Part 2 Told By Johan

After Cal seduced me for my first gay sex through his sensuous sexual body and the most magnetic charm ( the most pure magnetism one could ever confront from a hot stud), I was ready to be his lifetime bitch. He had instantly drove ever animal instinct in my being to crave him. I knew I could never get enough of his manly features that included his ribbed hard body, that handsome face, those sparkling sexy eyes, beautiful hair, a snake charming smile, the most suckable thick lips, a true beefcake, titillating tongue and hot breath, tanned olive skin, the smell and sniffing of his body was like spring flowers, his powerful lips firmly stretched around my big cock and his giant sausage causing my ass to pulsate with the most intense contractions ever conceived by any cock, and how he drove me to ultimate ecstasy as he whispered sweet fucking dirty words about my pink bubble ass into my ear while fucking my man pussy. No one had ever come close to making me so primordial for raw sex that I desired to go on for ever. I desired his lips on my cock and his huge cock up my ass over and over. I wanted his cock to stay in my ass for hours and hours.

After our first long sex act with us both sucking cock and fucking ass on that Friday at his condo, we showered and went out to a popular athletic club for dinner. I had very little appetite as I could only think of Cal fucking me again and we sucking each other's hard cock. I was not sure that I could function for more than a few hours before Cal would take me to nirvana with his big cock. We would have to take breaks between classes and studying for another round of hot sex. Man with one round of man sex I had become a gay sex addict. How many times a day would Cal take care of my carnal needs for him?

About half way through dinner, Cal went to the restroom to take a leak. I could not resist my horny desire for him as I followed him to the men's room. When he had finished taking a leak, I grabbed his crotch and said: "OK Cal, you Greek god, it is all your fault. I can't finish dinner without a blowjob. My balls are filled with another load of cum. Please suck my cock and let me ejaculate in your hot sexy mouth. Oh Baby, please wrap those thick juicy lips around my meat now."

As Cal gave me that naughty and sensuous smile, he said: "Baby, wow, you have really got the hots for me now. Man, it is so fantastic that I have seduced you and now you're a fucking wild gay addict from just one fuck session. I guess I can have that man pussy of yours anytime I want it. Man, is this a dream? OK my little bitch, I want to finish my steak before it gets cold. I can take your cum cream for my dessert before we leave the restaurant. How does that sound?"

"Oh buddy, I guess I can wait but lets hurry and finish dinner. I am wild for your mouth and yea your cock."

We returned to our table and as Cal began to eat the rest of his steak while I worked on my oyster plate, those oysters got me horny as hell. I could not wait much longer. I was already in heat like a female dog and would you know it, those oysters served like a blue pill and yea, I was only a 24-year-old fucking horny guy. I finished my oysters first while Cal continued to intentionally eat slowly to tease me, looked me in the eyes with a lascivious grin, used his tongue to lick his fork, slid his middle finger in and out of his mouth, and he removed his shoe and used his foot to began rubbing my crotch as he felt my throbbing steel hard cock under the table that began driving me crazy. He was challenging me to see how far I would go in public. We could get arrested if I did what I wanted and that was throw off my clothes, get on the table and have Cal fuck the hell out of my ass in front of all the restaurant guests.

Finally, I was so over come with wild lust that my cock began to leak droppings of pre-cum in my shorts. Again Cal smiled knowing I was in deep trouble. I was so overcome with my lust that I unzipped my pants, pulled out my 8-inch hard leaking cock and put it against Cal's foot that was missing his shoe and he had on only a sock. That really turned Cal on as he began to masturbate my cock with his hot foot. I guess I had finally gotten to Cal when he pulled his foot back, took off his sock and returned his now naked hot sweaty foot to masturbating my throbbing cock. The feel of my cock against his soft naked foot had my cock stiff as a board. I did not last long when I felt a powerful surge building in my nuts. Then there developed an awesome feeling taking over my entire body that all of you readers have experienced so many times when having an orgasm---- my entire body began tingling, shivers ran up my spine, sweat began to run down my face and out from under my arm pits, my face drew into an obvious look of pleasure with blood rushing to my face and even more blood to my cock, my ass muscles began to pucker, my cock head swelled, my piss slit opened wide, the many veins in my cock shaft began to throb and soon I had the most awesome powerful feel of nirvana as cum shot out of my cock and all over Cal's hot smooth naked foot and toes. I was unable to muffle a series of moans that drew attention from guest at nearby tables. The look on Cal's face was such a look of shock. Good, I had showed him not to tease me if he did not want my cum on him in public. Man the smell of cum soon filled the air. I managed to put my still semi-hard cum covered cock back in my pants and zip up.

Cal took his foot and with some difficulty managed to put on his sock with my cum soaking the sock and slide the cum soaked sock and foot back into his shoe.  I gave him such a satisfied grin. Man was I ever proud of what I had done. He had by then finished his dinner

We motioned to the waiter. When he reached our table he had a huge smile and shocked me when he said: "Sir, how was that orgasm? You looked like it was one of the most powerful ejaculations you've ever had from the expression on your face. The smell is awesome. Don't worry, I'll clean up the floor after you two leave. Man are you two guys hot. I'm horny as hell knowing what you two just did. Man, I'd love to get it on with you two. Yea I'm a fucking gay whore."

