This erotic story takes place on Christmas eve in a Pacific Northwest small town. The incident begins unexpectedly when I am invited to spend the holidays with the family of one of my students by the name of Ken. He is a 24 year-old returning sophomore college student after working for several years. My name is Eric. I am a 29 year-old single Gay man that is one of Ken's college professors.

Both Ken and his 18 year-old brother, Kyle, are students at the college where I am a faculty member.

Around 1:00 PM on December 24, Ken's family goes Christmas shopping leaving Ken and I to cleanup the kitchen following lunch. As we complete the cleanup and move through the dinning room, I notice mistletoe hanging from the arch leading to the living room. Ken stops me and says: "Eric, look at the mistletoe hanging from the arch." I reply: "yes, I see the mistletoe with yellow green leaves, yellowish flowers and white berries."

Ken looks directly into my eyes, moves so close that our two chests are touching and he says: "Eric, one is suppose to kiss another person when standing under the mistletoe. I would kiss you but I have just put some chap stick on my dry lips. On what the hell, I am going to kiss you anyway."

Ken puts his hands behind my neck, moves even closer and begins softly kissing my hot lips. Soon he plunges his wet tongue deep into my mouth and begins a long series of French kisses. We are wildly producing gobs of spit and exploring deep into each other's sloppy wet mouths. I am overtaken by the sweaty smells of gorgeous Ken's body from our morning workout. I love this stud's sexy odors.

As our bodies are melted together, we both develop huge hardons and begin leaking precum. I can feel the wet spots in my boxer shorts as can Ken in his shorts. We are now in uncontrollable heat for one another.

It is public knowledge that I am Gay. But Ken has never given any indication as to his sexual orientation although he has no history of dating girls. He is a very shy and private guy who has kept his private life very secret.

Ken is a beautiful 5' 7" tall, 155 pounds and dark skinned stud. He has a hairless smooth body with dark trimmed hair, brown eyes and perfect hard body. Ken looks like a porn star. He has developed an athletic body and is a starting guard on our college basketball team.

I am 5' 11" tall, weigh 168 pounds, sandy red hair, sky blue eyes, smooth rock hard body, pearly white teeth and sprout an 8" cut cock when totally hard.

Ken stops kissing me and says: "Eric, the family will not be back from shopping until 7:00 PM. Lets go to my bedroom. I am lusting after your hot body and huge cock. Please make love to me."

I am now beyond a normal hardon. I grab Ken by his velvet smooth hand and we rush up the stairs to his bedroom. Here I am a Gay man who is about to get man meat from this gorgeous athletic beefcake. I am wandering, as we rush up the stairs, if this will be Ken's first Gay sex. Will I be fucking a virgin? My cock is jerking madly in anticipation of making love to a virgin and also my hot student. I am craving this stud's hot ass and cock.

We take the covers off the bed just leaving the light blue sheets as we prepare for hot sex. We undress each other leaving us butt naked. WOW! Ken is sporting a red hot 9" cut cock that is dripping precum. What a huge cock on an average sized guy. I am also turned on by observing the wet drenched red briefs he has just taken off.

Ken comes close to me, puts his arms around my neck and says: "Eric, baby, I am a virgin but I have known for a long time that I am Gay. Please teach me how to make hot Gay sex. You have been turning me on ever since I enrolled in your class. I lust after you. Make me cum over and over."

I have Ken lie down on the bed on his back. I jump on top of him and begin humping as our wet bodies and cocks grind into each other. I begin kissing and licking his face; move to kissing his ears; licking and sucking his hard nipples; lick both of his wet and sweaty underarms; kiss and lick his chest, stomach, abs, thighs, legs and finally suck on his toes. Ken is moaning and thrusting his body up and down as he meets my mouth. His 9" cock is standing straight at attention filled with blood and hot as a hot poker. Ken's face is crimson with blood and his eyes are shinning with lust.

I move up to Ken's eager cock, lube his entire rock hard boner and start jacking him off. I use one hand for jacking him and use the other hand to fondle his hot large balls. Soon I take both hands and create a tunnel for Ken's huge cock to slide in and out as if he was fucking my slick bubble smooth ass.

Ken begs me to begin giving him his first blowjob. I need no more encouragement. I spit on his erotic rock hard cock. I run my tongue up and down both sides of his very thick shaft. I kiss and slide my tongue into the wide opening of his pink piss slit at the head of his cock. The feeling of my hot tongue causes Ken to ooze more cum. His cum is an intoxicating salty and sweet combination. My cock responds with more precum.

