his thighs? I'm not gay, thought Mike; I just want to touch my friend's feet. He hurt them and I want to make them feel better. He's my friend and I know he'd do it for me if I asked him. Hey, he did say he'd do whatever I wanted. Maybe we could swap foot massages. That seems innocent enough considering the situation. Yeah, I'll get this thing out of my system and get a foot rub at the same time. We can lie in the tent and rub each other's feet before bed.

His fishing line pulled him from his daydream as he snapped the pole back to sink the hook. Reeling in the large gamey fish wasn't just a metaphor, it was dinner.

Meanwhile back at camp Cody policed the area for kindling, logs, leaves, and rocks to build the best fire Mike had ever seen. Cody was always the one that started the campfire at the beach when they went surfing. He could go from a match to a torch in a matter of seconds.

The tent was a small 3-man pup tent with a sunshade. You could remove the shade and sleep under the moon, which is what Cody planned on doing.

He gathered some good-sized rocks and placed them in a circle to create a fire pit. Cody carefully layered his combustibles in such a way the fire would be a glowing success, burning into the wee hours of morning.

Mike returned with an extra large smile on his face as he now held not 2 but 3 fish in his large hand with long sexy fingers.

Cody was beginning to wonder about himself. Where were all these thoughts about Mike coming from? Damn, he'd known the guy for 10 years and none of these thoughts had ever come up. Not about any guy. Yeah he would compare himself to other guys but not in a gay way. It was a guy thing, you try to figure out who's better looking to the girls and who looks cooler and is gonna make more friends and fit in better but not like a gay would.

Cody vowed right then that he wasn't going to let it bother him, he was going to have a good time. No paranoia about his sexual preference or anything, hell he was with Mike his good buddy. What could happen, anyway?

Things were looking much better now; the sky had that pre-sunset glow, the sound of the river in the background blended with the birds and the crackle of the fire. The smile on Mike's face as he walked towards camp with those big fish in hand just made things better. Mikes bulging thighs dripped sweat, or water making him look really sexy. God, am I really thinking this about my friend? Cody was getting hotter by the second. Suddenly all he could think about was touching, smelling, and being close to Mike. OMG.

Mike had cleaned the fish at the river to keep the animals away from camp. He didn't exactly like the smell of dead fish anyway.

Cody had built what looked like a great fire and had forged together some cool 3-prong fish tongs for cooking over the open fire.

Dinner was perfect; they ate all 3 fish and a can of potatoes and a can of corn.

After dinner they each had a shot of Southern Comfort then Cody pulled a joint from his backpack and said, 'Remember the last time we smoked pot?'

'Yeah,' said Mike. 'We almost got arrested for sitting on that guys porch in his swing.'

'I haven't smoked in quite a while but I thought if I did it would be cool to do it with you and to do it out of town where I can relax and not be paranoid.' Cody stated.

'You know, that was the last time I smoked weed. I was so freaked out about getting busted that I vowed never to smoke weed again. But, I'll make an exception with you tonight, what the heck. Hey Cody, while you get that thing lit I'm gonna get my first aid kit and take a look at your foot and ankle.'

'Cool, I'll get it ready for you Mike. The joint, I mean, and my foot. I was gonna rub some lotion on it but I guess I should wait until after you check it out. I've got my Swiss Army knife here so I can cut my toenails and clean my toes. It seems like a good place to do it. I can toss my nails on the ground here and nobody's gonna yell at me. I already have freakishly long toes and with long nails they really look like fingers so I gotta keep em' cut. I don't want you to think I'm a freak, Mike.'

'Cody, you know your bud man, I love ya' buddy, I'm here for you, you don't gotta worry about nothin' with me man. I told you man, I got your back.' Stated Mike. 'Didn't I just save your life?' Mike laughed as he said it.

'Ok, now look at me feet and make sure I can walk home. Do you have any Neosporin for the cuts?'

'Yeah, my first aid kit is pretty complete, it's as important as food to me when I go out like this. It, and the Southern Comfort, it's my morphine substitute.'

Mike sat down next to Cody each relaxed by the meal, the Southern Comfort, that, combined with their shared adventure and recent intimacy really had them both feeling no pain. Except maybe Cody. Mike was rubbing alcohol on Cody's scratches and cuts. Cody squirmed but Mike held him tight. Cody was liking this too. Suddenly everything felt sexual but not sexual his desire for intimacy was overwhelming but it wasn't for sex. He didn't want to kiss him, or fuck him, he just wanted to make him feel good and touch his feet. Mike seemed to want the same thing because he was caressing Cody's feet quite intimately as he applied the alcohol then the lotion.

Mike began rubbing the lotion into Cody's feet and ankles being extra careful not to go over the boy's wounds. Cody's toes looked clean but he thought he's offer anyway.

'Hey Cody, I'll tell you what. I'll give you a pedicure and a foot massage then you give me one then if we have enough energy we can give each other back massages.'

'Cool, I'm sore and my toes need trimming, I was just gonna do it. But, it always feels better when someone else does it. I hope I can stay awake long enough for a back massage, that pack is killing me. It's a good thing it gets lighter each day.' Said Cody.

