This story goes back a good 35 years when the country was run by the white minority, before power was won by the indigenous Africans. Times were tense as the country neared the end of a 20 year liberation war.

I was just out of school, about 18, very naïve - but hormones on the rage. I was intrigued by the glimpses I had caught of black guys' huge cocks on the farm where I grew up (used to sneak up to them when they were washing in the river). I often fantasised about having some fun someday with some black guys but then one day all my fantasy came about in an unexpected way.

I was without transport and wanted to get from the Capital to back home, some 60 miles away. So despite the tense security situation, I took a risk and stood by the side of the main road and put my thumb out for a ride. I was having no luck at all, and stood for at least 2 hours in the hot blazing sun in my shorts, loose shirt and flip flops. A lot of cars and trucks with single drivers had passed by and I was beginning to think I must be looking fairly scruffy to have had no luck.

Then along came one of those huge really old American soft-sprung cars with big chrome bumpers, fins as rear tail lights, bench seats and gears under the steering wheel. It screeched to a halt about 30 yards after me. It was packed with eight black guys, all in their late 20's or early 30's, four in the back and four in the front. All were in fairly festive humor and didn't appear drunk. I was expecting them to play a joke on me saying "sorry whitey - we're full" or something like that, but to my surprise the front passenger door swung open and the nearest guy asked me where I was going and offered to take me about 10 miles down the road where I would miss most of the local traffic.

I was really grateful for the offer, but was a bit embarrassed to ask where I might sit. He said "hey sit just here" indicating his lap! Now this wasn't too unusual for the poor blacks to do in getting around the country as they crammed into whatever available transport was going. They were enjoying my embarrassment. Even though I was hitching, I was after all, a 'rich' white teenager unused to the indignities of what they had to go through. Naively, I accepted and hesitantly got in, sat on his lap and hung on to the handle built into the dashboard.

The guys were in good spirits, politely asking where I came from, what I was going to do with my life and I asked them much the same. It turned out they all lived in a township about a couple of miles off the main road ahead and the car belonged to the driver which he operated as an unofficial taxi service. The guy whose lap I was sitting on was a teacher, good looking, well spoken - with his shirt unbuttoned in the heat - revealing a nicely defined torso. I noticed that, despite the heat, all the guys were cleanly turned out, although trying to keep cool meant that two of the younger guys in the back had lost their shirts. Like most black guys in those days, they didn't have much fat on them and were all muscular.

There was quite a bit of banter between us and they laughed easily. They were amused I had accepted the lift, and I was enjoying their humor. After a while, I noticed that something quite hard was under my backside and I stupidly pulled myself up on the dash handle to look down to see what it was. I was stunned to see that the lap I was sitting on had sprung a boner, and a very large one at that! My face flushed with embarrassment, but in the spirit of the banter, having noticed on the dashboard a number of spanners from the car's tool kit, I cracked to the driver that obviously he'd lost a spanner because there was one under my backside. The car erupted in howls of laughter, and took some time to settle down. It was beginning to dawn on me that the situation I was in was a lot more than I had originally understood!

My alarm became greater when one of the guys in the back passed a plastic tub of grease to the front. Instead of it being the usual black motor grease, it was a clear petroleum jelly. Further peals of laughter when one of the guys cracked "sometimes a bit of grease is needed to get a bolt working"!

My 'lap owner' and the guy next to me started slowly undoing my shirt and even pinched my nipples. I was now crimson with embarrassment but it wasn't lost on them that I too had sprouted a boner.

The laughter at my predicament by the rest of the car was raucous. I turned round and noticed that one of the younger guys in the back had shorts open and was jerking off a really nice but slim 10 inch cock. It was impressive and he was staring intensely at me.

By this time, the guy under me and the guy next to him had started to push down my own shorts and undies, and my squirming resistance was becoming futile. The guy next to me then leaned forward and took my cock into his mouth. The exquisite sensation of his warm mouth engulfing my cock made me moan and limp with resignation. The teacher under me was beginning to gently finger my arse now in between his legs and I was in serious sensory overload.

This was developing into a situation way, way beyond my limited experience. I was unbelievably horny, but the multiple risks were freaking me out. I wasn't in a position to open the door to bail out as we were travelling but these guys were trying to keep things genial. My 'lap owner' soothingly said in my ear, "relax we're going to take things really slow and gently here, just enjoy it". I tried to, but I was very near cuming from the attention my cock was getting. It was mind-boggling in a way; here we were almost starting an orgy in a car driving down a main road. These guys had some balls.

The guy next to me stopped short of blowing me completely, and lent back in the seat to reveal a really beautiful thick 9 inch erect cock sticking out from his undone shorts. His fingers slowly moved up and down his beautiful cock as he reached for the tub of jelly, offering it to the guy under me. He dipped two fingers in to get a liberal blob which he started smearing over my tight hole.

He gently massaged my hole for quite a while before a finger eased into me - pushing the grease into me, sending my senses further into ecstasy. With the teacher's encouragement, my eyes were closed and I was trying to relax, breathing deeply and I slowly found myself pushing against his finger that was continuing its gentle progression in and out of me. When I had relaxed a bit, he slid a second finger into me, and even a third, I was tight but his fingers were expert. Easing my hole to be ready for what was coming.