I tightly wrap my tongue and mouth around his cock head and clamp down hard. I slowly take inch after inch of his long cock down my throat until I am consuming all 9" of this beautiful tool. Ken utters: "Eric, Baby, please suck my cock faster and faster. Make me cum. Please let me come in your mouth. I want to feed you my seed, Oh Baby!"

I suck his cock for at least 10 minutes while I finger his hot ass. We both hear the sloppy sucking sounds of my blowjob. I feel Ken's cock head swell, the veins in his cock throb and his balls rise as he yells: "Oh Yes!! OMG!! I am cumming. Take all my cum, suck me dry. Aaaaa! Oh, Yes."

As he shoots at least three teaspoons of cum down my throat, I swallow it all. I pull off his cock and begin kissing Ken so we both can enjoy his first cum load with another man.

It is now Ken's turn to experience his first blowjob. I put a fresh pillow under Ken's head and neck. I place my hard legs and thighs on each side of his head. I rub my oozing cock against his face, rub my cock across his face and hit him in the face with my cock. He loves the action.

Ken grabs my cock, opens his mouth and begins to swallow my huge cock inch by inch. I cannot believe how easy he swallows all my cock with his first try. He loves sucking cock as he devours my boner. His mouth is like a suction machine. I am about to come so I pull out. I want to fuck his beautiful pink bubble ass. I ask: "Ken, let my cock be the first one to pound your ass." Ken eagerly agrees.

As I see tears in Ken's eyes and a huge grin on his face, I move down to his ass. I lube his ass, put on a condom, lube the condom, give him one more long kiss and put my rock hard cock head up to his ass crack as he lies on his back. I rub my cock up and down his ass crack and against his balls to make him even more horny. As he pushes his ass upward, I begin to slowly enter his man pussy inch by inch with my cock. OMG! His ass opens up, pulsates and pulls my entire cock deep into his ass. His slick ass muscles tighten around my cock making it difficult for me to move out and back in. My cock is raging hot and throbbing.

Ken begins to moan, grunt and beg me to fuck him harder and harder. I speed up and pound his wet ass over and over for several minutes before my cock stiffens even more and I feel my balls release a huge load of cum into the condom. I count six huge bursts of my white thick seed and then several small bursts before I am spent.

I pull out and I am surprised when Ken pulls the condom off my still hard cock. He begins sucking my cum out of the condom. Ken has discovered his love for tasting cum. He then grabs my face and kisses me so he can share the cum.

I get on top of Ken, lie flat on his beautiful body and rest as we are both exhausted. I want to enjoy the heat and smell of his body as he cherishes his first sex with a man.

I soon discover that this youthful stud is recovering as his cock begins to enlarge under my stomach. I get off this hunk and smile as I say: "Well, Ken, since you are hard again and your cock is like a steel flag pole, I want you to fuck me. I want my man pussy to be the first one to experience taking your virgin cock." Ken is really turned on with this dirty talk. His cock is jerking and throbbing. I too am feeling lust again.

I suggest my favorite position. I get on my back on the bed and place two pillows under my ass. I have Ken get above my ass so his cock will have a direct path into my man pussy. Ken lubes my ass, puts on a condom and lubes the condom. We are now ready for blast off.

As I am experienced in taking large cocks, I suggest that Ken drive straight in with out any pause. He loves the idea. I feel his cock head against my ass and with one thrust Ken's cock drives deep into my man pussy. Ken begins to pound me wildly as he comes almost all the way our before driving back in each time. We are both wet and sweaty. I love this huge blood filled hot cock. I use my ass muscles to clamp down on his cock. Ken is going wild with pleasure.

His fucking of me last for at least ten minutes as he has already come once. This gives us a long and wonderful fuck. I can hear the slick sloppy sounds of his cock coming in and out of my ass. Near the end he grabs my now hard cock and jerks me off as he pounds my ass. I soon feel his cock grow in my ass and he yells: "OMG! I am cumming, I am cumming!! When I hear those words, I shoot another big load of cum on my stomach and neck.

Ken finishes, pulls out, takes off the cum filled condom, climbs onto my face and drives his cum wet dripping cock down my throat. Then he goes down on my stomach and neck as he licks up my cum and kisses me again. We enjoy yet another cum meal. This man is now a true lover of Gay sex.

We shower and dress just before the family returns from shopping. They ask us how the afternoon has gone. We share with them that we have used the afternoon to get in a workout. If they only knew what that meant. I had made sure that our cum soaked briefs and boxer shorts were stored in my athletic bag and would go back with me for cleaning.

I will never think of mistletoe in the same way again. In fact, mistletoe is now my favorite plant.



Naughty Eric


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