Story Shared By Professor Luke

This story took place within the last year that resulted in the best sex of professor Luke's life.

I'm a tenured faculty member at a local liberal arts college teaching  sociology. I'm a single closeted gay man that has three times been chosen as the "Professor-of-the-Year by the student body during my 18 years at the college. The students refer to me fondly as Professor Luke.

I workout daily and I'm in  great shape. I stand 6-feet, weigh 175 pounds, blond hair, dark blue eyes and I'm a former four-year college wrestler on the varsity team.

I'm very limited to sexual experiences having had only a few sexual encounters confined to oral sex with mature men over the past decade. I'm rather shy regarding the topic of sex but yet I admit I have a raging libido that causes me to masturbate at least once a day. I get very horny when I see all those hot male undergraduate and graduate male students in  my classes and especially those hormone driven athletes with those bulging biceps, muscle laden legs, protruding chests and yea large bulges in those pants. I've never revealed this lust to anyone.

On the last Friday of October, I was home grading papers late at night from my 500 level class titled "Advanced Sociological Male and Female Sexual Behavioral Differences" and getting really horny when the phone rang around 11 PM. I became concerned, as I usually did not get calls that late at night. When I answered the phone, a young man's voice said: "Is this Professor Luke?"

I responded: "Yea, this Professor Luke. To whom am I speaking?"

"Professor, my name is Travis, a sophomore in your Sociology 101 class. By the way, you are a fantastic professor. In fact, you are my very favorite professor ever. Would I be out of line to ask you if you would like to meet me at Joe's Bar and Pool Hall for a game of pool? My roommate has gone home for the weekend, I'm caught up on my homework and I'm bored as none of my friends are around this weekend. Do you like to play pool?"

The young sexy voice of the college student caused my cock to stiffen. I'd often got a hard -on just thinking how hot it would be to have sex with a young horny 19-year-old student. Holy fuck, I was suspicious that Travis had more than pool on his mind and man was I ever lusting at his invitation. I'd never given into my lust for young fresh meat like Travis. I knew I should decline the offer but my stiff cock had other ideas so I responded: "Travis, I'd like that very much. I do remember you coming to my office several times. You're the short stop on the college baseball team, aren't you?"

Before he could answer, my mind recalled this athlete as a handsome sexy dark brown haired, brown eyed, around 5-feet and 10-inches tall, weighed no more than 160 pounds, hot tanned swimmer's body, well-built frame from all his workouts and always featuring an impressive package between those thighs especially when he came to class in those short-short gym trunks after a workout. He sat on the front row in my class and I often caught him rubbing his crotch with his eyes starring at my eyes that caused me to move behind the lecture stand to hide my stiff growing cock.

"great Professor Luke, shall we meet in about 30 minutes?"

"Yea Travis, I'll see you in 30."

I arrived on time and discovered that there were only four couples in the bar and Travis. We greeted each other and Travis escorted me to the back room where there were five pool tables. He closed the door and fuck he locked the door. Wow, it was obvious that he had made an agreement with the 30 something old bar tender. I bet they had some kind of sexual arrangement. Fuck yea, my suspensions had been correct. Would we even play pool? 

Travis racked up the pool balls, handed me a pool stick and said: "Professor, would you like to break first?"

I stepped up at one end of the pool table with Travis at the other end. As I noticed Travis with a growing tent in his pants pushing  his pants out and his hand rubbing across that hard-on, I became instantly horny and experienced a growing rock hard cock. He sprouted a most seductive smile as he ran his tongue across his lips. There was no question that he was after my ass. I managed to break the balls spreading them across the pool table. At that point, Travis came to my end of the table and said: "Professor Luke, you're not really a pool player are you?" I answered NO!!

"Professor, I knew you were not interested in pool. So why did you agree to meet me here. I've figured you out. I see you get hard in class when I play with my crotch and yea fuck, I turn you on. Hey, you know what, I've lusted after you for months and I knew you lusted after me. You are so hot and I love the idea of fucking an older hot man like you. I bet you crave young fresh meat too?"

As he saw my rock hard cock, he came around behind me and rubbed a pool stick between my legs as I felt his hot body and breath against my back and neck. Then he placed his hot body hard against my back, put his hands around my waist, put his hands on top of my hands as I held the pool stick, he had me lean forward and point my pool stick toward one of the balls and he said: "Now Professor, aim that pool stick toward that ball and hit the ball pushing it deep into that hole." Those words made me horny as hell because I knew he meant his cock was going to go deep in my ass.

I was frozen in place with a throbbing cock as I felt his warm breath on my neck and his hard cock pushing into my clothed butt. The only reason that he did not slam that cock in my ass at that moment was because of all those clothes.

Travis then whispered into my ear: "Professor are you going to shoot that ball?" He knew I was incapable of action as his cock was twitching and throbbing trying to invade my ass. He continued: "Yea, I get it Professor. You want my big 8-incher up that ass, don't you? You might not know about all the rumors on campus. We know you are fucking gay and love to get that cock sucked by those mature men. But I bet you have never had young stud meat like mine. Well tonight we will change all that, right? I had no intention of playing pool tonight when I called you. From the first day in your class last semester, I've been wild with lust to suck that big cock of yours, have you suck my cock and man how I want to fuck that big bubble ass of yours that you parade around the class when you lecture. I stay hard through the entire class thinking about how your ass would feel with my stiff cock in it. You know you want me to fuck that pussy. I saw it in your eyes ever time I visited your office. In fact, I noticed you getting hard when I sat by you at your desk."

