Good afternoon, gentlemen! My name is Aron and I'm a singer. I perform in a show that features all good looking men. To some, it's just a job. But to me, it's a way of life! Singing is my passion, and I can sing the highest notes in the show.

As I got ready for my show one afternoon, I caught my reflection in a mirror. I stopped to check some things out. Not because I'm conceited, but because I'd been going to the gym recently to try and get back my college body. It hasn't been that long since I've graduated, but once you stop running and lifting weights all year long, you somehow lose your toned physique.

I stared at my reflection. A 5'8" tall 25 year old stared back. A 25 year old with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and who was slowly getting his abs back! I was thrilled to find them again, without flexing too hard. My butt was getting bigger too.

[in the good way]

As I began flexing my arms to see how they were coming along, another singer entered the room. Looking over to see who it was, I shuddered.


Now, this wasn't a good shudder. Chip Hanson was a jerk, and thought he was the best singer in the entire world. Even though he was a good singer, people always preferred me to sing over him. It made him furious, and he made my life a living hell.

Even if he was about 6'3", lean, blonde, and had a gorgeous smile. I'd totally be into him if he wasn't such a prick!

Anyway, I immediately went back to my place to get dressed, after having been ogling myself in my underwear long enough. Chip's eyes darted over in my direction, and he smirked.

'Checking on your non-existent progress at the gym?' he asked me, every word dripping with venom.

'Fuck you. Just because you're God's gift to women doesn't mean you have to rub it in my face,' I replied. 'Besides, I'm slowly seeing results.'

'Well, whatever makes you sleep at night,' he slurred. 'God's gift to women, you're a riot,' he muttered as he exited.

He made me furious! This exchange had been tame compared to some of our others, but he just knew how to push my buttons. I really hadn't been kidding. He was extremely handsome! So tall and blonde...and his smile. That was one of the best parts about him, and I'd seen most of can't share a dressing room and not see someone's entire birthday suit...

The show went well, until one of the producers came up to me and informed me that Chip had requested to sing the lead in our medley of Beatles songs. The lead that I always did. He, the producer, said that it might go over better with the younger crowd if thy had a good looking guy sing it. Which pissed me off entirely!

'I am good looking!' I threw back in her face! And I meant it. Even though I was shorter than most of the guys, I still had handsome features, and had just the right amount of body hair and knew how to use my...well, you know. I was getting leaner by the day and hardly had any body fat!

To make a long story short, I let Chip have his damn solos. I was so worked up I left without saying anything and headed to the place where I could get some anger out: the gym.

Thank God I had switched to a 24 hour fitness facility. It had saved me from a lot of bad moods. Not to mention the later I went, the less people were there.

Tonight, the place was deserted. I turned on the lights, got on a treadmill, and started running. My iPod was playing some Eminem, and that really helped. After about 20 minutes, I got off of the treadmill and turned around for a cup of water, when I realized someone else was there. I crept around to the weight room and saw the one person I was trying to get away from.


'Oh, you've got to be kidding me!' I shouted. He nearly dropped his weights.

'Shit, Aron! You scared the hell out of me!'

'What are you doing here?' I asked.

He just stared at me. 'I'm working out, what does it look like I'm doing?'

'Are you following me around on purpose? Because you are the one person I don't want to be around right now,' I admitted.

He looked stunned, and for a moment I felt bad.

For a moment.

'Are you mad at me or something?' he inquired.

'Seriously? You take my solo and you expect me to not be upset? How did you get Jennifer [that producer] to give you that solo? Did you sleep with her? She's desperate enough and you're the best looking guy in town!'

The words kept flying out. It was as if every bad thought about him I'd ever had was flowing out of my mouth and my brain was just letting it continue. After I was done, a silence stretched out between us. Then, he smiled.

Damn it.

'You think I slept with someone to get a solo? Seriously? What if I just got it based on talent? An what if they suddenly saw that you had most of the solos in the show and thought that someone else deserved a shot at fame and glory? Stop being so conceited, Aron! We're part of a team!'

His words cut me like a knife. Was I really that conceited? I felt shame welling up inside me.

'Wow,' I said. 'I'm sorry.'

'It's okay, I guess. I'm just sick of hearing everyone there treat me like the bad guy!' he said, softer and in a more understanding tone.

'Well, I'll let you get in with your workout then. Lord knows you need it,' I said, and I smiled.

So did he. I turned to go, and then he stopped me.

