At the beginning of Fall semester at a nearby college, I received a call from the chair of the division of social sciences asking if she could assign one of her students to our center with an internship for the year. This is how I met Petey.

His internship required that he work two hours a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Petey was a gorgeous 6' 1" tall, dirty blond, weighing about 175 pounds with green eyes, carried a huge 9-inch cock and a awesome hairless tanned body.

I, on the other hand, stood 6-feet, weighed a hard 190 pounds, coal black hair, brown eyes, carried an 8-inch thick cock and of Italian background.

From the first day at work, we instantly connected as we both had a passion for helping those in need. We spent many hours discussing our common philosophies and compassion for the poor and a deep belief in human rights. The bond between us became stronger and stronger although we had different sexual orientations. The growing bond started to blur the line between straight and gay.

It became a practice for Petey's soccer buddies to come by at lunch time and go with us to a restaurant. Without exception, Petey always made sure he sat next to me. Before long at lunch, he began to rub his leg hard against my hot leg. I always responded by pressing back to encourage the hot flirting.

It was not long before we developed an intense emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical tie. The chemistry was like none I had ever experienced.


About four months after Petey started interning at the center, we decided to spend a weekend snow skiing at an area ski center. We rented a hotel room and spent the Saturday skiing. Around 4 PM, Petey had a bad fall and turned his ankle. Although the injury was not bad, we stopped skiing and went to our room to put some ice on his ankle.

We got out of our ski clothes and boots. Petey took a shower and laid down on the bed with only a pair of sexy blue tight briefs. I took a shower and put on a polo shirt, worn blue jeans and a pair of white socks. As I came to the bed, I had a close up look at his huge package. I became instantly rock hard. Petey was hot as hell with movie star qualities.

"Eric buddy, please go get some ice from the frig and place it on my ankle."

I eagerly placed the ice on his ankle for about 10 minutes. I then removed the ice, placed his foot and ankle across my legs and began to gently rub his ankle. The soft touch of my warm hand rubbing his smooth hairless foot and leg caused Petey to began moaning and increased his rate of breathing. As we were already emotionally bonded, the touch of flesh removed all self control. Petey's orientation as a heterosexual man was obliterated at that moment and replaced by a burning desire and lust for me. The big organ in his briefs began to grow larger and larger as I moved my lotion covered hands up his sexy leg causing the light fuzz to become wet. The feel and excitement of my hand caused Petey to began shivering with pleasure. I saw goose bumps appear on his body. His face became flushed. I too was flushed and feeling goose bumps up my spine.

Now out of control, he took his good ankle and foot and put it into my crotch and across my steel hard 8-inch throbbing cock. I instantly dribbled precum in my briefs. We both were now in total heat and lust. I slowly moved my hand up his leg, across his inner hot thigh, and inside his wet briefs until I had my hand on his big rock hard leaking cock that had seminal fluid oozing on to my fingers. I began playing with his hot boner as he used his foot to grind into my crotch and engorged cock. There was no force that could stop where we were headed in this total state of ecstasy. We had become ONE SOUL and ONE BODY. Raw sex was the only answer to satisfy our lust and love.

As soft classical music played in the background, it was time to get totally naked and get down to hard sex. Without any warning, I reached up, put my thumbs under the top of his briefs and pulled them off. He lifted his hips as I took them off. He rose up and took my polo shirt over my head and off. He unzipped my pants and took them down. He then took off my briefs and socks. We were now only in our birthday suits.

Man, he had the most beautiful body on the planet with the most gorgeous cock standing at attention.

We were so excited with the big wet spot on the front of his briefs that we took turns putting them up to our mouths and sucking on them, as I jumped on top of his hot body and laid down melting our bodies together. . The smell and taste of his cum was terrific.

I began to dry hump my new lover, my soul mate, my sweet Petey. As our bodies rubbed against each other, our two pulsating cocks were driving hard against each other and wetting our abs with the oozing precum and sweat on our bodies.

