Hook-Up at a Local Bar

By : A. Williams

On a cool clear Autumn Saturday night I decided to go downtown to the local watering hole and check on the action. It had been a few years since I’d been in our local Tavern, and I was curious to see if there were any brand new faces among the old crowd.

My small town was established in the seventeen hundreds and is part of the Historical civil war grounds. All the buildings downtown are very old and the Tavern is no exception. It’s part of one of our oldest restaurants, The Spring House Tavern. It was built as a house originally in the nineteen hundreds but has been converted over the years for many purposes.

The outside has remained the same, old clap board siding and wood shingled roofs. The original wood on the inside was kept and the wood beams for the roof are all exposed and along with the hand polished floors.

The bar itself is a couple of feet below ground level, so the window in front is at side-walk level with booths underneath with old hand polished wood bench type seats. The full length bar is on the back wall with a mirror behind and there are more booths along the sides. An old nineteen sixty Seeburg juke-box sits in one corner and blares out old country songs, two for a quarter.

I walked into the crowded bar in my causal clothes, my tattered Wranglers, a tight deep green silk t-shirt along with my black boots. I eased through the crowd, my boots making creaking noises on the old wood floor. I made it to the bar and order a cold Budweiser. As I waited for my beer, I looked around and yes, there were some new faces here tonight and handsome ones at that.

In the mirror behind the bar I saw the man I must talk to tonight. As I drank my beer, I look him over closely. He had long black silky hair, and a killer body. He’s about five foot nine, One eighty pounds of nothing but firm muscle. Just my type.

I watch him sit at an empty booth and see he is drinking Budweiser as well. I finish my first and order two more and ease my way to his booth. “May I join you and offer you a drink Friend?” I asked him.

When he smiled his deep blue eyes sparkled. In a rich deep voice he answered, “Please I would enjoy your company and thank you for the beer, my name is Tom.”

“Nice to meet you Tom. My name is Greg,” I said as I handed him his beer.

“I haven’t been in here for a couple of years now. Is the place always this pack?” I asked him.

“I don't know. It’s my first time here. My sister over there, dragged me out tonight,” he chuckled. I could tell they were related. She had the same black silky hair and amazing blue eyes, same smile too.

“How nice. Is she your only sibling?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s just the two of us. Do you have any brothers or sisters Greg?” he asked me.

“None that I know of,” I said laughing and Tom laughed too.

His smile was wonderful and his laugh was hearty. Yes, it was safe to say, I liked Tom already.

Someone started the juke box and we both rolled our eyes. “You want to get out of here? I’m not a country fan,” I asked him.

“Absolutely. Let me tell Ami and I’ll be right out,” he said as we stood and I downed my beer. I walked out into the fresh air, so much better, I thought.

Soon Tom was behind me, “Greg, I only live a couple of blocks from here and I have cold bud in the fridge. And I have a better selection of music too. Would you like to join me?" he asked.

"I'd Love to Tom. Led the way,” I answered.

 As we walked I pulled out a crumpled pack of Winston’s and offered him one. He accepted and I lit his then mine. 

“Tom, where do you work?” I asked.

“Right here in town. I own the deli down on Court Street,” he told me.

“I love that place, I’m in there once a month for fresh bread and I love ya’lls fresh sandwiches. Ooohh and those pickles you make, those dill pickles, are out of this world. I buy four big jars every time I go in,” I said excitedly.

He laughed, “We should have you make a commercial for us,” he said.

“I’d do it for free. I love your store,” I told him truthfully.

“Here’s my place.” he said walking up to a nice two story older brick home and pulling keys from his pocket.

We walked inside and he went about cutting on lights and I was amazed at how clean his house was. No dust, nothing out of place at all.

“Do you live here all alone Tom?” I asked.

“Yep. But you caught me on a good day. The lady that cleans the house, just left this morning. Everything is spotless. She’s worth every cent I pay her,” he laughed.

That made sense for a busy man to have help. Hell I should do that too. His place was decorated by a professional, you could tell but it was all man. When he came back to the living room he had a cold six pack of bud he said, “Hell Greg, take a seat and get comfortable it’s early yet.”

He sat and kicked off his worn boots. and socks. He cracked open a beer and tossed me one. I relaxed back into the comfortable easy chair and twisted off the top of my beer.

 “So tell me about you Greg, you know some things about me, But I know nothing about you” he said smiling.

