At age twenty six, I've done pretty well for myself. I've been able to amass a fortune that I didn't even know was possible when I was younger. I've been a big power broker in the stock market for a few years, which has allowed me to not only buy a home for my mom, but it has also allowed me to just purchase a brand new home for myself. Working consistent twelve hour days is tiring, and I haven't had a personal life at all, but I know that it will be worth it in the end.

I didn't really have a lot of things to move, because I had a very small one bedroom apartment. Mom suggested that I hire a moving company for my big move, but I didn't want to waste hundreds of dollars, when I could just get a couple of friends or family members to help. I don't really have a relationship with any of my cousins, and I barely spend time with my friends, so I was hoping that at least two people would be available to help. After texting back and forth with a couple of friends, and one of my cousins, they all said that they were busy or out of town-how convenient. I just decided to hire some affordable help and rent a small truck from U-Haul.

I drove by Home Depot, because there are usually tons of guys waiting outside for work. As soon as I pulled up, my car was surrounded by about ten people looking for work. After a quick scan of who I had to choose from, I ended up selecting two of the younger guys, who just happened to also be attractive. One of the guys resembled Mario Lopez, except he was a bit taller. He was about 5'11, 175lbs, full jet black hair, and really white teeth. The other guy was about the same height and weight, the only difference was the fact that he had a more rugged look, due to his beard. We rode to my apartment in complete silence, because of the language barrier. I was amazed that I was able to speak enough Spanish in the first place to even let them know what I needed. After about a ten minute drive, we arrived at my apartment. I used a combination of speaking the little bit of Spanish I knew, along with lots of hand gestures. Once again, it was enough for us to all understand each other.

Together, it took us just a little over two hours to finish the move. The new house was only a twenty minute drive from the apartment. I'm kind of glad that my friends/family didn't help, because we probably would have still been moving. I couldn't help but watch them both as they bended over to pick up boxes, or as their muscles flexed when they carried furniture. Not having sex in more than a few months was really starting to take a toll on me. Everything that these guys did, I turned into something sexual in my mind. I imagined having both of these guys fuck my brains out as part of their payment for helping me move. Also, in my mind, they were both working with about eight or nine inches of thick meat, and they knew how to work it into this ass. At one point during the move, I was caught staring at one of the guy's dicks. He didn't make any gestures or say anything...just kept right on working.

After paying the workers $75 apiece, I dropped back off at Home Depot, and headed to my new house. I unpacked a few toiletries and decided to get cleaned up. The thought of those workers having their way with me would not escape my mind. I pulled out a fleet enema and decided to get my ass ready for some dick. While, I was cleaning out, I pulled up Jack'd on my phone and searched for a nice top. This was going to be harder than I thought, because ninety nine percent of the dudes on Jack'd were bottoms, and half of the tops were escorts. I sent out messages to a couple of tops I found on the app. They were taking forever to reply, so I finished cleaning my ass and hopped in the shower. When I finished showering I noticed that I still hadn't received a response from those top dudes. I was going to get some dick today, if it was the last thing I do.

I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt and headed back to Home Depot. Once again, my car was surrounded when i pulled into the parking lot. I scanned the lot, looking for the two guys i dropped off just an hour ago. They were nowhere to be found, so I parked my car and walked into Home Depot to waste some time. Maybe the guys went on a quick job, and would be back really soon. I walked up and down each aisle looking at random items. Every now and then an employee would ask if I needed assistance. In addition, a random customer would see me and ask me if I needed help. Maybe it was because I looked like I may be gay, or maybe they liked my ass. Some dudes I've been with have called me a male version of Serena Williams. If one more fine guy asked me if I needed help, I was going to say,"Yes, I need to get fucked." I had no idea that Home Depot was the spot to meet fine men.

After about an hour of being in the store, I went back outside to search for the workers. To my delight, I spotted the more rugged of the two. I waived him over to my car and pulled out a one hundred dollar bill. As best as I could, I gestured me sucking his dick, while waiving the hundred dollar bill. He smiled and grabbed his dick, letting me know that he knew exactly what I was asking for. "Donde esta tu amigo," I asked. He was able to say that the other guy was working, so I had him get in the car. I couldn't believe that I was about to pay someone to fuck me, but I have to admit that this is the most turned on I've ever been in life. I was like a kid on Christmas morning, who couldn't wait to unwrap his new present In under twenty minutes, I was going to be able to do just that-unwrap my new toy!

