Dan, a 19-year-old college sophomore, was the top fine arts major as he began his second year at the college. He had already successfully been commissioned to paint 10 canvases raging from mountain scenes, individual portraits, abstract pieces and one large mural of a country side for a hotel lobby.


Dan stood 6-feet and 2-inches tall, weighed a slim 180 pounds, sky blue eyes, blond curly hair and a huge package between his legs. He was already a very active gay stud who liked older men such as his professor. In fact, he was constantly hot dreaming of a night of hot sex with Professor Waters.

I'm Professor Waters who has often been described as the most popular professor on campus both as a lecturer and really hot dude. During my three-tenure as a faculty member, all my classes have filled the first day of registration including a waiting list. In addition to my teaching government, I am a successful marshal arts instructor. I stand 6-feet tall, weigh a solid 170 pounds, dark brown hair and eyes, slim body and pack a dark brown 8-inch cock.

At the time of this story a year ago, I was a closeted gay man and still a virgin although I had been hit on many times by really hot guys. I guess I was both shy and also looking for Mr. right.

On the first day of the Fall Semester, I noticed this very handsome blond headed and blue eyed student on the front row. There was something about him that made me dizzy and hot. He seemed fixated on my face and crotch from day one. Holly cow, he was brave enough to slide his hand down to his crotch and rub his cock inside his hot pants. I was shocked as he always grew a large tent in his pants. He got away with it as his desk top hide from the other students what he was doing but not from me. This student was Dan.

Each class period he would repeat the same sexy move at the beginning of the class. I had to stop looking at him to avoid getting a real hard on. My ignoring him seemed to irritate him but in no way discourage his behavior. This went on through the first semester and continued into the second semester.

He often visited my office to ask questions about his papers and especially term papers. I made sure to maintain a totally professional manner as he starred into my eyes and yes he often would rub his crotch and give me an inviting sexy solicitous smile. The fact that I was determined to maintain a proper professor-student relationship did not in anyway discourage him from the obvious flirting with me.

I maintained my standards up until the last month of the second semester of the academic year. On a Friday afternoon by an invitation from Dan, I attended a 5:00 PM reception at an art gallery that was hosting an exhibit of his work. I fell in love with one of Dan's black and white abstract pieces and decided to purchase it for $700.

"Oh Professor Waters, wow, thanks for purchasing one of my works. I'm so thrilled that you selected one of my favorite paintings. I have an idea. Can I bring it over to your condo tomorrow evening around 5 PM, hang it for you and share my meaning behind the work? I can bring some pizza."

"Gee Dan, I think that would be swell. You can help me decide where to hang the painting and give it the proper lightning. I'll provide the beer for the pizza."

"Great Professor!!! I know where you live and I'll see you at 5 PM tomorrow."

I was determined to restrict the evening to having Dan hang and light the painting along with dinner. No playing around with this cute hunk although he was hot as hell. I reminded myself he was still one of my students.

When Dan arrived, he immediately decided where to hang the painting above my fireplace. He hung it and set the lighting. It looked great. He then came up to me smelling so fresh from a recent shower and all that after shave lotion. He put his arm around my shoulder, moved his warm body up against my side and said: "Professor this painting is perfect for you. I hope you will think of me every time you look at it. I really had you in mind when I painted it."

"Wow Dan, what does that mean?"

"Prof, see those black and white lines running up and down the painting? Well the black lines represent your sexy legs and the white lines are my legs. Near the top you can see the lines form big round heads. Those represent our cock heads. That is why I was so excited when you bought the painting. Man that is so cool."

I shook his hand at that point and thanked him. The contact of our hands and his sweet breath sent electric waves throughout my body and I developed un-controllable shivers. My ability to resist melted away. I began to perspire profusely. And hell I felt my cock began to grow rapidly to its full 8-inches. Dan saw what was happening.

I was overcome with lust and Dan had set the trap for me. Dan had painted what I considered a masterpiece and it represented our bodies and especially our big cocks. And I'd never smelt a more hot manly dude and his touch had me crazy for sex with him. To hell with the professional relationship between professor and student, I had to have Dan take control of my raging libido. I wanted him to devour me. He had won. Shit, I looked at him and he had a monstrous bulge in those very tight pants. That tool was pushing hard to escape his pants. Gee how big was that snake?

