I'm Nathan Bender. I was a hundred sixty five pounds when I joined the Marines. Twelve weeks later I weighed one-eighty-nine. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I liked the way I looked and decided if twelve weeks of regular meals and hard exercise could do that for me, I could get even bigger if I really worked at it. During the next six weeks of advanced training I was able to supplement regular chow with protein bars and drinks and I made time to hit the gym. I put on another fourteen pounds of solid muscle. I was proud as hell to tip the scales at two-thirteen.

I elected to ship directly to Iraq after advanced training. I could've taken a short leave to go home to see my family but I was a Marine now and I wanted to get on with it; I wanted to put my training and my courage to the test. I spent eleven months in Iraq and lost twenty pounds. The fuckin' heat was like a twenty-four-seven steam room. When I rotated back to Camp Lejeune I got back into a regular workout routine to regain what I'd lost. I ate like a horse, supplemented with protein shakes at the gym, and soon found myself tightening up inside my uniform shirts. My pants fit okay; I didn't mind the way they hugged my thighs and my butt, but I had to buy new shirts and have the stripes and stuff sewed on.

I still hadn't gone home to see my family. It'd been over a year and a half since I'd been home. Something was holding me back; I didn't know what. One day the first sergeant asked me why I hadn't put in for leave since we got back from Iraq. I didn't know. He told me to do it because there was a good chance that I would be going back to Iraq in a couple of months and I damn well owed it to my family to go home and see them.

I hitch-hiked from George to Indiana. No sense wasting good travel pay on travel. In uniform, carrying a duffle bag, it was easy to get a ride. I met some interesting people and had some interesting times. One couple picked me up pretty late at night and I rode in the back seat with their teenage daughter. She was sort of giddy over being in the back seat with a Marine and she got sort of snuggly. I didn't want to offend her parents, so when I felt her hand on my leg I didn't stop her. It would've been too embarrassing for them for me to tell them to pull over and let me out because their daughter was feeling me up. Within a mile or so, she had my cock out of my pants and was bent over giving me a blowjob! All the while, I was trying to carry on a conversation with her parents. The girl took my load and didn't loose a drop. I was thankful that she swallowed it, otherwise my pants would've been a crusty mess that would've been hard to explain. I had to bet she was very popular on the team bus.

Another couple picked me up somewhere in Tennessee. It turned out to be another stranger-than-fiction situation. They wanted to talk about the Marines, what life was like, and how many Iraqis I'd killed and how the sex was over there. I thought it was odd that the guy would ask questions like that in front of his wife, but she didn't seem to mind and once they got on the subject of sex she joined in and they never let it go. A few miles down the road I found the guy's wife crawling into the back seat with me, at his suggestion, to show the brave, returning Marine a proper welcome home. She got us both completely naked and I fucked her half way across the state while her husband made vulgar, encouraging remarks from the front seat as he watched us in the mirror.

The last ride I got was from a young kid on his way home from a date. I say kid, he wasn't that much younger than me, but he was still in high school and I was a Marine, and that adds a few years to the span. We talked for a mile or two and I asked him how his date went, and jokingly asked if he'd scored. I was surprised as hell at his answer. 'No, but I didn't want to,' he replied. 'I'm only dating her to get close to her brother.'

'Oh,' was all I could say. Not an answer I would've expected in a hundred or so years, especially from a good-looking hunk like him.

'He's a senior, a jock and a real stud,' he said.

'Oh,' I said again. Then he really bowled me over when he asked me if I would be interested; he had never even dared dream of doing a real live Marine.

'Well, I'm a real live Marine,' I said.

He took it as a yes and turned off on the next road. He drove a couple of miles till he turned into a field and drove down along the fence line for a ways and parked behind a thick growth of brush and trees. He reached over and groped at my crotch and I spread my legs out for him.

'Can we get out of the car?' he asked.

We got out and he came around to my side of the car. He didn't waste any time; he knew what he wanted and he wasn't at all shy about going after it.

'Damm, how big are you?' he asked as he began groping my crotch again.

'You're going to find out soon enough,' I said.

He felt me up good, my thighs, my chest, my arms and always returning to my crotch.

'You are a stud. I wish I could get you naked so I could see and kiss all those muscles I'm feeling.'