“Well, I have my electronics business that I run out of my house. I do pretty well for myself. I love to garden, flowers and veggies. I’m 42 and single. I’m still looking for Mr. Right,” I laughed and took another sip of beer.

“Hell me too. I’m always looking for that right man,” he said and turned up his beer.

 I sat my beer down and moved in to my knees in front of him. I placed my hands on his hard thighs, “Would you like to see if we are right for each other or not Tom?”

“Yes, kiss me Greg,” he said hoarsely.

I placed my hands in his soft silky hair and pulled his sweet lips to mine. The kiss was soft but I licked his lips and he opened for me. Our tongues battled with each other and our kiss deepened. We moaned in each other’s pleased mouths. He scooted closer to me and his hard cock pressed against my tight abs. His hands were on my back and I slide my mouth off his and to his sweet neck. He raised my shirt up over my head and off and then tossed it aside. I did the same to him as I ran my mouth further down to his hairless chest to his hard nipples.

He threw his head back and screamed, “Fuck yes suck my nipples hard baby.”

I stood and extended my hand, “We need a bed, I need you naked so I can love you Tom,” I said my cock rock hard and ready to fuck his sweet hole.

“Follow me, “he said standing and taking my hand. We were up the stairs in no time and on the bed in each other’s arms. Our jeans were soon off along with everything else.

“God Greg, I need you inside me …Please take me,” he begged.

I pulled a lubed rubber from my pocket and suited up, I raised his legs and pressed my hard cock into his pussy hole. I slide in slowly as we both moaned in deep pleasure. When I was in balls deep, I held still. I waited for him to adjust as his pussy quivered on my dick.

“Damn Baby, you’re big but it feels amazing. Give me a minute,” he whispered.

I pressed my wet warm lips to his and we kissed again as we waited for him to be ready for me. His seven inch cock was against my abs, rock hard and leaking pre-cum. I knew we were both turned on and ready to go.

“Go baby, slow please,” he said rubbing my back.

I did just that, slow out, and back in slow.  Slow out, back in slow. God he was so tight and meeting my every move. Our movements together were perfect. It was the perfect rhythm and speed. Soon we were both sweating and our balls were boiling, coming closer to that wonderful climax.

“Faster baby, harder. I’m so close. I want to cum all over us,” Tom whispered in my ear. I speeded up and started to pound his hole good but I could not hold back.

Tom yelled, “YESSSSS…cumming.” and when I felt his hot creamy cum all over my abs and his ass clamped down with each spurt on my cock, I released my own load deep in his ass spurting over and over again.

Falling forward, I relaxed on his chest in his cum and our sweat, trying to catch my breath. He was breathing hard and rubbing my back. Damn, my balls were aching from cumming so hard.

I moved off Tom for air and to cool off. I pulled off the full condom and tossed it in the trash-can beside the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and was disappointed in myself for jumping in bed so fast with a complete stranger. Shit, who was I trying to fool…I went to the bar looking to hook-up and I got what I wanted and damn it was good.

“What’s wrong Greg? Did I do something?” he asked.

“No baby, nothing’s wrong. You were amazing. I’m just sweaty and hot,” I said softly rubbing his firm leg.

“You hungry? We could order a pizza, or I have stuff for sandwiches in the fridge along with those dill pickles you like so much,” he asked hopefully sitting up next to me.

He was being so sweet. I knew he wanted me to stay and probably spend the night but something didn’t feel right to me. I didn’t know what it was, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I just knew I needed to leave very soon.

Getting up, I started to dress. “I’ll have to take a rain-check on the sandwiches and pickles Baby, I need to go,” I told him as he watched me getting dressed.

He pulled on his jeans and followed me downstairs where I found my shirt.

“Sure you can’t stay for another drink?” he asked hopefully as he put on his shirt.

“Not tonight, maybe another time,” I said.

He handed me a folded piece of paper, “My phone numbers. Cell, work and home, please call me Greg,” he said.

I took it and kissed him softly, “Talk to you later Tom, good night,” I said as I went out the door. I quickly walked back to the bar and my Cadillac to head home for a long hot shower and dinner. I knew I would never call Tom or hook-up with him again. I don’t know why but something wasn’t right. A few months later I read in the local newspaper that Tom had sold the Deli and moved out of town. My first thought was, I’m glad I have ten jars of pickles in the pantry…….

The end….Thanks you for reading and posting comments….Andrew…..


A. Williams

[email protected]


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