By the third day of my leave in Hong Kong, I was running short of cash but had my pay records with me, so I knew that if I could find an American military paymaster, I could get paid. Even though I was a soldier, I figured I'd have more luck trying to find a naval paymaster because of all the U.S. ships at anchor in the harbor, so that evening, I headed for a bar I'd heard was popular with the swabbies. Sure enough, the bar was filled with American young men, mostly sailors in uniform. I wore civvies.

I easily struck up a conversation with a really good-looking white-uniformed seaman, about my age, and after only a word or two, we were joined by a Chief Petty Officer. He was in dress uniform.

We had a drink together, for which the Chief insisted on paying, and they questioned me about my service, apparently finding news of my duties in the Army very interesting.

"It must be exciting," the young sailor said. His name was Bill.

"Well, fuck, it's still the military," I reminded him. "Same old routine, day after day. You know how boring it can be."

"Yeah," he agreed with a grimace.

"We try to keep it interesting," the Chief said, and he tossed an arm affectionately around Bill's shoulders, leaning in towards me with a glint in his eye. I was a little surprised. Not too surprised, mind you, because the Chief seemed to be hovering over the young sailor like a mother hen. Their relationship seemed more than just causal. Bill blushed, and that, too, caused me to imagine that more was going on here than met the eye.

"Been gettin' much poontang?" Bill asked, apparently trying to change the subject. Even so, it was a direct question addressed clearly to sexual orientation.

I took a long pull on my drink and looked him in the eye. He was alert with interest. So was the Chief, whose name I never did learn. "No, not really," I answered honestly. Bill's eyes opened wider. I went on boldly, "I'm not really turned on by Oriental women." I thought that was an innocuous enough statement. Perhaps they'd think I was a bigot, which I am not.

"How about Oriental men?" the Chief asked with what I took to be a sneer. He was handsome, and friendly, but at this moment I figured he was feeling the effect of the drinks. It didn't occur to me until later that he was simply turned on.

"Gee, I haven't met any, have you?" I replied, innocently. Anyway, it was the truth. Military personnel have very little contact with civilians overseas and the Services usually try to keep it that way.

A couple," he said with disdain, "but, man, they sure did not know how to suck cock!" He paused to let that sink in. I glanced at Bill. He was grinning. I wondered what was going on. Then the Chief added, "Man, I sure wish I was back in San Diego, now. I could go for a good, old fashioned, American blow-job!"

"Yeah, me, too!" Bill added enthusiastically.

"Really?" I asked in surprise.

"Yeah," Bill answered, "if ya got a big cock, like most of us do, it takes an American to do it right."

"Fuckin' A!" the Chief agreed emphatically.

"Ya got a big cock," I asked, more as a statement than a question, sort of looking for confirmation of what I'd just heard, and not thinking about the implications of such a question.

"Damn straight!" Bill replied immediately. "So does the Chief, here."

"He does?" I asked, again prompted by the shock of hearing him give me this information.

The Chief leaned in, closer, towards me, his arm still draped familiarly over Bill's shoulders, and added in a husky voice, "One of the biggest YOU'LL ever see." Then he smiled at me.

"Is that true?" I asked, turning back to Bill.

"It's the biggest I've ever seen, I'll tell ya!"

"Gee!" I said softly.

"It's even bigger than mine," Bill added, volunteering even more information. "And I'd thought mine was the biggest in the Navy!"

"Wow!" I'm glad I'm an American!" I sighed.

"Yeah," Bill went on, either missing the subtlety of my announcement completely or ignoring it, "and they both need the touch of an expert. Neither of us finds satisfaction with the locals." He paused, looking at me with interest. "Is that your problem, too? Too big for the locals?"

I turned red, blushing from unexpected shyness. I'd never been asked such a direct question in public before.

"Guess he's too small for the locals," the Chief interrupted with another sneer, misreading my reaction.

"Oh! No! Bill hit the nail on the head," I said sincerely as another round of drinks appeared. "I don't like to boast, but I can hold my own in any comparison."

"Hold his own!" the Chief repeated with a laugh, nudging Bill in the ribs with his elbow. "And, here, I was hoping he'd hold mine!"

"And mine, too!" Bill chimed in, laughing.

I laughed, too, figuring they were only fucking around with me and were not serious since neither had picked up on my being an American comment. So, completely changing the subject, I asked, "Hey, do either of you know where I can find a paymaster. I need to get paid."