He was turning me on. I'd never had a guy come onto me like this, and him being so young turned me on even more. 'Is it safe out here?' I asked.

'Safe as anyplace,' he said. 'If any body does happen along they're going to be coming back here for the same reason, so it won't matter.'

So I let him undress me. I started to do it but he took my hands and stopped me; said he wanted to do it. He didn't just take my clothes off. He stripped me like he was unwrapping a fine piece of art. When he had me naked he put my boots back on me then started in on me. It was a good twenty minutes before he ever got around to my cock; all that time was spent feeling and practically worshiping my body.

Damn, that kid could suck cock. I hadn't had any experience with other guys but comparing him to the high school girl a few miles back, I would take him over here anytime. Except she took my load better; I figured she was used to sucking cock and I got the impression that this boy was just getting his feet wet. I surprised him with my load and he choked on it but managed to get it down, what didn't run out of the corners of his mouth.

I was close enough to home that I got a bus the rest of the way from the town where the kid let me out. Oddly, things looked rather vaguely familiar coming into town, like I was gone longer than I really had been. At the bus terminal, I grabbed my duffle bag out of the luggage compartment and went inside to call somebody to come pick me up. There was no answer at home. It was Wednesday, they would all be working. I don't know why, but the next person I thought of was Tracy, my old girlfriend, now my brother's girlfriend. You half expect your best friend might steal your girlfriend when you're gone, they even warn you at basic that it'll probably happen, but you don't expect it to be your brother. It threw me a curve when it happened, but thanks to the intense training, I got over it and I was past it. Tracy answered the phone and she was excited to hear my voice. Of course she would come pick me up! She sounded a little too anxious, I thought.

She came wheeling into the bus terminal a half hour later, driving my brother's new white Mustang that he'd written me about. She climbed out and came running over to give me a huge hug, like I was the returning boyfriend, not the returning ex. Yeah, I was happy to see her, too, and holding her so tight against me like that, I found myself wondering if my brother was giving her any better than I had; she seemed awfully anxious to see me. She popped the trunk and I tossed my duffle bag in. She told me I could drive.

I felt good behind the wheel, and she told me I looked good. We didn't go straight to my house. Instead, I drove to the lumber mill where my brother, Brian, worked. Yeah, I was anxious to see him, but there was an evil gene in me that wanted my older brother and all his co-workers to see me, his younger Marine brother drive up in his car with his girlfriend.

He was glad to see me too, and not bothered that I was behind the wheel of his car with his girlfriend by my side. We exchanged a few minutes of banter, him and me and some of the guys he worked with. They kidded him that he'd better watch it, his little brother could whip his ass now. Then Tracy and I left. We still didn't go home. We were heading that way when she brought up the subject of the breakup. She started to say she was sorry but I stopped her.

'Let's just don't go there, okay?' I said. 'We got it all settled between us. Just tell me he's treating you right.'

'He is.'

'As good as I treated you?' I asked with a sly, mischievous grin.

She hesitated for a split second.

'You even don't have to answer that,' I said. And she didn't. When she hesitated, I knew something was wrong. I made a quick turn at the next road.

'Where are we going?' she asked.

'I think you know,' I said cockily. 'It's a warm summer evening, where else would we be going?'

She knew, all right, and she wasn't protesting. I sped down the gravel road for about two miles and turned into the fenced lane that ran between two fields. The gate still hung askew on one post where somebody had hit it and it'd never been replaced. At the end of the lane I turned into the wooded pasture and slowed across the bumpy terrain. I got as close to the creek as I could and turned off the engine.

'Do you want to go swimming?' I asked.

'I didn't bring a suit,' she said.

'How many times did you tell me that and it didn't matter?' I asked, laughing. 'I haven't been swimming in dam near two years, except in basic training. I want to see what the creek feels like.'

'I'm going with your brother now, Nathan, I don't think it would be appropriate,' she said.

'Bull. After all we've had together, that's pretty lame,' I said as I opened the door. I climbed out of the car, loosening my tie. 'I'm going in. You can join me, or you can watch, or you can drive off and leave me,' I said.

'I wouldn't leave you here,' she said as she climbed out of the car.