Mike used Cody's Swiss Army knife to give Cody his pedicure. Using the scissors he carefully cut the long nails from Cody's long finger-like toes. They were kind of like little kid dicks, naked and rigid.

Mike began to rub Cody's toes with lotion again, this time really pushing on the pressure points in-between the joints and stroking each toe as if it were an entity unto itself.

Cody responded by using the Swiss Army knife on Mike's big toes, giving him a much needed pedicure as well. He too rubbed Mike's feet in kind as the two of them lay there under the moon giving each other pedicures and foot massages.

Both boys were sporting erections the size of a bratwurst but totally unfocused on them, all they could both think of was the feet, the toes, the soles, somehow they had both fallen into another dimension where two people saw each others feet like most do ass.

Cody was the first to say it. ' Hey Mike, can I get another shot and a back rub?'

'I thought I was the one that was supposed to get the back rub, remember what you said Cody?'

'Yeah, I'll still give you one I was just feeling so good I didn't want it to stop. How about you do me first, then I'll do you. Please Mike?'

'Ok Cody, but I want you to really put your muscles into it and get the knots out of my back. So, don't get so relaxed you fall asleep and forget to take care of me buddy.'

'Don't worry Mike, I'll take care of you.' Cody said with a really big grin.

But if I'm gonna give you a massage I'm gonna give you the kind I expect in return. So be prepared for a min-blowing massage that will totally relax your every muscle. My Uncle taught me this technique a long time ago but I haven't used it in years.

First, I want you to take another shot of the Southern Comfort to warm your insides while I take the top off this tent. I want the moon to shine down on us so I can see what I'm doing. I'm gonna start with your feet, move to your head and go back down to your feet again. I want you to let go of everything in your mind, lay back, close your eyes and breathe nice and easy. If I hit a sore spot I want you to breathe through it. When I come across a resistant muscle I'm gonna give it extra attention and rub it out until it's soft. Mike started to laugh.

'Sorry Cody, but I started to sound like a pervert. You know what I mean, don't you?' Asked Mike.

'Of course I do Mike, don't worry, I'll just lay here and let you do what needs to be done. My body is sore, my head is relaxed, the moon is full and I'm ready to let go. The only thing I'll do is my best to remember what you do so I can return the favor.' Chimed Cody.

'I'm glad I cut those toenails of yours, they were so long they could clit my wrists.' Laughed Mike. 'Ok, no more talking just breathing and relaxation.'

'Mike, I want to thank you for this trip I'm having a real good time with you.' Cody stated with sincerity.

'Ok, now roll over on your stomach and let me get started.'

Cody rolled over and waited for Mike to touch him, it took a few minutes as Mike warmed the lotion in his hands. Cody's body twitched when Mike touched Cody's calves, they were really stroft, which means they were both strong as well as soft. Mike's big hands massaged the lotion deep into the muscles; pulling Cody's foot into his lap he rested it against his chest pulling the stress out of Cody's leg into the ankle and out of the foot. Careful not to touch any of Cody's cuts, Mike pushed his chest forward with Cody's foot flat on his chest as his hands moved up towards the back of the knee and thighs. Mike kept his hands covered in lotion to ensure that everything went smoothly (LOL.) The moonlight shone on Cody's body accented the contours of the boy/man's beautiful physique. Mike felt like he was touching himself cause him and Cody had such similar bodies and after seeing Cody's dick to day he knew they had a lot more in common physically than he might of otherwise thought.

Mike slowly rotated Cody's ankle, with his long fingers he started pulling Cody's toes with a snap as he did his best to crack the toes. Cody whimpered with pleasure as Mike rubbed the soles of his feet with his knuckles. Pushing up on the sole with his knuckles and thumbs reaching deep for the pressure points on his friend's size 12 foundations.

When Mike lifted Cody's feet off his lap they came right up to his mouth and he was tempted to give them a lick. He knew they were clean cause he'd cleaned them himself. Just thinking about that was a turn-on all by itself. He didn't know why but he had this irresistible urge to put his mouth on them. Instead he just kept rubbing Cody's feet, ankles, calves and thighs as his manhood swelled beneath his boxers as these new thoughts swirled around his head.

This was the most erotic thing Cody had ever experienced, laying here with Mike's hands exploring his legs, feet and with any luck his inner thighs, sooner than later, he hoped. Screwing a chick was cool and he liked to have his dick sucked but he'd never gotten this intimate with anyone before. Everything felt so different, he felt so in touch with his body, he could feel Mike's breath on the soles of his feet, by this he knew his feet were just inches from Mike's mouth and oh how he wanted Mike to suck on his toes.

'What the hell am I thinking,' Cody wondered to himself. He wanted it so bad but didn't know how to say anything to Mike. Mike was just being a bro and giving him a rubdown, it wasn't like they were going to have sex or anything. Cody was sure Mike wasn't like that. He wished he were cause he really felt comfortable with Mike so if he were going to do this with anybody it would be with Mike. It's not like you can just ask anyone to suck your toes for you.

