James O’Malley was sitting in his home office surfing through a free porn site on the Internet. The warm summer breeze was coming in through the open window and he could smell Barbara's sun tan lotion on it.

James and Barbara had been married for just over two years now and while he continued to love her more and more he had to admit that their sex life had become less than inspired. It was a search for inspiration that had originally drawn him to the web on his Sunday afternoon.

Barbara lay out on her lounger chair in her conservative yellow bikini, the warm sun slowly baking tan lines into her skin. Her mind drifted as she half dozed under the warm caress of the sun's rays. Both in their mid-thirties she and her husband had quite the good life. They both had good jobs, Barbara was a high school teacher and James was a dentist. She smiled at the sky as her thoughts drifted back to how she met James at his practice. Her hand slowly moved down her stomach then to her bikini bottoms as she remembered feeling James first lean against her leg that fateful day.

Looking through the slats in the fence Linda froze as she watched Mrs. O’Malley move her hand. 

Linda Russel was nineteen and had graduated from high school in the then Miss Filcher's class the year she’d met James. Even now at nineteen Linda couldn't help but pout. She’d grown up as James's neighbor and quietly decided he was everything she could want in a man. She had really liked Barbara when she first met her but the day she saw her leaving James's to house going to school early one morning she couldn't help but start to detest her. 

She savagely dug her trowel into the flower bed and tore up weeds like they were that stupid whore's hair. She noticed Barbara's hand had stopped moving and her breathing seemed to get slow and regular. Figuring she was asleep Linda decided to work on the side yard between the two houses.

James opened up a site with a woman in a black power business skirt suit. She had the classic sharp look of a business woman, auburn hair swept up behind her head. Black glasses and a stern expression as she unbuttoned her jacket to reveal a satin camisole. The next shot she was perched on the edge of a desk legs spread wide her stockings and panties exposed to the camera.

James having decided his erection had suffered enough, pulled his uncircumcised cock out of his shorts. Slowly he clicked through the pictures, his hand easing up and down his shaft as his eyes ate up the details of the model. 

He came across one shot that stopped him from clicking further. The woman was on the desk, one pale breast exposed as she had slipped her arm from the camisole. Her right shoe had hooked the gusset of her panties on the heel and pulled them aside to expose her damp slit. The same slit was being spread by two long delicate fingers reaching under her thigh. James started to pump himself harder.

Crouching low next to the wall Linda, her hand slide down the front of her shorts, fingered herself violently. 

She’d started weeding down the side of her parent's house when she heard the soft slapping coming from James's window. 

Her bedroom faced James's office and many nights she’d sat in the dark looking over at him playing with himself while she fantasized about showing James how much more of a woman she was than Barbara. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her at the noise so she’d peaked in James's window. Watching his hand easing his foreskin up and down his vein marbled shaft immediately flooded her panties. 

She squatted down and peered into the window, her fingers furiously pumping in and out of her freshly waxed pussy. They both cummed hard and at the same time. James into a sock he kept around for this purpose, Linda all over the Pansies.

Relieved and satisfied for now James continued to surf, Linda leaned against the wall waiting for the aftershocks of her climax to pass. She’d never been this brazen or bold before with her obsession with James.

As James scanned down the list of the most recent postings of the day he came across a glory hole site. He'd never heard of something like that before but then he wasn't one to normally surf porn. 

He watched in amazement as women would go into a booth at a peep show or adult bookstore and an anonymous man would insert his cock through a hole in the wall. The woman would then rub it, lick it, suck it, deep throat it, rub their breasts on it and even put it in their pussies or assholes. 

James was rock solid again. He pulled out some Vaseline and started stroking himself again.

Wide eyed, Linda peered through the window. She had no clue James had such a dark naughty side. She had even less clue that it would have the effect it was having on her. 

"You need some help with that angel?" grinned Barbara from the office door way. James's eyes flew open and he blushed, Linda dropped below the window and held her breath.

"Sure," James responded quietly. Barbara stepped into the office and swung her leg over James's lap and straddled him. 

Her fingers undid the knot at the side of the bikini bottoms and the yellow triangle dropped to the floor. She leaned forward and looked at the monitor. Her hand moved between her legs and her fingers stroked at his shaft. She squeezed him as she pulled and lowered her pussy so it brushed the tip of his cock.

"Am I not enough for you anymore angel?" she purred provocatively and used the head of his cock to separate her lips.

Flustered, James started explaining in rambling confusion about the boredom and the searching and his intent. He reassured her of his happiness with their relationship and his love for her. She silenced him by dropping her crotch over his member in one fluid movement. The Vaseline and her own wetness resulted in an effortless swallowing of his cock inside her.

Easing back up, Linda peered in again. She watched as Barbara rode James's cock, working it in and out. Her movements eliciting the most delightful, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” from her husband. Linda looked around and grabbed the trowel. Hold the blade away from her, she pulled her shorts aside. Waiting and timing it just right she violated herself with the hand tool in time with their couple. She wasn't sure what turned her on more, seeing James's swollen cock in action, the feel of the trowel handle inside her or the fact she was masturbating in the middle of the afternoon in the side yard.