I started taking off my uniform. I laid my shirt in the seat and skinned off my T-shirt and tossed it in the car. I saw the way she looked at my bare upper body; she was impressed. She always liked the way I was built when we were in school, she must be going nuts over my body now. I squatted down to untie my boots and stood to step out of them. She glanced away when I reached for my belt. She looked away for a moment then back at me, but turned her head when I shoved my pants down.

'This never bothered you before,' I reminded her.

'That was before,' she said.

'Look, it won't hurt just to go swimming together,' I said.

'If you could promise we would only be swimming,' she said.

'That'd be up to you. I'm not going to make promises I might not be able to keep. I've been eleven months in a country where you're not even supposed to look at a woman.'

'What about the female Marines?'

'Well, that,' I said.

'Yeah, I'll bet there was a lot of that,' she said.

'Not as much as people would like to think; not as much as we would like. And they were fellow Marines. It was like sleeping with a buddy.' I stood in just my briefs now.

'You've gotten bigger,' she said, her eyes raking over my near naked body.

'Yeah, a little,' I said modestly. 'Come on, Tracy,' I said.

She hesitated a moment then began unbuttoning her blouse.

'I would offer to help you with that but......' But I didn't. If she wanted to maintain a proper distance between us, okay. But I didn't think she did, or could. I didn't think she wanted to, otherwise, why would she be taking her clothes off. She knew me well enough to know that I wasn't exactly an alter boy. And as far as her going with my brother now; well she was going with me when he took her.

When she was down to her panties and bra, I did step up and take her hand to lead her down to the creek.

'You look great. Nice tan,' I said.

'So do you. You've gained a lot of weight,' she said.

'You haven't,' I said.

At the edge of the creek, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs and shoved them down.


'I can't wear them in, I need them dry to put on when I come out,' I said as I stepped out of them. 'Besides, it never bothered you before, seeing me naked. In fact, I remember you sort of liked seeing me this way.'

'Maybe I still do, maybe that's the exact reason you shouldn't be naked out here in front of me,' she said.

'If not, then you shouldn't be in your bra and panties in front of me,' I said. 'Hell, I remember some times when you got me naked.' But I didn't press it. I left her there and waded out into the creek.

'Nice butt!' she called after me just as I was going waist deep in the water. I dove under and swam against the current. It felt good. I loved the power of the current against my own power. I stopped and turned and swam back with the current. That's when I saw Tracy wading out into the creek, as naked as I was. Her all-over tan was awesome! I felt a sudden surge of another kind of power between my legs. Yeah, for dam sure, my brother wasn't treating her right, otherwise why was she wading out in the creek with me and her bra and panties keeping my shorts company on the bank.

'Nice tan!' I called out as I swam toward her. 'Does my brother have a tan like that?'

'If you mean do we lay out in the sun together, no,' she said.

'I'll bet he likes it,' I said.

'You seem to be awfully okay with me and your brother dating,' she said.

'I got over it. And look who's here while he's still at work?' I said as we met in each other's arms. I made the move but she didn't resist me. Her body against mine created heat in the cool creek water.

'We're supposed to be swimming,' she said.

'Yeah,' I said as I smashed myself against her. The cool water didn't affect my abilities one bit. My cock was hard in no time, throbbing against her thighs that she held tightly together. It was a futile gesture. I reached down and pried my hand between her legs and pulled her right leg up around my hip. That opened her enough so my cock spring up into her crotch, searching for a warm spot, and I lifted her other leg up around my other hip and held her with her butt cradled in my hands. It took a couple more maneuvers for my cock to be aimed right at her pussy, just above the surface. Our eyes were fixed on each other the whole time, just like times before. I prodded a little and found the heat of the target and entered her. Fuck, I'd almost forgotten how her pussy lips felt folding around the head of my cock.

'OOOhhhhhhh!' she gasped, tossing her head back.

We caused our own little ripples in the water as I fucked her. The way she responded to my every thrust, I had to wonder what the hell my brother had been doing; or not been doing.

'Please don't cum in me,' she said. 'I don't want to get pregnant.'

'Why would it matter? You're going to marry him, aren't you?' I said.

'It wouldn't, to me,' she said.

'He wouldn't know,' I said. 'Hell, go sleep with him tonight and you wouldn't even know.'

'Please, Nathan, I'm trusting you.'