Mike was in a meditative daze as he rubbed and pulled on Cody's ankles and feet. Now it was time to move up the legs and really remove some stress. Mike gently set Cody's feet on either side of his body as he warmed so more lotion in his hands preparing to start just below the knees and work his way up to Cody's cute little bubble butt. Mike enjoyed the feel of Cody's legs next to his, it was comforting and it made his penis rage behind the cotton guard that were his boxers.

'Oh, Mike, that feels so damn good, please don't stop.' Cody cried.

'No problem buddy, I'm just getting started.' Replied Mike with a big grin Cody couldn't see.

Mike's big hands encircled Cody's legs below the knees and slowly his thumbs began to move their way up his inner thighs as they rubbed in a circular motion. Cody's legs were just the right size, not too big and not too small, great muscle tone, smooth with just a touch of blonde hair against his tan skin. Mike must've hit a sweet spot cause Cody jumped forward and hit his head on the tent pole at the door. Mike instinctively jumped forward to rub Cody's head and in doing so he pressed his hard manhood into Cody's firm round butt. It felt good so Mike just stayed there while he rubbed Cody's head and said, 'I'm sorry bro, I didn't mean to startle you, I guess you're kind of ticklish. I'll try to be more careful, just stay relaxed; I'm just getting in the swing of things. I think I'm gonna take another shot, you want one Code?

'Yeah, that sounds good, I feel like I've left my body a couple of times, there's nothing like a good massage to release the stress of life in the big city, thanks Mike. I'm learning a lot so when it's your turn I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.' Cody put his head back down and closed his eyes as he let Mike's touch send waves of sensations through his whole body.

Mike continued to work Cody's inner thighs occasionally putting more lotion in his hands, rubbing them together to warm it then gently placing his hands a little higher up Cody's stems to just under the leg of his boxers.

Mike didn't even have time to think it, let alone say it, Cody simply raised his curvaceous bubble butt and pulled his shorts down to reveal his muscled glove under the moonlight. It was a beautiful site, his butt was white like the moon with his Johnson pointing downward like a handle and his buns were the lollipop. Mike was so not himself right now, he really wanted to be all up in and around his friend. His thoughts went to places he'd never even heard of before. He wanted to burrow his face in Cody's cheeks as he stared at the boy laying there spread eagle baring all for him. He fantasized of sniffing his scrotum and licking the insides of his legs with Cody putting him in a headlock and making him do things to Cody with his tongue. These thoughts were too much and long overdue, it had taken almost 30 years for Mike to finally feel something more than just going through the motions. Everything was happening in such a natural, organic way that he couldn't resist it. It felt so right and so good he never wanted it to stop. Mike wrapped both large hands around Cody's left leg careful not to touch his penis even though his legs were spread pretty far apart that big dick of his was all over the place (he didn't want to be disrespectful, this was his friend) and with his hands at the top of Cody's leg he squeezed real hard and pulled down pulling the stress from the top of his thigh down to his knee where Mike then let go and brushed the energy away from Cody's body. As he was coming down the leg the back of his right hand brushed Cody's pole causing it to harden, Mike noticed this and said 'Hey Code could you tuck than monster under your belly so it's not in my way.'

'Sure Mike, sorry.' A shy Cody responded softly. That had felt so damn good Cody wanted it to happen again but guessed it was too obvious and he should tuck it away so as not to interfere with the job at hand.

Mike didn't really want him to put it away but now that he couldn't see it, he could fantasize about whether it was getting hard, if there was pre-cum on the head and if his touches were exciting Cody or not. Sometimes it's better to not know and to project your wildest fantasies they are often better than the truth. Not in this case, mind you but in other cases. This was all hot and steamy X-rated erotica no matter what either man/boy thought about it.

Mike did the same move on the same leg again only this time his left hand went higher to Cody's hip and Mike was able to touch his Adonis line and push with his fingers as he pulled his hands down Code's leg. Again, his hand touched the boy's manliness and neither one let it bother them. Mike's thumbs were now kneading Code's left butt check searching for pressure points, using the knuckles on his left hand in the dimple on Cody's left buttock. Cody was moaning as he pushed his butt back into Mike's firm touch. Mike slowly pulled his hands away as he rested the boys body back down. More lotion, then the right leg. Same start point at the top of the leg with both hands wrapped firmly around the whole beautiful stem, the back of Mike's hand had Cody's scrotum resting on it and Mike pulled and pushed the pressure points while moving down the leg. Again, his right hand reaching higher around Cody's hips to touch his Adonis line and slowly pull down the leg to the knee pulling the stress away from his body.

Mike could hear Cody moaning, they'd both had a few shots and neither one was feeling any pain. So Mike just continued his program of kneading Code's buns with his knuckle and the back of his hand. Using his thumbs to push on the top of the buttocks or the gluteus medius as it's called, whereas the buttocks are actually the gluteus maximus. As his thumbs moved over and back down the buttocks Mike stuck his fingers under Cody to once again touch his Adonis line and rub down the very top of the leg and back to the knees. Cody was like putty in Mike's hands, he wasn't sleeping, and he was in a state of bliss and was moving his body in sync with Mike. Mike moved back and pushed Cody's legs back together so he could sit on the back of Code's legs and start to massage his lower back.

