Far be it for me to give up a good thing! It was a b-o-r-i-n-g night,

and I was pretty horny, so I headed back to that 'interesting little car

cruising spot' I mentioned last month. I guess I wasn't the only one

feeling that way, because before long, the joint - and mine! - was


It started a couple of minutes after midnight. A little red sportscar

had pulled up next to my car, and the guy inside looked pretty hot. Young

and blond, he divided up his time examining his tan and staring back at me

staring at him.

This went on for a couple of minutes, and I was getting

even more worked-up than I had been before. I decided to 'move in for the


I made something of a show fishing my hard dick out the leg of my

shorts (not that it had that far to go!), and kinda obviously sat there

stroking it. He stopped playing with his tan, that's for sure! He stared

for another few minutes, then got out of his car.

He stood, next to my car, on the passenger side. He was trying to act

non-chalant, but face it, if you were watching a hot guy stroke his dick in

the front seat of his car, how cool could you act?

As the minutes passed,

he was spending more and more staring in through the window, and I had a

great view of the bulge that was growing between the legs of his shorts.

It was time.

I popped the locks on the doors, and motioned him to come on in. He

all but hopped in, shucking down his shorts before his hot little ass hit

the seat. 'Hi,' I said, 'my name's Mike.'

'Mine too.' He already had his legs spread wide, and his hand wrapped

around his shaft. 'Where you from?' he asked, and I told him.

He said he

was from Long Beach, just as he grabbed for my meat. Fair's fair, I

thought, and grabbed for his.

It wasn't thick, but it was long, and in the light of the single

street lamp, it was quite a sight, standing up tall between his tanned

legs, over a hefty pair of balls. He wasn't my usual type - I usually

don't go for the blond, smooth, surfer-boy type - but he was hot, and just

as horny as I was. We started stroking each other simultaneously.

'What are you into?' I asked.

'Jerking off.'

Fine with me! I ran my hand up and down his shaft, making sure I ran

my palm over the head every few strokes.

He seemed to get off on that -

every time I did it, his back arched up a little bit and he'd fuck my fist.

A real firecracker, this one.

After a couple of minutes, I decided to have some fun with the guy. I

leaned over and, with his cock firmly grasped in my hand, starting licking

his balls. They were real heavy - even bigger than mine - and I had a

field day, running my tongue over them...sucking them, one at a time, into

my mouth. He must have liked it...he started moaning, softly, 'Oh wow...'

He slumped back in the seat a little further, and put his hand on the

back of my head, first tousling my hair, then moving it down to the back of

my neck. I kept stroking his hard rod, gradually speeding up, and my

tongue was still busy on his balls. I remember him saying, 'Hey, Mike,

that feels great! Keep doing it!' I didn't need any encouragement - I was

having a ball...or two...

I sensed he was getting close. I tightened my grip on his long rod

and really let loose, pumping up and down quickly, licking his heavy nuts.

Up and down, faster and faster, and I could feel his balls start to tighten

up with my tongue. He was breathing real heavily now, and his ass was

bucking up and down on the seat, fucking my fist. All of a sudden, he

gasped, 'It's gonna cum!'

Without losing the pace, I sat up quickly - I wanted to see this! I

wasn't disappointed, either... While I'd been sucking his nuts, he'd hiked

up his t-shirt, holding it in place under his t-shirt, and the first shot

blasted all over his smooth chest. One, two...three...four good blasts,

gradually getting lower and lower on his hairless gut. Wow!

I milked his cock till it was empty, and he just looked up at me,

still sprawled back, and smiled. 'That was great!' he said. I smiled

back. He must have gotten nervous or something, because the next thing I

knew, he said he had to go, pulled up his shorts, and got out of the car.

It wasn't until he was pulling out of his parking space that I realized I

hadn't cum yet! Nuts!

The night was young though, and as I looked around at all the empty

cars around me, I realized that everybody else was skulking around in the

bushes. Quickly putting myself together - but not *too* together - I

hopped out and headed for the stand of trees where all the night-time

action takes place.

My sixth sense was working just fine that night. Even in the dim

moonlight, I could count nine others besides myself standing there under

the trees - and I was the most-dressed of all of 'em! Shit! Although I'm

going to use names and tell something about each one here to keep

everybody...uh, straight...I didn't learn all their names till later on...

A couple of feet away were two pretty hot guys... Steve was dark,

Italian-looking, 29 and hot, like most firemen. The other was his buddy,

also a fireman...Andy was 33, blond, with a moustache, and built! It took

me a minute to see 'em clearly in the shadows, and just as my eyes focused,

the dark-haired one, Steve, dropped to his knees in front of Andy and

started chowing down on the big, thick cock sticking out of his pants.

