I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it long ago. It was being bored one day, browsing an online catalogue that I'd thought of it.

Going off to college and, thanks be to whatever god there is, having no roommate meant new freedom. And so, with money from my part-time job, I was able to afford this new technology.

It was right after getting home from class one Friday night that I got it. If we were still limited to driving on roads like in my parents' day, my commute would have been a nightmare. But it's just about ten or so minutes by skybus.

I unlocked the door, got inside, and dropped my bookbag on the small, round dinner table. I headed straight to the kitchen. And then, I heard the doorbell.

"Finally!" I said as I got the package from the UPS guy. "What took so long?"

He could tell I was joking and smiled in response. "Have a good day, sir," he told me before he turned to leave my small studio.

I smiled back. He was cute. And as I held the package in my hand, I remembered that it had been a few months since I'd had sex. And even then, with Hal, all we really did was suck each other off. It's funny. We were both too scared to try a dick in our asses.

We broke up because we knew a long-distance relationship wasn't for us. But being away from him made me feel that maybe I was ready for something new.

Closing and bolting the front door, I headed towards my bedroom. I wasted no time. First place I went to was the bathroom to clean up.

Then, with the package on the bed, I dropped my jeans first, then my shirt (a polo shirt with the logo of the company I work for) and then my boxer-briefs. In the mirror, I saw that my time in the school gym was really paying off. Just a year before, I didn't have pecs, or biceps nearly as big as they'd become. And I especially was proud of my abs.

A pair of scissors from my bedside drawer was all the tool I need to open the box. And then, I saw it. Such a simple-looking device. It was almost like a calculator, with buttons with numbers on it. But it was bigger, maybe a six-inch square and two inches thick, and it had a wire you could plug into the wall. I didn't wait to read the instructions. I'd read about it online enough times to know precisely how it worked.

I plugged it in, pressed the on button and punched in the number 3 and the key for inches. It was almost soundless, and the sounds that the device made, well, I couldn't describe them to you if I tried, but I'll try anyway. I guess they sounded... electronic?

There was a translucent strip of material at the top of the device glowed red and... they appeared. It was brilliant. I could barely believe it. I was looking through one of those three-inch diameter rings and was looking straight at myself. The Wormholer had done it's job.

Yeah, I thought it was a cheesy brand name, too. The technology was around for some time, used by militaries and scientists before it was released for domestic use. People used it to help with household chores that would have otherwise required them to move back and forth around the house. With the Wormholer, you could stay one place and send anything you want through the wormhole to anywhere else in the house.

But that's not what I wanted to use it for.

I was already hard. With a single finger, I pulled the hole in space, with its shimmering red rim, towards my dick. The dark brown shaft, with its pink mushroom head, popped through the other wormhole. Placing the device on top of the bedside drawers, I got on the bed, my cock taking one wormhole, and my finger taking the other.

I felt my dick pulsing in anticipation. Lying on my back, I pulled the hole that it was protruding from towards my awaiting mouth. It's hard to separate the sensations: the joy of sucking dick and the pleasure of getting your dick sucked; all at the same time. My tongue moved around my head, getting it wet and enciting all the sensations I'd missed and more. The good thing about it was that I didn't have to worry about teeth, so I could just relax and enjoy myself.

I swallowed my sweet and salty precum with my hands behind my head, for the first time in a long time not needed to give me sexual stimulation. It was simply amazing.

A couple minutes of that, though, and I felt I was ready for something new. I pulled the wormhole, along with my dick, from my mouth. The other wormhole stayed put at my groin as I reached into my bedside table and got the KY. The technology was amazing. I could leave the wormhole in midair while I did what I wanted. I was staring at my own cock just inches above my body. Is there anything hotter than that?

I poured some of the lube in my hand, then smeared it on my dick. It was strange to look down at my crotch and see a 3-inch swirling red circle (the back of the wormhole) where my dick would be. With all throbbing 8 inches wet with lube and siliva, I got to my knees, leaving my penis floating above me.

