The setting for this story takes place in a Pacific Northwest city where Andrew, a farm boy hunk, attends a university to study agriculture methods to produce a new breed of livestock. The young rancher is encouraged by his father to attend college so he can return to the ranch with the recent advances in agriculture research.

Andrew is a corn and beef fed hunk of a man. He stands 6'4"; weighs 195 pounds; has blond hair; sky blue eyes; beautiful sun tan from his outdoor farming; huge arms with large biceps; rock hard abs; hairless chest and stomach; big rock hard thighs; and 21 years-of-age. Andrew is a gorgeous outdoor tanned man of Swedish ancestry. His sexual adventures in this new metropolitan environment unfold in the story that follows.

After a couple of weeks on campus and the exposure to his first liberal environment, Andrew becomes curious when he learns from friends about a local Gay bar near campus. As a virgin who has no significant knowledge of sexual matters, he summons the courage one evening to visit the Gay bar. As this gorgeous hunk from the country, he instantly draws the attention of all the horny Gay men in the bar. He orders a beer and attempts to avoid the glare of all the men as he finds a table in a dark corner.

Duke, a regular Gay customer at the bar, spots Andrew and goes over and says to Andrew: "Hey, my name is Duke and may I join you for a beer?" Andrew nervously smiles and says: "Hi, my name is Andrew and yes I would very much like for you to join me."

Duke is a 29-year-old local physician (M.D.) who opened his medical practice during the past year. Duke stands 5'10"; weighs a trim 160 pounds; dark brown eyes; beautiful thick well-trimmed lower neck length black hair; dark complexion from his Spanish ancestry; muscled body with light streams of hair down his chest, stomach and on his legs; thick well-trimmed black pubic hair; and cute hard cheeks. He is a single Gay man.

Andrew and Duke hit it off sharing stories about their backgrounds with Andrew talking about his youth as a farm boy and Duke as a life long city guy. As the evening progresses and they have consumed several beers, Andrew becomes less inhibited and questions Duke about the life of Gay men and their sexual practices. Andrew is really interested in watching the Gay men kiss, dance and fondle one another in the bar.

Duke informs Andrew that he is an experienced Gay man and says: "Andrew, as a Gay man and medical doctor, I am happy to answer any questions you have about the Gay lifestyle and sex." The fact that Duke is a physician and gay causes Andrew to open up and flood Duke with questions. Andrew wants to know how Gay men have sex and the positions they use as well as how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. After about three hours of dialogue, Andrew says: "Duke I must get back to the campus as I have an early class tomorrow. But could we exchange our private phone numbers. They do share their numbers and Andrew starts to leave when Duke gives him a sexy hug.

About two weeks later on his caller ID, Duke notices there is a message from Andrew. After work that Monday evening, Duke returns the call around 9:00 p.m. Andrew answers and says: "Hello, this is Andrew and is this Duke?" Duke confirms that it is him and says: "Yes, Andrew this is Duke. How are you Andrew?"

After a long pause, Andrew says: "I am not sure Duke. For two weeks I have been constantly thinking about you and our conversation in the bar. I have been so horny that I bought a Gay magazine. There is a hot story in the magazine about phone sex. Tonight I have been drinking and so turned on by the story. Duke, I think I am Gay. You turned me on at the bar."

Duke interrupts and says: "Andrew that is great and you should let go of any inhibitions you have and be yourself." With an excitement in his voice, Andrew ask: "Duke, would I offend you, if I ask you to have phone sex with me tonight?"

Duke is so excited that his cock becomes instantly hard and starts leaking precum in his shorts. Andrew confesses he has a huge hardon.

Duke takes charge and replies: "Andrew I have had lots of phone sex and I am happy to do it with you tonight. Here goes. Take off all your clothes, get on the bed on your back, and do you have any lube?" Andrew indicates he bought some today hoping for the phone sex soon. Andrew with a soft voice says: "Duke, please talk dirty to me. I am so ready to have you make me explode."

Once again Duke takes over and begins the phone sex. "Andrew, I am now home. I have removed all my clothes, butt naked, lubed my rock hard pulsating boner leaking precum, lubed my man pussy, lubed my 9" dildo and am ready to fuck. Andrew, you lube up and begin jacking-off. By the way, how big is your cock when hard?"