They both looked surprised. "Well, not at this time of night," the Chief said with a chuckle, "but, if you hang around with us, I can take you back to the ship with me in the morning, and our paymaster can help you out."

"That'd be great!" I responded with gratitude.

"Sure," he went on, "but, meanwhile, maybe you can help US out."

"Sure," I said without hesitation. "What can I do?"

"How about comin' back to our hotel room and spendin' the night with us?" His expression was one of lust.

I looked at Bill. He looked equally lustful. "Shit, that's a great idea!" he said enthusiastically.

"Well... I mean..." I stammered, wondering how I could handle this without shouting out "YES!" After a hesitation, I said, "...after all this talk about American blow-jobs, you don't really expect me..." I paused.

They waited for me to go on, but both looked very disappointed.

"...NOT to give each of you a blow-job, do you?" I grinned.

"Wow!" Bill exclaimed excitedly, "I'm gettin' a rod-on. I had a feeling about this the moment I laid eyes on you, man. You're so sexy I knew we wouldn't be disappointed."

"Let's drink up and get the fuck out of here," the Chief growled.

* * * * *

Men boast about size and prowess so often that I take it with great skepticism. Oh, Bill and the Chief would have nice sized dicks, I figured, but I wouldn't let myself be disappointed if, as I suspected, they both turned out to be average sized. After all, any average sized prick is perfect for sucking. I just hoped they wouldn't be envious and annoyed when they discovered that mine, was a whole lot bigger than most.

As we road up in the elevator in the first class hotel they were staying in, the Chief was on one side of me, fondling my buttocks, while Bill was on the other, slowly unbuttoning my sport's shirt and feeling up my breast while pinching a tit. These two were hot! My shirt was off before their room door was opened.

They flipped on the lights and I saw, to my surprise, that there was only one big double bed in the room.

"You guy's sleep together," I blurted out before thinking.

"We sure do," Bill replied proudly.

"Right," the Chief added, "we've been together for almost three months, now. And we sleep together whenever we can."

"But, gee, you guys," I said with timidity, "don't you wanna be alone, together? Aren't I in the way? I feel like I should go."

They squeezed against me from both sides. "Don't you dare leave," the Chief said gruffly.

"Shit, no, don't leave," Bill added, pulling roughly at my belt and opening my fly. "The thought of sharing our bed with a handsome soldier like yourself is really turning us on. Relax! We'll all have a good time. You'll see." He released my pants and they slid to the floor. I wasn't wearing underpants. I was almost complete nude. My erection sprang upward and surged to complete rigidity. The sex play by these two in the elevator had turned me on. Now, exposed like this, obviously flaunting a big one, I wondered how they'd react.

"I'll be fucked," the Chief said in awe, "he DOES have a big one." And he reached over and grabbed it knowingly at mid-shaft and gave it a loving pull, testing its strength and rigidity.

"Man, I'll say he does," Bill sighed, and he grabbed my cock under his friend's hand and slid it up the shaft until the Chief's hand came off of it. Bill then pumped the easily sliding skin and experimented with a few skillful manipulations until a bead of clear liquid appeared at the slit in the top.

"This looks nice," The Chief said huskily. "Let's all get naked!"

Their reactions convinced me that my stalwart size was not off-putting. They saw how big I was, and they were unhesitant to show me theirs. I knew then that they hadn't been boasting. With growing excitement, I watched them both strip off their uniforms. They did it unhurriedly, as military men will do so that uniforms don't get mussed up. Garments were carefully put on hangers and put away.

Finally, they were down to only undershorts. I had, by then, stepped out of my pants and removed my shoes and socks. I was naked, except for my dogtags, and getting hotter than ever as I looked at them. The Chief wore boxer shorts that looked distorted because of the large bulge in the front. My practiced eye told me that this one was a big one, indeed.

Bill's white jockey shorts were even more revealing. At the top of his thighs, the pouch was extremely well filled out, telling me that he had exceptionally large balls. But the outline of his giant tube was even more breathtaking. It extended from that pouch-bulge upwards, somewhat to the left, to the edge of the garment, and beyond! Yes, even a couple of inches of cockhead and shaft extended well above the shorts, past the level of his navel. I gulped, my eyes bulging out, looking lustfully at it.

"We warned you we were big," the Chief confirmed, seeing me eye his buddy's big dick.