By this time we had turned off the main road into a side road and parked in a private place surrounded by trees and bushes. The rest of the guys were either watching me, or chatting in the car. Most of them had their cocks out and were slowly jerking themselves. They all had magnificent cocks. The driver's cock was as thick as a beer can and truly enormous, maybe 11 inches. He was the only guy to be carrying a bit of a beer gut, the rest were lean.

The guy under me now slowly replaced his fingers with his cock head at the entrance to my hole. I tried desperately to relax, but he was seriously big and more jelly was applied before he squeezed into me as I nearly passed out, gripping the dash handle and hyperventilating. I was still squatting above him in the car seat but slowly eased myself fully down on him until he filled me. I was about to explode. My arse was on fire and it must have been a good few minutes before it eased.

Eventually I just sat there on his legs, with him easing about 6 of his 10 inches slowly in and out of me. Then to my surprise, the car door opened and the younger guy from the back, now with no clothes on, was standing and pushed his slim 10 inch cock to the side of my face. I turned my face towards him and hesitantly took the head of his cock into my mouth swilling my tongue around him, as I had had done to me earlier. My senses were on fire at this amazing cock now easing its way into my throat and my arse fully on fire from a magnificent throbbing cock easing in and out of me.

I hadn't really appreciated the cock in my mouth was about to blow so soon but after only several seconds he grabbed the back of my head, finally humped my face and unloaded at least 10 big squirts into my mouth. I tried hard not to gag and splutter but a lot dribbled out of my mouth, on to my chin and chest. I must have been incredibly horned up because I swallowed most. I was astonished as he then stooped down to me, and kissed my lips gently.

The cock underneath me now continued to slowly ease in and out of me, taking his time, my insides were beginning to get used to him. It was far from comfortable but I was now crazed for as much as I could get of these guys. Every slutty hormone in me screamed as all my mind's secret fantasies were being fused out.

I grabbed the guy's cock next to me and jerked him a few times before sucking his head into my mouth. I was being a little ambitious trying to do both guys at the same time in the car, so he brought his pelvis up to me so the guy under me could continue. We decided it was tricky to do both, so he moved away.

The other guys were now beginning to get a bit impatient with the guy under me, and speaking in their language, told him he'd better hurry up or his arse would be in line as well. The guys were all out of the car now and standing by our passenger door.

I was rock hard and hadn't dared touch myself because I knew I would come immediately. I was small compared to all these guys, but each of them was wet dream material. I was in slut heaven.

My teacher friend under me finally blasted his load deep in me. It was an incredible sensation and I sat there on top of him, both of us panting for a couple of minutes. I had come simultaneously without touching myself and my cum was all over the spanners on the dashboard!

Two of the guys then reached in and lifted me out of the car by my haunches. They physically lifted me and laid me on my back on the bonnet of the front of the car pushing my legs up. One of the guys who was obviously the closest to cuming, brought his hard cock up to my arse and pushed hard straight into and through me. My head exploded, it was now all pretty dominant stuff despite being used by the teacher. This guy was obviously bigger, but possibly not as long. It took him about 10 thrusts to start emptying himself in me.

By the time the third guy took me on the bonnet, my hole had begun to adjust a bit more. The raw lust from having my arse being invaded was beginning to kick in and I even began to encourage them; "Come on guys where are your spanners, fuck me so I can feel what you've got!". They gave me a rest when I had had five of them. Each of them had a different style. All of them were very horned up as they didn't have to pound me for too long before cuming in me. All were prize human male specimens. They were brutal, but not rough as they appeared to want me to enjoy it as well. There was clearly a racial element to it, fucking a white boy, but they weren't really disrespectful. All of them probably had good reasons to take out their anger on any white guy. They just wanted a good gangbang with a piece of white arse. They had figured that injecting humour would make it more enjoyable. They hadn't figured on finding a slut like me though.

They lifted me off the bonnet of the car and I gingerly found my legs to stand. Cum from six guys was pouring down my legs and they laughed as I went behind a bush to push all their stuff out of my arse. Why I wanted the privacy was beyond me!

When I had caught my breath, the driver with his huge thick dick was waiting for me. I went down on my knees in the dirt and slowly tongued his huge head that was peering out of his foreskin (all the guys were uncut). As my mouth struggled to get round this head, I wetly licked to make it easier for me to get my mouth over him. His cock got even longer, it was truly a monster! He was huge guy and strong. He had one of the others guys pull the back seat out of the car, picked me up as though I was a toy and set me up on my hands and knees on the seat. He then slowly eased his massive dick into my now numb arse.

Meanwhile the guy who had first sucked me, came round to my face and I started sucking his beautiful cock. I worked deliberately on swallowing this beautiful cock right down my throat. I was in heaven, his cock was my favourite.

We worked this combination for what seemed like an age, but in the end it was one of those unbelievable moments when everything eventually fires off simultaneously. This huge driver started emptying into me, and the other guy down gushing down my throat. When they withdrew and I had finished spluttering I turned over and lay on my back on the seat, sticky with their cum and after a couple of pulls on my cock, unloaded again over my stomach, chest and face. The guys stood around me and cheered.

They brushed me down from all the dirt that had stuck to me, dressed and drove me back to the main road. They were still laughing about the spanner joke. They all got out of the car to shake my hand and say good bye. I shuffled down the road a bit with my thumb out again, my arse reminding me never to do that again, and I never did.

Hitching was never the same fun again.




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