Wow! I moved a little closer, feeling my own cock coming back to life in

my shorts.

I watched Steve give Andy what looked like an expert suck job. His

head was bobbing up and down, and Andy stood there, clasping Steve's head

with both hands.

I could hear him saying, 'Suck it! Suck it!' over and

over again. I hauled out my dick, again through the leg of my shorts, and

started stroking it, moving a little closer to Andy and Steve.

I should have known I wouldn't have to do it too long. Another shape

emerged from the shadows into the little clearing we were in. Barry is 25,

and though he was built like an athlete, he just works in a sporting goods

store at a mall in Brooklyn. He looked real hot...muscular, hairy-chested,

moustache...and stark naked! I wondered briefly where he'd left his

clothes, but after he wrapped his hand around my dick, I stopped caring.

He started doing to me what I'd done to Mike, and it felt great!

Naturally, I reached down and grabbed ahold of his rod, pumping it lightly

- I wanted this to last a while!

In the meantime, while I'd been staring at Barry's hot bod, Steve and

Andy had attracted an audience.

Two young guys stood there, their jeans

peeled down (but not off), their shirts opened, looking at the action and

each other while they jacked off. Paul and Dave were their names, and they

could have been twins. Both 21...both their bodies tight and hard...with

the moonlight reflecting off their washboard guts. Both dark-haired. Paul

had a moustache, though, a small, thin one. They seemed to be alike in the

cock department, too...both looked a little bigger than average, and thick!

I kinda lost my view when they turned to each other, locked their lips

together and started stroking each other.

Barry and I, meanwhile, were still stroking each other, and two more

guys decided to get in on the action. One of 'em, Don, was 27 and really

looked like a med student. He was wearing shorts, but as he approached

Barry and I, he dropped 'em, bent down to pick 'em up, and put 'em around

his neck. He left his t-shirt on, so I couldn't see too much of his chest,

but he had a cute face...smooth, and a big grin.

He was walking toward us,

slowly, priming up his meat with each step. Alan, who was 24, was a

dead-ringer for Steve Guttenberg - I had to keep from swooning! - and he

just unzipped his fly and hauled out his cock and balls.

After our two-some became a four-some, I kinda lost track of the

others for a few minutes. We each 'introduced' ourselves, running our

hands over each other's bodies. Don was uncut, and a shiver seemed to run

through him as I rolled back his foreskin....Alan was cut, and while his

cock wasn't very long, it sure was thick! I remember standing there, Don's

cock in one hand, Alan's in the other, with them taking turns with mine and

Barry's. Our hands were all over each other; we moved from stroking each

other's dicks to copping feels of each other's butts.

About the same time as Barry and Don started kissing each other,

another guy joined in...Mark. Mark had to be the hottest in the group.

One of those 'perfect Italians' I always talk about, he was wearing shorts,

and had a decent-sized dick poking out the leg. He was wearing one of

those mesh shirts, and I could see the dark swirls of hair on his chest

through it. He had really muscular legs and arms, and on one bicep, he had

a tattoo.

His moustache, hair and eyes (yeah, he was that close!) were all

brown. Mark was 28, and although I didn't know it at the time, a cop!

I dropped Alan's dick, and reached up over for Mark's. As soon as I

wrapped my hand around it, it stiffened up, getting harder in my hand.

Felt great! I sort of turned away, leaving Barry, Don and Alan to their own

devices, and concentrated on Mark. We moved in, closer to each other, and

I felt Mark's hand fondling my balls. Our dicks were touching, tip to tip,

so I dropped my hand a little and did the same to him. With my other hand,

I reached up and started playing with his tits through his shirt. He

sucked in his breath the first time I did it, so I kept my left hand moving

back and forth on his chest, while I played with his nuts with my right.

Mark staggered a little closer, and pressed both our cocks up between

our bellies. He felt so warm! Well, with him that close, there wasn't

much I could do with my hands, so I wrapped them around him, pulling him

even closer to me, then running them over his shoulders and down his

muscular arms, feeling them. He did the same to me, grinding his hips into

me, thrusting. He dropped his head down onto my shoulder, nuzzling my

neck, and I reached down, cupping his hot, hairy ass in my hands, feeling

it tighten each time he ground into me.