Our waiter was one hell of a good looking guy. He looked to be about 24-years-of-age, dark wavy black well-trimmed hair, brown eyes, about 6-feet, weighed around 160 pounds, great shape as he probably worked out five or six days a week and looked like he had been poured into those black silk dress pants. Man, he had a beautiful bubble ass.

This really excited Cal as he said: "By the way, I'm Cal and this is my new fuck buddy Johan. And you name is?"

"Hi Cal and Johan. I'm Bo and I'd love to get together."

Cal responded: "Yea that is an awesome idea. What time do you get off work tonight? Here is my cell number and the address to my condo. A three way would be so hot. Johan is new to gay sex. In fact, he got his first ass fucking taking my huge cock up that man pussy just before we came to dinner. Bo, Johan has the most juicy and hot ass I've ever fucked. I bet you would love putting what appears to be your huge cock in his pussy. Man, look at that horse cock in your pants. I bet he would enjoy a three way. Yea, Buddy?"

I answered: "Yea, that sounds so exciting. By the way, I just shot my big load all over Cal's foot but I'm so eager to get Cal's big cock up my ass. I can't wait until we get home. Bo, do you have a private employees' restroom that we could use? I am so excited about taking that horse cock up my ass in a restroom. That idea so turns me on."

Bo answered our questions: "First of all, I get off at mid-night and could be at your place by 1:00 AM. No we don't have an employees' private restrooms but why don't you use one of the stalls in the public restroom? You seem to get a thrill out of sex in public."

That so excited me that I felt my cock began to grow again. I looked at Cal and he shook his head yea. He also took his foot and placed it on top of one of my shoes. I had to have his cock right then.

Bo gave us a big sexy grin, thumbs up, and we paid him with a huge tip. Shit, he had developed a huge tent in those tight black silk pants. Man his manhood was awesome. I could see the outline of his monstrous cock down his right leg-thigh that was about half way down to his knee. Was his cock even bigger than Cal's 9-incher?

He used his ticket tablet to hide his erection as he got ready to leave our table but first said: "See you in a little while for a raunchy all night sex three way. I've got lots of cum ready for you pussy boys. Yea, you guys are correct about my dick. It is a monster measuring 12-inches when totally erect. My doctor tells me that I'm almost a freak as to cock size. Even when soft it is around 7-inches. I can never hide my big tool from showing in my pants even when not hard. But my big cock showing through my pants has become a real advantage in picking up hot guys for a wild night of fucking their asses. My big boner has gotten many hot guys to come on to me at such places as bars and Man I've  drilled many hot gay asses because of my obvious extra large manhood. Get ready for a night you will never forget. And Johan,  welcome to the world of hot gay sex. Man your ass looks so hot and I'm the man to widen that ass for you."

Man we were now horny as hell. We rushed to the restroom and took the largest stall, closed, and locked the door, Cal pulled his pants and shorts down, sat down on the toilet, as his huge cock stood straight up like a flag pole. It was already leaking drops of pre-cum as he ordered me to face him and mount his big blood filled cock. I placed my feet on each side of the toilet, climbed up in his lap and slowly lowered my man pussy down on that gorgeous dick. I felt that great cock part my outer ass ring and slowly that huge dick went all the way inside my ass. Soon I was completely stuffed with that horse cock. I began to move up and down that rod as Cal used his butt and strong legs to meet my moves.

We both began to moan, our breaving became rapid, and sweat ran down our bodies as he fucked the hell out of my ass. The feel was so hot and erotic. We must have been fucking for some five minutes and while we were in the middle of pure passion some dude entered the restroom and got in the next stall. The lust and hot feelings were so powerful we could not stop. Shit we did not care who knew what we were doing.

As I felt Cal's pulsating cock drilling my ass, shit I looked over at the next stall and holy fuck the guy had put his monstrous big black cock and red hot balls through a glory hole. I heard him say: "Hey fuck guys, does some one want to suck my cock when you get finished fucking?"

This invitation to suck that big black cock so excited Cal and the feel of my slick ass walls put him over the edge. I felt a rush of steamy thick cum shoot deep in my ass. There were at least six major bursts followed by several smaller shots. As I pulled off Cal's cock, my ass dumped a big load of cum on Cal's cock and crotch.

We got on our knees and took turns sucking that stranger,s huge dick and sucking his balls. He did not last long when he shot a massive load all over our faces. As we heard him using toilet paper to clean his dick, we used almost a full role of toilet paper to clean our bodies including our faces of all that sticky white cum. We dressed and as we exited, this hot huge dude was standing outside our stall. Man he must have been at least 6-feet and 6-iches, 250 pounds and really well built. He was a handsome dark African American gentlemen with a hard ribbed body. He was awesome.

He gave us a big grin and said: "Hey, you hot dudes do you come here often? This is my favorite glory hole to get my cock sucked and get my nuts off. Could we meet here again.  Yea, I love fucking guy's asses through this glory hole. How about it?"

We shook hands and agreed to meet him here next Friday, and said thanks as we left for home.

We needed to get home and get ready for hot Bo, the waiter. How many times would we come in one night. My first night of gay sex was beyond any dream of hot sex.

Would Bo show up? We could hardly wait to see that big cock and his bubble ass. Who would fuck whom?


Naughty Eric


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