I looked away from Bill. Another delightful shock! The Chief had tugged his erection out through the fly of his shorts. He released his grip on it when he saw me checking it out. The ship's mast sticking straight out of the garment, pointing at me, was awesome. Huge! Gigantic! Even bigger than Bill's, and significantly bigger than my own. I almost felt puny by comparison, for the first time in my life, but I was confident of how well mine measured up against average men, how well it worked, how it never let me down, and how frequently it delivered its big payload with consistent, gut-wrenching, cum-blasting power. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of.

Without hesitation or embarrassment, I reached out, moving closer to the Chief and unsnapped his shorts, letting them drop to the floor. He, too, had a massive set of balls. But, the closer I got to his cock, the more immense it looked.

"Oh, fuck!" I whispered. "I'm not so sure I can handle all of this, Chief. I've never seen such a big one, before." My fingers eagerly surrounded the giant shaft, barely able to reach completely around it, it was that thick. And it was hot! And it stiffened in my grasp and became even longer. I was filled with trepidation, yet tremendously turned on by the feel of it.

As if to lighten the situation and take my mind off of the problem at hand, so to speak, Bill moved closer and tugged out the waistband of his jockeys. His phenomenal erection straightened itself upright, freed of the confining cloth, and filled out to its maximum extreme. The movement made it seem like he was offering the cock to me, and he was!

"Try this one, first, Jack," he said huskily, "and, maybe, it'll make it easier for you to handle his."

"Yeah!" the Chief immediately agreed, enthusiastically, "let's see you suck his cock, first. Let's see if you're any good."

Any vague hopes I might have harbored that I could somehow turn this into an easy to handle circle-jerk vanished. These guys wanted skilled blowjobs and it was up to me to deliver. I took a deep breath and leaned over towards Bill's giant column. It pulsed with anticipation as Bill realized my intentions. It smelled great. A large droplet of pre-cum formed at the tip, giving witness to his excitement. I flicked out my tongue and lashed it across the tip of the thick crown, wiping away the pre-cum. Bill hissed with pleasure. I released the Chief's cock from my grasp, as Bill dropped his shorts.

Mere contact with Bill's cock was enough to encourage me to full participation in their sexual adventures. I engulfed the fat cockknob by forcing my lips around it and my mouth down upon it. It seemed even bigger than it looked, and swelled even larger as the sensations of my robust sucking thrilled him.

"Oh! Man, he can suck," he hissed to the Chief, letting him know I was good. I liked that. It made me want to do even better. So, while twirling my tongue, I forced the thick glans to the back of my mouth. The stiff cock tickled the roof of my mouth. I loved it!

Bill grunted as I opened my throat to the giant intruder. An inch or two slid in before it got stuck. I relaxed, backed up, and tried again. This time, with the cockhead even more thickly coated with my saliva and his voluminous lubricating pre-cum, the weapon slid in much further. Repeating the effort, more and more of the wonderful tube went down my throat.

"Oh! Shit, man," the Chief said in an awe-filled voice, "look at your tool slide into him, Bill. This is fantastic! Look at this sword-swallower make it disappear." From the corner of my eye, I saw that he was beating his meat in the excitement of watching up close as I sucked his friend's cock, and, since I was really getting into cocksucking, now, I hoped he would not pop before letting me suck it for him, too.

The sight of the huge cock being jacked next to me raised me to even higher planes of lust. While sucking at maximum, I drew back to where the flanges of the cockhead were stopped by my lips. Then, with great strength and determination, I forced my face down on that shaft, literally stuffing cock down my throat. I forced myself down further and further, backing up and pushing forward, until my nose plowed into cockhair and bone, as my forehead thudded flat against his strong abs and my chin nestled up against his hot balls. He was in me as far as he could go. It felt terrific! I really had him in deep!

Neither of them said anything. Both were breathing very hard. So I set upon the task of giving him the best blowjob I could muster, slowly beginning to bob up and down on that magnificent organ. I felt the responsiveness of his entire body. His hips began minute counter-thrusts to my bobbing. His hand wrapped itself affectionately around the back of my head. His big balls banged my chin rhythmically. His breath caught noisily from thrust to thrust as the intensity of this blowjob overwhelmed him.

"Oh... Oh... Christ, Chief..." he stammered, "...this is fuckin' terrific. Oh, man, this feels fantastic!"

"Jesus, Bill," the Chief replied, "look at him deep-throat your big dick. This looks awesome!"

"I never felt nothin' like this, before, man. He's got every inch of my dick down his throat. It's so hot and tight. Oh! Fuck! He just swallowed! I feel it caressing the entire length of my cock. OH! That does it! I can't hold back! I'm gonna blast, man! I can't help it! I'm gonna fill this cocksucker with my cum!"

