My name is Sam and this is the story of my first deception. I was always over at my friend haley's house so I became pretty much part of the family after a while. It was a hot summer night Hailey, her sister Kate, and her mother Elizabeth were at their aunt's house for their mother's birthday. Since I practically lived at their house I didn't mind being alone with their dad Dave for the week. This summer I was spending the entire summer with them because it had been a long year and I needed to get away. None of us really liked her father though he was a little bit of a grump when he wanted to be but he wasn't that bad at times. Haley and I would always talk about how grumpy her dad was and how it was probably due to him not getting any sex.

So Haley and the rest of the gang had went to their aunt's leaving Dave and I in the boiling hot non air conditioned house alone. I usually slept up in Haley’s room on the futon they had bought me but after clearing out the garage Haley had put a lot of the stuff on the futon until she could find a place for it. So I was stuck to sleep on the very small couch. Dave had turned on a movie for us to watch. I was in a red t-shirt and blue jeans and Dave had stripped out of his shirt, showing his fairly large hairy belly which I thought kinda was hot, so he was only in khaki shorts. We both were on the couch Dave sat at the end of the couch as I layed on it under a blanket feet touching the edge of his thigh. It was starting on ten O’clock when I finally got the idea. It was a hot night hormones were high meaning with the lack of sex he and I both had they were even higher. I carefully closed my eyes and turned on my side to pretend that I was asleep. After a few minutes I slowly started inching my feet out toward his crotch. Dave didn’t really notice much until my feet were at his crotch rubbing what felt like a soft sausage you’d get from a butchery. Every so often I would let a moan out when I felt his cock start to grow.

“Sam are you awake” He had asked

I didn’t respond trying to hold the act. I lightly felt his fingers brushing over my butt and then slide under my knees and back. He lifted me off the couch and started walking to what was probably the bedroom. He laid me face down and then went and closed the door. I then heard the zip of his shorts and them fall to the floor. I tried to withstrain myself from gasping as he pulled down my pants, without unzipping them, to reveal my hairy butt. He started by massaging the cheeks and then I felt him separate them. I couldn’t resist not being apart of it when I felt his tongue flick over my hole.

“What’s goin on” I pretended to wonder

“Just lay there Sam and embrace it” He said to meI just laid there feeling his tongue probe me. 

He started moaning now that he knew I was awake and now that I was I joined in. The more he probed me the more I felt good his wet tongue eating me out. After awhile he stopped and started to slide a finger in. Out of nowhere I let out a loud moan. Dave responded to this and pushed in another finger and started to kiss up my spine pushing my shirt up to my shoulders. I had never felt this way before and I never wanted it to end. Dave moved his fingers slowly in and out. I could feel my own cock go hard with boiling blood. He slowly removed his fingers and then replaced them with his cock. From the feeling of it going in it had to be as big as the washington monument. He kept sliding down stretching my hole so much I couldn help but whimper. Once his balls slapped against my ass he grabbed my hips and held me there. Once my body had relaxed is when the fun started. He moved in and out pounding my ass to the next millennium. eventually the ecstasy as too much for me.

“I’m going to cuuuuummmmm!!” I yelled

“I know boy but don’t worry I’ll clean it up”

He began to move faster and harder. Soon enough I couldn’t hold it any longer and I blew all over the maroon sheets. When I finished my last string of cum he decided it was his turn and blew every last drop inside of me. When he was pumped dry he flopped down on top of me. Dave slowly slid his cock out of my ass. He leaned down over my cum puddle and started lapping it up like a dog. His face looked so delicious with a little bit of excess cum on his chin. I leaned forward and licked it off. Our lips moved closer to each other and when they met I could taste the sweet but salty taste of my own cum.

“Next time you want to get laid you don’t have to pretend to be asleep” Dave murmured between our little makeout session.

“I thought it would be nice to roleplay as an innocent little boy not knowing what was happening”

“Mmmmm I think we’re going to have one fun week”

The two of flopped onto our backs. Our naked bodies up against each other Dave holding me in his large bear like arms. Eventually I drifted of into what would be the best sleep I had had in ages.




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