More lube on my hands. Then, my left index finger wandered towards my anus. The coolness of the liquid against my sphincter made me tighten a little, but I took a breath and made myself relax.

"If you can't let yourself in there, how will you ever let anyone else?" I said.

Another breath, and I applied a little pressure. Resistance. So I waited and tried again. My sphincter allowed it in this time. I felt it ripple around my finger. Wow, what a sensation. I moaned before I could even think about it.

But there was another sphincter to worry about. Three tries didn't let me through. I pulled out slowly, put more KY on my finger, then tried again. I got through the first sphincter more easily this time. With another calming breath, I got through the other one, too.

Success! Sweet, oh so sweet success. If I'd known assplay could feel so good, I'd have tried it sooner.

Just then, an idea hit me. I pulled my finger out, feeling less afraid then. I took the wormhole off my cock and pulled the other one out of the air. I lay down on the bed, ignoring the fact that I'd have to re-lube after the sheets dried my dick off. I put the wormhole from the air as close to my anus as the cheeks allowed. The other went right at my mouth.

My tongue had more flexibility than my finger and elicited sensations that made my entire body shiver with elation. I licked just the outside at first, then built up to pushing my tongue between the sphincter, which let me through without a fight. You'd think it'd taste and smell like shit. It certainly had a smell and taste, but that wasn't it. I wasn't paying much attention to that, though.

It just felt so good.

In, out, side to side; my hands reaching behind me to spread my cheeks while my tongue reached forward to taste and give every sensation; I wondered if I'd come without even needing to touch my dick anymore. But my dick still wanted some action.

I pulled my mouth back from the wormhole, picked up the KY and reapplied the lube to my penis. Then, a thought occurred to me. I left the two wormholes floating above my bed and went to the chest of draws where I got two handkerchiefs and tied them together. Back at the bed, I tied them around my pelvis, using them to secure one wormhole in place right against my ass.

Then, I grabbed hold of the other wormhole with my finger and pulled it towards my dick.

Wow. Feeling my dick part my cheeks sort of made my sphincter tighten in apprehension. "You can do this..." I told myself. "Slowly." I pulled the ring further down my dick. I felt my sphincter spread, and felt the sensation of it moving across my dick's head. Got through one. I think that my finger and tongue got my ass used to the idea.

I got to my other sphincter. "Oh, yeah..." Got through. My prostate sent the signal firing through my body. My dick had never experienced anything like it. So tight, the muscles ripping over my head so amazingly I thought I might come in two seconds. I didn't, though.

Slowly, my ass swallowed the full length of my penis. I lay down on the bed. The wormhole lay flat on the sheets while I built up towards a steady thrusting motion. It took a good few minutes of concentration, but eventually my asshole allowed my lubricated shaft to move in and out without resistance.

If you're never felt ass and dick at the same time, you can never really imagine how good that feels. A dick was made for a hole, made to fuck. I knew I was getting close to busting, so I decided to go for broke.

Tossing aside all apprehension, I went to full on fucking speed. The thrusting motions were just what I had thought would have ripped my rectum to shreds, but I was enjoying every second of it. The simultaneous sensations of my anus's nerve endings, my prostate, and my dick combined to make this just amazing.

I didn't let my dick come all the way out; I humped the bed, fucked my ass, with powerful thrusts.

"Aw, fuck..."

I exploded inside myself. I smiled at the thought that I didn't have to worry about STDs. Even more lubricated by my own come, I kept going for a few more thrusts, my sensitive head relishing every motion.

With a sigh of joy, I lay in the bed. "Man, that was good," I muttered. Slowly, my dick got soft and my ass pushed it out.

I reached over and turned off the Wormholer. I lay there, revelling in the sensation of my ass pushing out my semen.

"I'm definitely gonna try this again!" I said, satisfied by the fact that I wasn't afraid anymore.


Tray Singh

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