I love being alerted to an orgasm. I worked even harder, delighted with the affection in his voice as he used the word "cocksucker," feeling the giant tube stiffen to amazing rigidity and complete inflexibility along its entire length. He was ready to shoot his load. Without letup, I continued sucking, bobbing higher and higher on the massive weapon until Bill put both hands on my shoulders, rose up onto tip-toes, shoved his whole being at me and started spurting eruptions of cum into my mouth. Jets of jism fill me as quickly as I could swallow. Over and over and over! I began to think he'd never stop cumming. It was wonderful! His big balls really delivered a payload as I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed.

Suddenly, he fell back on his heels, tugged out his cock, and staggered backwards, away from me, the few feet till he bumped the bed. He sat down, collapsing onto the bed like a drained balloon. He was looking at me with intense interest.

"God, Chief," he said, barely able to speak, "I've finally had a 'real' blow-job! Now I know what you meant when you told me how good it could be. I thought I could imagine it, but this was greater than anything I ever thought possible. Wait'll you try it!" His eyes were gleaming with excitement.

I moved to stand close to him, very near the bed. If I was going to suck the giant schlong the Chief was playing with, I wanted to do it right under Bill's nose so that he couldn't possibly miss any of the action. As if understanding my purpose, or as if being magnetized by my mouth, the Chief's cock moved right along with me until it was just inches from Bill's mouth as he sat, sunken-chested, on the edge of the bed.

"Do me!" the Chief pleaded.

"Man, it's so huge," I lamely protested. I had no intention of not sucking it, but I wanted Bill to hear the pleas.

"Com'on," the Chief implored, "it's not that much bigger than Bill's. See? It's a good one. Look at it. See? Doesn't this look like a nice piece of meat to you?" He was slowly jacking it while waggling it at me enticingly. It looked perfect! "Doesn't this look like one you'd really like to suck? See? Com'on, just kiss the head of it. Just lick it a little. Get a taste of it. See if you like it. See if you want to suck it. Com'on. You want to suck it. You know you do."

I stayed immobile, staring at the huge cock, delighted with his verbal entreaties and turned on by the sexy stance he had taken in front of me. But I was also intrigued by Bill's reaction.

The Chief's words could have been addressed to him. Names weren't used. As the words hissed out in overwhelming sexual nuance, Bill slowly expanded his chest, leaned forward, and stared at his partner's beautiful, one-of-a-kind bull-cock as if hypnotized by it. I could see that he liked the sight of his buddy's erection. That was good. Maybe, with a little help from me, I decided, they'd be able to do more by and for themselves. Perhaps all they needed was a little prodding from me. I promised myself to do my best.

But for now, I wanted that cock in my mouth before Bill fell over on it, so I leaned in to slurp at the sticky cum-slit. I easily drew out a large volume of pre-cum. It was hot and delicious.

Bill sighed as he saw my tongue lap at the sticky treat.

"Oooh, this feels good, already, Bill," the Chief told him. "Look at 'im lap up my juices. He likes that. See? Oooh, look at him suck in my knob! He's good. You were right. This does feel fantastic! Oooh, look! He's getting it into his throat. He's goin' down on it. See? What a man! He can really suck! Oh, God! Look at him work my meat! Bobbing, twisting, sucking. Yeah, you were right, he IS good! Man, what suction! Look! He's got me in all the way, down to the gonads, man! Just like one of them San Diego cocksuckers I've been tellin' you about, Billy. He's as good any of 'em. Oooh, ahh, even better! See? He's really down on my big dick! Oooh, this feels terrific!"

I was enjoying his running commentary, noticing that Bill was enjoying it too, as his cock started on the rise again. By the time the Chief and I had reached that dreamed about point where we were working together in perfect synch, really putting on a carnal show for Bill, really fucking face and sucking cock, Bill's erection had so completely engorged that he had to give it a hand. As he started jacking it, I realized that I'd better not jack mine with him or I'd come in a flash. I wanted to wait and see what would happen. With all their talk of cocksucking, surely at least one of them could be talked into helping me out.

The Chief stood solidly, feet apart, knees slightly bent, hips humping cock into me, as I slid my hands all over his firm flesh. He was muscular, in great shape, and really able to give me a great face fucking. The drinks he'd had probably reduced the need to pop immediately, and with a cock like his, I figured he had probably come already today, which was fine with me. I settled into a zone of complete comfort, handling his giant cock with an ease and pleasure I hadn't thought possible. As it progressed, with Bill watching me suck cock, I realized that this is exactly where I wanted to be. Going down on a monster cock in front of a sexy boy. Doing me best, and really giving him something to think about.

