It was late March of my senior year in high school when my mother reminded me that it was time to shop for a tuxedo for the upcoming high school prom that was scheduled for the second Saturday of April.

"Scottie, your twin brother has already rented his tuxedo for the prom and helped his girlfriend pick out her gown. Your date for the prom, Pamela, called me yesterday and told me she had gotten her evening gown. Honey, you are always the last one to take care of these matters. The gentleman at the clothing store will have to get your measurements and it might take a few days for the store to have your tuxedo ready. Tomorrow your Dad and I are going to the horse races. We will drop you off at the clothing store where your brother Sonny got his tuxedo. When you are finished, get a taxi and come home, dear. Here is $500 for everything you need including taking your brother to dinner.

"yes Mom, I know that I always procrastinate. Thanks."

Mother and Dad dropped me off at the store around 10 PM. It was a huge department store with ten floors. I found my department on the fifth floor. As I breezed down an isle where the formal tuxedos were located, the department manager came up to me and asked: "Young man, may I help you?"

He looked to be about 35-years-of-age, He had an athletic build and appeared to be about 6-feet tall with dark brown eyes and very wavy coal black hair. I guessed him to weigh around 170 pounds. He was very handsome with a killer smile.

"Yes, thank you sir. I need to rent a tuxedo for my senior prom."

"Excuse me but were 'nt you you here a couple of weeks ago and got a tuxedo and other items?"

"Oh no sir, that was my twin brother." We are identical twins."

"Oh my, you do look alike. As I recall, he, like you, was about 5-feet and 11-inches tall, wavy blond hair, blue eyes, weighed 160 pounds and a very slim muscular body. We should be able to fit you in no time."

"Sir that is true except I'm only 5-feet and 9-inches tall."

"Well, young man, no problem. Lets have you go into the dressing room and remove your shoes, pants and dress shirt. I will need to fit you for both the tuxedo and the ruffle shirt that is part of the attire. I'll be right in with a measurement tape and some tuxedos so we can fit you."

I got undressed down to my briefs and undershirt. The sales manager entered and said: "Young man, stand straight up and spread your legs so I can measure your inseams for the pants."

The manager got behind me and put the tape measure up against my inner thigh and as he moved the tape down to my ankle his face accidentally (?) pressed hard against my briefs pushing the briefs up into my ass crack. I felt his hot breath on my ass and down my smooth legs. I had never had a face in my ass before. I was shocked when my cock began to swell and I felt a tingling all over my body. There was a sexual tension in my crotch. I could not control my unusually big cut cock growing to its full 9-inches. I was so well endowed for a man my size. I had no way to hide what had just happened to my cock. Was I gay or just an 18-year-old horny hormone driven teenager?

After the manager finished measuring both of my inseams, he came around to the front to measure my waist and saw my now rock hard boner with a wet spot on the front of my briefs.

As his face became flushed, his cock began growing and soon he had a huge bulge in his black slacks. It appeared that lust had over taken him and certainly had me horny as hell. Without asking for permission and based on my arousal, he took one hand and actually put it inside my wet briefs and began jacking me off. He soon had his fingers soaked with my precum. I'd never felt more horny and hot. I was ready to be his bitch and I did not even know his name. He had me so turned on. It was my normal condition as I masturbated at least twice a day.

I began to moan and breath rapidly. We would be safe in the sound proof dressing room. I started pushing my ass cheeks forward to meet his cum wet hand on my cock.

"Oh my god, Sir, your hand feels so great on my cock. I'm burning up with lust and sweating like a stuck pig. Your are the first man to touch my cock. You look like you too have a monster of a cock."

"Great young man. My cock is 10-inches when totally erect. It is now at full staff. Lets get your briefs off and let that boner of yours get some air."

He pulled off my briefs and my cock stood straight out still leaking precum. It began bobbing up and down in need of attention.

This really turned him on. He quickly began removing all his clothes until he was butt naked and I now had on only my t-shirt. WOW, he had the largest cock I'd ever seen. I had to have that cock. It was huge with big veins running down the shaft. The shaft was so thick and about the size of a beer can. I would loose my virginity with this hunk of a man.

He got down on his knees in front of my aching cock and began to use his tongue to lick up and down my hard cock shaft. He especially enjoyed licking the underside of my wood. He began greasing my cock with his warm spit. He took my balls in his hands and held them tight. Soon he began taking my throbbing cock inch by inch down his huge throat. I was wild with lust as I experienced my first blowjob. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed hard forward to drive my cock further into his deep throat. He then began to wildly suck my cock as he bobbed up and down my young boner with great speed. He was deep throating my organ. I love it.