'Okay, I'm just kidding. I'll pull out,' I promised. I didn't last as long as I wanted to. It'd been too long between times for too many months, and Tracy was a good piece of ass. I fucked her right up to the brink before I pulled out. I quickly floated onto my back with my cock sticking up out of the water, just in time. My cock exploded, sending great, thick ropes of come shooting straight up, like missiles being fired from a submarine. Tracy was delighted with the fireworks and playfully tried to grab the long globs of semen as they floated away. I shot off a hell of a load, but the water kept my libido charged up. I was still horny attracted to Tracy, and a little ashamed that I'd left her high and dry. I seldom did that when we were going together, and I knew how to remedy it. Not to leave a job undone, I dove under the surface and swam down between her legs. I could hear her squeal with delight as I buried my face in her pussy. I clutched her butt with my hands and ate her like a warm cherry pie till I had to come up for air.

'Whew!' I gasped as I broke the surface. I gasped in air and dove under immediately and went at her again; it was what you could call real muff diving, kind of like sponge diving. After the third or fourth dive I came up and took her in my arms again.

'Let's get you where I can do this right,' I said as I picked her up in my arms and waded toward the creek bank. Out of the water, I laid her down in the thick grass and she whinnied as I stretched out between her legs, knowing what was coming. I literally devoured her. She clasped her hands over her mouth to stifle her screams. I grabbed my shorts and handed them to her. She stuffed them in her mouth and went on screaming. Fuck, she tasted good! I ate her till she couldn't take it any more, then I moved up over her and fucked her again. She was so hot, it took barely a dozen strokes to bring her off. Neither of us paid any attention that I shot off inside her that time.

Afterwards we lay together in the cool grass, with her cradled in my arm and her head on my chest.

'It's been a long time,' I said.


'He doesn't do that for you, does he?' I said.


'Has he ever got you off?' I asked bluntly.

'No, not like that. I fake it so he thinks he does.'

'You shouldn't have to fake it,' I said.

'We're too far into our relationship, Nathan,' she said, sounding rather sad.

'That's okay, if you're happy with him. I want you to be happy. Problem is, I'm not going to be around to make sure you are happy,' I said.

'That's all right, we can't do this again,' she said.

'Why not?'

'Because it wouldn't be right.'

'What wasn't right about it?' I asked.

'You know what I mean,' she said.

'Yeah, you know you're not going to be satisfied with him, knowing what I can do for you,' I said. 'How come you broke it off with me?'

'I'm not proud to admit why.'

'Nobody's asking you to be proud. Why? I think I've got a right to know.'

'You weren't here. He was. You were brothers. I thought he would be....enough like you......'

'Sorry he disappointed you,' I said.

'He doesn't disappoint me. He's just not you.'

'Well, it's pretty certain I'll be heading back to Iraq, so I'll be out of the way,' I said.

'Don't talk that way.'

'It's a good thing I won't be here. If I was here, it wouldn't work out between you and Brian,' I said. 'I would take you back.'

She didn't say anything.

'Listen, we, uh.....I didn't pull out the second time.....,' I started.

'I know,' she said quietly.

'I want you to have sex with him right away, tonight. If you're gonna get pregnant, I want it to be his,' I said.

'No, you don't,' she said.

'No, I don't,' I agreed. 'But that's the way it's got to be. I can believe it's mine,' I said.

We drove back to town and Tracy dropped me off at home. Alone in the house, I walked around, getting reacquainted with the place. Not much had changed. I went upstairs with my duffle bag slung over my shoulder. Even my room was just like I'd left it. I appreciated that. I tossed my duffle bag on the bed and unbuttoned my shirt. I needed a shower. I couldn't get Tracy off my mind. More truthful, I couldn't get Tracy and my brother off my mind. I thought I was over it, but being with her again brought it all back. I was still pissed at my brother for going behind my back like that. I loved him dearly but I was pissed. I was pissed at Tracy, too, but fucking her had smoothed that over; Brian was my brother, and brothers weren't supposed to do that to brothers. I had my revenge. Only thing better would be to tell him how lacking he was compared to me.