Bill didn't back off, either. His nose was only inches from mine. He was studying my deep throating technique and watching his friend get the blowjob of his life. Every now and then he'd whimper with pleasure.

"Yeah," the Chief sighed lovingly, "suck my cock! Look at him suck it, Billy! Ain't this great? Look how my balls have pulled up against the base of my cock. See? That's how you can tell a man's ready to pump out his load. And, man, I'm gettin' ready to hose out a big load for this guy. He really loves it, doesn't he?"

"Man," Bill sighed in agreement, "he really does seem to love it." He paused. Then, in a far-away voice of longing and envy, he added, "I can see why. He knows how good it feels. He knows how good I felt gettin' blowed. He knows how good this is making you feel. He knows something else, too. He knows cocksucking feels good, tastes good, looks good..." he paused, then added, quietly, " good."

"Yeah, Billy," the Chief sighed softly, "I told you cocksuckin' ain't nothing to be afraid of. A little jism doesn't turn your brain to mush. A little cum can't hurt ya. In fact," he added quietly, "I've even heard cum's got nutrients in it that are good for ya. So, if cocksuckin' feels good, and looks good, and tastes good, and is good for you, well, fuck, I think we oughtta give it a try. Whadda ya say?"

"You wanna give it a try, too, Chief?" Bill asked in a hushed tone.

"There!" the Chief said with triumph, knowing he'd been successful, "Yeah, sure I do, Billy. Damn, I'm glad we met Jack, here. He's helped us over a big hump."

"Yeah," Bill agreed, "cocksuckin' will be better than just jackin' off."

If I hadn't been busy sucking the biggest cock I'd ever sucked to that point, I might have smiled. The two of them were still in the mutual masturbation stages of their relationship and the Chief had not yet been able to talk Bill into trying other things. My presence was being a catalyst for their development. That thought made me feel great.

"Oh! Christ, Billy, your agreement to try sucking cock gets me so excited I'm gonna come..." he paused and his whole body stiffened. "...Now!" he almost shouted. Shock waves of pleasure pulsated through his entire physique and he vibrated at the peak of passion. I glanced quickly at Bill and realized he was looking lovingly into the Chief's eyes. Massive amounts of cum began churning into me.

After the second or third blast of cum, I leaned back, grabbed the thick cock in one hand, opened my mouth and let them both watch as the Chief continued to shoot jism onto my tongue. Then I closed my mouth over the spewing organ, swallowed and finished off this great blowjob by taking the mammoth organ back down my throat. It was an awesome experience.

The Chief sat down heavily on the bed next to Bill, close to Bill, naked skin touching naked skin. Bill made no effort to break the close contact. His eyes shown with excitement and his cock throbbed with renewed vigor.

I straightened up and stretched in front of them. They both stared at my big erection. It was painted with dripping juices flowing freely from my long cumslit.

Bill looked at it for a moment and then asked, "Did YOU come, Jack?"

I thought the Chief would tell him that I hadn't, but I guess the Chief was uncertain about it. I smiled, turned directly towards Bill, pointing my cock up at him, and said, "No, but, man, I am real close. Sucking you two has been a once in a lifetime experience and it sure has got me turned on, ready to blast off. You're the best!"

"Gee, you really do look ready to blast off, man," the Chief agreed. "Bill," he added quietly, "why don't you help him out?"

"Well..." Bill said coyly.

"Look what a great cock he has," the Chief said. "Doesn't he? See? And it's not as big as mine so it'll give you some easy practice."

"Well..." Bill said slowly, "it does look good, doesn't it?" His fist reached out towards my erection. Tentatively, the fingers encircled the shaft.

"Atta boy!" the Chief encouraged. "Go for it!"

"I'll make it easier for you," I offered, really almost unable to speak I was so ready to pop.

"How?" they asked in unison.

"Com'on, get up," I instructed, and as they did I tore back the bed coverings. "I'll lie on my back. You can kneel over me. It's much easier for you that way, believe me. You'll have more control over the depth of penetration, over the speed of my fucking, and over drinking my cum, or not. Okay?" And as I was speaking I sprawled out in the center of the bed.

