Colby shares the erotic ball-busting story with the readers at GayDemon.

It was a warm July evening several nights ago as I sat in my apartment alone hornier than I'd been in months. I'd not had any man sex for the last month and had intentionally not masturbated to orgasm for the past week hoping to build up a huge load of cum to share with some hot guy and have an awesome orgasm from the buildup. I'd been lucky picking up really cute and sexy guys in the city park or at the gym until about a month ago. But for some reason I'd struck out in my last few attempts over the month.

During my short time as an active gay man since turning 18, I'd discovered if I did not climax while masturbating for at least a week that when I hooked up with a sexy dude, the sex was incredibly hot and produced mind blowing orgasms.

This was the situation on that particular July night when my balls were about to burst from all that accumulated cum. Desperate to find a fucking partner for the night, I did a run through the city park and propositioned two different hot guys who told me they already had a trick lined up for the night. I went home and began to troll the internet visiting chat rooms. After about 30 minutes, I hit pay dirt. I got a response from a horny guy about my age who too was scouting the net looking for a gay encounter.

I took the bull by the horn and sent him a message that said: "Hey Dude, you sound like you are as horny as I am? I'm wild with lust to empty my nuts and I was hoping you would like to do the same? My name is Colby, a fucking 19-year-old dude. I'm hoping you want to hook up with me at least via Skype; we can jack off watching each other until we shoot our big loads. I've not come in a week and man I'm ready to shoot a volcanic load of fucking thick cum. By the way, how old are you and what is your name?"

I was so excited and happy when he responded to my message immediately. "Hey Dude, my name is Trey and I'm a horny 19-year-old fucking gay man. I too have not had man sex in a couple of weeks. Fuck that is the longest I've gone without a hook up since I turned 18. Fuck yea, lets get it on via Skype right now."

We connected through Skype and began to chat. Trey looked really HOT. He had very dark eyes and hair, smooth gorgeous face, a killer smile with ivory white perfect teeth, was wearing a blue Dodgers' T-Shirt that bulged from his hard muscled chest and hard nipples and a huge tent in his blue jeans. I could not tell how tall he was as he was seated in front of his computer but he was giving me a full view of his frame. Man, I liked what I saw.

I was a real physical contrast with blond hair, light blue eyes, very white smooth skin, showed off my geek-like chest, a big tent in my gym shorts and I was wearing a San Francisco Giants T-Shirt.

It was obvious that we both were horny as hell and lusting to have a raunchy jack-off to relieve our raging hormones.

As I began to rub my crotch and suggestively sucked on my middle finger of my left hand, Trey actually began to suck on this monster of a black dildo that caused my cock to stiffen even more than it already was as it pressed hard on my gym shorts. I was not wearing any briefs.

I managed to utter in this state of pure lust: "Hey fuck yea Trey, that is so hot and sexy as you take that huge daddy deep in your throat. WOW, what a massive dildo. I bet you're an awesome cocksucker? I wish you weer here right now and I'd let you suck my stone hard leaking cock. I bet you really like eating cum? Man, you're so fucking HOT that my cock is throbbing watching you suck on that dildo."

With the most piercing seductive smile as he removed the dildo, he said: "Fuck yea Colby, my favorite sexual thing is to suck a big cock. I bet you have a big missile in those gym shorts from the look of that huge tent in your shorts? And I bet your balls are full of my favorite food---a huge load of thick milky cum. Man, you have me so turned on."

As I began to unzip my pants with the camera focused on my crotch, I replied: "Fuck Trey, I'm very endowed for a geek twink and blessed with this enormous dick. Would you like to see it?"

I noticed Trey had begun to unzip his pants as he focused his camera on his fly. He ran his hand inside his pants as he said: "Shit yea Colby, show it to me."

I pulled out my now totally erect cock, I spit gobs of spit on it and began to stroke that monster. I spread my legs far apart as well as my naked feet. My toes began to curl from the awesome feel of my hand on my cock. I started moaning and thrust my hips up off the seat. I'd already started spewing precum out of that piss slit that made my cock head shinny.

Trey followed my move as he pulled out his impressive dick and began to stroke it.

