I am Kc. This is a true story about the night that I cam back from holiday and received the best home coming welcome of my life.

J and I have been going out for a few months and it has been the best months of my life, everything is magnificent. If you are intersted I am 25, J is 23, I am about 5'8 slim 67 kilos athletic build dark chocolate tan from Africa, J is just under 6'0, brown hair about 80 kilos beautufil sexy creamy white smooth Australian body which I am absolutely addicted to.

Anyway I was away over christmas for a few week, visiting family in South Africa and we were missing each other terrribly, messaging calling each other the whole time and driving each other crazy. I could not wait to get back home to Perth.

J was suppose to pick me up from the airport, god I was so excited, the only thing I kept messageing J was "I cannot wait to jump on you", but at the last minute he had to work and could not, I was crushed and so dissapointed, but I was still going to see him the next day so what is one more sleep, I will still so dissapointed.

The draining 15 hour flight over I was absolutely ridiculously horny lol, from all the thoughts of what I was gonna do to J when I saw him the next day. I was not managing very well at all changing positions in my seat adjusting my hard cock, It would not go down and so I did the only thing that I could do. I had to leave my seat and jerk off in the bathroom,. It was my first time and made it so much hotter. There was this huge full length mirror in the plane toilets so I made good use of it hehehehe.

Anyway I made it home, it was great to be back,cleaned up, did some food shopping and cleaned up all my luggage from the trip. It was about 8pm and I was lying on the couch in my jocks, cooling off in the the summer heat, depressed and disspointed that I was not seeing J that night because he was working, I was lying there messaging J at work saying that I could not wait to see him the next day and he was replying saying yes same, how was the flight, what am I doing.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, I ran to the room and threw some shorts on, and bolted back to the front door, I almost fell to the floor in a heap, there stood J, the most magnificent sight in my life. He did not wait, did not speak a word, he came in, dropped his bag to the floor, took me in his arms pushed me back agains the wall and kissed me, I could not speak, I did not want to speak, using my legs i kicked the door closed and we just stood there lips locked moulded together in the hottest moment of my life. I would have fallen to the floor if he were not holding me.

I pulled his shirt off not removing my lips from his for an instant, kissing his neck and body, our hands all over each other, still in the doorway, it did not take long for both of our clothes to be in a heap, our naked sweaty bodies all over each other. Still not a single word spoken we fumbled kissing, our body grinding against each other, our hands all over each other as we made it to my bedroom where J just stood there, looked at my naked body and pushed me back onto the bed, crawled over me slowly, his tongue starting at my belly he kissed me all the way up hairless smooth body up my neck, to yet another hot kiss as his hard cock pressed against mine. OMG I was in heaven. He kissed his way back down, stopping to make my body writhe by taking my each nipple between his lips. Lower and Lower he took my hard cock into his mouth making me squirm and grip the bed with one hand and hold onto his hair with the other, all I could was moan an animal moan like never before.

After a few minutes I realised I wanted him. Rolling over I wanted to be on top, I wanted him, I needed him I kissed my way down his hot body and took his beautiful thick hard almost 8 inch cock in my mouth. I went slowly and could feel J's hands on my head urging me to go faster. I wanted this to last foever. I stayed there for a little while savouring the taste that I missed so much. I swivveled around and J took my cock into his mouth. I was not going to last very long, Felt like I was waiting for this for a lifetime.

J lay on his back and pulled me into a kneeling position over his face and took my balls into his mouth, he knows that makes my body go weak, if he kept going,I was going to to cum all over his face. He loves that. That look in his eye, I knew what he wanted, still no words spoked. I reached around and took hold of his magnificently hard cock and jerked him as I fucked his mouth...I was gonna cum in a sec, I could feel it building and there was no way I could hold back, I did not want to hold back, my body tensed, I gripped his hard cock in my hand and came all over J's face, my body twisting and the only thing that I could mutter was " UGHHHH, ooo yeahhh, and Oh my god," I could feel the sweat of my face and chest beading down my body.

Still so horny I wanted him so bad, the sight of my cum all over Js face was so hot, I leant forward and kissed him, tasting my own cum, tasted so good, I jerked him and loved the sight over his eyes rolling to the back of his head as I savoured the feeling of his hard cock in my hands, faster and faster as I kissed him, my cum between our tongues, I could feel his body tense, I broke our kiss, and quickly leant over in time to feel his hot huge load warm my mouth, This is what I missed so much, him, this. Staying there and feeling his body relax and the last of his delicious cum fill my mouth, I released him and lay on his chest, feeling his chest moving quickly and listening to his heart going a mile a minute was so cool. I just smiled.

Still no words we just looked at each other.

We lay there is sweaty heap, mmmm I missed this so much, missed him so much. I loved him so much.

"welcome home babe"

Love you J, hope you reading this. Thanks for the best homecoming ever.



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