He stepped back then, not far...grabbed both our cocks in his hands,

and started stroking them at the same time. There were only , dick to dick,

balls to balls, nose to nose and mouth to mouth . what a kisser! I imagined what it would have been like with some


It was light peck, though...he was just tasting my lips, and I

savored the feel of his on mine.

We were just working up a good rhythm, and I was feeling myself

getting close to cumming, when somebody said (loudly, it seemed, the only

sound other than the occasional car passing), 'Hey, guys, come here.' We

both turned in the direction of the voice (I could see everybody else

turning, too), to see Steve, the hot little fireman from before, basically

stripped naked, lying down on a blanket that I hadn't noticed before. He

laid there, his legs spread, stroking his cock up and down, almost

leisurely. The voice belonged to Andy...he said, 'Hey, come here...he

wants us to jack off on him.'

Everybody else kinda looked at each other for a minute, and then we

all seemed to reach some kind of agreement.

Almost in unison, we all

started walking toward Steve, who laid there licking his lips, looking up

at all of us. It was then I noticed that we'd gained another

'participant,' a young black guy named John. I couldn't tell too much

about him, but his dick! I'll tell you, if he was the only example, that

old story is true! (grin)

It only took a few seconds before we were all gathered around Steve,

in sort of loose circle. Andy stood at his head, Barry, Don and Alan down

one side, with Mark and I...Mark was standing next to Allan. Paul, Dave

and John took up the other side. Shit, what a sight! There we were, foot

to foot, standing over Steve in that little woodsy clearing in the

moonlight, all of us apparently hard as rocks (I knew Mark and I were!),

with the only sound being our breathing and that unique sound of hands on


We all stared at each other, drinking in the sights, everybody

getting off watching everybody else.

Gradually, the fists on the cocks started moving faster and faster.

Legs got spread wider and wider. It was like a contest, everybody wanting

to shoot at the same time. My own hand was racing up and down my meat, and

every now and then, I felt my elbow collide with Mark's as he stroked his

own hefty dick.

Andy was the first to shoot. Through clenched teeth, he said, 'I'm

gonna cum!' and with that, he let loose, shooting his load down onto

Steve's chest. I think that set everybody else off; Don and Alan both

seemed to cream at the same time. Mark had to be different, though... He

gave a sort of half-turn, and, drooping his head, started nuzzling my

shoulder through my shirt. That set me off! I started to cum, and I know

I shot at least two good blasts right up onto Steve's cock. He didn't miss

a beat, though - he was stroking furiously. While I was shooting off, I

heard Mark make a little sound - almost a whimper - and I could sense him

tensing up while he blasted.

I was dazed, for a minute, and didn't even

see Paul, Dave, Barry, or John shoot off... I 'recovered' just in time to

watch Steve shoot a tremendous load... The first shot arced up over his

shoulder to land on the blanket, and the rest landed in his thick chest

hair. I'd probably do the same thing, if I'd been in the middle of circle

jerk like this one!

After we all shot off, it got quiet again - after all, what do you say

after a thing like that. We all just kinda stood there for a minute, till

somebody (I'm not sure who), said (in a voice just like the Church Lady

from 'Saturday Night Live'), 'Well, wasn't -that- special!' It sort of broke

the ice; everybody came back to life and started chuckling.

Mark finally lifted his head up off my shoulder, his dick still in his

hand. He looked at me, right into my eyes, and said, 'Thanks.' I smiled

at him... And then he did something I'll never forget. He turned

completely toward me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and gave me the best

fucking french kiss I'd ever had. We stood there, our dicks spent, arms

around each other, tongues dueling for the longest time. He was intense!

I opened my eyes after a minute, and he must have felt it...he did

too...and we stood there, our lips still locked together, staring into each

other's eyes.

This was a man I could fall in love with!

Alas, all good things must come to end. He broke off, and with one

devastating smile, moved off on the side and started re-assembling himself.

I did the same thing, and, after one wistful look at the 'scene of the

crime' was just about to leave when Andy - who later admitted he had this

planned with Steve - pulled a fucking cooler out from under a tree and

asked if anyone wanted a beer! I *was*

pretty thirsty....

Everyone else must have been also, because everybody took him up on

the offer. We sat there, around the edge of the blanket - I don't think

anyone wanted to sit in the damp spots, and there a lot of 'em - and shot

the breeze for a while. Everybody introduced themselves, and I'm sure no

one was more shocked than I was when Mark said he was a cop! I was in


That lasted until I saw his wedding ring...it figured...*sigh*

It wasn't until about 2 AM that the party broke up. No phone numbers

were exchanged, no last names...but I'll always have some great memories of

that night under the moonlight in the trees...



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