Andrew with lust in his voice says: "Oh, Duke, I have a monstrous 10" raging cock. It is huge. How big is your cock, Duke?" Duke laughs and says: "Well, Andrew, you win. My cock is only 8".

Duke continues: "Listen to me you bitch. After I fuck my ass with this dildo, I am going to come over to your dorm room, throw you on your back, jump on top of your huge farm boy body, hump your crotch with my crotch, grind my hot slick precum dick into your 10" slick precum cock, and put my tongue down your wet mouth with French kisses until you can hardly breath, bitch do you understand me? I will then thrust my cock down your throat as I jack hammer you soar throat. You will cry for me to stop but I will not do so until I come all over your face. You will eat my seed." This makes Andrew crazy with desire for Duke.

Duke hears Andrew moaning, yelling OMG, and producing loud breathing. Andrew manages to say into the phone: "Oh, baby, I am on fire and rock hard. My dick is jumping all over the place. I have never been so hard. I am jacking-off pretending my cock is in your ass. Please do what you want to me. I am your bitch. Take me baby. This farm boy stud is yours."

Duke excites Andrew even more when he continues: "Bitch, I am going to lube your man pussy, finger your ass until it is wide open, suck and lick your pink hole, spit in your ass and drill that virgin pussy with my 8" man cock until you beg me to stop."

Andrew yells into the phone: "I can't stop. I am cumming, Oh I am cumming. I am shooting gobs of white sperm all over my body. It want stop flowing out of of my piss slit. Oh, I am so hot."

After a few minutes, Duke hears Andrew's breathing ebb and then Andrew speaks again:"Duke, I have never had such an erotic orgasm before. You have me so horny. Please, can we get together and you make real love to me? I am lusting after you."

Andrew hears loud moans and hard breathing from Duke knowing Duke is about to come. Duke manages to mutter: "Oh, yes, Andrew, I am cumming with a big load all over my chest and face. I am eating the cream pie."

Duke is thrilled that he has turned Andrew into a wild Gay sex machine. He can hardly wait to fuck and be fucked by this blond farm boy hunk. They agree to meet for dinner on Friday evening and follow up with a night of steamy sex at Duke's place.

On Friday evening, Duke drives his blue Mercedes to campus, picks up Andrew in Andrew's Sunday best clothes and goes to dinner at the private country club where Duke is a member. Over dinner Andrew tells Duke he has daily used masturbation as his sexual release but never been with a man or girl for sex.

Both guys get an instant hardon and are really horny for one another. During dinner, they play footsie and reach up with their feet to play with each others' crotch. At one point, Duke reaches under the table and feels Andrew's wet pants. Takes his hand up to his nose and can smell Andrew's cum.

On the way to Duke's place, Duke has Andrew unzip his pants, pull out his 10" cock and let Duke view this beautiful tool. Duke takes one hand off the steering wheel and plays with Andrew's cum dripping cock. Duke breaks the speed limit getting to his condo.

Duke and Andrew go immediately to the master bedroom. Andrew is amazed at all the mirrors around the room and on the ceiling. During sex, it will be neat to watch each other. They are both once again rock hard. Duke grabs Andrew in a bear hug and starts deep kissing his new sex partner. They become lip locked with spit dripping off their chins and onto their chests for several minutes.

They start undressing each other until they are down to their briefs that are bulging with two cocks trying to escape the confinement. Their bodies are slim, slick and tan.

Duke gets on his knees and begins to suck Andrew's cock through the briefs. Duke can smell and taste the cum through he briefs. Andrew begs: "Oh, Baby, please remove my aching cock by taking off my briefs and suck my cock. I want you to give me a hard blowjob like I have seen in the Gay magazine."

Duke takes off Andrew's briefs, puts Andrew on the bed on his back, begins to kiss, lick and suck up and down this monstrous 10" cock with a 6.5" girth. It is huge. Duke is a great experienced cock sucker. He soon is deep throating Andrew's entire cock. He moves between slow and fast thrusts coming all the way off and back down. Duke takes time to suck and put Andrew's balls in his mouth. He takes one hand and fingers Andrew's ass hole. Andrew is bucking and throwing his ass and legs all over the place. Andrew sees all the action in the many mirrors. After about 15 minutes, Andrew begs: "OMG, this is great but please stop before I come. I want more sex before I come."

