Miguel, Silve and I returned to the apartment. The entire Garza family met us at the door. Each hugged me and welcomed me home.

I couldn’t understand a single word Mama Rosa was saying, but I could tell every word was filled with love. I looked over at Silve. She had a “Don’t look at me!” expression. I learned later that nobody understood Rosa when she lapsed into Portuguese. (I lost my parents not long after I started working for Jackie. Rosa learned of this soon after I moved in. She soon decided I was her newest daughter. Mia and Nina became my sisters. We shared many secrets. We went to movies and shopped together. Until recently, only Mama Rosa knew I was transsexual. The girls learned about me and were very accepting.)

. Mama Rosa held me at arm’s length looking me over. “Go clean up. Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.” She kissed my cheek then swatted my bottom to hurry me.

Supper consisted of chili dogs, salad, and a nice wine. She prepared gingerbread (another favorite!) for dessert. We all sat talking and celebrating my return. I truly felt I was home!

Soon after, Miguel excused himself. His driver was at the door to take him to the airport. Not long after that the Garzas returned to their apartments. Silve and I talked a while, sipping the wine.

 “I’m so sorry, Silve! I’ve been such a fool!”

 “We’ve both been very foolish, but that is in the past, now. Let’s start anew. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.”

We retired to her bedroom. We held each other and kissed awhile. Silve asked if we could just snuggle, she was very tired, but still wanted me in her bed.

I was okay with that. I wanted to go slowly till we worked out any difficulties.

Later that night, Silve asked, “Are you awake?” When I answered, she whispered, “I love you,” then snuggled close.

“I love you, too,” I whispered to her sleeping face.

Early the next morning, Silve kissed me awake. “Good morning,” she softly purred.

“I’ll show you a good morning,” I replied and started to move down to her pussy.

She stopped me, saying, “Not today. Today is about pleasing you!” 

I lay back as she slowly kissed her way down my body. She lavished my breasts with soft kisses, occasionally sucking and gently biting my nipples. She flicked her tongue across my navel as if she were savoring a pussy. The hollows of my hips received special loving attention.

Soon she ran her tongue up and down the underside of my cock. I was at fullest attention! She lightly licked and kissed the head. She only took a little of my cock past the head and sucked, moving up and down. She would take it all in and lick my balls for 2-3 strokes and go back to the head. She would squeeze the base whenever it seemed I might be coming. She would part her lips to take my cock head into her mouth and back off. Only the head was getting sucked. When the head was fully in her lips, she would flick her tongue across the slit.

I was nearing coming again when she stopped sucking, holding the head in her lips, and flicking her tongue underneath. I soon filled her mouth with my cum. She waited a moment and started sucking the head again. I was sensitive enough that it was almost painful, but, at the same time, it felt sooooo good. 

She stroked my balls with her nails and I soon emptied another load into her mouth! She sucked me with deeper strokes until I was drained. I could tell she was swallowing it all!She moved up and kissed me. I smiled and returned her kiss.

 “I’m glad you liked it. This is the only way I can take Miguel. He’s just too big!”

 “Maybe we can figure a way for us to suck him at the same time.”

 She brightened and said, “I like that idea!”


 After we showered, we went into breakfast. Rosa had prepared a soufflé for us. Her knowing look told us she knew we were getting along better. Silve and Rosa looked at me pointedly when I didn’t leave for school. I told her I was on semester break this week. Rosa nodded. Nina was on semester break, too. (We had an art history class together.

“Why don’t the four of us go shopping? We can eat a late lunch and get dessert at that café I told you about!” Silve suggested.

Rosa declined, saying she had too much to do, but Silve soon convinced her to go. Silve called a cab and we were laughing as we rode the elevator down. We crowded close as others joined us on the lower floors. Nina was next to me and let her hand linger on my bottom a little too long to be accidental. I decided to ignore it and pretend I didn’t notice. Unfortunately, Silve and Rosa did

They pulled me aside when Nina said she forgot her purse and went back upstairs.  “What was that all about?” Silve asked. “Are you two….?"

“No, she’s never touched me like that before. And, yes, she and Mia know about me.” I told them about the visit earlier in the we

Both women frowned at this, but Rosa said, “Mia told me about this. She said she pestered you until you showed them. She also said Nina has been looking at you strangely for several weeks, when she thought no one else was looking. I thought it was a passing thing so I didn’t mention it. I’m sorry.

“She came on to me once, several months ago, but I gently discouraged her. She’s a daughter I never had,” Silve said.

“Nina and Mia are the only siblings I’ve ever known. I didn’t have any growing up. I ruin it with my sisters!”

“If you do end up in bed with her, don’t do it here. And, please, don’t hurt her,” Rosa implored

We acted like nothing happened when Nina returned. The day was pleasant. Silve helped Rosa buy some new dresses, While Nina and I tried on jeans and tops. Her touch lingered often when she helped smooth out wrinkles. She seemed surprised when I didn’t return the gestures. She soon stopped and the morning improved. We ate lunch at a sidewalk café, enjoying the pleasant weather.

After lunch, Silve and Rosa looked at scarves while Nina and I looked at necklaces. She stood behind me and fastened an elaborate Grecian style necklace.

She kissed my neck and said, “This would like lovely against your bare skin!”

I turned around and held her face while looking into her eyes.

“Please, don’t do this where they can see! You’re my sister! I don’t want them to be hurt.”

Nina pulled away, pouting, but promised to behave. Things became less tense, I thought, but I was wrong! We were enjoying coffee and pastries at another café when Silve slipped off her shoe and played footsy with me, staring pointedly at Nina. I was hers and she was marking her territory! Nina got the hint and backed away slightly. Rosa pretended not to notice. 

The afternoon was winding down and we returned to the apartment. Rosa called Felipe and asked him to set a casserole in the oven and make a salad. We thanked Silve for everything.

She laughed and said, “Miguel has deep pockets. He complains that I don’t spend enough on myself. Wait till he sees this month’s VISA bill!” The mood was more relaxed after that. We were chatting amicably on the way up.

The Garzas joined us for supper. Mia was upset she missed out until Silve brought out a couple of scarves and some new earrings. She squealed with delight. Silve handed Felipe some new cufflinks. His eyes brightened as he thanked her.

Soon supper was over and Rosa shooed us from the dining room so she could clean up. Silve and I were seated on the couch sipping wine when we noticed Nina standing back, looking at us nervously. Silve motioned her closer.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I was out of line today. I feel so foolish! Can you forgive me?”

Silve said, “It’s already forgotten.”

Nina sat on the floor and put her head in my lap, sobs wracking her body. Rosa looked upset, but I held my hand up, letting her know it was okay.

“Of course, I forgive you! How can I not forgive my sister?” I said.

I stroked her hair s she cried herself out. When she finally looked up, I kissed her forehead. “I love you, Sis,” I said.

Later, that night in bed, Silve said, “I didn’t see it before, but she loves you much more than as a sister.”

“I can see that, too! What do I do? I don’t want to ruin what I have here!” I answered.

“Let’s wait and see what happens and handle it from there. Maybe she will outgrow this. But I can agree with her on one thing! I love you very much!”

“And I you!”

We kissed a moment before Silve pulled me on top.

"Fuck me now. No foreplay. Just so I can relax.”

I pushed in, but it was difficult, since she was a little dry. She pulled my hips in. I thrust several times before her natural juices lubed her. I managed to last a few minute before I came. She had me roll off and kissed me good night.

The next morning, I kissed her cheek before I left for work. Later that day she called to say she needed to fly home but would be back Saturday.

“Plan something special,” She said before she hung up.




Angie K


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