Now it’s about two years ago that I posted my last headshave story. I din’t cut my hair until last weekend. I had a lot of fun with my hair growing for about 0.3 millimetres every day until it was then twenty centimetres long and fallin down on my shouldders. I had lots of shampoo sessions either doing it on my own or inviting my friend to give my a good hair wash and having some good orgasms with him.

I really enjoyed diving under forward into the filled bath tub and then having my long wet hair falling all over my face like a curtain. Then I used a lot of shampoo to wash my hair and dived under again to rinse it. And while my head was under water I masturbated my dick with both hands and had wonderful orgasms. 

Sometimes my friend came and we both sat naked in the bath tub. He sat behind me and pulled my backwards under water and then shampooed my hair. I then used my hands on my dick again or he did it with one hand while washing my hair with his other one. While he did this his dick got hard as well and I lied back to let him fuck me up my ass. 

Sometimes we sat face to face and I masturbated him while he was washing my hair. We also liked very much that I sucked his dick while he was rinsing my hair and I had fun with my own dick. 

After all these sessions I tried new hairstyles on me. One day I ended up with slicking my long hair back or on another day with a pony tail. I also used a hair dryer and brushed my hair in all directions to sport a wild mane. Sometimes when my friend joined he weaved my hair into braids. 

One of my last sessions with him gave me the idea that I shound have my head shaved again. Next time he came I told him that it was the right time to get my head shaved again. But first I wanted to have my hair washed for a last time.  

We both took off our clothes and I stood naked in front of the sink and turned the water on. My friend stood behind me and I felt his hands crawling up my back and then further up my neck and he pushed all my hair upwards until a thick curtain of hair was covering my face. I got hard immediately, took my dick in both hands and started masturbating. I then put my head under the tab and saw my wet hair flowing down to the bottom of the sink. 

Now it was my friend’s turn to have a hard-on and I encouraged him to start fucking me. I felt his dick sliding slowly into my ass and getting harder and harder. “Fuck me, fuck me, wash my hair” I cried getting really excited. 

I felt his dick moving inside me and his hands starting to wash my hair over the sink just with lots of water. Then he took the shampoo and started to work it all trough my hair. It was not a problem that some shampoo got into my eyes and I screamed with pain but at the same time I enjoyed the pain and being fucked at the same time. 

When all the shampoo was in my hair I came up and looked at myself in the miror. What a wonderful sight that was seeing my long hair with lots of shampoo in it. 

I then took a seat in the bath tub and my friend filled a ten liter bucket with water and poured it over my head in one go. I then kneeled in front of him and he stood in front of me. That was the right position to start sucking his penis and he started shampooing my head again while I continued sucking him and masturbating my penis again.  

That went on for a while using more and more shampoo on my hair and before it got to the stage to rinse my hair again I told him to stop. “Take the hand clipper now and start shaing my head very slowly with all that shampoo in my hair” I said. “I want to have all my shampooed hair falling down on my naked body. Go just close down to the skin of my head and when that is done you take the razor and give me a clean shave.” 

My friend was standing behind me now and from the neck he started to cut my hair down to the skin. I felt the cold blade going up the back of my head and felt the first hair falling down on my back. He did it that way cutting a big path up the back of my head and soon my whole back was covered with long shampooed wet hair. After a while the back of my head was shaved and then he did the sides. I really enjoyed seeing my hair falling down and feeling my wet hair on my shoulders. 

After a while the sides of my head were shaved as well and now he guided the clipper that my hair was falling down in front of me covering my face and I could not stop masturbating. My face and body was now fully covered with hair and it mixed with the sperm of the orgarsm I had.  

Now there were only very short stubbles left on my head. My friend took more shampoo and washed the stubbles again before he took the razor and started shaving my head clean. He began with shaving from my forehead against the grain and my head got cleaner and cleaner.  

Again I kneeled in front of him and sucked him and the he shaved my head up from the neck against the grain. After some time my head was totally ckean shaved again and we boih enjoyed touching my shaved head. 

“I like your shaved head so much that I’m keen now to get my head shaved as well” my friend said. “Are you sure? You have never had your head shaved before.” I said. “Now, then it's time to start with it” he said. “And I want you to shave my head now as clean as I shaved yours. But it should be quick before I start thinking about it and getting afraid.” 

“I think I can do it so quickly that you will not have the time to think about it, I can do it in less than five minutes.” I said. “Close your eyes and don’t look before I have finished, you will enjoy it.” His hair was not very long, only about one centimetre long and I took the electric clipper and shaved his head down to the skin in less than one minute. I saw his hands on his hard penis and he had his orgasm when I was done with the clipper.  

He had still his eyes closed and caught his sperm with his hands and spread it all over his clipper shaved head. I then added lots of shaving cream and took the razor to shave him clean. That was done within three minutes and then we got both under the shower. We masturbated our dicks, I took his and he took mine and soon we both had our orgasms again and gave our shaved heads the final touch with our sprem. Mine landed on his head and his on mine. 

“I think we are not done yet” I said. “We still have hair on our bodies that shoud come off as well”. So he took the clipper again and started shaving me from my toes up my whole body. From the toes the clipper went up my feet and legs and I made my penis hard again to prepare that area to be shaved as well. I enjoyed seeing all my pubic hair falling down and the the clipper went up my chest to the armpits and my ams. 

Then it was my turn to do the same with my friend’s body. But I did it starting with his arms, his armpits and down his chest. He had prepared his pubic area in the meantime as well and I shaved all his hair carefully. Then it went down his legs to his feet. 

We then coverd our whole bodies withh shaving cream and we both shaved our own body completely clean. We had a shower together and touched our shaved heads and bodies all over. We found it very exciting to have no hair anymore around our dicks and we seperated promising each other the keep our heads and bodies shaved for some time.

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