From Part 2.......................

Luke and I met several more times and he was becoming much more comfortable with me showing affection to him and having his hand on my cock.  Then one Thursday, he called and asked if I had plans for the weekend. I told him no and asked what he had in mind. 

"I found out some things that I haven't told the wife that I know.  I'm going to tell her that me and a few buds are going camping and I was wondering if I could spend the weekend with you."

"Most definitely," I quickly replied, "and since we will have time, I have a few things more to show you."

"I'll be there about five and can I put my car in your garage?"

"Of course, I'll have the door open so just drive in and close the door and come in through the door into the kitchen.  You don't need to knock."

I couldn't wait for the next evening, and was anxious to see his reaction when he arrived.

Part 3...................

I waited anxiously for Luke to arrive and when I heard his car pull into the garage, I immediately starting getting a boner.  I soon heard the garage door shutting as I stood there waiting, totally naked. 

He opened the door and stepped in and when he saw me naked, he smiled broadly.  He dropped the bag he was carrying and came to me and to my shocked surprise, did something that he had never done before.  After taking me in his arms and wrapping them around me, he kissed me passionately, eagerly offering me his tongue.  I immediately accepted it and offered mine.

After a log passionate kiss, we parted as he said, "This may sound crazy, but I've missed you."

"I'm glad," I responded as he continued to shock me by dropping to his knees and taking my rock hard cock in his mouth.

"Oh, fuck yea," I said spontaneously.

Luke continued sucking my cock and soon I warned him of my impending climax.  Ignoring my warning, he continued sucking me and I soon moaned loudly as my cock exploded into his mouth filling it with my hot thick cum. After a very slight gag, he looked up and me and swallowed. before standing up and kissing me again. 

After the kiss, I looked into his face and asked, "What the buck brought all that on?"

"I'll fill you in as soon as I get out of these clothes," he replied.

I led him to the guest room, not wanting to assume anything, but he quickly said he wanted to share my bed.  Once in my room, he began undressing and began his tale.

"Last weekend, I asked my wife again about when the doctor said she could resume having sex.  She informed me that at her appointment on Friday, that she needed to hold off for another three weeks.  I was suspicious and on Tuesday I called her and said that i had to work a double shift.  I went and staked out the house and as expected, a fellow officer arrived  and went in.  I managed to get close enough to the bedroom window to hear enough to know that he was fucking her wildly."  

He paused as we headed for the den. Once there, I offered him a beer and asked if he had confronted them.

"No, I didn't but only for one reason.  Mark, since I have been seeing you, I have become extremely curious about sex with another man.  I had decided to do what I did tonight to see what it was like and if I would enjoy it.  I have to confess, but I never dreamed that I would say it was the hottest and most erotic thing I have ever done.  Depending on how I feel about it when this weekend is over will determine how I live the rest of my life.  I will definitely file for divorce but will I return to a straight life and find another woman or will I realize that i prefer men over women?  Time will tell."

"Luke, I'm not going to try and persuade you either way.  What we do together his weekend will be strictly up to you, be it oral or anal."

He looked at me curiously and I smiled and said, "Yes, I not only love cock in my mouth but I also love a cock fucking my ass."

"Interesting," he said with a smile.

"But for right now," I continued, "I want your cock in my mouth." 

Sitting on the sofe, he spread his legs and said, "It's all ours."

I moved in and seconds later had his hard beautiful cock in my mouth.  I wanted it to last so I took my time and began edging him with my mouth.  After a while he said, "Damn baby, I can't take it any longer.  Please let me shoot."

I did and his load was huge.  I devoured every drop and as soon as I pulled off his cock, he grabbed my head and kissed me working his tongue around inside my mouth, sucking up any remains of his load. I knew then what I would do the next time I sucked his cock dry.

We prepared dinner and after eating, he asked if I had any gay man-on-man porn.  I said I did and put a DVD in to play.  As we sat cuddled, he watched intently as the men on the screen kissed, made out, rimmed, and fucked each other. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed as he watched one guy eat his own cum as it drained out of the others ass.

When the movie was over, we were both boned big time and he asked calmly, "How would you like this thing up your ass?"

"I'd love it," I replied and stood up and offered him my hand, leading him to the bedroom.

Moments later, I was on my back with my legs pulled up and both of us lubed.  Gently, he began inserting his awesome cock into my hole.  Once he was part way in, I reached behind him and pulled him in balls deep, as I pressed my lips to his. 

After a moment, he began to piston in ad out of my ass and it was obvious that he knew how to fuck.  "Damn, that feels good," I told him.

We kissed passionately as he fucked my hole and soon his speed began to get faster  and I knew he was nearing his climax.  Then, with one hard thrust, he let out a yell and I felt his cock explode, filling my ass with a huge load of hot thick cream.  As his climax subsided, he collapsed onto my chest breathing heavily.