Mike was still wearing his boxers even though Cody was fully nude. This was good; it kept a thin sheet of cotton between Mike's pre-cum filled penis and Cody's apple bottom.

Mike scooted up to sit on top of Code's thighs with the thin cotton shield between his penis and inviting crevice before him. His pole just lay there, nestled in the crevice pulsing with anticipation. But Mike wasn't gonna have any of that, he was gonna stay focused on the massage, it was his dick talking not him. He would just ignore it.

Massaging Cody's back was an easy task because it was so smooth and rippled; the soft, tan skin was supple to the touch as if Cody used a moisturizer. Better yet, who would he have put it on his back for him? Mike ran his thumbs down either side of Code's spine and pushed in and pressed out. As he rode his hands up he leaned forward, causing his member to push and slide along the boy crack beneath him as he laid his forearms down on the boys back and pushed out with his elbows using his whole arm as a tool.

Cody whimpered as he lie there, his breathing uneven as his body spasm's came without notice. He was in a state of bliss and there was no way he was going to do anything to change it. He was gonna let Mike do whatever he wanted, he just hoped Mike would take the initiative to get just a little bit more intimate. Cody didn't exactly know what he wanted but he did want just a bit more. How that manifested itself was up to Mike at this point.

Mike's mind was empty but for the immediate bliss he felt as he rubbed his body against Cody. They felt so good together, the heat they created when they touched was electric, and Mike was in heaven. He hadn't realized that he'd kind of started to gyrate back and forth rubbing his erect pole across the top of Cody's booty as he purposely worked the back muscles. Cody was pushing back, getting into the motion of the whole scene but Mike was still too afraid of these new feelings. He slowed down the rubbing and synchronized his gyrating with his hand movements until he stopped both and rolled off the boy.

'Ok, turn over. I'm gonna start by giving you a head massage. Ha ha, I mean a scalp massage dude, don't worry. Just lay your head in my lap and continue to breathe naturally.' Mike instructed.

'You might wanna lay your shorts over your monster so it doesn't spit on me.' Laughed Mike.

Cody turned over and quickly covered himself as he lay back into Mike's lap. He kept one hand on his crotch to hold the shorts and the monster down. He was excited and had pre-cum spewing out the head of the beast down under. It was only a matter of time before he blew his load without even touching it. He could feel it comin.

Using his fingertips Mike gently rubbed Cody's temples, then scalp, using his nails to scratch the boys head like a dog. Cody moaned and squirmed, gristle throbbing he rubbed the back of his neck on Mike's erect member under his head, he could feel the mushroom head against the nape of his neck and it made him squirm with excitement. Mike acted as though nothing was happening and continued to massage Cody's scalp, just a tad more aggressively.

Mike softly rubbed Cody's ear lobes and rims with the lotion. He then asked Cody to sit up and scoot back so Mike could get his hands around Cody's shoulders, deltoids and pecs. He pushed from both sides as he straddled Cody's perfect naked body before him.

'Ok, lay back down, time for your arms.' Mike said as he grabbed the top of Cody's arm with both hands, pulling down while squeezing and kneading the biceps, triceps, forearms and eventually wrists and hands.

Everything was quiet; there wasn't anything to say except when Mike wanted Cody to move something. The sounds of the river, the crickets and the trees were hypnotic and the moment only continued to become more and more meaningful. Cody could feel the essence of Mike like never before. He'd never felt this in anyone before. He felt totally connected and at one with Mike right now. He'd always like him a lot and was very comfortable around him but this was different, this was an existential experience that he hoped would never end.

Mike continued over to the man/boys chest and pecs, giving them both a good work over with thumbs and lotion. Then he moved down to Cody's stomach and used his knuckles at the belly button and twisted clockwise as he rubbed the whole back of his hand around Cody's six-pack of perfect abs. Cody moved his hand from the shorts, leaving them in place only not too worried about whether they stayed in place or not. Mike got up on his knees, reaching around Cody's waist to feel the top of his buttocks as his thumb caressed the top of his leg and reached out to his Adonis line where it collided with the head of his large penis. The penis flinched, the thumb kept moving down the line towards the scrotum and inner thigh. Cody reached down and cupped his manhood so Mike could get to his legs and loins without being obligated to touch his penis. He wanted it, but he didn't want to do anything that would jeopardize their relationship.

Mike moved down Cody's legs just as he'd done when he was on his stomach on this time his thumbs rubbed the front instead of his fingers. Cody was a bit ticklish again when Mike touched his inner thigh in just the right place. It seemed to be Cody's hot spot. Mike would have to remember that in case sometime in the future there was a need to press it. You never know.

Mike was once again at Cody's feet and he wanted so badly to do more than just massage them. He wanted to taste them but how do you ask someone to let you suck their toes? It would be easier to ask to suck his dick than his toes. Only freaks do that kinda stuff. Mike finished off by pulling on the toes once again then said, Ok, my turn.

Cody was a bit surprised, he thought Mike was going to do something to him sexual, he'd rubbed his dick on his butt, and touched the head of his dick and been super intimate and Cody had just laid there and waited for him to make his move. But, no move. What gives? Cody didn't know if he should feel rejected or what? But, he didn't have much time to think of much of anything when Mike said.