It is now Andrew's turn to finish undressing Duke and begin servicing him. Duke instructs Andrew how to kiss, lick and suck his hard cock. He tells him to enjoy the precum taste as he begins the blowjob on Duke. Andrew takes to the job with much enthusiasm. He spits on the cock, runs his tongue up and down Duke's shaft, plays with Duke's balls, suck on the balls, and begins to take his very first cock down his throat. Duke is surprised when Andrew is able to swallow his entire cock and give him a hot blowjob. Duke says: "Man, you are a super cock sucker. I am on fire from your erotic hot mouth." The large supply of Andrew's spit is dripping off Duke's cock as Andrew comes down and off of the rigid wet cock. Andrew stops to prevent Duke from coming.

Now Duke turns to Andrew and says: "Are you ready for your first ass fucking?" Andrew is eager but very scared. "Andrew says: "Duke, I have never been fucked and I am so afraid to have anything up my ass. I tried a dildo once and I could only get it in about two inches and it hurt."

Duke comments: "Andrew, baby, I will not lie to you. The first time it is going to hurt but I will be gentle, go slow and put lots of lube up your ass. Also if you will strain your ass muscles and jackoff, it will be easier. You will learn to love being fucked after you get use to it." Andrew says: "I want to be fucked but go easy, please."

Duke kisses and licks Andrew's pink ass, lubes the hole, puts on a lubed condom and slowly enters this beautiful clean and hairless pink ass with his over eager cock. Andrew indicates that the cock is hurting him but lets Duke go further in while following Duke's instructions. Gradually Duke is able to get his entire hot cock all the way in this big and wide hunk's asshole. Andrew begins to relax and soon is yelling: "Duke, Baby, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, harder and harder. My ass is sucking up your cock. It is now feeling great. FUCK ME! Do not stop. I love your cock inside me. FUCK ME until you come. My ass wants to make you come. Duke I have never been more horny and hot. I want to smell and taste your warm seed after you come in the condom."

The dirty talk cause Duke's cock head to expand, his veins to rapidly start pulsating and the piss slit to open wide as blast after blast of semen shoots from Duke's balls, up the shaft and into the condom covered cock. Duke is moaning and grunting as he empties his balls of the cum. As he pulls out, the condom is so full of the seed that some cum begins to flow over the top of the condom. Duke takes the overflow and feeds Andrew's waiting mouth. Andrew says: "Mmmmmmm, I love you semen. Give me more , Baby."

It is now Andrew's turn to fuck Duke's pulsating ass. As it will be his first fuck of another person, Andrew had watched closely what Duke did so he can give Duke a great fuck. Duke lubes Andrew's cock for him, puts on the condom, lubes the condom, lubes his own pink asshole and raises his man pussy up to meet Andrew's huge cock by placing his own legs on Andrew's shoulders.

Andrew is so turned on as he inserts his 10" cock into an ass for the first time. He goes all the way in with the first thrust because Duke has a big wide ass from previous fucks. Andrew moves in and out rapidly as the fuck is so smooth. He is wildly fucking Duke with incredible pleasure. He plows Duke harder and harder learning how to come all the way out and back in many times. Duke indicates that this is the biggest cock he has ever had up his ass and the most incredible large hunk ever to enter his body. Duke mutters: "OMG, you huge farm boy, you use your cock and body on me like you are lifting hay into the barn. I have never experienced such a hunk. Oh, I want to make you come."

This puts Andrew over the edge. His cock grows as his large load of semen erupts from his balls, up the channel and into the condom. It is a monstrous load. He pulls out, takes off the condom and pours the cum out of the condom into Duke's mouth. They kiss and share the white warm cream. Andrew slows his breathing and says: "Duke, this is beyond pleasure. I love Gay sex. You are the best. Can I move in with you so we can have many nights of steamy mind blowing sex?" Duke answers: "we will move you from the dorm to my condo tomorrow, baby."



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