I dried off in my room. It felt good being naked in my room again and my hand went almost instinctively to my cock. I couldn't remember a time when I was naked in my room that I didn't jack off. I must've shot off gallons of come in this room, I thought, from the time I was fourteen till I left for the Marines. Other stuff had happened in this room, too; stuff that shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't have happened and I shouldn't have liked it so much, but it did, and I did. I let go of my cock and pulled on a pair of briefs. I was standing at my dresser, going through stuff in the treasure box I kept there when Brian came into my room, sweaty and dirty from the day's work.

'Dam, Bro, what happened to you,' he greeted me happily. 'Shit, the Marines turned you into a stud!'

I gave him a smile of appreciation. I was pretty much of a stud before, he just didn't know it. But I was a lot bigger now, all solid muscle; bigger than him, in case he hadn't noticed. I noticed his quick glance down at the front of my shorts.

'Hey, I gotta shower, I'll be right back,' he said.

I went back to my treasure box. It was mostly 0junk; half a concert ticket, a chewing gum wrapper, a cheap braided bracelet that I'd won at a carnival; all junk, but every item in there meant something to me. I couldn't help smiling as I picked up the small leather pouch that I'd won at the same carnival. I pulled the flap open and dug inside to see if it was still there. My smile widened as I pulled out the condom. My first condom. My first used condom, actually. I'd carried a few around in my wallet till they disintegrated, but this one I used, on Millie Benson. I was glad I kept it, and surprised that my mom hadn't found it. But if she had, she would've probably put it right back and never said anything about it. It was till in pretty good shape, I had washed it out and dried it out good, then put powder in it, it looked stretched with age, but I could still easily fill it up now.

Brian came back in, naked, holding his towel in one hand. I cringed a little inside and instinctively my asshole tighten up.

'Why don't you get rid of some of this shit,' he said as he moved up beside me. I was still holding the condom in my hand. 'Dam, who wore that!' he exclaimed, laughing.

'I did,' I said. 'My first piece of ass. Millie Benson.' I held it up to proudly display the size of it. Then he noticed my tattoo, of a panther crawling up over my right shoulder.

'Hey, I didn't know you got a tattoo. That's neat as hell,' he said, excitedly.

I didn't tell him that I had two tattoos. I started to but I wanted to show him instead.

'Did that hurt?' he asked, rubbing his fingertips over the tattoo. His touch made me cringe a little inside.

'Nothing a Marine can't take,' I said cockily. I liked driving it home to my big brother that I was a Marine.

'There you go, bragging,' he said, and started punching and trying to wrestle me around. It was all too familiar; coming into my room, naked, and starting the physical contact.

'Don't try it. I can take you down,' I warned, with a smile, as I wrenched away from him. I was smiling but I was serious; and half hoping he would call my bluff. I wanted to take him down.

'Question is, if you take me down, who's gonna be on top?' he asked with a smirk.

'Let's find out,' I said, and barely before the words were out of my mouth, I had him on the floor, pinned with my forearm and his own pressed against his throat and his left leg pushed up at a sharp angle over his chest,

'Who's on top?' I asked with a smirk of my own.

'Fuck, where'd you learn that?' he asked as he struggled against me.

'The Marines taught me a lot of new tricks,' I said.

'Well, don't try 'em all on me,' he said.

'You couldn't survive most of 'em, they're meant to kill,' I said. I wanted him in a better hold, one where he was more vulnerable. I brought his other leg up, forcefully, so both legs were shoved up over his chest, so he was bent in half, and then I smashed my shorts hard against his now vulnerable ass.

'What's that?' he asked.

'What's it feel like?' I asked, as I ground my hardening cock against his spread butt.

'Let me up, before I have to hurt you,' he said.

We both knew he was bluffing this time. He couldn't hurt me. He couldn't do anything unless I let him go. I had him where I had wanted him so many times. My cock got harder, straightening and straining against my briefs. I twisted my hips around in circles and humped hard against his butt. I was dry fucking him. He knew it all too well; he'd done this to me enough times. It's how it always started.

'We're not going to do this,' he said with his best big-brother authority, but I noticed a hint of doubt in his voice now.

'That's gonna be my decision,' I said. 'How does it feel to be the one on the bottom, helpless and vulnerable?'

'Hey, you liked it,' he scoffed.

'You made me like it. I couldn't help it when you forced me. Maybe you'll like it, too.'

'Look, Nathan, one of us is going to get hurt,' he said, making it sound like a warning.