"Oh fuck yea Travis, I want you to fuck me but we are breaking all the conduct rules between a faculty member and a student. Oh you smell so sweet, your hot body is letting off such heat and fuck your pulsating cock rubbing against my butt has me wild for you and your cock."

"Professor, fuck the conduct rules, you want me as bad as I want you. Fuck, let go for incredible pleasure with me, a young hot horny stud with fresh meat and lots of cum."

That did it as I said: "Oh fuck yea, lets get naked and let me be your bitch right now. You win. I've never been hornier and look at you that hot baseball jock with raging hormones. The thought of getting fucked by such a hot young 19-year-old stud with lots of semen in those balls has me spewing lots of precum. Fuck the rules, I want you o fuck me so bad."

Within seconds, we both were butt naked except Travis kept on his baseball cap turned backwards. Fuck yea, a young jock wearing a baseball cap is hot as hell and makes my juices flow. Travis had that perfect hard smooth body with a huge thick leaking cock, huge round cock head with a wide opening in that piss slit surrounded by a whorl of brown pubic hair and low hanging big balls.

Travis took charge of his willing prey as he ordered me down on the floor on my side. He moved into a 69 position as he grabbed hold of my twitching stone hard 7-inch cock and he began to passionately use his lips to kiss up and down my blood filled cock, My whole body became covered in goose bumps and shivers ran up and down my spine. I took hold of his giant sausage, ran my tongue up and down that fat cock shaft and soon I put my lips around his cock head and sucked hard as his precum coated my tongue.

My lustful attention to his cock caused Travis to take total control of my dick in a way I'd never experienced before. Man this young athlete stud was a master cock sucker. His performance began as he licked between my balls and asshole, slid his wet warm tongue up and down my sweaty cock shaft, and soon he swallowed my entire stiff cock as the tip of my cock hit the back of his soft warm throat. This encouraged me as I began to swallow his massive missile deep in my throat.

It was at this point that Travis and I began a wild session of deep throating each other's twitching and throbbing stiff cocks. As our lust grew, we began to finger those man pussies as we went up and down those blood filled leaking cocks. As we devoured those cocks, the blowjobs became more and more sloppy as gobs of salvia drenched our pubic hair. Our faces were buried in all those patches of pubic hair with some of that brown and blond public hair up our noses.

After long uncontrollable blowjobs, our bodies began to stiffen, our sexy moans increased, our cock grew even larger in those mouths, our balls tightened up against our fuck buddies' chin and soon hot sticky cum flooded our buddies' mouth as we both erupted with torrents of semen deep in those throats. The taste of Travis salty but yet sweet semen had to be the best ever cum meal.

When we came up for air, we kissed sharing the two kinds of cum. I thought we were done for the evening until I realized that youthful Travis had just begun. Oh how great it would be to be young again and shoot that load several times in one night.

As I became aware of Travis full sexual testosterone build up, young Travis had me face the pool table, lean my face and upper body down on the table, spread my legs far apart, push my ass back toward his throbbing hard cock and use my hands to grip the table prepared to take his horse cock up my ass. I felt him place his sexy hands on my shoulders and instantly felt his big mushroom cock head, still coated with cum from the blowjob, part my ass lips as he drove that huge cock log all the way up my ass. Man, I'd never hurt so bad from experiencing my first cock in my ass; yet, the feel of that young cock stuffing my virgin ass was beyond any sexual fantasy I'd had.

Travis wasted no time taking care of his bitch. He was not one of those studs to take it easy even for a first timer. He went in for the kill. He began to fuck my ass with great speed and hard thrusts. He banged my ass over and over as my body bounced against the table as I held on for dear life. I felt his big dick ram deep into my ass channel, as his growing precum served as a lube to wet my entire pussy. The cum caused his cock to move easily in and out of my ass. His cock felt like a piston driving an engine. I was loving my first ass fucking and yea by such young fresh meat.

The fuck became so awesome that Travis and I began to talk dirty to make the fuck even more lustful and pleasurable. I began to beg: "Oh fuck yea, of fuck yea, oh fuck me, give me that fucking giant sausage, show me no mercy, I'm your bitch, do what you want with my body and ass, Oh man, I love that cock of yours fucking my ass. Shit yea, this is so great."

This really turned Travis on as he said: "Yea Professor, you little bitch, you whore, take my huge dick up that fucking tight pussy. You really like us young jocks with fresh meat, don't you, you bitch. You are mine, you slut, ya tell me bitch how bad you want my cock. Tell me now."

This had gotten too hot for us both as I felt Travis' cock grow even harder in my ass and he shouted: "Here I come, take my seed you bitch. I'm going  to breed you, you are now mine."

I felt Travis give my ass a couple of more fucking hard thrusts and then he erupted with a huge flood of his wet sticky cum deep in my ass. When he was spent and pulled out, I felt his cum rush out of my ass as he got down and licked up his cum, turned me around and spit gobs of that semen down my throat. We kissed as I spit part of his juice back in his mouth.

Travis spent the weekend at my apartment as we took care of each other's sexual needs. We sucked cock and he fucked my ass. The next week Travis moved into my apartment and I became his eager willing bitch. Yea, I belong to him now.


Naughty Eric


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