"That sounds great!" the Chief said enthusiastically, and both of them climbed up onto the big bed. I was lying there with my erection throbbing above my stomach. Bill crawled up next to my hip and the Chief crawled over me to the other side.

"What should I do?" Bill asked as he reached out and re-grabbed my cock, straightening it upright pointed at the ceiling and began pumping it. The jack off felt good. He'd done this for a man before, I could tell. It simply felt too good to be experimental. I was ready to give his some instructions when the Chief spoke up.

"Just try doin' what he did to you, Billy. See? His cock is dripping with pre-cum. Lap some of it up and see how it tastes. See if you like it." He paused, then added, "That's it," encouragingly, as he saw Bill's head moving towards its goal.

Bill was a quick study. His hot tongue licked at the fat head of my cock like it was a lollypop. It felt great. To both of us. I could tell that, too, in the way his tongue lovingly lapped at the juices.

"That's it!" the Chief repeated softly, "now, do what he did to us and suck out some of the juice from that big slit. See if you like that, too. Oooh, Billy, you look good when you do that. Playing with that big cock like that. Oooh, that's it, suck that big cockhead into your mouth, like that. Oooh, I'm getting' my hard-on back, just from watching you."

Billy didn't realize how close to orgasm I was, but I worked hard to control my emotions. Upon hearing that his friend was getting another hard-on, he looked up and then rose up, off of my cock. "Are you, Chief?" he asked. His hand continued to pump my organ.

"Fuck, yeah, man," he replied. "Look at it! Just watchin' your thick lips work this fucker's cock is really turning me on."

"I thought you'd be mad at me, seeing me sucking a cock."

"Fuck, no. I agreed with you, didn't I? We should suck cock. Both of us!"

"Are you gonna suck cock, too?" He sounded amazed.

"Yeah, man," the Chief replied huskily, "I wanna suck your cock."

"Great! I want you to."

"Oh," I groaned softly. They both looked at me with expressions as if to ask, "Who are you?" They were pretty much in their own world. I was just along for the ride, which I have to admit I found very enjoyable. "I can't hold off much longer, Bill," I told him softly, "but you might find it fun to learn how to sixty-nine." I'm incorrigible.

"Sixty-nine?" they said in unison. Bill said it in surprise. The Chief said it as if it was the most interesting thing he'd heard of in a long time.

"Slide up here. That's it. Get you knees well behind my head. Yes, like that. Now, as you lean down over me to suck my cock, yours will slide right into my mouth. Do you see? It'll be easy. As the guy on the bottom, I'll have the more difficult position because you are going to want to shove your entire cock down my throat and I won't be able to do much to stop you," I instructed. I didn't want to do anything at all to stop him from shoving that great cock back into me, "but, because you're above me, you can easily control the amount of cock you take into your mouth. How much you take will be up to you, alone. Do you see? Do you want to try?"

"Oh, yes," the Chief said, "try that, Billy. That's the best way! Yes, like that. Lean over him, like that. Look, your cock's slipping right into him. That's it, take his cock in your hand. Yeah, lean on an elbow. Great! Now, try to put it back in your mouth. Oh, yes, that looks great!" He had sunk down alongside Bill and was watching his every move up close.

Bill popped up, off of my cock, and said, "Gee, it seems easier with the cock in this position."

"Whadda ya mean?" the Chief asked. I could say nothing. My mouth was full.

"Well, the 'Vee' slides in against the roof of my mouth and the fat side slides against my tongue, which seems more natural. The whole curve of the cock is downward, now, into my mouth, pointed down to my throat. The whole thing seems to fit in a lot easier this way, somehow."

"That's even better!" the older man encouraged, "Now really go down on him. That's it. Try to get more and more of it in."

It felt fantastic, but neither was paying much attention to me. Bill's cock had simply kept sliding in until now my nose was pressed up between his big balls. The giant cock felt right at home in the deep recesses of my throat, in even deeper than before. I was having a super time. But as Bill's inexperienced toying continued, and he actually got my entire cockhead and an inch or two of cockshaft into his mouth, I could hardly hold back my ejaculation.

What I did was to grab his hips in both hands and begin to lift him off of my face and lower him back down into my face, in fairly rapid succession, fucking my throat with his big cock, using his body like a set of weights. For a few such thrusts he was still too concentrated on my cock to realize the source of such delicious pleasure, but suddenly he took over the fucking himself, getting real excited about fucking my mouth and simultaneously sucking my cock with wild abandonment."