On the drive back to the new house, I couldn't focus on the road due to all the excitement. With one hand on the wheel, I used the other hand to explore dude's private area. I rubbed back and forth until I felt his dick stiffen. Not that I was a size queen, but I wanted to make sure that my one hundred dollar investment at least got me an eight inch return. Based on what I felt, I think that I actually got a bargain deal. He had a ring on his wedding finger, so I'm sure he was a straight guy who just needed money to take care of his family. I've heard about gay for pay dudes for the longest time, and the way dude was acting let me know that this wasn't his first time doing something like this. He was about to pull his dick out, but I stopped him before he could unleash that monster. I wanted to have somewhat of a surprise when I got to the house. Wait, I don't even know his name, I thought to myself. "Que es tu hombre," I asked. He told me that his name was Luis, and I gave him the first fake name I could think of. "Mi nombre es Robert," I lied.

I finally pulled into the driveway, after what seemed like an eternity. In all actuality, only eleven minutes had gone by. We quickly made our way into the house. Since Luis had been working all day, I walked him upstairs, and had him take a shower. I was a freak, but not the kind that likes it sweaty and dirty. I watched as he undressed and stepped into the shower, and I swear I could hear violins playing in the background. He had one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen. Well toned in every area, and well-endowed where it counts the most. After about ten minutes, Luis finished showering, and I stepped in to dry him off. I patted dry every area of his body with one of my best towels, paying extra close attention to certain areas.

I walked Luis to the bedroom and threw a mattress on the floor. After covering it with a clean sheet, I had him lie face down on the mattress. I wanted Luis to be as relaxed as possible, so I gave him a full body massage. Hell, he should have paid me. By the time I had him flip over to his back, his dick was standing straight up. Luis' dick must have been all of ten and a half inches cut thick. The sight of that masterpiece made my sex drive fly off the charts. The massage quickly ended, as I swallowed that dick. Luis moaned with pleasure, as I continued to work that dick over. "Oh Papi," he would scream out. Hearing him moan only made me work harder to please him. I know I was the one paying, but I wanted to please him like he has never been pleased before. I tried a trick that one of my bottom friends taught me a while ago. I put a peppermint into my mouth, then deep throated Luis. I was told by other guys before, that this gave them a sensation that is unexplainable. Minutes after I used my trick on him, I could feel his body get tense, and his dick stiffened; so I stopped sucking. I was not going to let that good dick go without feeling it inside of me.

"Why stop papi...Why stop?," asked Luis. I put my fingers to his lips and then pushed him back down. I grabbed vaseline from my toiletry bag and greased both his dick and my ass. "Put this on," I said, tossing Luis a condom. Luis slid that magnum all the way down that long pole. I climbed on top and slid up and down about half of that beautiful dick. I wanted him to feen for this ass and beg me to take all of his dick inside of me. I guess Luis couldn't take it, because he grabbed my waist with both of his hands and pulled me all the way down on his dick. He now controlled the rhythm of our beat. After about a minute of him continuously pushing me up and pulling me down on his dick, Luis let out a loud scream. I knew he had just gotten his nut. I'm glad that he enjoyed this ass, but I wanted to bust a nut while he was fucking me. He pulled the condom off and I brought him a soapy washcloth to wash his dick. As soon as it was clean, I took it back into my mouth until it was rock hard. "Fuck me again," I whispered. I laid Luis back down on the mattress and rode that big dick again. This time it felt like he was hitting spots I never knew existed before. I stroked my dick as I slid up and down, enjoying every moment of it. In just a matter of minutes I was shooting nutt all over Luis. My grip on his dick must have been tight, because when I was done nutting, I realized that my ass was just flooded. We both cleaned up this time and headed back to drop him off.

When we got back to Home Depot, I saw the other worker and called him over to the car. "Necessita su ayuda manana circa de son las cinco," I said. He replied and told me that he was available tomorrow. On my drive home, I just imagined what my day was going to be like in the next twenty four hours.

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