1: New on the Job.

I didn't know why JKR invited me, but it was interesting to watch! The kid walked into the little office he kept in the front room of the house. He seemed cocky at first, demanding to know why JKR had the nerve to insist on a meeting about "something very important to his future" when he didn't even know who the hell he was. He was good looking, about nineteen, slim build but athletic.

JKR just smiled and pointed to the flat screen on the wall behind the kid. He turned and his knees just about gave away. He slumped into a chair, his face drained of blood! On the LCD were a series of pictures of the kid - naked or in lingerie. JKR got the pix from a contact at the local PeachMac store after the kid had taken his laptop in to have the keyboard repaired. The pix had been deleted first of course, but that was nothing for the guy at the store who knew to look for just this kind of stuff for JKR.


JKR smiled, "That doesn't matter. There are only two issues you have to consider now. First is will I put these on the Internet porn sites I run? Second is what will you do to make sure I don't?"

"Oh shit, my stepdad would kill me!"

Actually JKR had already done some research. He knew the kid lived with his stepdad. That his Mom had disappeared with a boyfriend a year before, and that the step dad was just looking for an excuse to kick the kid out on the street.

The discussion didn't last long. Not that it was really a discussion. JKR made the situation pretty clear and a few minutes later the kid was standing crimson faced and naked in the middle of the office.

JKR had planned the meeting on a Friday night with a plan in mind. He told the kid that "his staff" would get him ready for a new job - since he was going to be working for JKR from now on. Two of the bruisers from the operation downstairs came to get him.

JKR looked at me, "There go - another new revenue stream! Come on with me and I'll show you what I want the kid for - it's a great new twist on an old idea."

We walked down stairs. It was still early and the girls were getting ready for the night's work. The house was a big old victorian in what had become a seedy part of town. There were studios for Internet porn webshows, phone banks for 900 service, and an entire floor remodeling into small bedrooms where the girls worked.

We went into the basement and JKR showed me a corridor with a row of doors. He opened one. Inside the walls were painted black except for the one opposite the door hat was made of clear rippled plastic. There was a single low light but most of the light came through the wall opposite the door. On one wall was a life sized photo of a stunning blonde titled "Swedish Gold", a girl dressed in a push up bra, a garter belt both in green lace, and green lace stockings almost up to her pussy. Wow!

JKR pointed to the plastic wall, there was a hole cut in the plastic, just at the right height. You could kinda see through the plastic, but not well enough to see any real detail.

"Okay - now that you've seen the set up, let's go back to the office, "

We went back and JKR broke out some whiskey and cigars. We sat a d drank as his flipped through various parts of the house where cameras fed hi def images to his wall screen.

There was a knock on the door and JKR yelled,"OK!"

It opened and the two bruisers were back. I was stunned for a second - then i realized the "girl" standing between them was the kid!

"Say hellos to 'Swedish Gold,' "Said JKR.

The kid had been dressed in the same green lace lingerie I had seen in the picture in the booth downstairs. Now he was wearing a long blonde wig and his face had been made up pretty well. His wrists were pinned to a slim waist chain and he had a thick black leather collar around his neck. I thought his lipstick was a bit heavy, but otherwise the effect was stunning. The kid was crying and trying is best to hide an erection.

"Waddayou think Boss?" said one of the men.

"He looks just right - take him and down and get him to work," Betsy has johns waiting' now"

The door closed and JNKR laughed - "Now let's watch made make to money..."

He flipped a few buttons on his desk and the big LCD lit up with a view of the other side of the corridor with the glory hole booths. As we watched we saw the guys bring in the kid in and make him kneel on a cushion on the floor. There was a bar across the booth for him to rest on and he was pushed down on it and a short chain attached from his collar to a metal loop in the floor. A woman, Betsy I guessed, appeared with a small riding crop in her hand.

"Okay, Benny, listen to me once cos if you don't do as you're told you get whipped, understand? Make sure you give every one of our clients the best blow job you know how - and make sure you swallow every time. If I see cum on the floor you'll get whipped. If a client says he didn't get off, you'll get whipped. Your job is to make them cum fast, the sooner they cum, the sooner we get a new client in the booth. Understand?"

The kid moaned and sobbed and Betsy slapped his ass hard. Just then the booth door opened and closed - and a cock poked through the hole. Betsy shoved the kid forward and stung his ass with the crop. He got the cock in his mouth and started work!

We both laughed, "The john thinks he's getting blown by the girl in the photo. He can see just enough through that rippled plexiglass wall to make the fantasy look very, very real..." JKR was interrupted by the sound of the John gasping and the kid half choking and gulping.

"That's what we want, the faster the better. This set up really gets the johns hot. I'm hoping we get say, twelve an hour. The kid does a two hour shift, then gets a ten minute break. Say ten hours on the job, at 30 bucks a blow job thats 360 an hour, $3,600 bucks every ten hours. With breaks and a little time to sleep he'll suck off enough johns to make $6000 bucks a day for three days. Not bad, huh?"

I nodded yes, "Kids gotta eat and sleep and stuff right?"

"Yeah, but not that much, and besides, one reason Betsy makes them swallow is the cum. Each guys shoots 10cc right? That's 120 cc an hour, 1, 200 cc's of sperm a shift. So they don't need a lot else to eat and drink - right?" he laughed.

"Once we get this kid really working well he'll take it in the ass while he's giving blow jobs. See how much money is at stake here?"


Abel James

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