"Now, you've got it!" the Chief called out. "That's the way to plug his face. Man, look at you fuck 'im. Oooh, that looks hot! Oh, and you're suckin' him, too. I can see that. You've got a good chunk of his meat in your mouth. Oh, boy, Billy, you're sucking cock, now, man! That's it! Suck that cock! Fuck his face! This is the best! Man, look at you two cocksuckers go at it!"

When he heard the phrase "you two cocksuckers," Billy's strong body stiffened. At first, I thought he'd been stung by the remark, but immediately I realized that his cock had stiffened too, stiffened to its utmost, and I knew he was going to come. That thought brought me to orgasm and I began to ejaculate.

At the first spurt, I thought I heard Billy gag, but then I heard the Chief say, with a hushed, sincere voice, "Take it, Billy! That's it! Take that load!" He paused. "Oooh, you're shootin' a load, too, aren't you, boy? That's it! Pump this cocksucker full of your jism! Man, what a fine sight the two of you are!" He sounded extremely sincere, well pleased, and turned on.

When it was over, when we had both pumped out our heavy loads, Bill went to raise himself upwards but the Chief grabbed him by the waist and pulled him over to himself, onto his back, next to me, Bill's head on the Chief's thighs, the Chief still kneeling. I propped myself up on an elbow and looked at them.

The Chief's giant erection was pressed against the side of Bill's head. They were looking at one another with great affection.

"I got cum all over my lips," Bill whispered, as if embarrassed.

"Let me lick it off," the Chief said softly. He bent tightly in his kneeling position and kissed Bill on the lips. I saw that the kiss was instantly, eagerly returned. I found it extremely pleasurable to witness their love for one another. I was happy to be a part of their sexual transition.

* * * * *

We had gone into the bathroom to pee and wash up. I found it exciting to watch the two of them in the mirrors as they moved about. Both sported semi-erections - a stage I like to call "tubular." So did I.

"Does anyone want a drink?" the Chief asked.

"Naw, I don't think so," I told him.

"I'd rather go back and fuck around some more," Bill said with a grin, looking down at his own crotch. As we watched, his penis doubled in size. This guy was a sex machine.

"Great idea!" the Chief said with gusto. "Last one back to bed gets fucked!"

On that note, the three of us burst out of the bathroom like kids pushing and shoving, and headed for the bed. Suddenly, I asked myself what the hell was I doing. I slowed down and then stopped as I approached the big bed and watched them leap together onto it.

"Jack's last," Bill cried out happily, in a teasing voice. "We know what that means."

"Yes. We do," the Chief agreed, instantly serious. "It means," he said slowly, stretching out the words, "that Jack gets fucked!" His new tone was not lost on Bill.

"Geez," Bill sighed, "do you mean fucked 'in the ass?'" He said it like he couldn't believe it, himself.

"Yes!" the Chief hissed. "He knew the rules. Last one back to bed." He was watching my reactions. My swelling cock was speaking volumes for me. Protest would have been useless. And, of course, the fact that I was standing next to the bed, and was not on the bed, made it all seem pretty clear that I knew what I was doing and what I was in for. He was no dummy.

They were sitting, cross-legged, next to each other, two big-cocked studs with growing erections. The Chief patted the sheet in front of him and said, in a voice strained with excitement, "Get up here!"

Obediently, I crawled onto the bed in front of them. They saw that I was almost fully erect again. Whatever happened, they realized, was what I wanted to happen.

"Lie down! On your stomach!"

As I stretched out in front of them, the Chief's hand reached out and caressed my buttocks. "Look at this fine, muscular ass, Billy," he whispered. "It's as good-looking as your own. High, firm, meaty, and eager to get fucked."

"Wow!" Bill sighed with emotion. I saw him start to stroke his big meat. "Does he really want to get fucked, Chief," Bill asked naively.

"Look at him. He's humping the mattress with his big dick just waiting for one of us to jump him and plug his ass good. He knows how to handle cock, Billy, any way you wish to give it to him. Ain't that right, Jack?" He was massaging a cheek of my ass knowingly.

"You're right, Chief," I answered honestly, "any way. Just give it to me! Give it to me good!" I was resting my head on my folded arms, watching them. They were both turned on by the idea of fucking a man. I wondered who'd go first. I slowly spread my legs apart, raising my hips, offering myself to them, lasciviously.

"Man, this is something," Bill sighed. "He sucks so good that I want him to do it again, but now, damn, I'm wondering what it'd feel like to fuck his ass. I ain't never..." he stopped.

