Sunday night. I saw him at the end of the bar. He sat alone, sipping a tumbler of scotch and ice. He looked like a square peg in a round hole, obviously out of his element in the sleek piano bar on west Forty-Sixth Street. The crowd that night was typical, overdressed and bored as they sat at tiny chrome tables clustered around the big ebony grand. The patrons were mostly older men in flannel and silk, sitting opposite fresh-faced boys sipping pink martinis. I really didn't fit in here myself but I love piano music, so I occasionally found myself gathered among the affectation in order to listen to Bobby Jackson, the cabaret pianist. One of my greatest disappointments in life is that I never learned to play myself.

I couldn't help staring at the man. He looked to be around forty, maybe six feet tall, muscular but not huge, like an athlete or a swimmer. The man wore a simple white button-down oxford shirt and a pair of black jeans. I looked down to his cowboy boots: not shiny, out-of-the-box new boots but scuffed and cracked with years of hard use and wear. I wondered what he did for a living. His head was freshly shaved, and glowed softly in the dim lights of the lounge. His handsome face was covered in a shadow of whiskers, thickening around his full lips in a brushy goatee. I noticed soft brown curls at his throat, a tantalizing hint of the hairy chest hidden beneath. He lifted the amber liquid to his mouth and gulped down the last of his drink.

The bartender poured him another, and Frankie the waiter picked it up to deliver to the man.

'Let me take that!' I said to Frankie. He looked at me and chuckled. He knew what was going through my mind. I had to meet him, find out more about the lonely mystery-man.

I placed the drink down on his table. He thanked me and offered a twenty. 'This one's on me, if that's okay!' I said. 'I'm Michael. May I join you for a while?'

The man looked up in surprise, then amusement. 'Um, sure, I guess,why not?' He smiled, and pulled back the empty chair for me to sit. 'Daniel,call me Dan.'

Dan had a beautiful smile. His rugged face became enchanting as his lips curled and perfect dimples formed on each sunburned cheek, like apostrophes around his mouth. I sipped on my beer as we sat quietly listening to Bobby coax Cole Porter and Gershwin from the grand piano. Between sets, I discovered Dan lived on Long Island, and owned a stable and riding academy somewhere in the north fork. This explained the boots: they were the real-deal, honest riding boots that saw the stirrup daily. I longed to open Dan's shirt and touch that hidden treasure, the soft whorls of hair on his expansive, muscular chest.

We left the bar together, strolling uptown to the Hilton at Fifty-sixth where Dan was staying. I felt a little cheap. Sex on the first date and in a hotel room no less, but I didn't know if I would ever see him again and had to know what it was like to be with such a broad-shouldered and virile stud. We entered his room on the thirtieth floor, the stunning skyline of Manhattan's west side glittering in the windows like diamonds scattered across the horizon. He surprised me by pulling me into his arms and pressing his lips on mine. I returned his kiss, exploring his mouth with my tongue as he brushed his wiry beard on my lips.

'I got a confession to make, Michael,' he said calmly, as our lips separated and I gasped for air. 'I ain't ever been with a man!' I laughed, and then realized he was serious. 'I'm just now gettin' divorced, we was together for twenty years.' I wasn't sure if I believed him, he seemed so comfortable with me, showing intimacy so easily. 'I fucked women all my life, but never a man. I don't know what to do next, but I wanna do this!'

We stripped and stretched out together on the king-size bed. I felt the cool sheets under us as we caressed, touching and exploring each other's body. He was magnificent; my fantasy man lay next to me in all his glory! His muscular arms wrapped around me, extending from wide, powerful shoulders. His chest was as hairy as I had hoped, covered in a dense mat of rich coffee-colored hair that swirled in rings around his nipples. His belly was flat and rippled with muscle, the trail of fur continuing into a thick bush of pubic hair and a perfect cock. He was immediately erect from the moment we undressed, and his dick stood proudly in the air like a flagpole. I reached down to hold it, and Dan moaned softly.

'Michael, I,I don't know,I mean, oh shit!' He stammered. My heart melted. The man was uncertain, but I knew he wanted me, wanted to share himself with me and finally experience what he had only dreamed about, sex with a man. I took control, and slowly eased down his torso until my head lay on his fuzzy stomach, my face hovering just above his crotch. I teased the tip of his throbbing cock with my tongue, flicking lightly at the bead of pre-cum that glistened on the thick head. He reached down, stroking my blonde hair and grasping my neck with his calloused hands.

I never did cum that night. He was gentle and endearing, and when he ejaculated in my mouth it tasted sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed giving him head, and he was a very generous cummer, filling me with his thick creamy load. I swallowed hard, taking him into my belly. We lay in an embrace for a couple hours, kissing and touching each other. He fondled my cock hesitantly, but I didn't push him. Eventually I heard him snoring softly. I quietly pulled myself from his arms and dressed. I wrote my phone number on the Hilton stationery next to the bed just before slipping out into the night. I was leaving it up to him if we ever met again.