'Ok, Cody, my turn to get pampered, and remember, you can't hurt me. You can put your whole body into it and until I scream bloody murder you just keep pushing. Ok?'

'You got it, Mike.' Cody replied, 'I'll give it my best shot. Do you mind if I leave my shorts off Mike? I kinda like feeling free out here in the woods, under the moon.'

'As long as it doesn't bite me I'm ok with it. I'll go ahead and remove my shorts now so they're not in your way.' Mike smiled as he pulled his pre-cum stained shorts down his smooth muscled legs that looked like bicyclist's, heavily muscled, and hairless.

Cody looked down at Mike's crotch as he removed his shorts to see his throbbing member standing at attention over the left side of his abdomen, like a flag blowing in the wind.

Mike over on to his stomach as he pulled the shorts from his feet and assumed the spread eagle position, complete with penis pointing down, just like Cody. He must have done it for effect cause very slowly he reached down, rolled his booty to the side, grabbed his meat and pulled it up towards his belly.

Cody's crotch throbbed as he watched this display under the moonlight.

Cody did everything exactly like Mike did to him even the occasional accidental bumping of the manhood. He did his best to tease Mike, to try to get him to ask for more. But no, Mike just let him try to no avail. Cody worked and worked until Mike was moaning and squirming just like he'd been, but still no special requests. Then Cody didn't something unexpected when Mike turned over on his back. Instead of having Mike put his head in his lap he folded up his boxers to make a little pillow for Mike's head. He sat just behind him and massaged his temples and scalp the same as Mike had done to him only he was moving around, putting his body into it, coming at Mike from different angles.

Mike could smell Cody's boxers under his head, they were the ones he'd been wearing all day, sweating. Mike liked the smell and wondered if Cody had done it to excite Mike by sharing his smell or if it was simply just a makeshift pillow. Either way Mike was happy. This whole day was like a dream and now he was in heaven with his friend doing his best to make him comfortable, his animal instincts wanting more but not knowing how to ask.

Cody got down to Mike's feet and really worked them over. He pushed, pulled, stroked, kneaded and fondled those beautiful replicas of his own great feet. Since he'd given Mike a pedicure earlier there weren't any sharp edges to scratch him. As he sat there at Mike's feet and looked up he could see that Mike had a throbbing erection as did Cody and Cody had some lotion in his hand that he was gonna use on Mike's ankle when suddenly he just decided what the fuck he was gonna go back up to Mike's crotch and continue the massage only he was gonna add a little twist. He'd heard of a happy ending when you go to the massage parlors in a big city, although he'd never had one he could imagine what it was. He guessed it was a hand job but in this case he was gonna try something different. He reached up and put his hands at the top of each of Mike's thighs, thumbs touching scrotum, Mike's manhood standing at a 45, waving back and forth like a flag pole in the wind.

Cody pushed his thumb into the crevices that are Mike's Adonis lines and rubbed the muscles upward. Mike's penis throbbed even more. Mike hadn't covered himself when he turned over, he just laid there with a hard-on that came and went like the wind. So now it was pushing against itself trying to sprout like a flower in spring. Cody's hands right next to it made it very hard for Mike to hold back.

Cody changed positions and moved to Mike's penis throbbing from inattention. Cody bent down and whispered in Mike's ear. 'Don't say anything.' Whispered Cody.

Mike didn't say a word he just grabbed Cody's hand and put it on his throbbing gristle of man meat. Pre-cum was leaking from the head, his balls were swollen and his nipples were hard.

He started to fondle Mike's balls gently petting the hair trying to tickle them into arousal, which wasn't hard since he was already aroused. Then, he put the canon balls in his hand and gently squeezed and rubbed with one hand as he used the other to smear the pre-cum on Mike's dick all over the throbbing mushroom head, twisting and turning to Mike's ecstatic moans.

Mike couldn't help himself, he reached down and cupped Cody's big balls in his large hand as Cody gyrated back and forth rubbing his pre-cum soaked mushroom head across Mike's forearm. He let loose of Cody's swollen balls and began to stroke the shaft twisting and turning the head like Cody had done to him. They were both so new to this that they just repeated what the other one did and went from there.

Cody reached down and gently pinched Mike's erect nipple, Mike liked it and used his other hand to reach up and grab Cody's and give it a twist that sent shivers through both of their bodies cause Cody twisted Mike back at the same time.

The boys were in-sync and loving it. So far it was basically a circle jerk gone wild since nobody was sucking on anything.

Both boys came at the same time, Mike shot so high it hit Cody in the face and Cody came all over Mike's stomach.

The both collapsed layback in the tent staring at the moon buzzing from the experience they'd just had. They both had shot the biggest loads of their lives and had experienced something neither one could have ever imagined.

'I'm ready for bed.' Said Mike.

'Me too.' Said Cody. 'I think we should sleep head to foot so we don't spoon each other. I'm a little buzzed and I could confuse you for a blow up doll.' Laughed Cody.

'Sounds good to me, I don't need to wake up in some confused guys arms thinking I'm a blow-up doll.' Mike replied.