"Oh Sir, yea, suck my cock. Oh Fuck! Yea, your mouth feels so great. Oh shit, Mmmmmm. Aaaaaaa, take my cock down that hot throat of yours. Deeper, deeper, take it all man. Let me come in your mouth. I want to feed you my semen. Oh, fuck, it feels so good."

My dirty talk so turned him on as he went crazy sucking my boner harder and harder and with increased speed. He took his hands and played with my balls and soon was finger fucking my pink hairless ass. The blowjob, fondling my balls and fingering fucking my ass was mind blowing. I was over heating with sexual feelings. I began quivering, tingling and shivering all over. His unbelievable sexual techniques from what was obviously a professional gay fucker went on for at least 15 minutes. WOW, my first man sex was with a pro. How lucky can one be.

I felt my balls draw tight up against my body, the veins in my cock swelled, additional blood rushed into my cock, my piss slit opened wide, my toes curled, my legs became rubbery, sweat began pouring off my face and the most strong, powerful and wonderful orgasm erupted into the man's mouth and throat.

"Oh Fuck, I'm coming, take all my cum. Suck me dry."

This talk so excited the gentleman that he sucked my cock even deeper into his throat. He clamped down hard on my cock until he had ever drop of my jism. He was a cum eater of the first class. He milked me dry.

When he finally was finished eating my cum, he took my cock out of his mouth. He then got up and gave me a series of hot kisses as our tongues battled each other to taste and share the cum.

I felt his raging hard cock driving into my abs just above my now semi-soft cock. What would we do next? He had to get his nuts off.

I could see that the gentleman was horny as hell and that his cock was steel hard as it bounced up and down on my abs as we held one another tight and kissed. There would be no way to escape before he fucked me even if I had wanted to escape. I was lusting for his manhood up my virgin ass. He could see that i wanted to be his bitch.

"Young man, I know you are craving my cock up that rosebud of yours as bad as I want to fuck you. I'm going to fuck your man pussy and end for ever your innocence as a virgin."

"Sir, please fuck me. I'm hungry for your beautiful cock. Make me your bitch right now. My ass is pulsating and steamy hot waiting for your tool to invade my tight ass."

The gentleman grabbed me by my shoulders, threw me facing the wall, pushed my entire body up tight against the wall, took his feet and spread my legs far apart, , got down on his knees and plunged his face into my ass. I felt his hot tongue probing my ass. It was so hot. He licked up and down my ass crack and pushed his tongue in as far as it wold go. He rimmed my ass for at least five minutes as I pushed back into his mouth. It was so great. I moaned and gasped for air. WOW, it was obvious that he was a pro at rimming an ass.

The gentleman stood up and began using his huge cock to play with my ass as he rubbed it up and down my crack. Soon I felt his cock began to spread my ass opening as he entered my tight ass with the python. I relaxed my ass muscles to invite this gorgeous cock all the way into my man pussy. He used his strong athletic thighs, hips and legs to part my ass walls and he began to rub against my hard prostate with his cock. He pushed hard as I felt his cock at the entrance to my colon. He rose up on his toes giving himself more leverage as he moved his big organ in and out of my ass. His rough fuck had my body bouncing hard up against the wall.

My first ass fucking was awesome. My ass adjusted to his cock as it traveled deep in and out of my ass. My own cock began to grow hard again. In my young adulthood, I'd never dreamed that man sex could be so awesome. I was now hooked on a man's hot cock.

He fucked me with all his strength as my entire body was trapped up against the wall. He must have lasted for at least ten minutes when I felt his cock grow even harder in my ass. He let out a series of wild animal grunts and then exploded with burst after burst of hot cum deep in my ass.

The feel of his hot cum filling my man pussy caused me to shoot a load of cum all overt the wall and on my trapped body. WOW, two ejaculations in a few minutes apart was the first for me.

When he was spent, he pulled out and took a cum rag and cleaned my ass and his cock. He then used his mouth to lick my body clean of the cum. We kissed and shared yet more cum.

We dressed and decided the proper measurements for my formal attire for the prom.

"Young man, when you come back for your tuxedo and other attire, please do no come on Wednesday as that is my day off. Do you know what I mean?'

"Yes, Sir, I sure do. Maybe you and I can have another hot meal on that day."



Naughty Eric


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