Ricky, the perfect athlete with hard muscles as a gymnast, has fallen deeply in love with Rudy, the college dean and track coach, following their first night of steamy sex. For the past three months, they have been constant companions and nightly lovers. They sometimes have raunchy sex in both the morning and again at night. These studs are consumed with huge libidos and raging hormones.

As Ricky is on a two week tour with his college mates competing in gymnastics around the western U.S., he and Rudy are apart for the first time since they became fuck buddies. They are experiencing wild desire and lust for each other.

On the 7th day of the tour, the team has a night off giving Ricky the chance to call his lover.


At 7 PM Rudy's phone rings: "Hello, this is Rudy."

"Oh, Rudy, I am going crazy without you. I need your body so bad. Will you make love to me through phone sex. I am so horny for you. Please tell me what you want to do to me when I get home and what you want me to do over the phone tonight."

"OH, Baby, Ricky my dear bitch I want you so bad. Get on your bed and I am stretched out on my bed. I am already totally naked dreaming about you being next to me. Start undressing telling me ever step."

"Rudy, Daddy, I am slowly taking off my polo shirt. I am tweaking my nipples. My bat is swelling and trying to escape my worn blue jeans. It is aching for attention."

"OMG, Ricky, I have an erection that is standing to attention like a red hot poker. My hands are on my throbbing dick as little drops of thick goo have formed on the slit of my cock and dripping down on my hands."

I hear Ricky groaning and breathing hard into the phone.

"Oh, Ricky, I hear your moaning. What are you doing?"

"OH, Daddy, I have taken off all my clothes. I am dry humping a pillow pretending it is your crotch. I am dripping wet with precum. I am so wild with heat and desire for you. Tell me what to do. Talk dirty to your bitch."

"Ricky, you dirty slut, you whore, you ungrateful bitch, I order you on your back, put your legs over your head, rub your bubble ass and insert your cum covered fingers into your manhole. Do as I say you wild bitch."

"Aaaaaaa, Mmmmmmm, oh, Daddy, you are driving me crazy. I want to explode with a huge load. May I cum?"

"No, you bitch. you will not come until i tell you it is OK. I am not through with you."

"Oh, Daddy, I must confess something. I brought your favorite pair of briefs with me. They are stained with your cum from the wild sex we had the night before I left on the tour. You shot a load in them the night before I left on this trip. I am smelling them, sucking on them and tasting your dry cum. Oh I am so hot for you."

"You rascal, do you think you are the only one with a secret. I have one of your jock straps that has a full load of your cum that you squirted on them while I was fucking that pink man pussy the last night before you left. I am licking on them now. Oh, you smell so sweet, you gorgeous cock smell is on them."

"Oh, Daddy, I put on your cum dried briefs and I am rubbing my rock hard steel cock through them. Oh, let me come in your briefs. Please. please!!"

"Not yet, bitch. I am not through making you so hot and horny that you will shoot the largest torrent of hot, rich and thick cum you have ever experienced. You will be racked with a series of spasms that you have never thought possible."

Oh, Daddy. I am leaking gobs of precum in your hot briefs that is mixing with your dried cum. Oh, Mmmmmmm, Yea, Ahhhhh!!! I am jacking off with the cum juices. Oh, Daddy, it feels like your hot lips on my cock."

"Yea, Oh Yea, I am beating my throbbing piston as I pull it to the side and out of your cum dried jock strap. My cum is mixing with your big dried cum load. I am fucking your jock strap, baby."

"OH, Daddy, I think I am going to faint. I am so over heating. I am sweating like a stuck pig. Oh, MY, I am so horny. I want to come. Please, Please, Please let me come."

"Not yet, my slut. Now reach down and play with your balls. Slowly and lightly pull on the hairs on your balls. How does that feel?"

Oh, Daddy, it feels so great. My cock is throbbing, jerking and aching for release. Oh, Mmmmmmmm, I am so horny. I need to shoot."

"Bitch, now play with your rock hard nipples. Lick on your biceps, put your fingers in your pink ass and suck the ass juices off your fingers."

"Daddy, I feel as if my nipples are connected directly to my cock. I feel my cock shaft veins enlarging. I am about to explode."

Ricky, baby, we are about ready to cum at the same moment. Lets both take off the briefs and jock straps. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Lets put a pillow on the bed, get on our stomach with our raging cocks driven into the pillow and begin dry humping as if the pillow was each others ass. Lets go."

The phone becomes filled with moans, cries of joy, panting and rising hard breathing. These sounds go on for about five minutes when:

"Oh, Daddy, my balls are releasing huge gobs of cum. I feel spasms as my piss slit is shooting gobs of cum onto the pillow and your cum stained briefs that are on the pillow. OMG!!! Yea, yea, yea. Oh, Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm!!

"OH, Oh, Ahhhhhhhh!! Mmmmmmm. Oh here comes loads of cum on the jock strap and the pillow. Oh, Ricky, you bitch, you make me so horny and burst such a warm load. Yea, yea, yea."

There are a few moments of silence and lowering of the hard breathing.

"Ricky, baby, I can hardly wait for you to get home so I can suck that big cock and fuck that pink ass."

"Oh, Daddy, I can hardly wait to suck that juicy hard cock of yours and fuck that big wide man pussy."

"Good night, Ricky, my love."

"Good night and sleep well, Daddy. I love you."



Naughty Eric


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