'Yeah, it hurts at first,' I said. 'It hurt at first, every time you did it to me.'

'But then you liked it. Shit, you shot off every time,' he said.

I reached down with a free hand and pulled the front of my briefs down and stretched the waistband under my balls. My cock swung free, huge and hard and hot against his butt.

'Geezuss, that's hot,' he said.

'Yeah,' I said as I ground my cock against him. 'It gets hotter. And harder. And I don't know if I'm all the way hard yet.'

'Fuck, it already feels like it belongs on a horse,' he said, trying even harder to sound brave.

'It belongs in a mare,' I said. 'And you know what, Bro, you're gonna be my mare.'

I knew he could feel the slickness of my precome same as I could. The stuff was pouring out of my cock, enough slime to lubricate us both.

'Don't,' he said in a husky tone.

'Why not? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't give you the same thing you gave me?'

'Just don't,' he said. 'Don't do something we're both going to regret.'

'Do you regret fucking me all those time?' I asked. I pulled my hips back so my cock stuck out straight, throbbing, the head rubbing against his asshole.

'I shouldn't have done that to you,' he said.

'You say that now, only because I'm about to do it to you,' I said.

'You're not gonna do it,' he said. 'No matter what you think of me, you're not gonna rape me.'

'I didn't say I was gonna rape you. I'm gonna fuck you, just like you fucked me. You didn't rape me, did you, Bro? You just fucked me. Got your rocks off.'

'And you got yours off,' he reminded me with sarcasm.

'I was doing fine getting my rocks off with my hand,' I said.

'Okay, maybe I raped you,' he said. 'I didn't mean to. I didn't mean for it to be like that. We both got our jollies from it, so I didn't see it as rape.'

I was pressing the head of my cock harder into the crack of his ass. I could feel the muscle stretching, giving way.

'Don't do this,' he said, again with authority, but his authority had crumbled with the fright in his voice. 'Please, Nathan, I know you've got me where you've wanted me for a long time, but don't do it. Don't fuck me, Nathan. I've never done it before, and I don't think I can take it. You're huge.'

'What made you think I could take it?'

'You're bigger than I am. Fuck, man, you're a horse. You'll tear me apart.'

'And your ass is bigger than mine was,' I said as I brought more pressure to bear. The muscle I was pushing against wasn't so flexible now; I had it stretched to its limit; stretched to the breaking point. A little more pressure and his ass would burst open for me.

'Ohh, Geezusss, Nathan, don't!' he gasped, and for the first time I heard real fear in his voice. It gave me pause for a moment and I almost backed off, but I was too close to making the kill. I could smell blood, or maybe it was our testosterone, and it was bringing out the killer instinct that the Marines had instilled in me. I got past the pause, the instinct won out, and I shoved. I felt his asshole spread apart and squeeze around my cock as I entered him.

'AAAAwwwwwhhhhhhhhh!' he yelled at the top of his lungs. I didn't remember yelling like that.

I checked my entry with just the head and a couple of inches of shaft inside him. I looked down. Yeah, I was big. His asshole was really stretched around the girth of my cock. Brian was gasping in short breaths of air, like he was delivering a baby. I shoved in a couple of inches deeper.


He wasn't so loud then, and I knew it was the girth of my cock that was killing him. I knew from experience that it wouldn't hurt nearly so bad going in deeper once he got used to the thickness stretching his poor asshole. I wondered what would happen if I slammed all the way in him. But I gave him another couple of inches.


Just then I heard something behind us, like the floor squeaking. I snapped my head around but didn't see anything.

'Did you hear something?' I asked.

'Just my own groaning,' he said. 'Fuck, man, take it easy.'

I waited to see if I could hear anything else and when I didn't, I started fucking him.

'Ohhh, Fuck, man, you're so fuckin' big! Take it easy!' he said again as I plowed his ass.

'This is easy,' I said. 'And, Gee, I think you're liking it,' I added with a sneering smile as I pressed myself against his stiffening cock.

'I can't help that,' he said.

'Yeah, just like I couldn't help it,' I said. 'Fuck, Big Brother, this is better than fucking Tracy.' I hadn't really intended to say it but I wasn't sorry now that it was out there.

'Well, those days are over for you, Little Bro,' he said between winces.

