Everybody knows somebody nicknamed horse. On my team the guys name is Tom, I remember the first time I saw him in the changing room I just said whoah, I couldn't help myself, I'd never seen one that long or thick in my life.

I wasn't expecting it, he wore large trousers which didn't show any package and he always wore a cup, in fact he was always horsing around on the team and I thought that wax why he had the nickname.

Soon after I saw him naked for the first time we had an away game and at the dinner afterwards, I don't know if he was bored, horsing around or drunk but sitting down at the table he took out his horse cock and he laid it up on the table cloth, the guys just smiled and with his blonde hair blue eyes and good looks he looked almost innocent and unaware of what he was doing.

In fact some of the opposing team who saw it asked me afterwards about the fake penis but I had to tell them it wasn't fake.

I understood later that Tom flashed it every so often to get some action and he always got a blow job or some ass every time .

One time one of the guys was joking him about his size and he answered , you think this is big, you should see my father.

I immediately felt compelled to see it.

His father , a farmer , lived out of town, I knew he was. A widower and kept pretty much to himself.

From what tom his son had talked about of his growing up, there was a lake on part of their farm and part on public land, with summer being warm I hoped his dad went swimming.

For a couple of weeks I went early and late to the lake for a swim and I must admit I was looking tanned and fit when I finally did meet him.

It was lunchtime, I was lying on my towel after a swim when I felt a shadow over me , I looked up and there was Tom senior, he had a full beard and hairy chest but he looked like his eon and if I needed any further confirmation he had a cock that was even thicker than his sons.

He said hey, this is private property.

I apologised my eyes never leaving his cock and he said, you can touch it if you like.

Before I knew what was happening I had a firm grip on it and I was licking the head of his dick.

I tried every technique I could on the part I could fit into my mouth. I attacked his piss slit with my tongue and that really made him groan.

With my other hand I started weighing his balls and then gently stretching the skin , as I sucked and used my tongue and gripped and tugged in rhythm I heard his groans change in pitch and then he erupted.

I took his come on my tongue and then I swallowed .

I sucked on his cock head until he pushed my head away.

Afterwards we swam and then I jerked him off sitting facing him.

He did the same to me afterwards while promising to fuck my butt.

So far he hasn't fucked me he says my ass needs to be trained .




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