The following is a true story that happened at a XXX Video Arcade in Dallas one hot Friday evening in July of 2000. I told it to a friend who suggested that I submit it to Nifty. I would like to know if anyone reads it, what they think. Let me know at [email protected] .

It was one of those 104 degree day that Dallas is well known for in late July. About 7 P.M. I put on some cut offs and a t-shirt and headed for one of the sleazy XXX Video Arcades. I bought my $3.00 in tokens, they buzzed the door and let me in. I had dropped a few quarters and was watching a couple of guys when I heard the door buzz and six Mexican laborers came in. It was about 7:40 and it was obvious these guys had not gone home to clean up but had spent a couple of hours somewhere in a bar. They must have been a concrete crew by the looks of their jeans.

Some of them went to another area where there were live girls entertaining, and a couple of others went into booths. This store had video rooms facing each other with a hallway at the back taking you to another hallway with rooms on each side of the hallway. I call that the

"Back Hall".

One of them was wearing ragged, dirty jeans, which he kept pulling down as he pulled on his dick. His ass crack was showing, no underwear. If his friends were around he would go into a video room and put in a token, then he would come out and watch other people. Every time he went into a video room, the bulge in his jeans got bigger. He had seen me watching him but would not acknowledge me because his friends were always around.

I had reached the end of the back hall and was walking back when I saw him at the other end of the back hall. There were several guys standing in doors, and there was an unoccupied door to my right. I stepped inside the room and he came down the hall and into the room with me. He locked the door and put my hand on his dick.

He lead me to the sofa and we put about $3.00 worth of tokens in the machine. He went thru the channels until he came on a white guy sucking a big black dick. That is where he stopped. We had both been rubbing each other's dicks and we both were getting really worked up. We were standing in front of the vinyl couch when he undid my jeans and pushed them down around my knees, grabbing my dick and balls. He shoved me down on the couch, undid his jeans and pushed his dick in my face. I knew what to do and started sucking him off. His dick was about 6 1/2 inches long, thienoughut with lots of foreskin. It had a strong taste like it had been drenched with sweat, like the rest of his body. As I started sucking, the big brown head started rubbing the back of my throat. He grabbed me by the back of my head and started fucking my mouth hard.

He stopped long enough to drop some more tokens, and that is when I got a good look at his dick. It was brown and hard, wet from my mouth, and just that moment, white cum started ozzing out. It was only a few seconds before he had it deep in my mouth again, saying something to me in spanish. He held me firmly by the back of my head when he shot his loads, but he would not let go or pull it out of my mouth. He became far more aggressive, almost violent, again, speaking something in spanish, when he held my head tight against him and started PISSING in my mouth. I swallowed twice, but that wasn't good enough for him. His voice got louder and he pulled his dick out and pissed on my face and hair, making sure to get my shirt wet as well as my cut offs that were around my ankles by now. I was soaked from head to toe in his smelly hot piss.

When he finished, he started walking to the door while he was putting his dick back in his jeans. When he left, he left the door standing wide open with people watching me try to put my hard dick back in my wet cut offs. Needless to say, I got plenty of looks as I walked out of the Video Arcade, soaked in smelly, Mexican piss.

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