I held him tightly and told him how awesome I thought it was.  His reply was: "I've  fucked a lot of cunt in my life, but never have I ever had one that was as good as your ass."

"I'm glad to hear that because I've never been fucked that well.  You can fuck me any time you want."

  We kissed and cuddled for a while, and Luke began to open up, admitting to having been sucked as a teen by a bud in school.  Then, as the evening grew later, he kissed me then said, "I want you to fuck me."

"Are you sure?" I asked, explaining that it being his first time that it was going to hurt like hell to start.

"I don't care.  I want to experience it all," he answered.

I lubed us both up and with Luke on his back and legs raised, I began my entry. Although I was taking my time, I could clearly see the discomfort in his face.  Slowly, I slid n farther and soon said, "You got it all, baby."

"Mother fuck, that whole thing is inside me?" he asked, reaching back and feeling to make sure.

"Yep, it is.  How you holding up?"

"It hurt, but I'm adjusting to it."

Very gently, I began to piston in and out, as I watched his face.  After a few moments he smiled and said, "Man, the discomfort is gone and it's beginning to feel awesome.  I can't wait to feel you shoot your load in me."

I picked up my speed some as we kissed and moments later I told him to him to get ready.  Seconds later, I fired my load deep into his virgin ass as he said energetically, "yea baby, fuck me! Shoot that load in me!"

Gently, I pulled out and suggested that we shower.  We washed each other  as we kissed and after drying off, we slipped into bed, both still naked, and cuddled together and kissed before going to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by the warmth of his mouth on my cock as he sucked me lovingly.  Moments later, I climaxed and heard him moan as my cum filled his mouth.  Then looking into my eyes, he smiled as he swallowed.

I then returned the pleasure and sucked him dry before saying "Let's get some coffee and breakfast."

"I thought we just had breakfast," he said with a sly grin.

"Smart ass," I replied.

All weekend we stayed nude and sucked and fucked more than I thought possible.  By late Sunday afternoon, Luke was taking my cock in his ass like a pro and had become an expert in rimming.

As he prepared to leave, he kissed me again and said, "I can't remember when I have had a better weekend. I'll be in touch soon."

"I'll be waiting," I replied, wanting to know what his decision for the future would be.

Mid week, I received a call from Luke. 

"May I come over after my shift.  We need to talk."

"Sure. I'll be waiting."

His shift ended at three and at a quarter to four he knocked  on my door, still in uniform.

Once the door was closed, he gave me a hot tongue kiss.  I wanted to start questioning him but decided not to.  I waited for him to start the conversation.

"Well, it's over," he said.  I knew he was talking about our relationship.  

"Oh?" I asked.

"On Monday, I lied and said I had to work a double shift since I was off for the weekend.  As soon as I got off duty, I headed for the house and made sure the back door was unlocked.  I parked down the street and a w minutes later Brad, the other officer, showed up.  He's married also, so I knew he had mad up an excuse not to go straight home.  I gave them time to get started and eased into the house and to the bedroom door," he said, taking a deep breath.

"With camera in hand and ready, I pushed the bedroom door open and flipped on the light and as I held down the shutter button the camera took a rapid series of photos. They cussed and scrambled for their clothes but I got some great pictures.  I then grabbed my laptop and went to a store and bought an inexpensive printer and paper.  After printing out the photos, yesterday I filed for divorce and when I told her, I showed her one set of photos and told her I had plenty of reason."

"What was her reaction?"

"Mark, she didn't seem to really care," he replied.

Taking a deep breath, I asked. "What are you going to do now?"

"I was wondering if you could put me up for a while until I find a place to stay.  Once the divorce is over, I'll have furniture to use in my own place."

"Luke, you can live here s long as you want.  You will have your own room."

"Mark, I don't want my own room.  I know now what life I want.  I know deep inside that I have always been gay but you made me see my real self.  I've fallen in love with you, but I have no idea how you feel about me."

"Luke, I've loved you since not long after we first met.  I assumed you were totally straight and figured my love for you was useless.  Now I can tell you exactly how I feel. I love you with all my heart."

He grabbed me and held me close as we kissed.  As we separated, I looked into his eyes and asked, "Will you be my life partner?  If so, I promise never to withhold sex from you or cheat on you."

"I'd love that, but the spare bedroom would be mine for appearances only, until I find out how the department feels about gay officers."

Luke moved in that weekend and we started our lives together.    A few months later, another officer was found to be gay and was totally accepted by the department and his peers.  Within a month, five other officers from all ranks came out as gay, including Luke. 

We have barbecues at the house and invite both gay and straight officers and  everyone has a great time.  The straight officers know that in an emergency, another officer, regardless of whether he is gay or straight, will have his back. I have been accepted as an officers spouse.

As for Luke's wife, she married the officer after his wife divorced him.  His fellow officers had little to do with him and he eventually resigned and they moved out of state.  



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