The next day I sat in my kitchen, gulping my second cup of coffee and toying with a piece of bran toast. I thought about Dan, and his awesome body. I figured I would never see him again, just one of those 'curious' straight guys, already regretting his flirtation with gay sex. I gave him one damn fine blowjob, and at least he would always remember how good that was!

The buzzer snapped me out of my musing. I jumped up to answer the door. It was a flower delivery, a big display of orchids, tropical blooms and fern leaves, and way over the top (I prefer simple roses or wildflowers). Placing them on the coffee table, I read the card:


Damn, this man was something special. How could I be upset with him? He didn't force me to suck his cock. I was aware of his inexperience; it was my choice not to force him to do something he was uncomfortable with. I felt a chill in my spine as the telephone rang.

'Michael?' He sounded so sexy, his deep baritone humming in my ear. 'It was amazing last night. I can't even explain to you what it meant to me. I never thought,that is, I haven't ever,well you know. I am very glad I met you and that you...oh fuck, I ain't very good at this, am I?' he stammered, frustrated that he couldn't say what he was feeling.

He was back east, on Long Island. He had just gotten in the door and he picked up the phone to call me. I already longed to have him in my arms again, to feel his soft furry chest pressed against my smooth skin. I immediately agreed when he asked me to come out to his horse stables next weekend.

The Country:

Saturday morning. The Long Island Railroad train bumped and rattled as it sped through the sleepy bedroom communities of the south shore. Baldwin, Freeport, Merrick, Babylon,meaningless names, towns I would never see populated by people I would never know. Finally, the train pulled into Montauk, and I saw Dan waiting for me at the small brick and slate station. He looked incredible. His shaved head glinted in the crystal-clear sunlight. Tight blue jeans and his scruffy black boots, an open plaid shirt layered over a white wifebeater. His beefy biceps stretched the faded fabric of the sleeves, and I could see the magnificent hair on Dan's chest from the train window. He stood next to a Honda motorcycle, and held two helmets in his hand.

I clung to Dan, my arms wrapped around his sturdy waist as we sped north, the little bike whining as we wound through the countryside. Woods of aspen and birch gave way to open fields, an occasional farm stand selling local corn and tomatoes. We rounded a bend and slowed down. A white rail fence stretched as far as you could see alongside the road. I saw horses grazing in the field, flank deep in rich green grass and purple chicory. A spotted foal pranced around a russet mare, chasing its mother's tail. The Honda grumbled loudly as we downshifted into a driveway, edged with cypress and leading up the grade to a stone farmhouse. I could see the Long Island sound sparkling on the horizon behind the hill. The horses ran along the fence, following us to the end of the cul-de-sac. I was enchanted, it seemed unreal.

We chatted mindlessly over a light lunch. He told me about Phyllis, his bitch wife, and how miserable he has been the last few years. Dan flipped the burgers on the grill and told me how he longed to be free. He needed his divorce to be final so he could move on, and be himself for the first time in a decade. I tried to make him understand what my life was like, but I must have seemed like an alien to him. The concept of living among eight million people in a steel and stone canyon was beyond his comprehension.

We took the dishes into the kitchen. I felt his arms wrap around me as I stacked them in the sink, his chest leaning into my back and the bulge in his jeans nestled firmly against my ass. I could see the horses through the window. I sensed he wanted sex. I wanted to wait.

'Can I see the horses?' I said excitedly. Dan smiled and took my hand, leading me to the paddock.

The horses came to the gates as we entered the stable. Dan had a bucket of carrots, and I actually fed them. They were strong but gentle, incredibly powerful but as sweet and docile as lambs.

'Don't be fooled! They can be bitches if they wanna be! I got this bend in my nose from Goldy here, when I brushed her where she didn't wanna be brushed!' I looked at Dan's nose, a scar on the bridge where it had been broken. The bump and red mark just made him look more handsome. Goldy munched happily on the carrots.

He turned me around to face him. I looked up into his face as he drew me into his embrace. I pulled the shirt off his shoulders and it dropped to the hay strewn floor. I pulled off my tee shirt as I felt him fumbling with my belt, and soon my pants dropped around my knees. I opened his jeans and we stood cock to cock, our chests warm against each other, only the thin fabric of his undershirt holding us apart. I heard the restless horses rustling in their stalls as he kissed me.

'Let's go for a ride.' He said unexpectedly, as he pulled away from me and reached for the gate. 'You ever go bareback?' He asked.

I was surprised; I didn't expect him to be so blunt. 'No, not anymore. I haven't barebacked in years,its way too dangerous. I brought condoms with me, I wasn't sure if you'd have any, if married guys ever use them!' I replied.

He laughed, and swept me up in his arms again. His cock was as hard as a bat, and I felt it insistent on my belly as he pushed against me.