Dan looked at me with that solicitous smile, knew he had finally conquered his prey when he said: " Professor lets go to your bedroom and get it on. We can eat that pizza later."

I had no resistance left when he grabbed my hand and led me to my master bedroom. My cock was jerking, throbbing and had begun to leak pre-cum in my briefs. I was now his.

We shook off our shoes, unzipped our pants, threw them to the floor, took off our shirts and undershirts and finally removed our socks. We were then standing naked in front of each other except for our briefs. Dan had on a hot pair of red briefs with a man's mouth painted on the briefs in the front of his crotch. The briefs were a see through pair. Hell, I could see that his cock was huge and already had a blood red head. Man was this awesome. My briefs were white and one could see the outline of my rock hard cock and a growing wet spot.

We embraced and Dan pushed his crotch hard against my cock as we kissed. The feel of our cocks rubbing against each other and his tongue exploring my throat had us in pure lust. Then a surprising thing happened when Dan said: "lets get under the covers. I'm tired and sleepy."

What in the hell was that? Was he playing with my mind and punishing me since he had won?

When we were under the covers, he turned his face away from me with his back to me. I heard him began to breath slowly as if he was about to go to sleep. I laid quietly up close to his back and butt but made no moves. I closed my eyes lusting after Dan but happy we were at least in bed semi-nude together. The rascal had me where he wanted me but I was really getting frustrated and even angry.

I began to feel the heat radiating off his warm body and the smell of his fresh perfumes. My body began to absorb the warmth from Dan as my cock was stone hard and throbbing for attention.

After some 5-minutes I felt Dan turn his face toward me, place his lips up against mine, felt his hot breath on my face and soon he used his tongue to part my lips as he drove his tongue deep inside my throat. As I opened my eyes, I could see from the table lamp that Dan was piercing my eyes with his gorgeous eyes. Yea, he had just been playing with me to turn me on even more. Man, I was falling in love with this cute guy and his joking efforts. He knew he could make me his bitch anytime he wanted me. I loved his method.

I felt Dan put his hand on my back and slowly run it down inside my briefs and soon he began to finger fuck my ass. Shit I was on fire. The arousal caused me to reach my hand around his back and I began to lower his briefs. Soon we had removed each others' briefs and were now completely naked. We instantly began to hump as we spewed gobs of pre-cum over each other. The feel of each incredible organ against organ, flesh against flesh and tongue against tongue was mind blowing. In a few seconds, the feel of his warm body and wet pre-cum caused me to erupt with a huge load of jizz between our interlocked bodies. My first man sex had me wondering why I had waited so long. Nothing had ever felt this good. We were drenched in my cum. I felt so bad that I had cum so quick.

"Oh Dan, I'm so sorry that I dumped my load just as we were getting started but you are so gorgeous and hot I could not stop."

"No way Professor. You can rest while I make love to you. You will recover with that big cock soon."

I jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom and cleaned myself with a cum rag. I brought a cum rag to bed and cleaned my fuck buddy of the cum. He was now ready to take complete charge. He began a series of tongue exchanges kissing me and he became wild with sloppy kisses. Man he was hot. I could not believe how soon I felt my cock began to grow again. Dan knew how to make me wild with lust.

Dan grabbed my cock and began sliding his hand up and down my now semi-hard shaft.

"Well Professor, it did not take you long to get back in the game. Your cock is growing in my hand. You appear to be horny as a young stud like me. I want to fuck that pussy of yours with my huge 9-inch cock."

The reaction of our cocks caused Dan to make another move. He moved down in the bed and began to kiss and lick up and down my stiff cock shaft. After several minutes, he started taking my cock down his big throat inch by inch until he had deep throated my tool. He gave me the hottest blowjob for some 5 minutes while I bucked my hips up to meet his warm mouth on my cock. He used one of his hands to squeeze my red hot nuts. He milked some pre-cum from my piss slit.

