Several years ago, I was returning from a month's vacation when I found myself seated next to a 20-year-old very sexy Army private stationed at Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Washington. He was returning form a two-week leave to see his family. I was a 30-year-old college professor at a college in Seattle after visiting my family.

The red eye flight was in late January. That time of year the flights mean a low booking, as was the case that evening. In fact, the plane was no more than one-third occupied. The Army private, dressed in his sexy green uniform, and I were in the back row next to the lavatories. The three rows in front of us were unoccupied.

I learned that his name was Richard (Dick). He was about 5' 10" tall, weighed around 155 pounds, a brown crew cut, brown eyes and a very impressive what looked like a big package.

I introduced myself: "Hi, I am Mark. I see you are reading a book that I love about human relationships. I have read the book and it is one of my favorites. By the way, I am a college professor in the field of philosophy."

"Mark, it is nice meeting you. I am so glad you have read the book. The book is awesome and does talk about how to meet and get to really know someone on a very personal basis. You seem like just a real groovy guy."

We spent the first hour talking about the book and getting to know one another on a somewhat personal level. We soon learned that we both were Gay. The conversation turned to sex and shared some steamy stories about our sex lives.

After dinner was served and the lights were turned down, most passengers took a nap. This gave us freedom and an idea of how to get it on. We both became horny as hell.

Dick pulled a blanket down from the overhead and placed it across our laps as we were seated in the two inner seats. Soon I felt Dick's hand reach under the blanket as he began to rub my thigh. Next he moved his hand onto my crotch and stroked up and down on my now raging 7-inch hard blood filled cock. I began to moan and breath rapidly. His hand was so warm and yet gentle.

"Mark, how do you like my hand jerking off your hot boner. Oh My, you are so hard. Do I turn you on? I feel a wet spot on your pants. Are you leaking precum? You smell so sexy."

I was dripping precum profusely inside my briefs. He then unzipped my pants, pulled out my aching cock and began to give me a real jacking off.

I returned the favor as I unzipped his pants, found his huge cock, pulled it our and began wildly jerking his cock as he squirted his precum juices on my hand.

"Oh shit Mark, I love your hand on my hard 8-inch cock. It feels great."

"Oh Hell Dick, you really know how to give one a great masturbation technique. You are a pro at this game."

WE smelt the rich masculine odors of sexy manhood and especially the scent of cum.

WE stopped for a minute when a really hot male flight attendant approached us and said: "Guys, can I get you another blanket? Or can I get you anything to make you more comfortable?"

My gaydar went off as the attendant seemed so interested in what we were doing. He was a handsome hunk standing 6-feet with coal black hair, brown eyes and carrying a big package in that cute uniform. We leaned that he was 25-years-of-age.

I replied to his question: "No, we are doing just great if you know what I mean."

The flight attendant seemed so curious and in no hurry to move on. I thought he was aware of what we weer doing.

I decided to test him. "I see from your name tag that your name is Nick. If you are not in a rush, why don't you take a seat across from us. By the way, my name is Mark and this is my new friend Dick."

He jumped at the chance. "Sure guys, I have served everyone dinner and they are now sleeping."

Nick took a seat across from us after getting a blanket from the overhead. He could not take his eyes off of us as we returned to jacking off each other. He could see our blanket moving up and down. There was no doubt left as to what we were doing. Soon I noticed his blanket moving rapidly up and down. The hunk was jacking off. The sex games were under way.

As we became hornier and hornier, we pulled off the blankets and watched the hands go up and down on the rock hard cocks. Nick had to be at least 9-icnhes with a huge cock head. He was leaking juices from his piss slit. All three cocks had dangling sperm on their purple cock heads.

I invited Nick to come over and join us. As soon as he was seated, I pulled Nick's head and mouth down on my hard cock. I then lowered my mouth onto Dick's beautiful rod. Nick and I went wild sucking cock. Nick began jacking off his cock while he sucked me like a wild beast.

The blowjobs lasted for about 15 minutes when I felt my throbbing cock stiffen in Nick's mouth and at the same time Dick's boner stiffened in my mouth. Within seconds, I tasted something thick, warm and salty flooding the back of my throat. Dick had exploded with a huge load of jizz that I managed to swallow ever drop.

This humongous load of cream pie in my mouth caused my balls to spasm and give me the most orgasmic release of my life deep into Nick's throat. The blast was so huge and powerful that Nick chocked as he spilled the nectar all over his face and also my emptying cock.

We stopped to get our breaths and recover from the orgasm when the co-pilot came down the isle toward the rest rooms. He was about 6-feet and 2-inches of pure hunk. He had blue eyes, blond hair and a terrific tan. He was 29-years-of-age and was sprouting a very big bulge.

The co-pilot turned to Nick and said: "Nick, are you at it again with these hot males? I see you have found two whores to get it on with."

Nick addressed the co-pilot: "Well, Jason, what does it look like man? Are you going to join us tonight as you have done on many other occasions? You are a bitch."

"Oh Fuck, Nick. Yea, you know how much I love to fuck man pussy. Who do I get to fuck?"

Nick replied: "I want to fuck Mark. He just gave me a huge cum load and I want to repay him. You fuck Dick, the hot Army private. He just gave Mark a mouth full of his nectar."

Nick and I took one of the lavatories and Jason and Dick took the other one. We put occupied on the doors.

Dick and Jason pulled their pants down to their feet. Dick faced the sink, spread his legs far apart, took his hands to spread his own ass cheeks and asked Jason to rim him out. Jason spent several minutes eating the hot pink pulsating asshole before he began to slowly drive his 9" cut and dripping cock into the Army privates bubble ass. Soon he had his entire tool deep into the Army privates inner ass. The whole back of the plane seemed to be rocking as big Jason pounded the beautiful military's man pussy.

WE could hear all the moaning, grunting and dirty talk of these two men in heat.

At the same time, Nick and I had dropped our pants and briefs. I faced the sink and begged Nick to plunge his beautiful hot cock into my ass without any foreplay. I wanted his cock right then. He obeyed as I felt his cock plunge all the way in my eager pulsating ass with one thrust. WOW, he knew how to set me on fire. I loved the feel of his cock as he drove in and out with great speed. I could feel his big cock massage my ass walls as well as my sensitive prostate. It was beyond erotic.

"Mark,I love your ass. Fuck, oh shit, it feels so great."

"Nick, harder,, harder, give it to me harder. Pound my ass. Yea that is it. OH FUCK, yea."

Soon I heard Nick yelled: "Oh Fuck, Oh Hell, I am cumming, I am cumming." I felt his burst of cum fill my ass and began to run out of my asshole. It was so wet, warm and smelt great.

When spent, Nick pulled out and lowered his mouth onto my ass. He sucked his cum out and then spit it in my mouth. He then deep kissed me as we swirled the cum around both our tongues. We dressed and exited the bath room.

We heard Jason yell that he was coming in Dick's ass.. There was silence for a few minutes before the came out and joined us. We could see some cum dangling from their chins. They too had had a cum meal.

Dick and I thanked Jason and Nick for a terrific fuck.

Nick responded by saying: "Guys, it was our pleasure and we hope you will join in the friendly skies with us again soon."

Jason said: "Yea, I hope to see you again."

As Jason started back up the isle, I noticed that a sticky ring of cum had stained his pants. Would the pilot notice and was the pilot a member of the Mile High Club?

Well this is the story of how Dick and I became members of the Mile High Club.

Maybe we will see one of you on a flight.



Naughty Eric


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