'Hah! No, you little slut!' He joked, 'I mean without a saddle! I want to ride without a saddle,bareback!'

Embarrassed, I blushed and told him that I had never even touched a horse before today, let alone ride one. He strapped a bit and harness on a big black stallion named Flash. I watched his magnificent nude body, muscles tensing and flexing as he adjusted the straps and pulled the buckles tight. His cock swayed heavily between his legs. Semi-erect, he seemed to be at least seven inches, maybe more when fully engorged. It was as thick as a flashlight. I recalled last weekend, and how incredible it felt deep in my throat.

Dan lifted me effortlessly on the horses back. I panicked, and grabbed on to Flash's mane as Dan hopped up on the rail and mounted behind me. His arms wrapped around my waist as he grabbed the reigns, and I calmed down. The feeling of Dan's strapping body pressed against mine, and the warm bristly horse between my legs was very stimulating. I felt my erection grow as my balls rubbed against Flash's coarse hair. Dan's cock was hard again, and it rested throbbing on my ass. The three of us ambled out into the yard, and we took off across the field.

The sun was hot on my back, Dan holding me tightly with one arm as he grasped the reign with the other. We galloped into the grassy meadow. The horses gait slammed me into Dan's chest as I lurched on the big stallion's back. We picked up speed and soon the horse was racing along the sandy coast of the sound. I saw sailboats off in the distance. I wondered if they could see that we were naked. I was getting more comfortable with the cadence of the horse, and I trusted that Dan wouldn't let anything happen to me. The wind whipped across us as we flew along the waters edge, ducks scattering as we sped by.

Flash was wet with perspiration. I could feel his heat as Dan pulled him in and we slowed to a trot, finally stopping under a large willow tree near a babbling stream. It was cool and dark, and it felt good to be out of the raging sun. The horse had worked up some lather, and felt slick between my legs. Dan began to suck on my neck, dropping the bridle and fondling my chest with his rough hands.

'Maybe we should try that barebacking you talked about,' He whispered in my ear. 'I can't think of anything else, ever since you brought it up!' I leaned back into his hard body and felt his sweaty chest pressed into my back. I yearned to have him penetrate me; I wanted to feel Dan wedged firmly inside my body. I reached back and guided his enormous cock under my slippery ass. I felt him hard and unyielding against my asshole, his erection slick with horse lather. Flash whinnied and pranced forward along the bank at the edge of the brook.

We followed the stream into the open field, Flash stopping occasionally for a mouthful of grass. Dan held my cock in his hands and began to pull on it. I felt the cum rising in my balls at his touch, I was so incredibly excited. I fell forward, hugging Flash's neck and lifting my ass to meet Dan's rigid cock. He slid fully into me, completely burying his shaft in my gut. Dan held still in my ass as I cried out, the sudden invasion of his dick more than I could bear.

'Baby, am I hurtin' ya? Tell me what to do; I don't want to hurt ya, Michael!' Dan moaned in my ear. He was genuinely upset, and I was touched that he was concerned about me. There was nothing selfish about him. I moaned loudly, my face buried in the horse's coarse mane, my chest heaving against his slippery neck. The pressure eased, and my sphincter adjusted to the intrusion. Dan began slowly pumping my ass, his thighs sliding on the horse's flank, Flash's slippery sweat foaming between our flesh. I felt every inch of him sliding through my asshole. It felt like he was in me all the way up to my heart, his cock touching me far inside, filling me.

'Michael! Oh my God, Michael!' Dan shouted loudly. Flash spooked at the sound of his master's cry, and lurched forward. We began to trot slowly across the open field, Dan wedged in my butt, the uneven gait of the horse driving him deeper into me with every thrust. I grunted and moaned as Dan lifted me off the horse's back, dropping my ass back down, driving me onto his potent cock as we loped along through the grass.

I felt him shudder, just as he arched his back and discharged into my ass. Dan was so full, so ready to cum. He unloaded profuse amounts of his seed into my gut, breeding me. I would forever have a part of him inside me. I came immediately, busting my nut across Flash's black mane, my cum running down his neck in creamy white threads. Flash snorted,he seemed to know that something wonderful had just happened on his sturdy backside.

We rode to the edge of the sound and tied Flash off to a bush. He went in first, feeling his way on the rocky edge of the water, urging me to join him. The boats were some distance away, and unless they were using binoculars, there was no chance anyone could see us as we slipped deeper into the chilly water. It felt good as Dan rinsed Flash's sweat and coarse bristly hairs from my body. The sun had burned my shoulders, and he scooped cool handfuls of water onto my pink skin. My ass hurt, but it reminded me of the magnificent man who had just been in there, so it was a welcome ache. The horse had cooled down, and drank his fill of the crystal blue water.

We mounted and Dan took us back to the farmhouse. We didn't speak a word, but his arm wrapped firmly around my waist and his beard pressed into my neck told me volumes about what he was feeling.


Jimmy Gordon

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