Then while I remained on my back, he climbed on top of me and laid flat down. He maneuvered his huge cock underneath my drained balls and began to thrust his cock upward. Man it felt so good. As he humped me with great force, he rotated his leaking cock between driving it under my balls, across my scrotum and across my ass crack but not inserting his cock into me. He seemed to enjoy this position and I certainly did. His cock freely roamed all over my ass area while he laid flat on top of me. We were breathing hard, slobbering in each others' mouth as we shared out tongues while he wet our crotches with his pre-cum. He humped me harder and harder as we grunted and moaned with pure pleasure. The sex was a dream come true for Dan and I admit for me too.

"Oh Fuck Dan, I love your body. You smell so manly. I love your big cock and hot body on me. Don't stop."

At that moment, Dan took one hand and used his fingers to collect the pre-cum from his cock head and fed it to me. He did this about three times. I was hooked on my first man seed.

When Dan got near the edge, he jumped up, pulled me off the bed and lead us to the bathroom.

He stood in front of the toilet bowl and began to wildly jack off. Was he not going to fuck me tonight? He ordered me to put my pulsating cock up against his back and take one hand and play with his huge balls.

My hard cock was driving hard into his back while he continued to jack off. After a few minutes, he began to increase his breathing and wildly thrusting his hips forward. He was getting close. Soon he dumped a huge load of his seed into the toilet. As I saw his thick white cum shoot out of him and into the water in the toilet, I erupted with my second load of cum for the evening. My cum shot up his back and ran down onto his butt. I got down and used my tongue and lips to collect my hot cum and swallow it. No way was I going to waste all that protein.

We cleaned our cocks with yet more cum rags and went back to bed. Soon we were fast asleep.

The next morning around 8 AM I was awoken from the feel of Dan's hot tongue and lips sucking my hard nipples as if he were a baby going after his mother's breast milk. Shit, we both had that usual morning wood.

"Oh Dan Baby, suck your mommy's milk. Get ready to fuck my virgin man pussy. I want your big cock to rip me open and plow that virgin ass."

The morning wood for both of us and my dirty talk put Dan into immediate action. He pulled me out of bed; turned my head, shoulders and chest toward the bed; had me lean down on the bed with my feet on the floor and push my ass out toward his waiting cock. He stood up straight and came toward my ass. Without any lube, he spit on my ass and I felt his big cock began to enter my ass. He used his huge cock head to part my outer ass rings, spread it open and plunge his fresh meat inch by inch all the way into my inner ass. I could hear and feel his cock stretch my ass walls as they had never been before. It felt like getting a colon exam in the doctors office but even better having a cock do it.

Soon he was all the way in and he began to speed up as he drove all the way in and pulled out completely and back in. He was in a rhythm of all the way out and all the way back in with hard thrusts. I felt his hard warm cock massage ever inch of my soft tissue ass walls and hell each time his cock rubbed against my prostate my cock became harder and harder as my balls gathered my seed for an exit.

It is hard to explain how good a cock feels in your ass if one has never had the experience. My whole body began to shiver and quiver from the feel of Dan's cock inside me.

I begged: "Baby, never stop. Fuck me all day. Give it to me, please. Give me your manhood and feed me that cum in my ass."

That put Dan in high gear as I felt his cock actually grow and his thrusts became even harder along with his breath increase.

Then he cried out: "Oh Fuck Oh Fuck, yea here I come, I'm going to come. Take my seed in your pussy. Yea, you are mine, you are my bitch."

At that moment he erupted with a massive load of thick warm cum deep inside me. The feel of the wet cum was so awesome. I was now Dan's bitch. He could breed me anytime he wished. I was his for the asking. Why had I waited so long to give into this incredible dude.

When he was spent, he pulled out his still semi-hard cock, turned me around and had me suck the remaining dangling cum off his cock. More cum for me.

Dan saw I was ready to come. He got down on his knees and took my stone hard cock down his throat. I was so turned on that the second my hot cock hit the back of his throat I shot my load. He swallowed it all and then we kissed as our cum mixed for a great treat.

We showered and prepared breakfast. Yea the pizza would have to wait until lunch. Maybe after another fuck.


Naughty Eric


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