'I wouldn't bet your ass on that,' I said.

The look on his face was priceless. It was anger, shock, and some other things that I couldn't identify.

'You didn't....not already....not since you've been home,' he managed to say.

'No,' I lied. 'But I remember how great it was.' Yes was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't be that cruel to him or Tracy. 'I just hope you're treating her right, because she was used to the best,' I said.

'Fuck, what're you trying to do, nail me to the floor?' he complained.

'Want me to ease up? Or we could stop and let you suck me,' I said.

'No,' he said quickly. 'No, I'll take it like this.'

'But its not gonna end like this,' I told him. 'I'm gonna shoot it all over your face.'

'Don't do that,' he said. 'I'm taking it like a man, just like you did. Can't we leave it at that?'

'We could, except I wanta give you a sample of everything you gave me,' I said.

'You wanta humiliate me, is what you wanta do,' he said. 'Ohhh, Goddd!'

he gasped suddenly. 'What the fuck!'

I'd found his prostate. Not that I was looking for it, but my cock had found it. 'That's where it really gets you,' I said.

'Ohh, fuck, Nathan.....I'm gonna hate you for this, but Geezuss....fuck me, brother....fuck my eyeballs out. Ohh, Shit, I never had anything feel like this before in my life!'

I did what he asked; I fucked his eyeballs out. I fucked his brains out. I fucked his load right out of him. I didn't shoot my load on his face like I'd planned. It was so damned good, I just couldn't pull out. He was a mass of blubbering, sweating muscle laid out on my bedroom floor by the time I was done with him. He had come all over himself and all over the floor above his head. I hovered over him after we were done, till my arms wouldn't support me, then I straightened and slowly withdrew my cock from his still clenching ass. I smacked him on the butt as I staggered to my feet.

'You're gonna have to help me up,' he said, out of breath.

I reached down and pulled him to his feet. He was unsteady and we came together, supporting each other, his come-streaked chest smashed against mine.

'Geezussss! What is that?' he asked, wide-eyed, as he noticed my cock.

I laughed and held it across my palm so he could see it.

'You got a tattoo on your cock?!! Fuck, that must've hurt like hell!'

'Like I said, nothing a Marine can't handle.' Then I showed him how it worked. The tattoo was of a vicious looking snake that curled around the shaft of my cock with its head tattooed on my foreskin. When I pulled the foreskin back the snake's mouth opened wide and the way the head of my cock came out of its mouth, it was like it was swallowing my cock.

'That is the neatest damned thing I've ever seen,' Brian said.

' I think he was so impressed with my cock and my tattoo that he forgot about being pissed at me for fucking him; not only that, for taking his precious cherry.

'Boy, they couldn't put that tattoo on just anybody,' he remarked.

'No, as a matter of fact, the guy made me get a hardon so he could see how big I was before he would even consider doing it. He said he needed to see if he had enough to work with.'

I think he was really impressed with that. He kept shaking his head and kept looking at my tattoo. Finally, he tore his eyes away. 'Fuck, we need a shower,' he said as I moved away from him.

We went together to the bathroom down the hall. I stood aside and let him have the shower first.

'There's room for both of us,' he said.

I gave him a surprised look, one eyebrow arched. 'You would barely even let me in the bathroom with you,' I said.

'Things have changed, obviously,' he said, standing aside to make room for me. 'You've changed. You're not my little brother anymore. You're a fuckin' Marine. I gotta bow to that; and that fuckin' tattoo. Shit, it's almost intimidating.'

'Its not the tattoo that's intimidating; its my cock,' I boasted.

'Well, that, too.'

I got in the shower with him.

'We should've locked the door. I wouldn't want Dad to find us in the shower together,' I said.

'He wouldn't be surprised,' Brian said.

I gave him another surprised look.

'He knew what was going on,' Brian said.

I gaped at him now. 'He knew?!!' I blurted. 'He knew what you were doing to me?'

'Yeah, he caught us one time; you just didn't know it.'

'Damm! He knew and he let you? He didn't do a dam thing to stop it?' I didn't know whether I was pissed or just surprised. 'Did he say anything to you?'

'Yeah, he said he could understand two brothers experimenting around; he did with his brother. He told me just to make sure I didn't hurt you bad. He said if you ever came to him and told him I was hurting you, he would break me in two.'