We were now now in total arousal mode as we moaned, grunted and gasped for our breaths. We thrashed all over the bed. When I could not stand it any longer, I managed to utter: "Oh my god Petey, I must have you. Lets suck and fuck. You are the most beautiful and sexy man on the planet. I am about to come just feeling your hot body."

"Oh shit Eric, I have never wanted anyone including my former girlfriend like I need you now. I am crazy with lust for you. What do we do first?"

We moved into a 69 position and began to slowly using our tongues to devour each others' ass, balls and cocks. I felt Petey's wet and hot tongue run up and down my ass crack and soon he was using his tongue to explore my pink rosebud. The touch of his tongue had me crazy with tingling all over my body.

I used my tongue to explore his sweet smelling ass as he pushed his ass into my tongue. I began a long series of rotating between rimming his ass, sucking on his light blond fuzzy balls and running my tongue up and down the underside of his big hot cock. From my weeks of gazing at his his crotch, it was confirmed that he had a super and awesome cock and ass. I was in heaven making love to my new soul mate. The smell and taste of Petey's crotch had my swollen cock, hard balls and pulsating ass at Petey's pleasure.

WOW, Petey was giving my crotch a tongue bath. I felt him rotate between ruff rimming of my ass, sucking on my balls, taking my balls in his mouth and coming all the way down on my aching cock. He had the most hot thick lips as he devoured me.

Finally, I could not wait any longer to take his incredible cock all the way down my throat. I slowly took his cock all the way down to the base and off over and over. At the same time, I felt Petey use his big hot mouth to take my cock all the way down to the base. We sucked cock for at least ten minutes as we enjoyed the seminal fluid oozing from our cocks' piss slits.The feeling of sucking and being sucked had us very close to an orgasm.

We finally stopped and Petey said: "Eric, baby, I want to fuck your experienced ass. I want my first experience of putting my 9-inch cock in a man's ass to be your sweet ass. I need my my eager cock in your man pussy. I want to be inside you. I want our bodies to be one." I almost shot a load hearing these words. I replied: "Yea, my love, please fuck me. I have dreamed for weeks of having your big cock deep int my ass. Oh, hell, the thought of your cock breeding me is so hot. Give it to me. Come inside me."

I took a bottle of lube, got on my back, lubed my ass, lubed Petey's big cock, placed my left leg on his broad athletic shoulder and put my right leg out and up in the air, and got ready for the fuck of my life. Petey slowly moved into position, lowered his red hot cock, swollen to the maximum, and began inserting his big rod into my pulsating ass. Before long, he had driven his cock all the way into my man pussy. At first, he slowly moved in and out until his lust over took him and he became rough fucking my eager ass. He used his strong hips and legs to fuck me raw. Wow, it was beyond great.

He lowered his face and began to kiss me. I inhaled his strong sexy breath and pushed my hips up to invite his cock deeper into my inner ass.

Petey fucked me with the touch of an artist for some 20 minutes until we could no longer control the warm thick cum that had built up in our nuts. For the first time since his cock had entered my ass, I used my ass muscles to tighten down on his raging cock like a vice. This caused his balls to release the huge stored up white thick cum that traveled up his cock shaft, out the wide piss slit and shoot multi-bursts of goo deep into my soft ass. The feel of his man seed spurting into my inner ass caused my balls to release a river of cum that shot on to my stomach and chest.

Petey gradually pulled his softening cock out of my ass, squeezed the last few drops of cum from his cock onto my ass crack and then slowly drove his still semi-hard cock back into my ass. He gave me several more thrusts as his cum poured out of me.

Next he pulled out and moved his cock up to my mouth as I sucked the remaining cum off his cock head. It was so delicious. We kissed to enjoy the cum.

"Petey Baby, I cannot find words to tell you how much I love you and how I feel one with you. I want to have many orgasms with you. Maybe we should talk about college together?"

What will be next?


Naughty Eric


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