Three years ago, I was a college senior and the starting short stop on our winning baseball team. My 40-year-old handsome baseball coach, Luke, was a single man and stud who loved to party and have a good time. He stood 6-feet; weighed 165 pounds; blond hair; sparkling blue eyes; slim rugged athletic build; hard biceps, abs, and beefy thighs; smooth almost hairless body; and a very broad big 9" cut cock. I knew all his awesome features, as Coach Luke and I had been fuck buddies for the past year and a half.

I was a strong very talented athlete that had started at short stop since my Freshman year under Coach Luke. I stood five-feet and 10-inches; weighed 150 pounds; short brown hair; brown eyes; hard biceps, stomach and abs; thick muscled thighs and strong legs; a treasury of brown hair running from my chest to my crotch; and a huge cut 10-inch cock with a mushroom head and large low hanging balls. My name is Sparky.

During Spring Semester of my junior year, I moved in with Coach Luke after we had become hot lovers. We had many steamy all-night sex episodes or sex marathons. You could say we were sex addicts that could not get enough of each others' big cocks and ass fucking. Some days we had sex in the morning and again at night.

During the break in December of my senior year, I went home to spend the holidays with my parents and one younger brother who lived in another state. I had been home only three days when I became horny as hell and lusted for the Coach. At 1:00 AM that evening my phone rang.

"Hello, who is calling me so late? You just woke me up."

"Oh Sparky, it is your fuck buddy, Coach Luke. I tried to get to sleep tonight but I am crazy for your hot body. I am lying here horny as hell and imagining the smell and touch of your sweet body, desiring that big cock of yours and craving the smell and taste of your warm spunk. Please, lets talk dirty to each other and get off our rocks so I can then go to sleep. I miss you so much."

"Hell, Coach, I miss you terribly and I too need to get my rocks off. You already have me horny. I am crazy after not being with you for three days. I don't know if I can go two weeks without your hot cock and my monstrous boner in your ass. Go ahead and tell me how much you love my cock, my ass, my sweaty body and eating my warm cum."

"Sparky, you bitch, you dirty slut, you ungrateful whore, take off you clothes and get butt naked. Tell me as you remove what clothes you have on. I need to remember that hot naked body staring at me and that snake of yours throbbing as I touch it. You little dirty fucker, are you leaking precum yet? I said bitch, talk to me."

"Oh Coach, Sir, I have on only my red hot briefs. My cock is rock hard and the cock head is already sticking out of my waistband and leaking. Hell, I have already soiled my briefs. It smells so good. Can you smell my sticky cum? Can you pretend you can? Tell me what you want Coach. You horny bitch, Daddy, stick your finger up that dirty pink ass of yours pretending it is my finger fucking your ass. I am now slowly removing my wet briefs. I just put them up to my nose and mouth. WOW, Daddy, the smell and taste is terrific. Don't you wish you were here to smell and taste your fuck buddies nectar? I am now butt naked, stretched out on my back on the bed with my legs spread far apart, and sweating like a stuck pig. My ass is pulsating hungry for your mouth."

"Oh my god, Sparky, you bitch, you have me hot as hell. I am just removing my briefs, jerking off my swollen cock fantasying that it is in your tight pussy. Yes, I am leaking gobs of precum allover my hand. It smells so good. I just took out the 9" dildo you got me last week and I am sliding it into my over heating ass. Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Sparky, it feels so good and is just like your manhood driving deep into me. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, you dirty whore. Give me your big cock. Make me pay, Baby. Oh, it feels so great in my ass. Bitch, fuck me harder, harder, harder you slut. Give me that big juicy cock now."

"Coach, drive that huge dildo all the way down that ass channel of yours. Take it all, Coach. How do you like that big toy I gave you? Does it feel good? Tell me you like it."

"Hell yes, I love that dildo all the way in my ass just the way I love your cock drilling my man pussy. I want you, you young stud and horny slut."

"Coach, does that slick lubed dildo feel as good as my wet cock. Does it feel as big and and hard as my wood? Oh Shit, I am on fire picturing that dildo as my cock up your ass. I am on my back Coach, my legs are above my head and I have managed to get my aching cock up to my mouth and I am going to suck on it. As I suck my cock, you will only hear: Mmmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhh!!"

"Oh Shit, you little bitch. I know you can suck your own cock. Hell, I wish I could suck my cock. Suck that cock you little dirty sex pig. Slide it into your throat. Suck it, suck it. Taste that goo you nasty whore, you sex machine. You have me almost ready to come. You are no good."

"Coach, Sir, my cock tasted so graaaaa, great. I love the taste of my own goo just as I love your semen. Are you now hungry for my creme? Coach, eat that precum off your fingers right now. Tell me how it taste?"

"You little bitch, yes I just licked my fingers dry. The taste was awesome. I bet you wish you had my fingers in your mouth to taste the good cum meal."

"Yes, Coach, I love your man juices. I love it when you blast that big load of yours down my throat. I can just taste it right now. Coach, I am taking the flesh jack right now that you gave me, putting my huge cock in it and WOW, pounding the hell out of it. Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, it feels so good and slick. Oh it feels like your soft ass. I am so horny for you. I am close to coming in the flesh jack. Oh, I love you Coach. Tell me to come."

"WOW, my little bitch, my young horny fuck buddy, you want to shoot that big load of yours. But not yet, sweet one."

"Yes, Sir, I will try to wait."

"Baby, fuck that flesh jack as I drill my hole with the big dildo and I jack off. Yea, it feels so good. My cock and ass are on fire, Baby, Oh Hell, my nuts are tightening and my cock is stiffening even more. It will not be long now. Oh Fuck, it feels soooo gooood! Get ready my sweet Baby. Are you ready my young fuck buddy? Go for it. Yea, Fuck, here it comes. I feel the huge orgasm. Lets do it. Now, shoot!!! Oh Hell. Here it comes."

"Oh my god, Coach, Oh Fuck. My cock is red hot and hard. I am shooting blast after blast of my seed into the flesh jack. WOW, it is great. Mmmmm."

"Oh Sparky, I just dumped a massive load of cum all over my stomach and chest. Lets eat the cum meal now. MMMMMMMMMMM!!! Great."

"Yes, Coach, I just poured my big load out of the flesh jack down my throat. It is delicious. I wish you were here to share my goo."

"Sparky, thanks so much for making my orgasm so powerful tonight. You are the best. I can hardly wait to see you."

"Coach, this was such hot phone sex. I think I will come back in about a week. I miss you so much. Call me again tomorrow night and lets get off together."

"Baby, I will call tomorrow night. Sleep well."



Naughty Eric


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