"It's even easier than sixty-nining with him," the Chief told him. "You'll slip in nice and easy, let everything settle down for a moment, and then fuck his brains out without having to think about him shooting off in your mouth again. You'll love it. Trust me!"

Bill looked me right in the eye and asked, "Is that right, Jack? Will I love it?"

I nodded slowly and then said, "But you won't be the only one to love it, Bill. I'll love it, too! I want you to fuck me!"

Immediately, he shifted up onto his knees and crawled over to get between my legs. The Chief continued rubbing me, but moved his hand higher onto my back.

"Will I need some lubricant?" Bill asked.

"You've been leaking so much for the past ten minutes that it'll be plenty of lube for me, man," I instructed, "just rub your cockhead around my hole for a while, until we both get used to the feel of things. And remember, you're a big boy with a big tool, so take it easy. I don't want you to split me in two, so work with me, and I'll show you how great this can be."

As I was talking, he began following my instructions. He grabbed my hip at the waist with one hand for support and leaned in, poking his big dick between my cheeks. It felt wonderful!

I stretched back, raising my hips, spreading my legs further apart to welcome him. I groaned with pleasure as the fat cockhead knocked up against my tight anal portal. Immediately, he began rubbing the big thing around in small circles. It felt wet, and hot and sticky. I relaxed. I knew this was going to work.

"Man, look at that big thing push in between those hot cheeks," the Chief sighed, barely able to contain himself. "How does it feel?" I knew he was talking to his lover.

"It's..." Bill paused, "...interesting. I'm afraid I'll hurt him."

"Don't be afraid," I said quietly, "I'll let you know if it starts to hurt. Just keep up constant, gentle pressure, like that. Keep pressing forward. It'll pop in at any moment, now." I continued to exert welcoming pressures.

We were silent for a moment. Then the damn burst open and Bill's cockhead plunged inward with such force that it startled me. Everything I've got clamped down on him.

"Oh!" Bill exclaimed."

"You're in, man!" the Chief cheered.

"Oh!" Bill said again. "It's so fuckin' tight. It's so fuckin' hot! It's hotter than his mouth, for God's sake! This is awesome! I can't move!"

"Don't move!" the Chief warned. "Just relax for a while. Com'on, we're not in a hurry. Just relax, and let both of you adjust to this big intrusion." His voice was very soothing to both Bill and to me. "Let nature take its course. He'll calm down. You'll see." He slid his hand back onto my buttocks and rubbed it soothingly. "He'll calm down," he repeated.

I felt my buttocks muscles relax first.

"See?" the Chief said, "everything's gonna be okay."

Next I felt my sphincter relax and, immediately, several inches of Bill's long dong slipped inward. I groaned with pleasure.

Bill groaned, too. "This is unbelievable!"

I pushed my ass back at him and more of his cock slid into me. And then we began to fuck! I mean really fuck! The kid was a natural and took to fucking ass like a born fucker.

The Chief aided in the fucking with encouragement and fondling of both bodies. But when he said, "Jack, get up on all fours and let him fuck you doggie style," I almost came.

Billy said, "Yeah!" and helped me rise up. Almost immediately the Chief slid his head under me and started sucking my cock. It was too much!

"I'm gonna come, Billy," I announced, knowing both would hear me.

"Uh!" Billy sighed and I felt expansion of his cock at my asshole and knew he was shooting cum into me.

That knowledge caused overwhelming euphoria and I came uncontrollably, as if trying to drown the Chief, but he hung in there, drinking it all down.

I felt sperm hitting my calf and knew the Chief had come with us. A wonderful three-way orgasm! Excellent! What an unforgettable experience!

We sort of collapsed, drained of energy by such exciting sex, rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke in the morning with a cock in my ass! What a way to wake up! I stretched, enjoying the feeling, opened my eyes and saw Billy's cock in my face! The Chief was taking his turn! Sucking cock while getting fucked is better than you can imagine. It got me so hot that when they came, so did I!

Afterward, I cleaned up and dressed. I came into the bedroom and saw the two of them kissing. I patted Billy on the ass, smiled at the Chief and said, "You guys, this was spectacular! Thank you!"

The Chief jumped out of bed and said, "Don't go! I'll take you out to our destroyer and get you paid. Just wait till I shower and dress."

'Okay," I agreed happily as he went into the bathroom to get ready.

"Want some?" Billy asked huskily, waving his erection at me. What can I say? I went for it!


Jack Sofelot


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