While Barbara rode James she goaded him about the glory hole pictures. Taunting him for being such a filthy man. After they cummed she ground herself down on him her pussy trying to delay the inevitable softening of him inside her. "Tell you what angel, you know I’ve been wanting new doors for the closet. I’ll make you a deal," she offered.

James said nothing just raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I’ll go to the Home Depot and pick out new closet doors. While I’m gone if you empty the closet and drill a hole big enough for that gorgeous dick of yours to fit through."  Clenching her pussy around him, she continued. "When I come back if you're in the closet I’ll do all of those things to you. Sound good?" she finished.

Linda bit her knuckle as Barbara dismounted from James, strands of white cumming stretching from her back to his cock.

James…smack…slapped his wife's naked butt, "You my dear, have a deal."

Linda listened until they finished their conversation and then she returned to her room. While she was cleaning herself up a plan started to form in her mind. It was two pm and she knew that Barbara was jumping in the shower and that James would expect her back at four pm.


when James heard a car pull up, he leapt into the closet. The only light inside the darkness enclosure came from the three inch diameter hole he’d used a Greenlee punch to drill in the door. The light illuminated a halo around his crotch.

He found himself grinning as the minutes ticked by.  He should have known that Barbara would draw this out just to tease him. He heard the side door open and close. Then he heard the wooden rod being dropped into the runner of the closet door. He was impressed at how into this she was. He could see a shadow playing on the carpet in front of the door.

Blood red nails slipped a twenty dollar bill into the hole and he watched it flutter down into the darkness. He stepped forward his cock now rigid with anticipation. As his nut sack eased through the hole, he was grateful for having the foresight to make sure he sanded the hole after drilling it. He was totally in the dark now, which made his cock feel even more sensitive.

Fingers lightly grazed his balls as they wove through his pubic hair. Warm breath teased the solid head of his cock. Lips sticky with lipstick kissed it. Then they pulled back and slid down around his shaft as the hungry mouth slowly sucked him. 

James could feel her throat closing around him as her lips and nosed burrowed into his thick clump of pubic hair. Then she slowly swallowed, her entire throat trying to coax his member deeper. Her saliva dripped and coated him as she moved her head up and down.
Barbara had never ever treated him like this before and he was so turned on he was going to cum any second. He didn't want this to be over so soon so he quickly pulled back.

The red lips pouted in the light against the hole and moved away. Looking down, he saw her move to stand with her back to the closet door. Slowly the grey skirt inched upward. His entire world was focused on the gorgeous ass that was being revealed. A red satin thong cleaving it in half. He could see the tops of grey stockings and was ready to push the door out and just fuck her against the wall until he passed out.

The red nails crept into view again and slipped under the red thongs and eased them aside. James gasped, Barbara had gotten her pussy waxed. Something she’d claimed she would never ever do. He admired it, looking so tight and beautiful. She backed up to the hole her hands spreading herself open to him.

He slammed through the hole and deep inside her without hesitation. The door rattling on the runners briefly until she slammed back against him and drove his cock even deeper. James sweated and pounded, enjoying the hairless mound grinding against the door trying to devour his cock. He imagined her out there, her hands on the wall pushing back against him. He couldn’t see it but her eyes rolled back into her head and lip was clenched between her teeth.

He gasped, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” again as her pussy spasmed long and hard around his cock when he made her cum. Barbara's pussy had never felt so good. He tried to keep going to reach his own climax but she denied him. Her pussy made a sucking noise as she stepped away.

Glancing down he could see that she was on her knees now, her satin camisole showing her cleavage to him. Her fingers snapped impatiently at the hole. 

Obediently he inserted himself back through. Her hand wrapped around his cock and aggressively started to jerk him off. Occasionally he would feel her rub her breasts against it. Sometimes she would lick its head. But as she felt him start to climax she jammed him into the back of her throat and started swallowing feverishly. 

He exploded cumming over and over in quantities he wasn't used too. Her hungry mouth swallowed every drop and licked him clean. He stepped back in time to watch the satin thong be rubbed over his cock and then it was gone.

He heard the back door click and tried to open the closet door but the bar still blocked him. Chuckling he was amused that Barbara would do that and now make him wait while she went to get the brochures of the closet doors from the car.


Twenty minutes later a still steaming Barbara pulled up. She slammed the door of the Audi and kicked the donut tire before heading into the house. She stalked through the house calling for James. She heard him in the closet and pulled the wooden bar out and freed him. James was grinning and started to say something but noticed that Barbara was in her sweats still and pretty pissed off.

She didn't even ask him how he’d gotten the bar lodged in the runner.  she just started to rant and raving about her flat tire from a nail that had been deliberately put under her wheel and how people don't help you these days. As he turned to follow her he glanced into his office and out the window. There hanging in the window of the house opposite was the stained red thongs.
The end… 



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