'Hey, if the solo means that much to you, you wanna wrestle for it?'

'What?' I stammered out.

'You used to be a wrestler, didn't you? Why don't we fight it out like men for this solo? Unless you're too afraid.'

That pissed me off. I took off my sweat soaked t-shirt and slammed it down. 'Bring it on.'

He stared at me. I saw his eyes travel up an down my pale body. He looked like he enjoyed the view, and I didn't feel uncomfortable. Which struck me as odd; I'd never thought I'd like a guy. Or that this one might like me.

'Huh, I guess your working out is paying off. I was wrong earlier,' he said. 'But it won't help you win!'

And he took his shirt off too. A tanned 8 pack of abs and perfect pecs met my eyes. I could feel my mouth drop, and he chuckled. 'Like what you see?'

'No, let's get this over with so I can have my solo back!'

And we started to circle. My instincts kicked in, and I went for his legs. He caught me at first, but then he lost his balance. He immediately rolled over to his stomach and I climbed on top of him, attempting to roll him over for the pin. As I tried to force him over, I started to notice just how nice his ass felt under my groin.

In those few seconds of hesitation, Chip was able to flip me over onto my back and straddle me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get up, and he had my hands pinned to the ground.

'You give up? Or are you hungry for more?' he said, his face inches away from mine.

'How about round two?' I choked out.

'My thoughts exactly,' he said, smiling.

And then he kissed me.

It felt glorious! All of those questions I'd had about myself over the years made sense! When Chip pulled away, he looked worried, but then I grinned, and he did too.

'I knew it,' he said. 'I thought you were and I knew it!'

'Hey, I just figured it out myself, okay? Give me a break! I-'

He cut me off with another kiss, this one more intense. It was like he was searching my mouth with his tongue, wanting to find every inch...I felt my dick growing in my gym shorts, and he grabbed it with his hand.

'Mmm, a big one, huh? Let me take care of that.'

I didn't ask. His mouth felt so good as it traveled down past my neck, my chest, over my nipples, down past my newly formed abs, and then he pulled my shorts and jock down with his teeth. My 8 inch cock flopped out and he immediately took it into his mouth.

I cried out with pleasure! I'd never felt like this before! It was so hot, and it felt so good! Thank God this place was abandoned!

I took a moment to look down at him, and our eyes met. His green eyes locked on to mine, and I couldn't help but reach out and push his head down onto my hard dick. It'd been too long since I'd even jacked off, and I was getting close. I guess he could feel me tensing, because he took a moment to say, 'I want every drop.' and went back to sucking.

A rushing I'd not felt before came into my ears and intense pleasure washed over me as I shot my cum down his throat. An inhuman noise escaped my throat and I kept shuddering. The good kind, this time. Chip let go of my tip and came back up to kiss me. I was ready for him, but not ready for the semen in his mouth. My cum, in both of our mouths. It was so wrong, but so fucking hot! It ran down my cheek and onto the pale blue floor of the weight room.

After a few moments of him kissing me and the both of us laying on the cool floor, he said 'Damn man, your cock is awesome!'

'You're good at handling it,' I crooned at him. 'Kiss me again.'

And he did.

After a full five minutes, he broke off, and got to his feet.

'Come on you, let's go shower.'

We stepped into the same stall and washed each other's sweaty bodies. I explored every inch of his perfect figure. After we toweled off and changed back into our normal clothes, we left the gym. We stood by our cars and kissed a few more times. As he went over to leave, I felt him shove something into my pocket.

'What is that?' I asked.

'My card. It's got my phone number on it. You ever want to so this again, let me know.'

'You're a singer and you have a business card? Seriously?'

'Hey, don't judge.'

'Eh, I'm not. I guess singing's not the only good thing you can do with your mouth.'

He laughed, a pleasant sound. Could I be falling for him?

'Well, I'll see you tomorrow, stud,' he said. Maybe tomorrow night I'll teach you how to hit those high notes.'

And he got in his car and pulled away. I was almost offended on two levels. One, he didn't kiss me, and two, he thought I needed help singing. Only when I got home ten minutes later did I realize what he meant. We were going to go further...

Before closing my eyes that night, I sent one final text message, using the business card. I'd hoped he'd take it as a sign that I was interested in going further...

''Keep the solo ;-)''

I then shut my phone off and climbed under the covers, mind swimming with images and sensations of my great gym session.


Alex Chamberlain

[email protected]


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