Both man/boys put there shorts on without a word after wiping the cum spray from their lithe young bodies.

Cody turned his sleeping bag around to point the other way and laid down staring at the stars once again. Reliving the past 6 hours and all the new feelings rushing through his body.

Mike laid back thinking the same thing as Cody only wondering if Cody was afraid of him now because of the 'happy ending.' It was Cody's idea, and Mike didn't make fun of him or dispute it, so what's the problem. What Mike didn't know was that Cody just wanted to be closer to Mike's feet and was giving Mike a perfect opportunity to get to his feet. That boy was a genius. Mike's body filled with an internal grin that made him shudder with joy at the way his relationship with his good friend was growing. They both seemed to be opening each other's closet doors and they both needed opening.

Cody rolled over on his side and to go to sleep and Mike rolled to the opposite side this place the soles of Mike's feet at the back of Cody's head and the soles of Cody's feet at the back of Mike's. They pushed their bubble butts up next to each other as a sign of intimacy and both fell fast asleep.


Cody was awakened by the sound of a bird screeching. It was still dark but early in the morning. Mike was fast asleep on his back, erection protruding from the pee hole in his boxers, his big foot practically in Cody's face. Cody decided it was time for him to experiment with a foot. Mike was asleep and it was only his foot. Cody could touch it, suck it and smell it without waking him. Couldn't he?

Mike had woken up at the same time Cody had only he didn't want Cody to know he was awake he wanted to see what Cody was going to try, if anything. If Cody didn't try then Mike was going to do something. They were both determined to explore their foot fetish with the other one, awake or not.

Mike decided to stretch his body out so his erection would stick further out form his shorts and to raise his arms above his head and over his eyes. This way Cody may feel more comfortable not seeing Mike's face.

Cody slowly inched forward to touch Mike's body with his while he wrapped his arms around mikes ankle and pulled the leg closes to him so the foot was inches from his mouth. He started by sniffing. Not bad, he'd known Mike a long time but not intimately. So his smell was familiar but not a known entity. Cody started stroking the toes, running his fingers over the toenails and in-between. He couldn't resist it any longer he had to stick one in his mouth. He decided to start with the second toe, the big one was a bit too big and might wake him up, the second toe was a little longer than the big toe so Cody bent down, wrapping his tongue around it he sucked on the nail as he removed it from his mouth like a lollipop.

Wow, that was exhilarating. Cody wasn't sure which part was more exciting, doing it while Mike slept or just doing it at all. It was so forbidden and seemingly dirt but it didn't feel that way to Cody. It felt pretty natural. He liked Mike, he liked Mike's company, he liked Mike's smell, and he liked Mike's attitude and his body as well. What was not to like about Mike?

Cody's penis throbbed at the new sensation but Cody didn't want to wake Mike so he just rolled over and fell asleep dreaming about Mike and their encounter.

Mike waited until Cody was asleep. Cody was a deep sleeper and snored a bit so it was easy to tell the he was out. Mike wanted to sample Cody's feet just as his had been sampled. Who knew that two friend could know each other for so long and not 'know each other.' These guys were birds of a feather if ever there were. They just didn't realize it until today. Better late than never.

Mike reached over and grabbed Cody's knee and pulled it towards him so he'd roll onto his back. Cody continued to sleep as Mike fondled Cody's feet with his fingers and his tongue. The sensation was hypnotic, the smell, the taboo, the intimacy; it was all so good and so wrong at the same time. What was Mike turning into? A pervert was the answer. Here he was touching another guys dick and letting the guy cum on him. He was really over the top this time but he didn't seem to care in the long run cause he was having such a great time and he really felt like Cody was as well.

The only problem they had at this point was how to come clean with each other about how they were really both feeling. Or did they have to come clean at all. Maybe they could just keep swapping massages and giving each other happy endings.

Mike fell back asleep and dreamed about Cody.

Cody fell back asleep after Mike had his way with his feet, it took everything he had to stay quiet and not giggle as Mike sucked on his toes, sniffed his feet and even his armpits. Cody hadn't thought about armpits before, they could be good too.

Mike and Cody had somehow gotten turned around in the night and were doing exactly what they had said they wanted to avoid. They were spooning. Mike's arms wrapped around Cody, Cody's tight little buns pushed up against Mike's morning wood. Cody's hand on his throbbing manhood like it was every morning.

Cody awoke first and carefully removed Mike's hand from his waist. He didn't want Mike to be embarrassed or think he'd done this on purpose. Even after all they'd been through Cody wanted to do his best to keep their relationship casual and without expectations or stress. They'd both been a little buzzed and caught up in the moment last night and maybe Mike didn't really mean to do what he did. When mixed, alcohol and a hard penis have no conscience. Cody didn't want to get his hopes up that there could be more and he sure didn't want to ruin his friendship with Mike.

Cody emerged from the tent and headed for a nice tree to take a pee. He stood there for what seemed like forever his stream never ending and powerful. He hadn't pissed like this for some time. Maybe it was the fresh air, the exercise, the excitement or just his new sense of freedom. Being naked with Mike had made him a little uncomfortable at first but then he relaxed and began to enjoy the freedom of nudity. It was very freeing to not have to hide himself and to just 'free-ball' as they say. Cody shook himself dry but as he touched himself he got hard and decided he'd better relieve himself now instead of running around Mike with a constant boner.