'Well, I guess that's comforting to know, this long after the fact,' I said.

I finished my shower first and stepped out to dry off. I jumped at the knock on the door.

'Yeah,' I said.

'You guys hurry up in there, I've got the grill going.' It was our dad.

'Well, now I guess he knows we shower together,' Brian said, laughing.

'Yeah, and he knows I was getting fucked by my big brother. I think he should know that the tables have been turned.'

'Don't tell him!' Brian exclaimed. 'Mann, don't tell him you fucked my ass.'

'Okay, you tell him,' I said.

'I can't tell him that.'

'How come it's okay if he knows you were fucking me?' I asked.

'I'm the big brother. I mean, he would never expect me to be on the bottom; on the receiving in from my little brother.'

'You said I'm not your little brother anymore. Do I need to remind you of that?' I asked.

'No,' he said. 'Just don't tell Dad.'

I was dressed first and went on downstairs. Dad was out on the deck. I went out to join him, hesitant to be sure, knowing what he knew about me.

'You hungry?' he asked.

'Starving,' I said.

'Get us a beer,' he said.

I got two beers out of the cooler, opened one and handed it to him. When he took it, it was sort of like he was waiting for me to put it in his hand while he eyed me. I wasn't sure what was behind the look and it made me uncomfortable. He turned the hamburgers then looked back at me; really looked me up and down.

'Marines turned you into a stud,' he said.

I smiled with pride. 'Thanks.'

'I guess you oughta be able to handle you brother, now, with no trouble.'

I didn't know what he meant by that either. 'I guess I could, in a pinch,' I said.

'Yeah, I guess you could.....in a pinch,' he said. Then he looked up from the grill again. 'It's good to know you've turned the tables on him,' he said.

I was stunned to silence. He knew! The noise I'd heard when I was fucking Brian....it was him!

'I, uh....d-don't know what you mean, sir,' I finally managed.

'The hell you don't. You nailed his ass to your bedroom floor,' he said. I stood there speechless. I think my mouth moved but no words came out. I took several sips of my beer, more for something to do. He saw how uncomfortable I was.

'It's okay. He had it coming,' Dad said. 'He really had it coming, seeing as how he took your girlfriend.'

'Well, I don't know that he actually took her,' I said, thankful that I'd found my voice. 'She must've been attracted to him.'

'Only because you weren't here,' he said.


'Maybe, your ass,' he scoffed. 'If you'd been around, she wouldn't have given him a second look. If you stuck around, she would drop him and come back to you in a heartbeat. You think I didn't know you were banging her eyeballs out? I don't think your brother is giving her that kind of treatment. She don't have the same look in her eye.'

'I know he isn't,' I said. Again, I hadn't intended to say it, but it was out and I wasn't sorry I'd said it. I was only confirming what Dad said.

'You've talked to Tracy since you've been home?' he asked. 'Or maybe you more than talked.......?'

'We went skinny dipping out at the creek,' I said.

'Well, you move fast,' Dad said. 'I guess that's what the Marines are talking about when they say they're establishing a beachhead.'

'She's still going to marry him,' I said.

'Well, maybe it's right that you left her with something that she'll know she's gonna be missing,' he said with a tight smile.

'Dad, its okay that Brian and Tracy got together,' I said. 'It hurt like hell, but I got over it. Don't be too rough on him about it.'

'All right. If you're over it, I'm over it,' he said. 'I was just hoping it would be Tracy and you who would give me my first grandson.'

'It might be,' I said in an even tone, looking at him, over the top of my beer.

He laughed. I didn't hear him laugh but I saw his shoulders shake. Just then Brian came out on the deck. He got himself a beer out of the cooler.

'Hope you boys are hungry,' Dad said.

'Starving,' Brian said. He looked at me and I think he could tell that something was amiss. I shrugged, a helpless shrug. He looked a little scared.

'One thing I wanta get said and out of the way,' Dad began as he was taking the hamburgers off the grill and putting them on the platter. 'You guys can fuck around together all you want, don't bother me one bit. But take it out to the hayloft or the field, or lock the door.' He turned around very slowly to face us, a look on his face that was all too familiar....a look that said, do you understand me?'

'Yes, sir,' I said.

'Yes, sir,' Brian said.





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