I then observed that Trey seemed to be mesmerized as he starred at my champion sized cock. He seemed to be in a trance as he watched me stroke my unnatural cock. He was so turned on that he began to stroke his cock rapidly, moaned and precum dripped out of his cock's piss slit.

Trey took several hard gulps and then he asked me: "HOLY FUCK COLBY, oh my god, oh wow, fuck yea, how big is that giant cock? I've never seen a cock that big. I did not know that cocks were ever that big."

"Hey Trey, although I'm only five-feet and 8-inches tall and weigh only 140 pounds, when my fucking cock is totally erect like now, it is 10-inches long and my cock shaft is the size of a large beer can. Since I turned 18, I've fucked at least 18 or 20 guys and not one of those hot dudes has been able to take my whole cock up their ass. I get fucked more often than I get the chance ot fuck guys with my huge dick. Most guys won't let me try to fuck them with this monster so they fuck me.The guy who came close to taking all my cock was a big 230 pound defensive end hunk football player who had a big ass. He got 8-inches inside his pussy. I'm looking for the first guy to take my entire dick up their man pussy. Man, would you like to try? I bet you're too small to take it all? By the way, how big is your cock and how many cocks have you had up that man pussy of yours?"

 "Fuck Colby that is some horse cock you have. As I said, I love sucking cock and yea I'm a bottom that loves to take a man's cock up my ass. I've lost count of how many cocks I've taken up my pussy but the biggest dick was about 7.5 inches. I'm 6-feet tall and weigh a hard 170 pounds with an above average big ass. My cock is just under 7-inches.  Man, I'd love to be the first guy to take all 10-inches of that big missile of yours up my ass. We are in the same city so lets get together and I'll let you fuck me and see if I can take all that dick. Man, I'm so turned on thinking about getting fucked by you."

As we chatted, we stroked our cocks with more and more speed. We were in the grove to shoot our loads. I'd never enjoyed masturbating this much as I watched hot Trey masturbate with me.

By that time, we were both overcome with the most primitive animal lust that showed in our red drawn faces that one gets before a climax. It was clear that relief could only come in the form of two guys having volcanic orgasms. As we both had been trolling the internet already desperate for man sex, our voyeuristic watching each other masturbate and all the sexy provocative talk had our bodies twitching, spasming, shivering, trembling and sweaty. We observed one another's cock flopping up and down filled with blood and our balls surging with a build up of a week old cum. The question was how long could we hold out as we wildly stroked those cocks in anticipation of volcanic eruptions. Who would come first?

The scene of us wildly stroking our cocks, dripping precum, collecting the precum off our cock heads, eating the precum and sharing dirty talk, had our cocks stone hard, our ass holes pulsating and puckering, sweat pouring off our heads and faces, our T-shirts had become soaked from the perspiration, the veins in our man meat shafts bulging and pulsating and wild groans had us close to the edge.

I'd never been hornier or more excited as I managed to utter between moans: "Trey baby, oh fuck you are so hot, yea stroke that smooth sexy cock. I want to see you shoot that big load all over your clothes. Yea, come baby. Let me see that sticky goo of yours."

I noticed that my dirty talk had the effect I desired as Trey began to stroke his sexy cock at a rapid pace as he managed to say: "Colby baby, you're the hottest guy I've ever seen and man that cock of yours is so awesome and fucking big. Look at that huge cock head on your dick. Man, I wish I had such a big dick. Man I want to see how much semen you have in those balls and big cock. Come for me baby."

This dirty talk and watching each other stroke those hard cocks put us both over the edge. I erupted first with a huge series of blasts that rained down on my gym shorts, t-shirt and face. I counted eight blasts---a record number for me.

I'd barely shot my first two blasts before I saw Trey shoot his big load all over his clothes and up on his face and over his head. Shit, he must have shot that cum at least three feet.

We licked our fingers clean of the cum and gave each other a big sexy grin.

Trey caught his breath and slowly said: "Man, that was the best orgasm of my life. Colby can we get together this weekend and let me suck that awesome cock and then see if I can take all that horse cock up my pussy? I really want that giant sausage of yours."

We set a date for Saturday night at my apartment. We invite you readers to read in part 2 what happened.


Naughty Eric


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