Cody walked over to a large boulder, sitting down he pulled his tool out and began stroking. It didn't take but a minute before he was spraying the forest floor with his warm juices, he was still hot from sucking Mike's toes and the force had been building up since even before that. Oh, he felt so damn good. Now he was gonna make Mike some breakfast.

Cody was glad he'd stopped at Trader Joes and bought Soy milk and cereal. The soymilk is in a box so it won't go bad and he even brought bananas cause they are really good when hiking as well as on the cereal. He hoped Mike was hungry.

Mike emerged from the tent just as Cody was putting the last slice of banana on the bowl of cereal. Cody took the spoon and smacked the tin bowl saying, 'Chow time, breakfast is ready.'

Mike smiled and said, 'just let me water the tree and I'll be right there.' Mike walked over to the same place Cody had just jerked off to pee and noticed Cody's man juices on the ground and on the rock. He smiled to himself. What was gonna happen next; Mike thought to himself.

'Mike, I made us some breakfast. Ok? Chimed Cody.

'Sounds good to me Code, just give me a minute, I gotta take care of some family business first over here behind this rock.' Mike yelled back as he headed around the backside of the large rock.

Mike quickly pulled his throbbing member from his shorts and started jerking. He was still hot from sucking Cody's toes this morning just as he was sure Cody was hot from sucking his. They both seemed to be doing the same thing to each other and thinking the same thoughts, but both afraid to come clean. Mike came quickly; his damn was set to burst before he'd emerged from the tent.

He walked back to where Cody was with a smile on his face and said. 'I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille.'

'Hey Mike I think I'm supposed to say that, you're the photographer and I'm the model.' Cody was right about that for sure. He was the model in Mike's eyes.

'You're almost as good looking as me, but not quite.' Teased Cody with a glimmer in his eye.

'You know, you're right. You are the model and I haven't taken any photos of you for years. Maybe later when the light starts to go down I'll pop off some shot of you. I don't have any model guys in my portfolio right now. I just have some cute girls and a few rock bands. You could breathe some life into my book if you really turn on your charm like you used to when you were young.' Mike smiled as he voiced the last part.

'Hey, I'm younger than you are and I have a better body than you too. I'm more ripped and chiseled than you are, about the only thing equal on us is our dicks.' Cody stated real matter of fact.

'Yeah, we'll see about that, if you were any good with a camera I'd have you shoot some pics of me as well so I can post them online to meet a hot girl.

'Yeah, well if you can clean yourself up enough and look good I can take some good shots. So, it's all on you. You know I can take good pictures, you've seen em.' Chided Cody.

The two went on like this for a while as they ate breakfast.

'So, we should probably get packed up and get back on the trail.' Cody stated as he washed out his cereal bowl and placed it in his pack.

Mike did the same with his dish and they both took down the tent and stuffed it into Mikes pack.

'Make sure you fill your canteen just in case we get to a place where there isn't any water. I don't want to die of thirst out here. Just cause we're following the river now doesn't mean it'll stay that way. You can never be too careful when you're out in the wild.' Stated Mike, matter of fact like.

'Yes Mike, I know Mike, whatever you say Mike.' Said Cody, making fun of Mike's paternal suggestions.

'Hey, I saved you ass once already, so listen to what I say and be careful. I don't want to spend this trip rescuing your round little ass.' Mike slipped the compliment in with the jab in an attempt to let Cody know that he liked his skinny little ass.' However, based on last night and this mornings actions Cody did seem to know and had similar feelings for Mike. Mike had a funny feeling that tonight would be a rather revealing time for both of them.

'Ok Dad, I put on fresh underwear, I brushed my teeth, I packed my stuff, I put on clean socks, filled my canteen, and I brushed my hair. Can we go now?' Teased Cody.

'Yes son, we can go now but first I want you to police our camp site and make sure we've left no sign of our being here other than our jizz on the rocks.' Mike laughed as he pointed to Cody. 'When I got up this morning and saw that you'd already marked your territory I too had to leave my mark. I woke up with a raging woody, I had a dream somebody was licking my toes and it turned me on. So I had to bust a nut before breakfast, it didn't take but a minute as I thought about that chick sucking on my toes.' Mike casually revealed to Cody letting him know that he knew what was going on. Mike wanted Cody to be thinking about it all day just like he was going to be so that by the time they got in that tent or even before they'd both be ready to explore some new territory, Mike was ready to roam and he knew Cody was as well.

Mike found himself looking at Cody differently know. He was noticing the Adonis line down his abdomen, and his happy trail, his muscles, his pecs, abs, arm pits, the whole damn boy and all the pretty parts. He couldn't get enough of this smiling vivacious boy/man and his fantastic energy, infective smile and open attitude. Cody was a dream, if you were into guys, which Mike wasn't (at least he didn't think he was), but he was into having a good friend that he trusted and could have some fun with now and then.

'All joking aside Cody, check everything, make sure you haven't forgotten anything and that you know where everything is in case of emergency. It helps if you don't have a light to know which pouch to reach into. You can never be too careful and you always have to be prepared. Remember, I was a boy scout and that's our motto 'be prepared. I'm so prepared I even have a couple of condoms in my pack in case we should run into a couple of wild girls on the trail. I wouldn't want us to ruin such a fun trip with an avoidable accident. Would you?'

'No dad, I understand and I'm ready to go and I call first dibs on the wild girls.' Cody said with an impish grin as he skipped down the trail that cut through the meadow.

'Hey Cody, I see your foot and ankle have started to heal, but be careful, it's probably still a little tender and you don't want to aggravate it. I know you feel good but please be careful.' Mike was suddenly turning into Dad. His feelings for Cody were coming up fast and furious. He wanted to protect him, hold him, and make him happy. He wanted to suck his toes, massage him and make him laugh. He was falling in love and didn't even know it. He thought it was just his parental instincts coming out.

Cody felt like a million bucks, obviously he'd been holding back some feelings about Mike for some time and last night let him release them. Yeah, it was just a massage but what a massage, and the happy ending was awesome. He felt a lot closer to Mike, like he could trust him with anything and be himself no matter what. It was a good feeling he wished would never end.

Cody remembered what Mike had said about having condoms. Maybe that was his way of saying that we could have sex if we wanted to cause he had protection. Cody always used protection with the girls he met, he didn't know where they'd been or who they'd been with and he didn't want to catch anything. He hadn't brought any condoms on this trip cause he didn't think for a second that they'd run into any 'wild girls' on the trail. He was happy that Mike did though. He wondered what it would be like to have Mike inside of him, his sweat dripping all over Cody's rock hard abs, his legs in the air and Mike chewing on his toes as he pushed his big penis in and out of Cody's virgin ass. These thoughts gave Cody an instant boner but he just continued down the trail looking at the butterflies and the dew on the plants thinking about how good he felt. He was giddy, like a little kid who just got a new toy. Only this toy was better than any he'd ever received before.

Mike caught up to Cody, saying, 'I'm done preaching to you Cody, I just want you to be careful, I feel responsible for you, like a big brother. You know I'd save your ass in a minute if something happened, then you'd have to give me another one of your amazing massages. You really paid attention to what I was doing and gave me an exact duplicate of the one I gave you only you took it one step beyond, into the twilight zone and made my head spin. Thank you, I really enjoyed myself last night and I wanted you to know that I'll never forget this trip.' Mike frankly stated.

'Well Mike, you know I should be thanking you. I was just paying you back for saving my life yesterday. Not only did you save my life you gave me an amazing massage and made my body feel things I'd never felt before. I'll never forget it. I wonder if I'll ever get a massage as good as that again.' Confessed Cody.

'Ok, enough sharing what are our goals today?' Asked Mike.

'Well, I definitely want to lay in the sun naked, swim naked and do some exercises, naked. After skinny-dipping yesterday I'd like to spend some more time nude in nature. It feels real free and there's nobody around except you and I don't have a problem looking at you. It's kind of like looking in a mirror except that I'm better looking and have a younger, tighter body. Your penis is about the same size as mine so I'm not embarrassed if your not.' Asked Cody.

'Ok Cody, I don't mind the nudity but I don't want you to think I'm gay or anything. I like girls. Last night was great, we got caught up in the moment but I doubt that will happen again so you go ahead and run around nude all you want just know that I'm straight. Ok?'

'Ok, Mike, I'm sorry if I sounded gay, I'm not either, I'm just feeling differently about my body out here and want to experience nature in the buff. Yesterday opened my eyes and feelings about being nude and I want to explore it while I'm here and my near death experience makes me want to live a little. I'll go down stream away from you if you'd like.' Offered Cody.

Mike now confessed even more. 'No Code, I got no problem seeing you nude or anything else it's just that last night was the first time I got off with anyone other than a girl except when I was a kid in boy scouts. I actually enjoyed it and feel a little weird about it. After last night I feel closer to you, like I can be honest with you about my feelings without you judging me. I'm confused and don't want you to think I'm a homo just because I got caught up in the moment with my good buddy.'

'Well, if it makes you feel any better Mike, I had a great time last night, I've never messed around with a guy before either and even though we didn't have sex, it was as good or even better. Like you, I did it as a young kid but not since. I haven't even thought about it. It just happened and I don't regret it.' Cody honestly offered his confession.

'Ok, I think we've 'shared' enough for awhile lets head downriver a little longer and look for the perfect spot. Deep water, maybe a fall, a nice meadow with a cool tree and some wildflowers so I can take some cool pics. If you feel up to it I'll take some of you and maybe I'll even pose for you.' Mike smiled as he shared his thoughts. 'Oh yeah, don't forget sunscreen.'

Cody still had his shirt on so only his arms; face and legs were exposed until later when he took off his shirt and shorts. He rubbed the sunscreen well into his supple tan skin, and then tossed the bottle to Mike. 'Can you get my back for me? I'll do yours next.'

The boys both rubbed the lotion vigorously into each other's backs, and then they were off down the trail. A couple of happy, man/boys ready for the adventure of a new day.



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